A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 04

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Straight past dinner to…dessert

I spent the next few hours, relaxing and running over images in my head. My cock would start getting tumescent out of nowhere and I would smile, inside and out, imagining what Brad would say, or my friends or Kara and Tara’s dad. Imagining the shocked incredulity if I told anyone what I did this weekend. No way a normal dude like me is buttfucking hot twins, all weekend long. But the truth, often times, is way sexier than fiction and for me, I had gone from being a man that imagined dream sex, to a man that is currently experiencing dream sex.

Dinner was rather normal, the girls chatting about what next week had in store, me not really feeling chatty. Though I had drained my bloated sack multiple times, I was fucking horny as hell, but not wanting to push the girls. This was, after all their rodeo…I was just the bull they were using to get off on. As food was eaten, beer was drank, the conversation started to turn in my direction. “Should we get in the tub again?” Kara asked.

Tara agreed and I followed. The girls took a bottle of wine, I grabbed a couple cold ones and we relaxed in the tub. It was really fun, just to sit and talk for a while. They talked hilariously about the look on my face when I came the last time, butt plug in my ass, girlfriends sister giving me ass to mouth. Apparently, I looked like a maniac as I shot my load. Imagine that. So I said how I loved the looks on their faces as I moved the big dildo in and out of them, and how sweet their asses feel, and their mouths are heavenly…and before you know it, I was perched on the edge of the tub, cock in Kara’s Cebeci Escort mouth, while Tara squeezed my balls and rubbed my asshole.

“Bed.” I said, feeling emboldened. The girls got out, started to dry off and I jumped out, grabbing a towel and making for the bedroom. I had a plan. I dried my body, and went and grabbed the full length mirror that was propped against the wall. Took it to the bed, chucking my towel to the floor, and lodged it at the head of the bed, so that I could hit both girls doggy and see the looks on their lovely faces.

“What’s all this?” Kara asked.

“I want you both side by side on your knees, so I can lick and fuck your asses…and see the expressions on your faces.” I grinned. “This is dessert, and the thought turns me on like fucking crazy.”

“Wow baby.” Tara said, impressed or turned on. “That is hot as hell.”

“Up on your hands and knees.” I said firmly. “I aint fucking around.” Both girls, in unison, climbed onto the bed, asses pointed straight at me. “I have work to do.”

I went to town, eating their amazing asses like a wild beast. I quickly learned to finger one ass, while I licked and probed the other with my tongue. I swapped between the girls, and was so delirious after a while, I had no clue which was Tara and Kara. I looked up and inserted a finger into both, then checked the mirror. Both had their eyes closed, and were gripping the covers. I spent 10 minutes, licking and probing, while the girls rubbed their clits.

Orgasms came, Tara’s first with my tongue in her ass and Kara later, as I was punching Kolej Escort two fingers up her ass in rhythm. I backed off and the girls recovered. In time for my master plan.

I swiped the butt butter off the nightstand and the big red double ender as well. “I am going to prepare both of your buttholes for probing. Then I am going to fuck both of them, at the same time. One with my cock, the other with this big dildo. And I will switch between you, until I come hard in your ass Tara.” I had not really called her out all day, but now I was being real. “I will finish off in your ass baby.”

I buttered up both index and middle fingers on both hands, and started to twist them in and out of Kara and Tara’s butts. They moaned a bit, but it was still mild. I dug deeper and harder, by small degrees, painfully aware of my cock hanging, turgid and wanton between my legs. When I could no longer take it any longer, I gently removed my fingers and liberally applied the butter to my cock and rubbed it into their anuses. I then lubed up old red, slid it up and down Kara’s crack and took my cock to Tara’s ass, right at the lubricated entrance. I then started to gently, firmly slide the dildo up Kara’s ass, while I slid my cock into Tara. She reached back, to help direct me in and I was doing it. Buttfucking them both, at the same time. I looked up in the mirror and the wanton look on Tara’s face was so raw and lusty.

I found a nice pumping rhythm in Tara, out of Kara and into Kara, sliding out of Tara. I spent just a few minutes, before pulling both cock and toy out of the respective Rus Escort holes they were in, and switching. Dildo in Tara now, a small gasp at the difference and my cock into Kara with a moan of satisfaction. I looked into the mirror as Kara murmured. “Warm cock, ummm.” I resumed the steady pumping, in and out of the twins. I made it about 5 minutes, steadily working faster until I was pounding Kara pretty hard, and Tara was pushing her ass onto the dildo herself. Both girls were rubbing their clits, and I knew I was close.

I pulled out, reinserted the dildo into Kara and my throbbing cock into Tara. I pounded both of them hard the girls moaning in tandem, sweat building on my brow. “God yes, John, fuck my ass baby.” Tara groaned as her climax arrived, and I felt all restraint leave me. Watching their faces and then looking down at my cock buried in her Tara’s ass, dildo in Kara’s was so unreal.

“Fuck, Oh god.” Kara started to come, having reached around to take hold of the red dildo. And I lost it.

“Uhhnnn.” I groaned as I released my load deep into Tara’s ass. I could feel her ring squeezing at my cock, greedily milking it. “Ohh, baby.” It was intense and now just our three breaths, steadily panting, sounded in the room. The girls were laying on their chests, eyes still closed my cock growing soft in Tara’s well irrigated ass, the dildo still about 4 inches into Kara.

“May I?” I asked Kara, grabbing the dildo. She nodded and I gently pulled it out, as my cock slipped, shiny and red, out of Tara’s ass. I theatrically did a mic drop, dildo bouncing on the bed and without a word, went to shower myself off.

The greatest weekend of my life was coming to a close. I had showered, thrown on boxers and made it back to the kitchen for a beer. I sat on the stool, listening to Tara and Kara talking, a laugh here and there. My word, this really happened. I took another long pull, and grabbed another beer. What a tale to tell.

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