A Trip Gone Right

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They planned a trip to Blueberry Island. Selma and Albert were to join them, as were Sid and his wife Thea. Eva was to be the lone single woman, coming down from Australia, and taking a flight to the island. Kyle was in Boston at the time, doing business, he was to pick her up from the airport, take her to the Logan airport and travel with her to the island.

Sid was in Salem, attending a friend’s wedding; he would pick Shannon up and meet his wife and parents in Avada from where they would take a boat.

Well things never happen as planned. They were to start their journey to Avada, Shannon and Sid from Salem, Selma, Thea and Albert on the morning of the Friday, but on the midnight before the Friday dawn broke it started to rain. And rain it did with ferocity. By seven it was clear that all roads leading to Avada were closed, and all roads leading from their house to to town were closed too. The lone road that connected them to the rest of the world had several tree fallen on it, the other was flooded.

It was a sheer luck that Sid had managed to reach their house to pick Shannon up, and was stranded there. Selma and the rest just did not get farther than JB. They were told the road to Avada was closed.

Eva and Kyle reached the Logan Airport early, just in time for the flight and were told the flight was delayed. They waited there the whole day, and with hope that everything everywhere would clear up the next day, they were optimistic. By the time the flight was ready to board, the waiting and the long flight from Adelaide had taken a toll on Eva, she had a sore back, a feverish body. She looked bedraggled, and tired. The flight was the usual bumpy one. At last they reached the hotel, and were told that he rooms were ready and waiting, some good news after all.

There were back and forth conversations on the phone, now that it was plugged in, sunset and all, Kyle called Shannon, telling her of the situation. She explained their situation and that they would come as soon as possible.

“You, meanwhile, enjoy yourself.”

He smiled, knowing that Sid was in the house, under the same roof, he told her to make the best of it. He told her that he would go for a walk alone on the beach, as Eva was feeling a little down. She was concerned.

“What is wrong with her?”

“You talk to her.” He said in his usual style and knocked the adjoining door. She was supposed to take the upper room, but was too tired to walk up. The lower rooms were reserved for them and Albert and Selma. The chalets were built in such a way that they faced the sea and had four private quarters in each building.

Eva was wearing a long t-shirt that reached her knees and with that toothy smile that reminded him of Shannon she took the phone.

They spoke, and at a point she closed the door behind her, blushing. Then a while later she knocked the door and told him his wife wanted to talk to him.

“Don’t be a motherfucker, Kyle, Eva has body aches and feels feverish, give her some Panadols, take her to dinner and explain the massage you give. Give her the massage. I told her the gist of it and she is okay if it makes her feel good”


In less than half an hour Eva and Kyle made their way to the restaurant, they had a light meal, knowing that the restaurant would be open till after midnight if they needed food.

He explained to her the intricacies of his massage. It was quite unique in fact; it mixed the principles of hypnosis with Tantric touch. Many of their friends had been privy to this luxurious treatment. It involved a lot of traditional jargon, spiced up make the recipient feel good. It was based on a simple theory that when the mind and body relaxes just right it heals. Not many people believe in hypnosis and that becomes a problem, and adding the tantric touch to make them believe that the washing of their chakras makes them well, so be it.

Anyway, he enjoyed it too. Enjoyed making women cum, touching the pussy, the tits, he was a YES MAN, and thus he respected a woman’s body as it should be respected. He never took advantage of them. In fact he had built in systems that prevented them from doing anything foolish. Not that it had not happened, he had ended up in bed with Selma after such a massage, with Param too.

She blushed as she listened. He ended his commentary at last, saying. “If you feel you are up to it, I will leave the door open, take the ritual bath as I have mentioned, and wrap yourself in a towel and still wet come to me. I will wait a decent while before I close the door, no hard feeling either way.”

They reached the chalets, she went to her room. He went to is and took a shower. He always had a bottle of massage oil in his bag, and he took it out and poured some hot water into a glass and let the bottle sit in it to get warm. He put on a white chequered t-shirt and a brown khaki pants.

