A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 31

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Big Dicks

Friday evening found me standing at Jessika’s door, bouquet of flowers in hand. Other than some texting, I had not spoken with my thirty-one-year-old lover since our phone call on Tuesday night. That call had been prompted by my younger lover, twenty-year-old Jessi, emailing Jessika about altering my plans with the older woman for Steak and a Blowjob Day, a ‘holiday’ I had not even known existed until Jessika had brought it up to me a few weeks back. Jessi had suggested either meeting up with me on Friday afternoon before I went to Jessika’s for dinner, or alternatively the three of us being together.

I was not at all surprised that Jessika shot down both those suggestions. She did not want me to be with Jessi before our evening together, and she certainly was not going to share that night, or any other time, with any woman, let alone her younger rival. I had been a little surprised, however, that Jessika had not canceled our plans after Jessi contacted her. But I was very happy she had not done so.

“Hey there handsome,” Jessika said when she opened the door, looking alluring in a gray, low-cut sweater, tight faded blue jeans, and black boots. “And flowers? Wow. You must really want that steak. Or is it the after-dinner blowjob you’re looking forward to more?”

“Would you think less of me if I said it was the latter, Squeaker?”

“Fuck no, Mark,” the curvy brunette laughed before drawing me in for a hug and a kiss. “That’s what I’m looking forward to too.”

“How are you feeling,” I asked as Jessika carried the flowers into her kitchen. She had been suffering through a urinary tract infection for the last several days.

“Much better, thanks,” she called back as she filled a vase with water. “But this is only day five of my imposed celibacy. So, nothing below the waist for me until Monday, at the earliest.”

“Do you want a set a date for then?” I asked, moving behind her and grasping her flowing hips. “Maybe I can make you dinner at my place?”

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I have plans with friends,” my lover sighed, pushing her bottom against my groin even as she placed the flowers in the vase. “Let’s just focus on right now, and right now it’s all about you.”

“I would love to make it about you too,” I murmured as I kissed the back of her neck and brought my hands up to squeeze her large, firm bosom.

“Fuck, I wish we could,” the brunette sighed, putting her hands over mine. “But I can’t. And really, I shouldn’t. I’m still pissed about the shit with Jessi.”

“Not pissed enough to call off tonight,” I pointed out, my grip on her breasts tightening.

“Nope,” she groaned, reaching back with one hand and grasping my hair. “But you have to stop what you’re doing right now. It’s not fair, since we can’t fuck.”

“Sorry,” I whispered, letting go of her chest and backing away from her.

“So am I,” she said, turning to face me, face flushed. “Now, go sit. I’ll bring your steak to you.”


After dinner was finished and Jessika had cleared the table, she took me by the hand and led me to her living room, shutting off the kitchen lights as we left. We stopped in front of her couch, but neither of us sat. Instead, we were locked in an embrace, kissing.

“I’m guessing you want me on my knees, right?” she asked me between kisses.

“Yes,” was all I was able to say before her tongue was back in my mouth.

“God, I want you to fuck me so bad,” the brunette sighed, pushing me away a little. “I’ve been soaked all day thinking about this. But nothing I can do for it.”

“I’m sorry, babe.”

“Don’t you be. You’re supposed to just sit back and enjoy tonight. So, sit down.”

I sat on the couch while Jessika used the remote to turn on the TV. I was surprised by this until I saw she had started a video of a fire in a fireplace. She gave me a grin, then turned out all the lights so that the video of the fire was the only light.

“I wish it was warm as a real fire,” the brunette told me as she sat on my lap. “But since it isn’t, we’ll have to make our own heat.”

My only response was to kiss my lover. But it did not last long. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me until my back was firmly against the couch.

“You want me naked?” she purred, gray eyes locked on mine.

“Yes,” I rasped, suddenly aware my breathing was growing ragged.

“Do you want just my mouth or my tits too?”

“I want all of you, Jessika. Whatever you are willing and able to give.”

“Fuck, Mark,” the curvy brunette moaned, a shiver running through her body. “That’s the best and worst thing you could have said.”

“How so?” I asked as I took hold of her sweater and drew it upward.

“Best because it makes me want you enough to drive all my concerns about other shit out of my head,” she explained as her top came off her upraised arms. “Worst because I can’t fuck you after I blow you, and I want to fuck you really, really badly right now.”

