A Sticky Situation

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(Thanks BlueStarGrrrl for your editing assistance with this story)


I arrive at the ranch knowing that you were having problems and thinking that I can come and lend a hand. On my knock at the door I hear you call out.

“Come in….can’t come to the door right now.”

Following the sound of your voice I find you on a ladder in the process of hanging a strip of wallpaper; the ladder seems to wobble and does not look very steady. As I move closer, I look up at you, your beauty never ceases to amaze me, and I watch just a moment before stepping up to hold the ladder. Your long blond hair is tied back, your breasts strain against your blouse as you lean forward, and those denims are clinging to your hips and thighs. Warm thoughts flood my brain and I can feel the stirring deep within me.

“Hi Jane, thought I would come lend a hand, and I see you’ve got yourself in somewhat of a sticky situation here.” I say chuckling as I take hold of the ladder steadying it.

“Hi James! You can say that again, but glad you are here.” You reply as you manage to get the edges of the wallpaper aligned.

You hold the paper in position and then straining forward start to squeegee the air from below the paper and to secure the paper in position. The ladder creaks and I hold on tight to it to prevent it from sliding and toppling out from beneath you. You move to step down a rung on the ladder as you work and smooth the paper in position and then your foot misses the rung and you lose your balance toppling backwards against me. I move forward to catch and steady you, letting go of the ladder, when my foot slips on a wet patch and instead of my hands closing round your middle I find my hands close on your full and firm breasts. We tumble to the ground with a gasp and we lie there laughing with you on top of me.

Blushing we both giggle at the awkward position we have found ourselves in…and the look in your eyes tells me that you are enjoying the moment.

“Oh my!! I’m sooooo sorry James! I really didn’t mean to fall on you ……but thanks for cushioning the fall……”

I am acutely aware of my hands still on your breasts and can feel the nipples hardening beneath my palms. The fall has caused a couple of buttons on your already worn out shirt to pop off, exposing your cleavage and as I gaze over your shoulder my eyes are drawn to the magnificent sight of your naked breasts in my hand, your loose blouse covered in wallpaper glue, with some drops of it having found their way between your breasts. You are unaware of it but notice my eyes have a fixed gaze and you look down to see what my eyes have discovered and notice that your blouse has been ripped open with the fall.

As you try to get up, your hand accidentally brushes against the front of my jeans and I hear you take a deep breath as you feel the hardness beneath the material; again you are amazed at our clumsiness. I gasp as your hand brushes up against me, and blush that you find me so roused, but I have desired admired you for so long, never dreaming of this situation and instead of releasing your breasts I squeeze them gently and I feel you tense, Then you twist in my arms and lie on top of me, facing me as we look deep into each others eyes. My mouth feels dry and when I notice your tongue touch your lips, I know yours is the same.

“Ohhh Jane!” I whisper as I pull you closer, my lips finding yours, parting, and tongues meeting as the suppressed passions find their freedom.

“OMG……..” escapes from your breath as we engaged in a long, wet tongue teasing lip sucking kiss.

Lying on top of me you can feel my hard cock pushing against my jeans. Your body trembles, and you can feel your panties Kıbrıs Escort becoming moist. I raise my leg pressing up against your thighs and you part them allowing my thigh to press up and between your legs, and you press your hips down on me. I can feel your pussy pressing up against my thigh just as you can feel my now hard and aroused cock sandwiched between our bodies.

“Ohhhh godddd.” I groan.

You rotate your hips slightly, and I can feel you pressing up against my thigh, the heat, and moisture seeping through our denims. And I know you can feel my cock against your lower abdomen. My hands slip below your loose blouse and stroke your back, kneading the pliant and smooth skin. Your deep moan of pleasure is stifled as we continue kissing and I can feel your breasts pressing up against my chest. My hands stroke down your back along the top edge of your denims and slip beneath them pressing down. Gasping as I feel you press against my thigh feeling the heat, feeling you moving your hips against my cock. I can feel the heat of it as it moves between us, rubbing to and fro against my belly and I know you can as well.

“You FEEL like a rock!!” you gasp.

