Adventures with Penny Ch. 15

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Bouncing Tits

Chapter 15 – Hot for Teacher

Over the balance of the week, the new office was chaotic. People were coming and going, dropping of boxes and personal effects. I vowed to stay out of the office over the weekend in order to give anyone that was there plenty of quiet time to setup there space. Monday morning came and I felt renewed. I bolted out of the house and couldn’t wait to get to the office.

I walked through the door of the office at about 10 minutes to 9 in the morning. Nikki was already seated at her desk and hammering away on her keyboard. Every office door was open except for min and I could see the lights on in the conference room.

“There is a staff meeting in 10 minutes,” Nikki informed me as I approached her desk.

“Thanks,” I replied as I passed her and headed for my office.

I dropped my bag on my desk and began setting up for my day when I noticed Leslie walk by my door towards the conference room. I grabbed a pad and pen before heading in there myself. I was happy that I wasn’t the last one to arrive as I entered the conference room.

I pulled up a seat between Penny and Brooke on the far side of the table. Leslie was seated on Brooke’s right side. Emma charged through the door with Nikki hot on her heels. She sat to Penny’s left and Nikki sat to her left. Once we were all there, it began.

“Alright, first things first,” Emma said. “Every Monday at 9am we will have a staff meeting, to catch up and get on the same page.”

Everyone took in this information and seemed to agree that it was a good idea.

“Next, good job by Nikki and our favorite guy for getting our new office up and running,” Emma complimented.

Nikki smiled and I nodded at the acknowledgement.

“Also, we have a lot of things going on right now,” Emma stated. “We have several cases that need pressing attention. Penny and Nikki will be teaming on research and approach while Leslie will hand the Johnson case and I will take both the Lemon case and the Harbaugh case.”

Everyone absorbed this latest data and there was not a question as to who was running this office. Emma was brilliant and great at being in charge. She was a natural leader.

“Finally, we may need an extra hand or two for a little while,” Emma informed us, staring mostly at Brooke and me. “Starting tonight, Leslie will be teaching Law 1 on Monday nights at the community college. So we might need you two to assist with some things.”

Brooke nodded, as did I. Leslie was going to teach, that was great. I was happy for her. This seemed like something she would be very good at. Great. Our office environment was taking a distinct shape. I liked how things were turning out.

“The last item of business relates to the game,” Emma declared. “I spoke to Sienna this morning.”

All our ears perked up as we waited for the next set of words to be spoken.

“Monica is being allowed to sit out from Sienna’s game for the next 6 months” Emma revealed.

Everyone’s eyes got very big. We all waited anxiously for the explanation.

“Why,” Leslie asked bluntly.

“She’s pregnant,” Nikki revealed.

“Is it Brad’s,” I inquired without thinking.

“No,” Nikki confirmed. “It was an artificial insemination. We want a baby. We think it can mend the broken pieces of who we are together.”

Penny got up from her chair and moved to where Nikki was seated. She gave Nikki a very large hug. Everyone offered congratulations and well wishes for the blessing that was about to happen to Nikki and Monica.

“Do we owe Sienna anything in return,” I asked Emma when everyone had settled down.

“It’s been settled,” Emma replied firmly.

I knew not to push the question based on her tone of voice, but I was going to get the whole story at some point, that I was sure of.

Emma dismissed us and I returned Kocaeli Escort to my office. I was sitting at my desk and about to logon to my computer when Penny stepped into the doorway of my office.

“Got a minute,” she asked politely.


Penny entered my office and closed the door behind her. She sat in the chair closest to her and stared at me.

“Is everything alright,” I asked.

“I am not sure,” she admitted. “I don’t know what Emma did to get Sienna to back off of Monica during her pregnancy, but I really would like to know.”

“Me too,” I agreed. “But give it time. It will come out.”

“You’re right, it will,” she granted. “I have a nice idea. You should go to Leslie’s class tonight. She is nervous about teaching and having you there would be nice. You make a great teacher’s pet.”


She stood from the chair she was sitting in and opened the door. She exited my office without another word. I sat there thinking of what Emma could have done to get Sienna to do the right thing for Monica. As my thoughts ripped through what it could have been, my mind wandered and I found myself thinking of what tonight’s class might be like. Should I sit in the front so Leslie could see me? Or would that be distracting to her? Should I sit in the back to toy with her? Or would that be distracting to her? Tonight was going to be very interesting.