“Should I just sit here quietly then,” I asked her, reaching around to try to Maraş Escort find the clasp to her bra.

“In the front,” she breathed, moving my hand between her breasts. “It’s in the front of this bra. And no, you don’t have to be quiet. Tell me what you want.”

“You,” I grinned, finally figuring out how the clasp worked and freeing her amazing chest. “All of you.”

“I hate you right now,” she whined, kissing my forehead while I licked and sucked her hard, thick nipples.

“Well, I, um…”

The brunette kissed me, stopping my proclamation of love before it could leave my mouth. For a moment I wondered if she had known what I was about to say, but then she slid off my lap to her knees and mouthed by erection through my jeans

“Do you want to take your jeans off?” I asked her as she started unfastening mine.

“No,” she shook her head. “I changed my mind about being naked. The more that’s between you and my pussy right now, the better. I don’t trust myself, or you for that matter.”

“I will not do anything bad for you, Jessika,” I assured her, stroking her wavy, chocolate brown hair.

“Oh, yes you would, if it’s what I wanted,” she replied, staring up at me.

I was about to protest, but at that point, the lovely brunette was able to pull my pants and underwear down enough for my penis to stand free. Without another word, she sucked me into her mouth and slurped on the head of my shaft.

“Jessika, do you mind if I take my clothes off?” I asked her. “So, I will be more comfortable.”

The woman nodded, then let my penis fall from her mouth. I stood in front of her, removing my shirt while she started on my shoes.

“You do not have to do that,” I told her, but she did not listen.

Within seconds, the brunette had both my shoes and socks off and had started working my pants down my legs. I helped her, stepping out of my pants just as she stood up.

“Give me a second, okay?”

“Sure,” I replied, and the brunette gave me a quick kiss before hurrying to her room.

I sat and waited, hoping she would not be long. And she was not. After maybe two minutes at the most, Jessika reemerged wearing my blue dress shirt that I had given her, which was opened all the way, showing off the inside curves of her breasts as well as blue lace panties a couple of shades darker than the shirt.

“I thought you wanted more between us,” I teased my lover as she knelt in front of me again.

“Yeah, but I seem to recall you liking this look on me,” she grinned, pulling the shirt wider open so that it fell on either side of her large bosom.

“God yes,” I replied, taking a breast in each hand and kneading them.

“A little less of you doing that, Mark,” Jessika moaned, moving my hands from her chest. “And more of me sucking your cock.”

With those words, she wrapped her lips around my shaft and started sucking and licking the top half of me, her head bobbing at a slow, steady pace. With a heavy sigh, I sunk back into the couch, my hands playing with her soft hair as her talented mouth worked on my now throbbing erection.

Just as I was starting to worry it would all be over too soon, Jessika let me fall from her mouth. She kissed the tip once, then rose up higher and pushed her breasts around me. Giving me a wink, my lover moved her bosom up and down, rubbing my shaft.

“That is fantastic,” I groaned.

“Yeah, you like?” she smiled.


“Not really Steak and a Titty Fuck Day, though, so don’t come from this or I’ll have to start all over again.”

“That’s probably not the deterrent you intend it to be, Jessika,” I moaned, my arousal level shooting up at her words.

“Oh, I know what I’m doing. Now, give me your hand.”

The brunette let go of her right breast and held out her hand to me. She did not stop rubbing me with her left breast, even as she grasped my hand, brought it to her lips, and sucked two fingers into her warm, wet mouth. I grunted at the sensation of her lips and tongue on my digits, then moaned again as she moved her right hand back down to her bosom and pushed her breasts tight around my erection again.

“God, Jessika,” I groaned as she started bouncing up and down, her bosom sliding up and down my whole shaft as she sucked my fingers the same way she had done with my penis earlier. “If you keep that up, I will not be able to stop…”

Smoldering gray eyes locked on me, the brunette applied even more suction to my fingers, taking then all the way in her mouth as she wiggled her tongue along their length. I shuddered then erupted between her firm, augmented breasts. She had been on a downstroke at the time, so the head of my penis was exposed between her cleavage. The first spurt shot upward and landed on her cheek. The second hit the bottom of her chin as she rose up. The last several coated the tops of her breasts as well as in between them.