You slide your hand down my belly to the button on my jeans, fumbling to get it undone. Finally you do and then unzip them, sliding your fingers into the waistband of my shorts. Your lips leave a wet trail to down my neck as you gently suck my skin between your lips. Our breathing has become heavier, and the soft moans that escape our lips become more frequent.

I gasp as your hand touches me, and you let out a deep sigh as your hand finds me, the skin is soft and yet my cock is hard. I let out a moan as you slide down, feeling your hard nipples drag across my chest and down across my abdomen, your lips close around my nipple finding it hard and sensitive as you gently nibble at the one and then the other.

My hands slip from your back and stroke up your sides, my fingers stroking the sides of your breasts as they are squeezed against my chest. Holding you close, I roll you over onto your back, my leg still pressed between yours, your blouse falls away from your body and I raise myself to admire you.

“Gawd Jane, you are so beautiful!” I say to you as I see you exposed before me . “I have imagined but nothing could prepare me for this, far more beautiful than I had ever dreamt or imagined.”

Your 36D breasts are round and pert, hardly flattened beneath their weight, tanned and the darker brown nipples stand very erect puckered and hard. Then lowering my head I kiss your neck, while resting my weight on my elbows, my hands closing around your breasts gently fondling and squeezing my fingers teasing the hard and erect nipples. My lips and tongue trace down your neck, along your shoulders, then down to the swelling of your one breast, kissing and gently nibbling the underside of it, before moving up and taking the dark erect nipple in my mouth.

My lips close around it, tongue teasing, my hand fondling the fullness of your breast. I suck the nipple into my mouth, my teeth gently closing on to it, as I pull my head back. You can feel the sensitive flesh slide out from between my lips and my teeth gently grazes against it. Then I move to the other nipple repeating and teasing it as I did the other

“Baby…….I NEED you in me NOW!!! This is driving me CRAZY!!” you gasp and call out.

My head slips lower and my hands close around your breasts, fingers teasing and rolling the nipples between them as my mouth moves down to your belly button licking round it then probing into it. My tongue dances in and out of your bellybutton before I continue my downward journey.

My hands Kıbrıs Escort Bayan trailing along down your sides, raising my head I look up and see your passion filled brown eyes begging and pleading with me and then I lower my head between your thighs breathing onto your pussy through the denims as my fingers undo the button and pull the zip open. My nostrils filling with the musky scent of you and I can almost taste you through the material.

You raise your hips as I sit up to pull your denims and panties down over your hips and thighs. Raising your one leg, you help as I free your leg from the pants and then as I slip the pants down the other leg you kick the denims away. My gaze returns to your body and looking down I look at you fully exposed and see your mons covered by the fine silky hair and below that I can see the puffy lips of your pussy, lips slightly parted revealing the darker inner lips glistening with the moisture of your juices.

My hands stroke your inner thighs and then lifting your leg I start kissing and nibbling down along the inner thigh, my tongue leaving a wet trail all along the path to your groin. Flicking my tongue along the groin upward it travels and then my lips close over your mons as I blow my hot breath over it before tracing a path back down your groin. Your legs part further and your hips move as you thrust upwards. Your muskiness now floods my nostrils and then my tongue strokes upwards as I lick along the slightly parted lips tasting you.

Flicking to and fro with my tongue I probe between those lips and then finding the entrance of your vagina I thrust my tongue in as deep as I can, my lips pressing against the smooth inner lips of your pussy the upper lip pressing against the bottom of your swollen clit.

You gasp, your head rolling to and fro as my tongue continues to probe into you, soft moans escaping from your lips. Spreading the lips of your pussy my tongue barely touching your clit, I tease the tip and then press my tongue down on it, rolling it beneath my tongue. Your hands grasp my head and you pull me tighter against, and then my lips close round that swollen bud, my tongue teasing the tip, as I gently suck your clit in and out between my lips, as if it were a miniature cock. Sucking in….. pressing out and I feel your hips begin to buck beneath me.

You moan incoherently as your passion rises and I can sense your want and need, as your body jerks and spasms with each stroke of my tongue.

“Omggggggg …..James yessss…… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” you call out.

