A Slow Day in the Library Ch. 02

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A/N: I own all rights to this story. Both parties are consenting adults. Enjoy.

Today was an abnormal day in Seattle, Washington. Well, the overcast was typical, but it was unusually warm, and it had yet to rain. I decided to take advantage on this momentous occasion to celebrate my graduation and completion of volunteer hours at the library for college…

With the local pool.

I am usually completely clumsy; I can’t walk on a flat surface to save my life. I have managed to trip over the smallest pebble… but when it comes to water, I can survive. So, I packed a small bag to include sun block (even with an over cast you can still burn) a long towel, my Ipod, my battered copy of Wuthering Heights, and my dark blue bikini that I got on sale a few summers back. I drove to the pool in eager anticipation, my mind once again wandering to…


For the past month or so my mind was always on him. His body, his face, his voice, his feel… everything about him drew me to him like a beacon. He was in my dreams at night, taking me in every way possible. My mind had never been so dirty in my life. My nights were filled with erotic images of me writhing under him on my bed, in a shower, possibly even in a pool like this one…

Blushing at the memories of my most recent dream involving silk ties, a flogger, and a blindfold, I got out of my truck and went inside the ladies’ locker room to change and lock up my clothes. I slathered sunblock all over my body, and slipped into some comfy flip flops. Then I donned my sunglasses and exited the locker room out to the pool. Kids were splashing and playing, a couple crying because one of their siblings had taken their noodle. The parents were lazily watching, some reading a book or swimming laps while glancing in their children’s direction. With my towel wrapped around my waist and my bag in hand, I looked around for an empty lounge chair. I had planned on getting in a little reading time, myself. The pool was packed. I was almost out of luck until I spotted a chair across the way by itself. I quickly and gingerly made my way over to it, praying someone else wouldn’t steal it in the meanwhile.

Luck was with me, I had finally gotten my chair without injury and was currently sun (kinda) bathing with my ear buds in my ears and my book in front of me, my ankles crossed in the air. I was trying to get a bit of sun… but I doubted it would work. My dark blue bikini made me look pale in comparison. Kids were still at play around me; I had planned on waiting until Adult Swim before I got in the pool. I felt my eyelids get heavy and knew it wouldn’t do well to fall asleep at a pool… knowing my luck, I would roll over and fall into the pool. The words were blurring on the page. I sighed and pulled my ear buds from my ears. I stood up and stretched, straightening my bikini in the process.

My eyes were caught on something shiny from across the pool. I shaded my eyes and squinted to see what it was that had caught my eye… my breath hitched and my heart started beating a mile a second…

It was him. The man in my dreams… or should I say fantasies…It suddenly became difficult to breathe, let alone stand up. My knees were weak. I didn’t know if I wanted him to notice me or stay oblivious of my presence. I wasn’t sure if I could face him again…

It was supposed to be a fluke, what had happened in the library, but he was here right now, at this very moment, standing on the other side of the pool. I couldn’t see him all that well close up, but I could imagine what he looked like…Sandy blond hair in complete disarray, blue eyes hidden behind dark aviators, water sliding sensually down his perfectly defined torso to disappear under his dark green swim trunks that were riding almost dangerously low on his hips…

I shivered at the thought. He must have noticed I was staring at him for a delicious smirk spread across his devilishly handsome face as he stared unabashedly back at me. My breath hitched once more as I watched his lips curl from afar… remembering just exactly where those lips had been on my body. My skin suddenly felt hot and tingly. My mouth was dry. I felt myself getting wet and I hadn’t even gotten in the pool yet…

My eyes became unfocused as I started getting lost in another fantasy of mine, this one involving this very pool… My back was against the wall and my legs were wrapped around his hips as he pumped vigorously in and out of me as I raked my nails across his strong back, my head thrown back and my eyes squeezed tightly shut in complete ecstasy.

I looked up once more and noticed his eyes were still trained on me, his head cocked to the side like a puppy in thought and a small smirk still playing across his lips. An unseen force pulled me towards the pool as his face broke out into a heart-breaking smile. I didn’t break eye contact as I slowly lowered myself into the deep end of the pool. I turned around and clutched the side of the pool as kids played and splashed around me, oblivious to the pure adrenaline and lust that was pulsing through my veins…

I istanbul esc glanced over my shoulder and felt a sharp twinge of disappointment as I noticed that he had vanished. My mind started to berate myself as I debated whether or not to get back out of the pool…

Stupid me. Why would he of all people spare a glance for me when he could have any other scantily clad beauty in this pool just as easily? He already had me once. If he was looking for a tryst, maybe I gave it to him too quickly? What happened at the library surely was a fluke. What if he was bored of me? He probably didn’t even know my name.