Not letting my fingers from her mouth, the brunette rubbed her now slippery breasts all over my shaft, which was starting Maraş Escort Bayan to soften. However, the feeling of her warm flesh continuing to stimulate me, as well as her attention to my fingers and the look in her eyes, stopped me from becoming completely flaccid.

“Shit, I’m going to have to start all over again,” the curvy brunette complained after pulling her lips from my fingers.

“You do not seem too upset by that,” I pointed out, since her wide smile belayed her words.

“Not really,” she agreed before she swallowed about half my semi-hard member.

“You are amazing,” I sighed, my hands back in her hair even as she took her mouth off me.

“I know,” she chuckled before licking up and down my now almost fully erect shaft. “But can you help me out? The cum on my cheek is distracting me. Will you feed it to me?”

My erection twitched at her words, something I knew she must have felt as she had started stroking it with her hand. Licking my own lips, I used my fingers to move the line of semen on her cheek to her mouth. She sucked it from my fingers, then used her free hand to wipe off what had started to drip from her chin. After she cleaned her own fingers, she let go of my penis and leaned back a little.

“I still got some on my tits too,” Jessika pouted. “Can you get it from between them?”

I ran my fingers through her now sticky cleavage, finding only a little drop to scoop up. The brunette licked that from my fingers, then turned her attention to the top of her breasts, lifting first one then the other up so she could use her tongue on them.

“Want me to suck on my nipples?” she asked when she was done.

I nodded, and she immediately brought her right breast higher and ran her tongue over her hard nub before sucking it between her lush, full lips. By this time, my erection was fully back and throbbing. As she switched to her left nipple, I started stroking my shaft. The movement must have caught Jessika’s eyes, as they darted from my face to my groin.

“I’ve never really seen you do that before,” she told me, letting her breast go and leaning forward so her face was inches from my penis. “I mean, you’ve done it to shoot on me, but I’ve never just watched you. It’s fucking hot.”

“You want to take over?” I asked, using my other hand to bring one of hers up to my groin.

When I let go, Jessika wrapped her hand around me and started moving it up and down.

“It’s sticky,” she said, biting the corner of her bottom lip after she spoke. “I guess that’s my fault after I rubbed it through your cum on my tits.”

“You will just have to lick it all clean,” I chuckled, putting a hand in her hair and moving her face close enough that her lips brushed the tip.

“Guess so,” Jessika grinned, eyes sparkling.

“Guess so,” I moaned as she ran her tongue down my shaft.

My curvy lover licked all over my penis, sometimes with the tip of her tongue, sometimes with the flat of it, like she was licking an ice cream cone. Had I not already climaxed once, I think I would have just from the feel of her tongue on me.

“I love your cock, Mark,” the brunette said, kissing it in several places. “Sometimes I think all the shit with the slutty little blonde isn’t worth it, then I think about how you fuck me, and how you lick me, and what a wonderful, thick cock you have, and I come back for more.”

“Is that the only reason you come back? The sex?”

“We are just friends-with-benefits, Mark,” the brunette pointed out before wrapping her lips around the head of my shaft and sucking hard.

“Yes, but the friend part is important too. At least to me.”

“It is to me too,” Jessika whispered, rubbing my penis against her cheeks. “But that, um, that’s, uh, difficult. Not always. Sometimes it’s as easy as breathing. Other times, I have to remind myself of the situation so I won’t, um… shit. Never mind.”

“Jessika, what are you saying?” I asked, but my lover had taken me back in her mouth, pushing herself down until her gag reflex kicked in.

And even then, she only moved back up the shaft, keeping an inch or so between her lips. My gaze caught hers, and for a moment we stared at each other. But she closed her eyes and rammed her head back down, this time gagging nearly immediately but holding herself there several seconds anyway.

I took a shuddering breath, knowing I should stop her, talk to her about what had almost been said, but I gave in to my arousal and let her piston herself up and down me, gagging each time. At that moment, I understood it was easier for her to do this than to face everything else about our relationship.

“Are you close?” she coughed a few minutes later as she tried to catch her breath.

“Yes,” I told her, as much ashamed as aroused.

“Then you like me gagging myself on your hard cock, Mark?”

“You know I do,” I admitted, although that brought another twinge of shame.