Nearly forty minutes later he heard a knock on the door. He had poured a small shot of Scotch in two glasses. He nevşehir seks hikayeleri saw her wrapped in a white towel, her hair wet, her face now devoid of the makeup. She looked a little older, but her shy smile brought back the youthfulness to her pretty face. Apart from Shannon, she was the most beautiful, with the best figure in the family.

He smiled. Handed her the whisky, she gulped it down. He had arranged the pillows just right. He reached for her towel, gently taking away from her body. She blushed as she went nude, her tits sagged a little, she had thick big nipples, and just a tad of flab on the tummy, she was short, but had a perfect ass for her size. Well others might have called it big, Kyle was a lover of large asses, and he called it perfect.

He took her hand and led her to bed, propped her so she was half reclining, he took a sheet and covered her to the shoulders, she smiled thankfully for the sheet. He reached and took away her glasses, placed it on the table by the bed.

He used his Elman routine to put her under, by the time he had counted the numbers backwards she was deep in a beautiful relaxed trance.

He set the trigger, when he touched her said sleep she would go into this state, whatever she was doing. He brought her out and using the trigger sent her back in trance, each time making the trance deeper and deeper. He told her that her body would begin to heal with his touch; it had in fact started feeling better, healing.

He made her open her eyes, giving back her glasses and asked how she felt, he did not wake her from the trance, and when she began to feel at ease, having suggested that she would feel at ease with her nudity, he took off the sheet.

Now the tantric part began, it was really just a ritual, but it made them feel something important was happening. He could incorporate his Tantric principles in it too. He spread apart her legs; her pussy had thick lips, engorged with blood, aroused. He merely glanced it it so as not to make her uneasy.

He joined his palms together and told her.

“O woman, you are from now on a Goddess, your body a Temple, I am but a Devotee, permit me to touch you and cleanse the temple.”

She nodded.

“Permit me Goddess, to remove my clothes, for it will be disrespectful to worship you in nude without being nude myself.”

She nodded.

He got off the bed, took off his clothes and laid them on a chair. He took the bottle of oil and touched her. “Sleep now.”

She closed her eyes, and he spoke softly.

“My every touch will sooth you, every words you hear will take you deeper into relaxation to a point when all aches and pains are gone. I will now proceed to cleanse your five chakras, and as I touch you, you will feel aroused, as i touch you will become more and more aroused and you will orgasm when i saw now, when i give you instructions.”

She moaned and he took oil on his palms and began to massage her forehead lightly, his touch making her aroused, he worked on her third eye, his hand straying to her head, rubbing her temples and she sank into a state of bliss. As he worked on her forehead, he began to tell her how close she was to that first orgasm, the one that released the first of her five chakras. And he could feel her pussy throb, the lips become thicker with blood.

He said. “Now.”

Her pelvis rose and she came, her chest heaved, her pelvis moved as if fucking an invisible cock, he massaged her for a while more and told her to relax.

He began to work on the second Chakra. Telling her that as he worked on her face, the orgasm would get stronger, as he reached her lips it would reach its tempo and at his word she would cum.

He massaged her cheeks, her nose and throat, he massaged her chin, admired her beauty, he truly, without thoughts of sexual nature admired any woman he was giving the massage. He traced the contours of her face and reached her lips, she reached to suck his thumb. He gave it to her and whispered “Now” in her ears. She came harder than before. Her pelvis rose higher. Her ass lifted itself off the bed and thrust upwards, several times. She moaned and sank to the bed; her head tilted a little as a smile appeared on her lips.

He turned his attention to her tits, they were two beautiful globes, and every woman’s tits if admired were a piece of art, different and beautiful. He poured the oil and began to massage her tits, she purred. He massaged them upwards, raising them up. She had good, big ones that seemed like two balls filled with jelly.

He spent more time than he had to, all the while telling her to go deeper, telling her to open her eyes if she wanted to, to look at her devotee worshipping her. She opened her eyes, he had put the glasses back on her, she was blind without it. She looked at the hard throbbing cock, her nostrils flared as her pussy flooded; she wanted to cum but could not as he had not yet told her to. He massaged and the nipples, gently pinching them, he straddled her, his legs on her either side, his cock neatly lodged on her tummy, throbbing and sending the tremors through her being. He was looking in the eyes and as he pinched her nipple just a tad he told her to cum.