Still, his eyes haunted my dreams each night. Feeling foolish after a few minutes of internal debate, I decided to give up and get out of the pool anyway. I moved to do just that, but was caught off guard as I felt the unmistakable sensation of lips lightly caressing my calf, sliding slowly, ever so slowly, up the back of my leg, my knee, my thigh, my ass, my hip, my back, my shoulder, then finally to the sweetest spot just behind my ear where those lips nipped me sharply. I shuddered in pleasure, my body instantly succumbing to him.

I felt myself pulled back against a very hard, very masculine body. My breath hitched as I felt heat spread through my body that had nothing to do with the weather but everything to do with the being pressed against me. He whispered a single question into my ear, but the way he made it sound it was as if those words were made to come from his lips alone.

“Miss me…?”

His hands gripped my hips firmly as I felt him press his arousal against the small of my back and nip me once more, but this time on my shoulder… and oh so possessively. Having made up my mind, I went to turn around so I could finally see with my own two eyes that he was real… but he pressed himself further against me, preventing much movement.

“Don’t turn around… not just yet,” he growled lowly into my ear. I felt a little put out but I tried not to show it. My mind went blank as his hands started to freely roam my body, slowly, sensually, with feather light touches that had me yearning for more.

Biting my lip and desperately trying to control my breathing, I whispered, “How did you find me? What… what are you doing here?”

He chuckled huskily into my ear; I could hear the smirk in his voice.

“I have my ways…”

He began to place small kisses along the nape of my neck, murmuring against the skin there, “What does it look like I am doing? Better yet… what do you want me to be doing…?”

I shivered in absolute anticipation and bit my lip once more, closing my eyes as his hands started to roam my body more firmly, one sliding up towards my breast, the other venturing south over my bikini bottoms, leaving goose bumps in their wake. I was hit with a jolt of pure lust as his fingers slid over my pussy lips, stroking and teasing me gently, while his other hand was busy tracing small patterns at the bottom edge of my bikini top, so close, yet so far away from where I wanted him most…I ached to feel more of him, craved it like the sweetest chocolate ever to touch my tongue… I pressed myself fully against his arousal and was rewarded when he hissed in my ear.

“Tut, tut… It won’t do well to tease if you can’t deal with the… repercussions…” he growled seductively in my ear. He punished me for my teasing by suddenly pulling the crotch of my bottoms aside and sliding a finger between my lower lips, swirling and grazing my clit sensually, teasingly. I shivered in delight. His smooth fingers felt perfect on my body. I was quivering from him, completely soaked and ready for him… I closed my eyes and threw my head back against his shoulder, my jaw slack as I panted.

Children were still playing around us… Marco-Polo, Tag, Hide-and-Seek… and my living fantasy was playing with me. He grazed my shoulder with his teeth and slipped a finger inside of me, stroking softly. Up above, he finally relented and slid a hand underneath one of my bikini top’s cups. He began by gently running his thumb back and forth against my nipple, just tiny soft little brushes that were making me insane with want. I gasped and bit my lip to keep from crying out. I held on tight to the edge of the pool, trying not to float away.

This was a completely different man from the one that visited in my dreams at night and I didn’t know which was better… But I was pretty sure at this point reality would beat out any memory… At this point I could care less… He was here now in the flesh and at the moment he was fully palming my breasts and twirling and pinching my clit until I felt my limbs shake underwater.

Kids were still screaming and laughing around us, whacking each other with their water wings and noodles but I was completely oblivious to them. His ministrations were so gentle but his next words were anything but…

“Does it turn you on to know that I am finger-fucking you in front of all these children?” he hissed in my ear.