The brunette gave me a lopsided smile, then took me back in her mouth. Escort Maraş She pushed her way down, gagged once, then pulled back until only my head was in her mouth. She slurped on it before starting to bob up and down the top third, her tongue wiggling as she applied considerable suction.

I knew this was one of Jessika’s closing techniques, and for a moment I thought about telling her to do something else so I could prolong the pleasure her mouth was giving me. But instead, I ran my fingers through her hair, bucked my hips up a couple of times, and filled her mouth.


After my second orgasm, Jessika buttoned up my shirt she was wearing as I pulled on my pants and t-shirt. We then sat on the couch, the curvy brunette snuggled up against me while we found a movie to watch. We did not talk about anything of consequence, and I was quite sure that Jessika was steering us away from addressing what she had not said.

As usual, Jessika fell asleep before the movie was over. When it was finished, I woke her up, and we kissed. Without a word, she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. There, I slipped off my jeans and climbed into bed. Jessika kept the shirt on and lay with her back to me. I moved closer to her and rubbed her side.

My lover sighed and pushed against me. I thought about kissing her neck, but I knew we could not go any further because of her doctor’s orders. So, I rubbed her until she fell asleep. It took me a few minutes longer, as my mind was turning over the possibilities with Jessika and weighing them against the possibilities with Jessi. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was not going to be able to keep both of them too much longer.


“I want to fuck so bad,” Jessika groaned, her words waking me. “I think you need to go.”

“What time is it?”

“A little after midnight,” the brunette said from where she was sitting, her back to me. “I’m sorry. You were sleeping so peacefully, I hated to wake you. But I can’t sleep with you right now. I wish we’d done this at your place. Then I could’ve just left.”

“What happened?” I asked, sitting up and rubbing her back.

“Please, don’t touch me,” she groaned, even as she pushed her weight back against my hand.

“Are you mad at me?”

“Fuck no. Kind of the opposite, really.”

“But you fell asleep.”

“And then I had a dream about fucking you, and that made me wake up and really want to fuck you. And since we can’t, I need you to go. And I’m so sorry.”

“I could sleep on the couch,” I suggested.

“That might not help. You’d still be here.”

“We slept together last weekend and did nothing,” I pointed out.

“I know, but that was tough. And this is tougher.”

“Okay. I’ll go.”

“I don’t want you to,” Jessika sobbed, and I realized she was crying.

“Is this really about sleeping together or about…”

“Doesn’t matter,” she interrupted me, sniffling. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make you drive home this late. Let’s try it with you on the couch.”

“If it’s better for you if I go, I will,” I offered, feeling her body shudder as I spoke.

“It would be, I think,” she breathed. “But not quite yet. Lay back down.”

“Jessika, what…?”

The brunette had turned so she was facing me. After pulling me to her for a kiss, she shoved me down onto my back. She then bent over me and slurped my soft penis between her lush lips.

“Jessika, you do not have to do this,” I told her, but the fact that my manhood was hardening in her mouth must have overridden my words, as she did not let up.

Once I was fully hard, Jessika started sliding her mouth up and down my shaft, her soft lips caressing my sensitive skin. She did not use her tongue much, nor did she suck hard. She just moved her lips up and down me at a steady, deliberate pace while suckling me gently.

I was content to let her continue, although given that I had already climaxed twice that night combined with the subdued nature of her actions, I did not think I would be climaxing any time soon. My lover must have realized that as well, as she took my hand and placed it on the back of her head. She then shoved hard on it a couple of time.

I took the hint and started pushing her head down, letting her bring it back up. This must not have been what Jessika wanted, however, because she grabbed my hand again and shoved harder and quicker. Determining that she was attempting to tell me to take more control, I grasped her hair and used my grip to ram her head down on my shaft, then pull her back up until only the tip was in her mouth. From the low moan in her throat, I knew this was what she wanted.

After maybe a minute of this, I changed things up. Holding her head in place with both hands, I thrust my penis up into her mouth, over and over. Jessika moaned several times after I started, then she waggled her tongue against me and applied suction even as I used her mouth.

When my climax hit, I held the brunette’s head steady as I unloaded in her mouth for the second time. And like the prior instance, Jessika swallowed it all. I sat up, intending to kiss her, but she rolled onto her back.

“Finger me through my panties,” she moaned, grasping my hand and thrusting it against what felt like silk. “Rub my clit, please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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