A Tangled Web We Weave Ch. 01

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My phone chimes on the bed next to me. It’s Kristen.

Girl UR so hot.

I smile and reply: So R U. Again soon?

She replies with a kissy face and a wink.

Kristen is 16 years older than I am, but I’m 20. So it’s kinda weird, but not really. She’s friends with my step-mom and she was at the house for a party last night. She got me drunk out by the pool and fucked me in the pool house. I still can’t believe it happened, but it was so amazing. And she’s gorgeous, too. She’s fit and slim with these natural tits that women pay thousands of dollars for.

I hear the front door open and close. Lilly is home. Ugh. I hear her bounding up the stairs and try to pretend I’m not there. She’s stops in my doorway, “What’s up, slut?”

“You’re one to talk. You go out like that?”

She’s got on a tank top and the tiniest shorts I’ve ever seen. Not that she doesn’t have the body for it, but shit. Leave SOMETHING to the imagination.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” I say before she can answer.

I lock the bathroom door behind me and lift my shirt over my head. I examine my boobs in the mirror, hoping someday they’ll be as nice as Kristen’s.

Lilly knocks at the door.

“I’m busy,”

She knocks again, “What are you and Kristen doing again soon?”

All the color drains from my face. I rip the door open, “Give me my phone! That’s private!”

“Wait, is this my mom’s friend Kristen?” she almost laughs.

“Give it to me!”

She throws my phone at the bed, laughing, “Oh man, your dad is gonna DIE when he hears this shit.”

I’m covering my boobs and guarding my phone on the bed, “Don’t you fucking dare.”

“Please,” she rolls her eyes.

“Lilly, I’m serious.”

“She is kinda hot. I guess I can see it.” she shrugs.

I put my head in my free hand.

“Oh, relax. Maybe I won’t say anything.”

I lock my gaze on her. Desperate.

“I’ll make you a deal. You tell me every little detail, and I’ll keep my mouth shut,” muş seks hikayeleri she sits down next to me.


“Seriously. But I want you to lay down and uncover your tits while you tell me the tale.”

My jaw drops, “What?!”

“And I get to play with them if I want to,” she grins.

“Fuck no. That’s so weird.”

“Well then, Guess I’ll have something interesting to talk about at the dinner table tonight,” she stands up to leave.

“Lilly…” I plead.

She whips around, “This is really simple, Alison. You tell me about your little sexcapade with Kristen and let me touch your tits, and I’ll stay mum about your lesbian tryst.”

“This is so fucked…”

I lay back and move my arm, letting my breasts free.

She lays on her side, her head propped up on her elbow, “So, I saw you two getting drunk and I saw her hand on your knee. What were you two talking about?”

“She was telling me how pretty I am. And that she wanted to be the first woman to… go down on me.”

“Al, “go down on me”? I’m sure that’s not what she said. I want verbatim quotes, here.”

I could feel my face flush crimson, “She said she wanted to be the first woman to… to… eat my pussy.”

“Oooh, I knew she was a little freak. I bet you were all shy, too. Weren’t you?” she says, reaching out and pinching my nipple.

I slap her hand away, surprised.

In one swift motion, she’s straddling my stomach and holding my arms down, “We have a deal, Alison. If I can’t play with your tits, there’s no deal,” She leans down and takes the previously pinched nipple between her lips, “Mmm, go on. What happened next,” she murmurs with a mouth full of tit.

I stare at the ceiling, “Next she made me take off my panties so that she could touch me.”

She sits up, “I like that idea. Why don’t you take them off right now?”

“That’s not what we agreed on.”

“Either you take them off, or I take them off for you. I’m eating your pussy. That’s happening.”

“Ew! No! You’re my step-sister,” I’m mortified.

“Al, right now it wouldn’t matter if you were my REAL sister. I’m craving pussy and yours is the only one around.”

“You know what? Tell your mom. Tell my dad. But I’m not fuckin’ doing this.”

She pushes my wrists into the pillows, “Yes, you are,” she reaches down with her other hand and pushes her fingers against the wet spot on my thong, “Oh, shit! You like this, you little pervert!” she laughs.

“I was wet EARLIER. That’s not from you,” I lie. “This is the closest I’ve ever been to incest and it is NOT for me.”

“A week after my 18th birthday, my dad left my mom, she used to make me eat her pussy and fuck her with a dildo. THAT was incest. This is just a bit of fun,” She smiled.

The front door opens, “Girls,”

“Speak of the devil… What mom?!”

“She’s gonna come up here!” I whisper-yell at her, trying to get out from under her.

“I got some snacks if you’re hungry,”

“We’re HAVING snacks. And GIRL TIME. No MOM’s allowed!”

“Alright,” she calls from the bottom of the stairs, “Don’t spoil your appetites, dinner is at 6,” her footsteps fade.

“Get off of me. I’m serious.”

“No. And if you don’t shut the fuck up and start enjoying yourself, I’ll call mom up here and she can teach you like she taught me.”

Lilly pushes my skirt up and roughly pulls my panties down, “Mmm” she hums, petting my pussy, “So pretty. And you expect me not to taste this?” without another word, her mouth is on me. My initial instinct is to get up and lock myself in the bathroom. That feeling quickly disappears when she starts to work her tongue deep into me. “You taste like candy, little girl,” she mumbles into me.

I can’t take my eyes off the door. Lilly slurps and sucks and moans. There’s no way mom can’t hear that SOMETHING is happening. She bites down on me and I yelp. She shakes her head, my poor, defensely clit trapped between her lips.

“That’s right, you little slut. I knew you would come around,” she hisses at me.

I cover my eyes with my hands while she devours me. She shoves two fingers into me and quickly locates my g-spot.

“I feel that pussy squeezing my fingers, sister dear. I know you like this,” she sneers up at me before burying her face in my cunt.

My breath is short and I feel very strange. Oh god. Oh no. Fuck. No. This is not happening. I’m gonna fucking cum.

“Oooh, yeah,” she purrs into me, introducing another finger inside of me.

I’m concentrating on thoughts of Kristen and I feel another finger. Four fingers. Her thumb is working my clit and she’s whispering to me, “Don’t let my mom hear you. She’ll wanna eat this pussy, too. Especially when I tell her how good it tastes and how tight it is.”

My breath gets caught in my throat and every muscle in my body tenses up. I grab a pillow and hold it tightly to my mouth. My eyes are shut, but I can hear myself screaming. I didn’t even cum this hard with Kristen. Maybe because I was drunk. I don’t know.

When I open my eyes, she is straddling my face, “Your turn.”

Her pussy is shaved completely and pierced. Her clit is so swollen that touching my tongue to it lightly would probably make her cum. I suck it hard into my mouth and she jams her hips into my face. I hit my head on the headboard and she’s thrusting hard against my mouth.

A few intense moments later, she’s shivering and moaning loudly. I try to get her to quiet down, but my mouth is full of pussy and I’m stuck.

She finally moves away and lays down on top of me, licking her cum off of my face.

“You like the way my pussy tastes?” she kisses and lick my chin.

I nod. I’m being as non-committal as I can be knowing that I actually enjoyed that. She lays down beside me, resting her head on my chest. She lifts up to get her mouth near my ear and whispers, “Your pussy is so sweet. And you’re incredibly sexy. I’ll be back later to do this again.”

I stare at the ceiling again.

She leans up, “Oh, and I won’t tell mom and dad. Not today anyway.”

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