I felt my nipples tighten and my center grow considerably warmer due to türbanlı escort his words. He started pumping his finger inside of me, twirling at different angles until I was panting erratically, biting my lip to suppress my moans. He suddenly added a finger down below, stretching me, but hitting just the right spot as he stroked me gently. The combination of his harsh words and his soft strokes were wreaking havoc on my senses. I didn’t know what to think; my mind was blank with pure sensation and lust. He took me by surprise as his strokes suddenly grew a bit rougher… he began rubbing my clit roughly with his thumb and pumping his fingers in and out of my slick folds, his other hand still brushing and teasing my nipples until I whimpered, pleading for him to not stop, don’t ever stop…

I felt him grow even harder against my ass, so I once again ground my hips back against his and was rewarded when he hissed in pleasure.

“Naughty little girl…” he growled directly into my ear, pushing his hard shaft against my ass once more, leaving no space between us.

“I can’t tell if you are wet from me or the pool…” he whispered, his lips grazing the sensitive lobe sensually.

I panted back breathlessly, “You… always from you. I’m wet by just thinking of you…”

I must have pleased him, because he nipped me possessively on the side of my neck, then inconspicuously gave it a long lick.

I shuddered in pleasure as he muttered, “Mm… you taste just as good as I remember… but I wonder…”

I then felt myself roughly spun around to face him, my back slamming into the tiled wall behind me. It knocked the wind out of me and made me gasp out loud. I finally got to see what my mind already knew: sandy blond hair plastered wetly to his forehead, blue eyes blinking owlishly from behind a thick dark fringe of golden toned eyelashes that were spiked sharp with water, a strong nose set above a wide sensuous mouth that was currently curled in a delicious smirk. He was so close… I could see the individual flecks of silver in his brilliant blue eyes.

He leaned forward and kissed his way down from just behind my ear to my collar bones, past my cleavage which was currently heaving with each breath I took, before taking a deep breath and disappearing underneath the water to make his way down my torso, pausing only to swirl his tongue around my navel before venturing further south still…I clung desperately to the edge of the pool, glancing around frantically to make sure no once was paying any attention. My perusal was cut short, however as all thought was wiped clean from my head as I felt him jerk the crotch of my bottoms aside once more and slowly lay kisses against my hot, throbbing pussy. He ran his tongue along my exposed lip, sucking and pulling at it like a newborn babe. His tongue was tortuously light against me, barely touching, always teasing, leaving me aching for more.

I pulled my dark sunglasses back down over my eyes. I was trying so hard to keep quiet, always chewing my lip to muffle my moans, my hands gripping the side of the pool so tightly that my knuckles were white and straining with effort. My breath hitched as I felt him pause only to grip my thighs firmly and pull them over his shoulders to where I was sitting on them, my legs spread wide as he continued his exquisite assault. He suddenly pulled my bottoms aside completely, giving me a long, slow, firm lick. I shivered as my legs shook in pleasure, tossing my face back towards the overcast sun, my mouth agape as I panted erratically. He twirled his tongue around my clit, teasing and coaxing it to life. I bit my lip hard, my limbs shaking uncontrollably. It felt so good. His mouth was hot and silky. The water was cool to the touch. The combination of hot and cold set my nerves on edge.

He made me jolt when he suddenly thrust a finger inside of me, twisting and curling and hitting all the right spots. He was far too talented at this… I was putty in his capable hands. I was writhing against the side of the pool, my eyes slammed shut and my lips pressed firmly together in an effort to contain my desperate moans. I could feel my nostrils flaring with how hard I was panting. This man had far too much power over me.The pressure in my lower abdomen was building… I was achy and shaky all over, desperate for release.

I was so close.

All of a sudden he hit a particular spot and the coil in my stomach sprang free, releasing wave upon wave of pure pleasure as I twitched, trying to control my bucking hips as I let opened my mouth wide in a silent scream. I saw stars behind my eyelids and my whole body felt hot and cold at the same time. I let go of the side of the pool, my limbs feeling too weak to hold on any longer and he was there, catching me. His head was finally above the water after all this time, his blond hair now dark from the water and his bright blue eyes glittering in satisfaction, a smug smirk pasted on his perfectly succulent lips. I was still panting, trying to catch my breath after the roller coaster of pleasure I’d just endured.

I finally aksaray escort found my voice.

“How…?” I croaked. He had been underwater for at least a few minutes without taking a single breath. His lips quirked up in a delicious half grin.