The day passed swiftly and before I knew it 6pm had arrived. Class started at 6:30pm so I rushed to shut my computer down and get out of the office. As I was headed for the front door, I heard Penny call to me.

“Have fun tonight.”

That was all the permission that I needed. I sped through the streets and made to the community college in what I deemed to be record time. I quickly found the building that Leslie was teaching in and I parked. I grabbed my bag and ran into the building. I found the classroom listing and made my way to room 221 where Leslie was teaching Law I.

I entered the room as quietly as possible. It was a pretty full class and Leslie was writing on the blackboard. Class had not officially started yet and I found a seat in the very back next to a skinny blonde girl with very short hair. She was actually very attractive. Her hair was straight and fell only just below her jaw line. She was in great shape and had very small breasts. She had on a simple white floral sundress and small white heels. What a cutie. I needed to focus.

“Hey, I’m Lindsay Beecham,” she said as I sat down.

“Hey, Lindsay, nice to meet you,” I replied.

“I’m a freshman, so I’m a little nervous,” she admitted. “Are you taking this as a graduate course?”

Lindsay was going to make this night really fun. Leslie turned to face the class and I could see a bunch of the young men in class whisper to each other. They were right, she was fucking hot. She looked great, nothing like the teachers I remember from when I was actually in school. She had on her hunter green skirt suit, which highlighted her curves. She had on a black silk blouse and black sling back heels to go with it. She was as delicious as I had ever seen her. I really needed to focus.

“Hello class, I’m Miss Adams,” Leslie introduced herself.

I was captivated as Leslie began her class outline and distributed her syllabus. I didn’t think she had notice me yet.

“Hey,” I heard Lindsay whisper next to me.

“What’s up,” I asked, turning to face her.

“Ms. Adams is hot, huh,” she said.

“Do you really think so,” I asked her.

“Hell yeah, she’s a babe,” Lindsay confirmed. “I would totally do her.”

The light went on in my mind.

“Lindsay, are you dating anyone these days,” I inquired.

“Yeah, I have a steady girlfriend,” she admitted. “She goes to UCLA. She’s a cheerleader.”

“That’s Kocaeli Escort Bayan a nice school,” I stated. “Lindsay, do you want to have some real fun tonight?”

“What did you have in mind,” Lindsay questioned, a little taken back.

“I want to share something with you,” I divulged. “I am telling you this because I think I can trust you and I want you to enjoy this class. I am not a student here. I am actually here to fuck Ms. Adams tonight.”

“Does she know you,” Lindsay asked.

“Yes, we work together,” I informed her.

“Does she know you are here,” she pressed.

“Nope, no clue,” I chuckled. “But once she sees me she is going to flip.”

“Have you had sex with her before,” Lindsay pressed further.

“Yes I have,” I confirmed.

“Oh,” Lindsay responded, biting her bottom lip lustily. “Is she really good in bed?”

“Better than you can imagine,” I disclosed.

Lindsay did not respond she just stared at me. Then she shot her hand into the air. I heard Leslie stop her lecture, which had become background noise.

“Yes, Ms. Beecham is it,” Leslie recognized Lindsay’s hand.

“Ms. Adams, will you be grading on a curve,” Lindsay asked.

It was a bullshit question and I think even Leslie smelled right through it. I purposely kept my head turned towards Lindsay so Leslie couldn’t tell it was me just yet.

“This is college Ms. Beecham, I don’t see a need for a curve,” Leslie stated. “Sir, could you please face forward.”

I knew this last statement was directed at me. Lindsay giggled next to me. She could barely control herself. I turned and faced the front of the room, allowing Leslie to see it was me. Her response was priceless. She let out a short, low gasp that most of the students didn’t notice. Most of them did notice, however, when her knee buckled as she turned to move back towards the blackboard.

I felt a complete rush. This kicked ass.

Leslie did a great job with her lecture and going over contract law. She was well spoken and related the subject matter back to actual events that the students could identify with. Normally, I would have enjoyed this class, but tonight I was here for one thing. I was here to get Leslie’s attention.

The perfect opportunity came late in class when Leslie asked everyone to write down their 3 favorite movies on a piece of paper and pass it to her. She was doing this to get to know her students, but I had a better idea. I handed her my paper last, after all the other students were done. Lindsay was giggling again because she had seen what I had written on my paper.

“Thank you all for your attention and respect tonight,” Leslie said to the class when she had collected all the papers. “Class dismissed, except for you.”