She gasped, panted, and came.

He turned her around, he worked on her back, all this while telling her to heal, to become whole, and to keep healing and getting better with every breath, as long as she lived. He did her shoulders and her back; he went down to her soled and began upwards to her thighs.

At last he turned his attention to her ass. As he poured oil generously on her and massaged her ass cheeks. They were wonderful to touch, magnificent pieces of ass. He massaged them and then poured oil on the crack as she moaned. His middle finger massaged the crack, even with Shannon this was something that made her moans. Eva moaned, loud and long. And he inserted a finger into her ass. The moan this time it was guttural. It was long and deep, from her belly. With the finger in her ass, he leaned to her face and said now. She came, her ass rising up, sucking his finger in even more as she pressed her ass on to his finger.

When the orgasm subsided, with his soothing words to go deeper and deeper, she was turned around. He poured oil on her pussy and began to massage her. The touch, the heightened sensitivity was enough to bring her to a great climax, a climax that was held at bay by his command that she could not come till he said so. His fingers were massaging her clitoris; his finger moved into her pussy and touched that sweet spot in the roof of her cunt. She gurgled, she panted and she opened and looked at him, in a daze and then shut her eyes.

With two fingers in her, with the other hands rubbing her clitoris he said.

“Cum, now, Eva. Cum hard, cum for your worshipper.”

It was like a relief, a dam burst and his hands were met with a flood of juice, she wailed, she thrashed and panted, she gasped. She came hard. She came on his hands, with his finger deep inside her, mashing her sweet spot. Or the bitch spot as Shannon liked to call it.

He let her fall back and her breathing go back to normal; he repeated the suggestions again, telling her how her body would heal from this moment on, how it had been cleansed of all toxins through the release of all the chakras. How she would feel closer to him, able to confide in him, feel like they were bonded in a deep spiritual sort of way. That she would feel happy and open and delightful when he touched her on the shoulder.

He made her open her eyes, he did not wake her, he just made her believe that she woke her.

He was between her spread feet. His palms joined together in reverence. “They temple is cleansed dear Goddess. Give me leave to wash and dress you.”

She saw his hard throbbing cock and reached to touch it.

“No.” He cried, “Do not defile my devotion. You are still my Goddess till I have washed you and fed you the first morsel.”

This was actually an elaborate plan, to escape some women who he did not really want to have sex with, to give the impression to their unconscious that tis was deeper and real and that everything had some deep seated meaning. If he had let her touch him then, let her fall to the cravings of the lust, the whole shebang would have seemed like an elaborate ploy to get into her pants. The healing that is to occur, the basic reason for this massage apart from admiring the beauty of a nude body would be lost.

Oh yes, he did want to fuck her, hold those golden globes in his hand and dip his hard cock into her. But one thing he had understood as a Tantric Man, lust for just lust was wrong; it had to be a part of a greater bonding, an understanding.

She felt a little let down. Her eyes still on his hard throbbing cock. He led her to the bathroom and washed her, soaped her and cleaned her and with a little palm joining and a bow, he said.

“Go and get dressed My Goddess, we need to complete the last part of the ritual, to feed you so that you are once again a woman and I a man.”

She returned very quickly, very sweet in her loose pants and a t-shirt.

They held hand and waked to the restaurant, lighting the way with a torch app on his phone. Hey ordered steak, making sure it would arrive soon, they ordered some wine, she was okay with wine.

He took the glass of red wine and held it to her lips, saying. “With this wine, O Goddess, I offer you the penultimate act of devotion.” She took a sip and smiled.

The food arrived. He cut off a small portion of the steak, with a fork offered it to her. “With this food, O Goddess, I perform he last act of my devotion” When she began to chew it, he laid down the fork and sighed.

“Now you are a woman to me, just I should be a man and nothing else to you. But remember that the healing must go on. How do you feel?”

“Really, amazing, it seems like I never had the backache, my nose feels okay, i feel i could stay up all night. Are you sure Shannon is okay with all this?”

He swiftly dialled Shannon’s number, smiling, probably she was throat deep in a cock too.