“I’m an avid swimmer, could probably hold my breath longer than most.” he answered. His voice was just a bit raspy.

It was sexy as hell.

He cocked an eyebrow at me as his eyes took on a devilishly smoldering look and his voice dropped in pitch.

“Besides… everyone is too absorbed in their own insignificant worlds to notice you getting off at the edge of the pool…”

I pulled my lip between my teeth and bit down, blushing to my roots. His voice alone could send me to heaven. It was smooth, deep but not overly so, and it seemed to caress me just as much as his hands did.

His eyes took on a dangerous light as he leaned forward and growled lowly into my ear, “You drive me fucking wild when you do that, love…” He nipped me possessively behind my ear and my knees instantly went weak. His hands had begun roaming once more and he was treading water against me, pinning me to the wall with his toned body. His erection kept brushing my center, making me hiss in pleasure. He teased me in this way for a few minutes, not saying a word, just staring into my eyes. I was grateful for my sunglasses. I wanted to look away but I was entranced. He finally wrapped his strong hands around my ass and pressed his hardened cock against my throbbing clit roughly, sliding it along my seam. I instinctively wrapped my arms and legs around him, pressing my breasts flush against his chest.

I had never gone so far with any guy as I had with him; he had spoiled me for other men. I felt wanton and free… careless. I swore softly, aching and craving him. I just wanted him so fucking badly… I craved to feel him inside me again. I needed it.

“Do you want my cock inside of you? Do you want me to fuck you against the wall in front of all these children?” he demanded harshly, giving my neck a long yet discreet lick. It was so wrong, so forbidden… yet too tempting to ignore. His touch was simply too addicting. I found I could deny this man nothing so instead of answering, I boldly slipped my hand between us and into his swim trunks, sliding it down his treasure trail to his swollen cock where I grasped him firmly. I gave him a slow, long pump, swirling my thumb over his engorged head, all the while staring directly into his brilliant eyes and pulling my bottom lip from between my teeth. I watched in smug satisfaction as he shuddered in pleasure. I was glad to have such an effect on him. He wasn’t the only one who could tease…

Boosted by my new found confidence, I leaned forward and hissed my response into his ear, “Do you want to be inside of me? Do you want to feel my hot, silky sheath sucking you dry as you fuck me hard against this wall?”

With that, I smirked as I pulled him forward to slide along my seam, the only barrier between us now being my bikini bottoms. I could feel every inch of him and I shuddered at the thought.His eyes hooded and his lips parted, he took back control; he smoothly untied one of the strings on my hips and pulled my bottoms to the side to where they were hanging off from me from my other hip. He pressed himself flush against me, hot, throbbing, and deliciously male. I blushed as I realized that I was completely exposed to anyone who may have been swimming underneath the surface, but I didn’t care as I felt myself start to pulse with desire and I knew that I had to have him inside of me, children be damned.

I began whimpering and pleading almost pathetically, begging for relief. Pure lust was coursing through my veins and he was doing nothing to sate it…He pressed his head inside of me just a tiny bit, just enough to tease as his jaw tightened with restraint. His bright blue eyes grew increasingly dark.

“Say it,” he hissed into my ear, his breath strangely cool against my hot skin, “Say it… out loud… Say it!” He nipped me right behind my ear, sharp and delectably possessive. My knees went weak and my body started shaking in anticipation.

“I want… I want…” I couldn’t seem to form the words. Each time I started and faltered, I felt my face grow brighter. What was wrong with me? At the library I let a total stranger take me against the bookshelf without a second thought… now I couldn’t even tell the same man that I wanted him to do it again.Of course I wanted him, but voicing it now in front of all these people seemed wanton, taboo… especially considering our current location. Suddenly, I grew calm and none of that mattered.

I leaned forward to murmur huskily in his ear, “I want you to fuck me against the wall in front of all these naive and innocent little children and their mommies and daddies… I want it all!”I in turn nipped his ear as well, boldly claiming him as mine as I firmly pulled him forward more inside of me by his rather endowed shaft. I shuddered as he stretched me further. I had forgotten about his size… he dwarfed me in comparison. Finally buckling, he surged forward suddenly and filled me to the hilt. My eyes popped open at the sudden impact and I let out a low moan. I bit my lip to prevent myself from crying out any further. Ever the gentleman, he waited for me to adjust once more.

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