You can’t hold it back as you reach your first climax and you can feel your love juices flow over my tongue as I eagerly lap up every drop your legs clamping close trapping my head between them as your hips buck and thrust upwards. I don’t relent and my tongue moves down finding the entrance to your hot honey pot and then I push it in as deep as I can probing rolling it against the sides and then licking along the outer edges before plunging it back into you again.

Sitting up I slip my T-shirt off and then reaching down I slip my jeans down my hips , my cock hard and erect springs free as I position myself between your thighs. Taking my cock in my hand as I pull the foreskin back over the swollen head, I rub it along the wet inner lips of your pussy, teasing your clit with the head.

Then, taking it and guiding it to the entrance of your vagina, I gently press down and the head of my cock slowly slips into you and I feel the tightness of your pussy closing round it. The precum oozing from me mixes with your juices and heightens the sensations.

You let out a loud moan as you feel my hard cock enter you, raising your hips Escort Kıbrıs you meet my slow long stroke as I push my cock all the way into you. I gasp and hold it there as I regain control of my rising passion and I feel the walls of your pussy adjust and close round me. You arch your back and cup your breasts with your hands and squeezing your nipples.

Supporting my weight on my knees and elbows I slowly stroke in and out of you. My lips closing round the nipples that you offer my mouth, as your pussy begins to milk me with every stroke. Stroking long and slow I savour the feel of your pussy round my cock as I slide in and out of you.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm……..baby…..You fuck me soooooo goooooooood!! You moan out loud.

I thrust into you, firmer and as deeply as i can, your hands grab the cheeks of my ass and you pull me in real tight. Your legs wrap around my waist as you capture me. And I can feel the lips of your pussy pressing up against the base of my cock as I begin stroking in and out you maintaining a steady rhythm. Thrusting harder and faster.

“Ohhh yesssss! Harder baby!!” you groan.

I can feel my own excitement growing and now thrust harder almost slamming myself into your rising hips as you match my rhythm.

“Jane my darling,” I gasp breathing harder looking into your eyes, “I can’t hold back any longerrrrr!!!”

I can feel you about to explode over me.

“I want you to cum with me!!!” you call out.

My movements become almost erratic as my excitement grows and you can feel my cock expand within you as the cum builds and seeks release.


Your whole body tenses and you thrust up hard against me, your body spasms and quivers, as it is racked by your exploding climax. I pull back almost escaping out of you and then slam back into you, gasping; as I do my body shudders, and my cock spasms deep inside of you and then you feel my cock pumping as the hot cum explodes deep into you.

“Jane..” I call out “I love youuuu.”

“Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh………Gawd you feel sooooo gooooood!!” you gasp.

Shuddering I collapse onto you, my cock still giving the odd spasm as the last of my cum is pumped from me and your pussy spasms as it milks me. You are breathing hard and fast, your body jerking with aftershocks. The slightest movement triggering a spasm or moan with our heightened sensitivity. Beads of sweat between our bodies collect between my breasts. I lie spent on top of you, my hands close round your breasts, toying with them and then I kiss and suck each nipple tasting the saltiness of our mingled sweat, before rolling us onto our sides. I remain inside of you, as we lie facing each other. My lips reach for yours and I kiss you gently, my hands continue stroking your body as we bask basking in the afterglow.

As my hand strokes your back I notice that scraps of wall paper clings to our bodies as we made love between the spilt glue and scraps of paper. Then I sit up and reach for your hand and help you to your feet almost tripping over my denims, which are still bunched round my ankles. Kicking my feet free as we gather our clothes, we head for the shower.

“Be right back!” you say as you kiss me on the cheek.

I watch you as you gather our clothes and then head off to the washing machine. I watch as you walk away from me, admiring your beauty and watch the tremble in your buttocks as you walk. God, you look good and with that all over tan hmmm mmmm.

I smile as I notice the few pieces of wall paper that still cling to you, and with that I turn to the shower to adjust the water, realizing that I am sticky with the drying wallpaper glue.

I step into the shower, leaning with my hands against the wall as I allow the warm water to cascade over my body, which adds to the contentment that I feel. No dreams can compare to that which we have just shared and I know that I have met the one I have always longed and dreamt of.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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