“Hello. Fucked her already?” She was right to the point, he laughed.

“Oh no, darling, not yet! Talk to her.” He passed the phone to Eva.

She got up from her seat and went to the edge of the hall, talking so he could not hear.

He later found out what the conversation was.

“Fucked him already, so fast?”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t do that your man. But the massage was amazing, it really made the difference just as you said it would.”

“Fuck him already, Eva. He gives a good head, likes one too, feels good inside.”

“He wouldn’t let me anyway; he said something about being a goddess…”

“Has he fed you the wine and food?”

“Yes, but…”

“And told you that you are now a woman and he just a man?”


“Then finish your food, take his hand in yours and walk on the beach, take off your panties and give it to him, tell him you are offering it to him as a woman.”


“No buts, I am letting you have him. So if you want to sleep alone and wonder for the rest of your life what it would have been like, that your choice.”

Eva returned to the table and handed him the phone.

Just when they were about to finish the food, she asked.

“Kyle, answer truthfully, did I look desirable? You saw me, all of me?”

“Truthfully, yes. Immensely! I had to close my eyes many time from wanting to bend over and kiss you. But I did not want to spoil the healing, the moment of great healing. Give me a hint now and see what I will do.”

She put the knife and fork on the plate. Smiled nervously and said: “Let us go for a walk. I can’t eat anymore.”

As they stepped on the sandy beach, she took his hand to balance herself, pressed it to make him wait. Took off her slippers and began to walk on the beach. They walked barefooted on. She stopped at one place that was shaded with a huge tree and told him to look away. A minute later she took his hand in his again.

With a short laugh, she handed him her panties. “No more Goddess right. His is a woman offering you something.” He took it, smiled and squeezed her hand. With a swift motion, in the dim moonlight, he pulled her to him, her tits came crashing down on his chest, smashed against it, her glasses reflected the light of the waxing moon and he kissed her.

“This.” He told her in a hoarse voice, “is a man telling you he wants you.”

“Really?” She asked, her wide lips were creased in a happy smile.

He took her hand and led it to his rising cock; she could feel its hardening through the shorts. “See for yourself.”

She kissed him back, the journey back to the chalet was rapid, and they almost ran, washed the sand off in a hurry and locked the door behind them. Once inside, with the air conditioner bussing away, she felt a little nervous, it was a huge step for her. He took her hand and took the lead. He made her sit on the bed; he took off his shirt, pulled off her t-shirt. Her hand went to unbuckle the belt, let the shorts fall. He pushed her back on the bed, undoing the sash of her Bermudas and pulling it down. They resisted at the big juicy ass and then slid down.

He looked at the flowery pussy, the fold were thick, like his wife’s, like Selma’s. They separated as he spread her legs apart, showing the pink insides. Moisture was beginning to build there. He went on his knees on the floor, and his tongue licked the length of her labia. She moaned. He liked the moan; it was too soft for him, lke a cat mewing, but he would make them louder.

He wet the labia well, and then his tongue separated the lips and licked the pink insides, stopping at the entrance to dart in and out several time before continuing the rest of the journey to the small, severed bud.

He had ranted and raved many times about the practice of taking away the button of joy from women; he circled the bud with his tongue and sucked it. Her hand involuntarily reached to his head and held it lightly, her finger twined with his short hair.

She thrust her ass up, giving him more of herself as she called out his name.

“Oh Kyle…”

The moan was discernibly louder. He sucked more, and began to lap her pussy, her juices had begun to flow, just as every cock tastes different, so does a pussy has its own distinct aroma. He let his tongue make her cum, when her fingers gripped his hair harder, when her moans and her calling out his name became louder, when she gave one last long wail and fell to the bed, he rose. He placed his elbow on the side and took her thick, light brown nipple in his mouth. His middle and ring finger found her opening and entered her tight slick cunt. His finger began to massage her g-spot, his mouth suckled at her tits; she felt the beginning of another orgasm.

“Oh God, Oh God… Harder, deeper.” She pressed his head to her ample tits, her other hand kneaded her own breast in ecstasy, as she bunched it with palm and raised her nipple for him to suck. “Bite it Kyle, bite it.”

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