A Summer Drive

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We’re driving on a summer’s afternoon in the country, and as we come to a small dirt road that appears to disappear into a field, you slow down and make a left onto it. I ask what you’re doing, but you just laugh.

You drive until we are out of sight of the highway, drive off the road until it too is out of site, and nothing surrounds us but tall grasses. You open the door and get out, so I follow suit, thinking maybe you just need to stretch a bit before we get back on the road.

I walk around to the back of the car where you stand, and as I ask you what you’re doing. You turn around, giving me a lustful look and grab me, swinging me up on the trunk of the car. My skirt slides up a little, and I start getting the idea it wasn’t stretching you were after…not the kind I imagined anyway.

My stomach gets all fluttery with anticipation as you put your hands on my legs at the bottom of my skirt, you start inching it further up on my thighs until you can see the outline of my pussy lips thru the cloth of my underwear, and I feel the breeze all the way up my inner thighs. I lean forward, laying my hands along the side of your face and pulling you towards me. I press my lips against yours and open them for your tongue.

While we kiss, you reach your hands out and cup my breasts thru the thin cotton of my shirt, gently stroking them. You take a last nibble at my bottom lip, then I feel your mouth trail down my chin and Kıbrıs Escort neck until you get to my chest

You pause briefly before you start unbuttoning my shirt, your mouth following behind your fingers until the last button is undone and you‘ve left a heated flush on my chest. You move back and slide my shirt off my shoulders. You unhook the front of my bra and it falls back from my breasts. I feel the warm sun on my naked skin for a moment, but it’s quickly replaced by the feeling of your mouth licking and sucking my nipples erect, your fingers exploring my breasts… and all I can do for the moment is lean back on my elbows and enjoy…

You reach your hands up under my skirt for my underwear and I raise up from the car so you can slide them off. You put your hands around my ass and pull me until my pussy is right at the edge of the trunk . You sink down on your knees in front of me, wrapping your arms under and around my thighs and pulling me to your mouth – I feel the first tentative licks at my pussy lips, and let out a happy sigh as I fall back against the warm metal of the car and spread myself open for you. My hair spills out behind me and over my breasts as I slide down the rear window of the car and farther onto your lips and tongue.

I feel your soft tongue bathe me everywhere, occasionally plunging into me and making me squirm against you. The tempo of your mouth increases, with your tongue licking Kıbrıs Escort Bayan my clit, circling and lapping and it nonstop, drenching my pussy with wetness. When I feel my insides heat up and my orgasm start getting close, I pull my legs free and shove my feet at your shoulders, telling you to stand up. You reluctantly rise and I idly rub my foot against the front of your pants while I consider my options.

I push myself up off the car and slide to the ground, pressing my body up against you, grinding against your hard cock. I wrap my arms around you and swing you around until you’re leaning against the trunk, massaging you through your pants, watching your cock strain against your zipper, but I don’t want to be too much of a tease, so I quickly reach up and unzip you, pulling your cock out

I run my fingers over it, enjoying the soft smooth skin over the hard shaft in my hand. I turn away from you, bending myself over the trunk, offering my aroused pussy to your cock. You quickly accept and guide it right into my slick wetness, pushing in slowly until I’m pressed tightly against the car. You effortlessly slide your shaft in and out of me, pushing me against the car with each thrust, making me so hot I have to slide a hand between my thighs to stroke at my clit with the same rhythm you’re fucking me with.

Soon I’m moaning out loud, grinding my pussy against your cock, and falling into Escort Kıbrıs a wonderful orgasm. My pussy tightens and pulses around your cock, and I feel the heat spread out along my cunt and into my pussy lips as I’m overcome with waves of pleasure and I moan out loud while I spasm around you, crying out your name while I come.

I try to give myself a chance to recover, but its so hard with your cock still sliding in and out of me so you can enjoy the incredible tightness of my pussy right after an orgasm. I just cant catch my breath with your shaft still in me so I decide its your turn to enjoy yourself and I beg you to let me up. After I pull my skirt back to a decent distance from my knees, I turn to you and kneel in front of your throbbing erection.

I open my mouth and take the head of your cock in it, licking the taste of my pussy off of it, sucking my lips around it while I leave the rest of it bare and lonely. You let out a little moan and my mouth starts watering with the thought of me making you cum in my mouth. I grip your ass and pause with your cock head on my bottom lip and look up at you, waiting until I’m sure I have your full attention before I slide it deep inside my mouth. I slowly feed it deep into my throat, where it pushes and pulls against me in little spasms.

I can feel you’re getting close, and I tell you I want you to watch yourself cum. I start sucking harder and faster until I feel the beginning tremors of your orgasm, then I open my mouth, resting your cock on the edge of my tongue while I stroke and squeeze you while your cum spurts out and coats my mouth. You let out a deep moan at the sight of it glistening on my lips, and I lick off and swallow every drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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