A Walk in the Woods

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When I woke up that Friday morning I knew there was no way I was going into work. My wife Sally only worked half the day so I figured I would clean the house to get in the good books and then take Sally to the pub for lunch and maybe, just maybe a little bit of afternoon sex.

Whether Sally read my mind I can’t be sure but when she came down stairs that morning she was wearing a very pretty blue summer dress, short with thin straps. All morning as I cleaned I could not stop thinking about lifting that dress over her head and sucking her nipples until she groaned out loud.

So, when Sally got home I took her hand and before she could catch her breath whisked her straight into my car and off we drove out into the country for a pub lunch. Its a pub we’d never been to and quite isolated. As I drove I couldn’t help looking side ways at my wife, a nice summer dress with sandals, simple but she looked stunning.

It was such a nice sunny day I found a table outside the pub. The heat and that Friday feeling saw Sally quickly polish off a couple of large white wines, getting her in mood for my plan. As we sat finishing our drinks I gave Sally a long kiss and slipped my hand along her thigh up her dress to gently brush Sally through her panties, she looked straight at me, I gave her a big broad smile,

‘Do you fancy a bit of a drive Sally?’ I asked.

She ponders for a moment and replies ‘Yes sure.’

One of the benefits of an automatic car is it leaves my left hand free. In this case free to explore Sally As I drive my had slides further and further up her thigh until I’m rubbing the lips of her pussy through her knickers. Just gently gliding along the lips. Her eyes close tightly and she gentle moans and sighs.

I spot a nice secluded field with a stone wall leading up to a small set of trees, so I pull over and suggest we explore.

‘Really’ Sally murmurs, ‘I was enjoying that.’

I look her straight in the eye and with a board smile say ‘Well lets go for a walk and see what happens.’

I open the boot Tekirdağ Escort and take out a blanket, Sally flashes me a knowing smile.

‘When did you put that there?’ she asks.

‘This morning, thought it might come in handy, look there’s a nice little wood there shall we walk up there?’

Sally looked me up and down, stopping for a moment to take in the bulge in my pants, ‘Sure why not’ she says with a grin.

We walk a little holding hands, when we are little way from the road I pull Sally close and kiss her. With our lips locked together my hands move from her perfect behind up to gently caress her breast, a hand slides down onto her leg and then up her gorgeous thigh to her white knickers, which is all Sally is wearing under her dress.

‘We need to get to those woods Charlie,’ Sally says ‘Quickly, I need you.’

The shade of the woods is a nice relief from the hot sun. As my eyes become accustomed to the dim light of the woods I watch her step through the undergrowth, Patches of sunlight catch her hair making it glow golden. I can’t take my eyes off her pert little bottom, my eyes fixed on her gorgeous little backside, as she walks each cheek rises pulling up and across the material of her dress. Up and down across her perfect little cheeks, I can’t wait to pull the dress off Sally.

Sally leads me towards a thick tree in a patch of sunlight. She stops, turns towards me and leans back against the trunk of the tree, tilting her head up towards me I step in close. The blanket from the car is dropped, forgotten and not needed. I take Sally’s face in my hands and kiss her lips. A patch of sun falls across her shoulder. I slide the strap of her dress over her shoulder and down her arm, freeing one gorgeous breast lite by the sun falling across it. I drop my head down, kissing her breast and gently sucking her nipple in to my mouth, my tongue slowly flicks across it as it hardens.

Through my jeans Sally rubs the hard head of my cock with the palm of her hand.

‘Do you want some Tekirdağ Escort Bayan sex?’ I ask.

‘Suck my nipples a little longer’ Sally whispers.

I slide the other shoulder strap down so both of Sally’s breasts are free my mouth moves from one perfect breast to the other, sucking one nipple while my thumb and fore finger gentle rub the other between. Sally’s hand grasps the back of my head, pulling me into her breasts.

‘I love sucking your nipples Sally’ I murmur.

Grabbing a fist full of my hair Sally pulls my head back. She looks me straight in the eye ‘Lick me.’

Sally leans back against the tree and guides my head down her body, lifting her left leg and placing her foot on my shoulder, she opens her thighs wide. Sally reaches down to lift the front of her dress, revealing crisp white knickers. I pull them aside, to reveal a beautiful little pussy, a neat strip of hair trimmed nice and short. Her long left leg curls slowly around the back of my neck pulling my head inside her thighs.

I kiss inside her thigh, ‘That tickles!’ she says.

I kiss a little further along her thigh until I reach her pussy lips. I lick along the full length of her lips with the flat of my tongue.

‘Does that tickle Sally?’ I ask.

‘Mmmm no, that is sooo good’ she whispers.

Again I lick along her lips, I do this again and again. Little moans and groans escape her mouth. Gorgeous little moans, which spur me on, her lips, like little petals part as the tip of my tongue explores just inside her.

‘That’s so good Charlie, lick my clit.’

I move away to kiss the inside of Sally’s thighs, her hand grips my hair and pulls me back into that sweet little pussy. I lick and lick her lips, then she demands, not begs but demands that I lick her clit now. The tip of my tongue circles the hard little bud, just gentle circling, teasing with the tip of my tongue as moans escape her mouth and she pulls my head in closer. Eventually I give in and begin to gently lick the little hard button, Escort Tekirdağ her fist grips my hair harder and her moans increase, getting louder and louder.

Sally pulls back my head back and looks down at me ‘I need you, I need your cock.’ she gasps ‘now!’

I stand up. I take hold of her hips and turn her to face the tree trunk. Her hands grip onto the rough bark of the tree. I pull the hem of Sally’s dress over taught little buttocks. My fingers slip under the waistband of those little white knickers, sliding them down over her firm little backside. Dropping them to her ankles. Looking at me over her shoulder she lifts one foot out of her panties and stands with her feet wide apart, bending over she arches her back.

I slowly unbuckle my belt. Our eyes are fixed on each others. I pull my jeans apart, reach inside and pull out my big, hard cock. A big grin spreads across Sally’s face, her eyes light up. I grip the base of my shaft and slip into her tight, wet pussy. It feels so good, inch by inch I slide in until my hips are pressed hard against her backside. I lean forward, Sally turns her head to me so I can kiss her lips. Leaning back I grip her hips, I being to thrust in and out. Sliding all the way out until just the very tip of my cock is still inside, before sliding all the way back inside. I lean back and take in the view. Sally’s head tilted back, long blonde hair trailing down her back, all the muscles in her back taut beneath her soft golden skin. She arches her back pushing her gorgeous little bottom further into my thighs.

So, so tight. Like a beautiful little vice Sally grips me with her gorgeous pussy.

‘Oh yes’ she moans, ‘Harder Charlie, I want to feel you come in me.’ I thrust faster and harder.

Oh god it feels so good, I’m lost in the moment, I want to come but I also want to last forever.

Through her gentle little moans she gasp ‘Your cock feels so big Charlie.’

I don’t know if I’m big or Sally is tight but I do know that the fit is perfect, it feels amazing.

Sally starts to pant and moan out loud, short sharp breaths as she begins to come. I feel my balls tighten, I start to come. The ecstasy pulsates through with the final thrusts. Such incredible feelings rushing through me.

As I stop I lean forward and kiss your neck. ‘I love you Sally.’

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