Leslie was pointing directly at me. The other students were giving me the look that said, “Your Busted Pal,” but little did they know. I did not move as the other students filed out of the classroom. Lindsay was the last one to leave the room besides me.

“Good luck,” she whispered as she turned to leave.

“Ms. Beecham, why don’t you stay to hear this,” Leslie said, halting Lindsay in her tracks.

“Ms. Adams, these seems like a personal issue between you two,” Lindsay countered.

“Well, you seemed to get a good laugh before,” Leslie reminded her. “You might enjoy this as well. Sit.”

Lindsay did not reply, she simply sat down next to me and waited for Leslie to speak again.

“Do you think this is funny,” Leslie asked me in her best scolding mom tone of voice.

“No, Leslie, it’s not funny,” I admitted. “But it was well intended.”

“How so,” Leslie asked.

“Penny sent me to help you get over your nerves,” I informed her. “I guess I took it a little too far.”

“A little too far,” Leslie repeated. Escort Kocaeli “I asked my students to write down their three favorite movies. You wrote down: ‘You’re doing great.’ ‘Lindsay and I both think you are hot.’ And ‘I want to fuck you.’ How am I supposed to teach seeing that on paper?”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “But you are hot.”

“Thanks,” Leslie acknowledged. “Now, make good on your words and take me home and fuck me.”

Lindsay giggled again.

“Ms. Beecham, thank you for the compliment,” Leslie said to Lindsay. “Now, you may go.”

Lindsay stood up and put her hand on my shoulder. She leaned down close to my neck.

“I am so jealous of you right now,” she whispered before walking out of the classroom.

I stood and collected my bag. Leslie had her briefcase in hand and met me at the door.

“Are you gonna make it home,” Leslie asked me as we walked towards the parking lot.

“I think I can,” I laughed.

“Well, I can’t,” she said firmly.

When we reached her car, Leslie pinned me to the door and groped my cock through my pants. She kissed me deeply on the mouth, which I very much enjoyed as my cock swelled under her touch. Leslie was a tremendous kisser. I loved kissing her; it was one of the things I looked forward to often. Leslie fumbled through her purse for her keys as we made out. When she opened her car, she pushed me into the backseat.

I sat there as Leslie hiked up her skirt and slid off her panties. She dropped her underwear into the front seat of her car and then reached in to undo my belt. When she had my belt undone, I tore my pants down to my knees and exposed my rock hard member. Leslie climbed into the backseat and straddled me. She guided my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I sighed as I entered her.

Leslie was grinding her hips on my pole while she kissed me. I was in heaven as I thrusted my rod in and out of her gash. Leslie rode me in the backseat while I was kissing her neck and fondling her boobs. She was on fire as she rocked up and down on my shaft. She continued to drive her box onto my dick. I swelled inside her each time she accepted my length.

“Oh god,” she whispered as I kissed her neck.

I pumped into her again.

“Oh shit,” she moaned slightly.

I thrust firmly into her vagina once more.

“Fuckkkk,” she said softly as she grinded her teeth.

It was the quietest orgasm Leslie had ever had with me though the look on her face told me she enjoyed it thoroughly. She continued to rock up and down on my cock. She increased her pace as she ran her hands through my hair. My member throbbed inside her forcefully.

“Please cum for me,” she whispered softly into my ear as she crashed strongly onto my dick yet again.

I held out for only a moment longer and then popped. I launched streams of semen into Leslie’s waiting pussy. I flooded her box with my goo until my cock was empty. Leslie was still on top of me, her breath hot on my neck as I sat there. She waited several moments before climbing off of me and stepped out of the car.

I pulled up my pants and gathered myself before stepping out of the car myself. I closed the door to the back seat and opened the driver’s door for Leslie. She stepped into car again, this time behind the wheel.

“Thanks,” she said looking up at me.

“You are one hell of a teacher,” I told her. “See you at the office.”

I closed the door so Leslie was secure and walked to my own vehicle. I put my bag in the car and was about to get behind the wheel myself when I sensed someone behind me. I turned to see Lindsay standing just behind me to the left.

“I waited to see if you were going to go home with her or not,” she admitted. “That was one impressive performance.”

“Hers or mine,” I asked playfully.

“No offense, but hers,” Lindsay confirmed.

“Good luck in class,” I said to her before I climbed into my car and shut the door. I started the engine and pulled out of the lot quickly. I saw Lindsay still standing there in the rear view mirror as I made the turn off of the campus.

Thank god for higher education.

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