After Midnight_(0)

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Meredith my 5th ex-wife is wearing a gray dress tonight on the 10 PM news cast, the dress shows her hot body and her nice breasts. Igot an immediate hard on seeing her. I text her to meet me at my place after the show, I have an apartment near the station in Fort Worth. Why? Why in the world am I still doing this? After our divorce we stayed close for our two young kids. Meredith still makes me horny when I see her, I still have sex with my other ex-wives also. My relationship with my ex-wives is better divorced then when I was married to them. I pull out my phone and text, ” I’m here, are you on your way?” Waiting in anticipation is the worst part about anything. Whether it is waiting to see if you win a case in court, negoiate a million dollar deal, or if someone will show up or not for a date. Buzz. I check my phone. Of course, nothing more simple than, ” yes.” When waiting, time seems to stretch out, two minutes then ten and ten seems like 20. I look down at my phone when I see a car stop next to mine in my peripheral vision. I look to my left and yes, she is here. On the elevator I pull her close to me holding her in my arms; we kiss as the elevator bumped and hummed its way to the 36th floor. I wasted no time once the apartment door closed behind us. Taking my hand I guided her to the bedroom. As we kissed she begins to take her dress off, revealing her breasts. My hands grabbed and squeezed them immediately.

She staggered, regaining her balance and begins to fumble with my shirt buttons. Eventually her shaking fingers managed to undo a button, then another. ” Slowly,” I told her, as I ran my hands over her body. ” Now take it off completely,” I said and Meredith immediately pulled it off my shoulders and down my arms. The shirt got stuck halfway down my right arm, so I pulled it off for her and dropped it to the floor. I pulled her to me. ” That’s right, come here. Now put your hands on my chest,” I said. I grabbed Meredith’s hands, kissing them gently, and placing them on the top of my chest and we kissed some more. As her hands dropped back to her sides, my hands once again wandered over her body, before finally holding her ass squeezing it between my fingers. ” I am going to fuck you Meredith, I said, ” First we will slowly undress each other, then a nice, long, slow fuck. Do it right and your hubby won’t know I still fuck you. Do you understand?” She slowly nodded. ” Good, now turn around again,” and with my hand guiding her Meredith slowly turned so she had her back to me. I kissed her on the shoulder and begin to pull at her bra straps. ” You’re still in love with me aren’t you?” She said quietly I didn’t catch what she said. ” What?” I said. ” What was that you said?” ” You’re still in love with me aren’t you?” she said speaking a bit louder this time. ” Hmmm?” I said.

” Oh, your new husband does not fuck you like I did. He doesn’t satisfy you?” I replied laughing as I turned her back round to face me as I sat down on the sofa. ” Wow that’s a surprise. You love being fucked by me.” I paused looking thoughtful. ” You know Meredith, I’m convinced you hadn’t told him.” I shook my head before looking straight at her. ” Maybe though that’s for the best, after all you know you miss my big cock,” I said deliberating over each word. ” First you know I will always be a part of your life. More importantly that if you behave I will go and leave you alone. That’s right isn’t it? You know I keep my word.” ” Yes, I suppose so,” she said very quietly. ” I know from fucking you that you are one incredible lay. You really get off on being fucked by me don’t you?” I said smiling. ” No, holding back with you. Is there?” I savored the moment as her face changed, the embarrassment showing, as the full meaning of my words hit her. ” Have you been watching us? Did you? Did you watch us?” she said in a whisper. I begin to laugh, ” Maybe I should lie to you, but it’s always better to be honest, so yes sweetheart, I watched you screwing your husband in the shower. What did you say to him, oh yes you needed a quickie. Fucking brilliant. I loved it when you told him how much you loved sucking his cock and how you wanted him to come in your mouth. I heard it all and have been so horny since. Lets face it Meredith I will know if you fuck and suck me properly, won’t I.”

” Oh god, please no,” she said. ” Won’t I?” I repeated. ” Yes,” she said very quietly. ” And you know what will happen if you don’t do it right,” I said. She slowly nodded. ” You put on quite a show. Now its show time just for me, turn back around,” I ordered, making a circular motion with my hand and standing back up. She slowly turned, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she did. I run my hand up the top part of her legs and then place both hands on her shoulders. ” I love kissing you just here,” I said as I kissed her on her right shoulder. Meredith turned her head slightly to look, but said nothing. ” Keep your hands by your side,” I said. ” Just let me do what I want.” I pull her bra straps off her shoulders pulling them down so her breasts pop out from the cups of her bra. I kiss her on her cheek as bared her tits. Her bra is now around her waist. My hands cup her breasts, kneading the soft flesh between my hands, as Meredith stood limply, forcing her hands to stay at her sides and not resist me. I repeated a circular motion of lifting and pushing together Giresun Escort her breasts as I moved to the other shoulder, kissing it gently on the top. The circular motion of caressing her breasts continuing as I begin to kiss her on the neck. ” Touch my cock. Put your hands behind your back and touch my cock,” I said, before adding, ” I love your tits.” Meredith did not respond. ” Meredith, do what I say, find my dick and rub it,” I ordered crossly, and her hands slowly moved behind her back, finding the bulge in my trousers she begins to stroke my cock through my trousers. Meredith realized I’m rock hard. I bounced her tits up and down in my hands as she stroked me.

” That’s right,” I said. I put my right hand between her legs. ” Open your fucking legs a bit,” I snarled. I smiled to myself as Meredith slowly widened her legs letting my hand slide between them. I gently stroked her pussy through the material of her panties using just my index finger. The shock of being touched so intimately by me, meant Meredith froze, but it is only a moment before I told her off. ” Keep rubbing my cock,” I barked. ” I didn’t tell you to stop.” She resumed rubbing at the now huge bulge in my trousers as I begin to stroke her harder. We stood for 5 minutes, one of my hands working her breast, while the other stroked her pussy, with her hands rubbing my cock. All the time I’m kissing her shoulders, neck and cheek. ” Do you like being taken by force? I think you do. I think you like being my little fuck toy don’t you?” I said in her ear. ” It shows huh?” said Meredith slowly, but then with more confidence she continued, ” but if you really wish to turn me on, then let me suck your cock,” she added. ” What?” I replied in a surprised tone. ” I want your cock, in my mouth,” she repeated calmly as though asking for the time. I couldn’t help but love that’s she is turned on.

” Let me take off your trousers and show you how well I suck cock. You feel so big and so hard. I just want it.” While speaking she had turned to the side to look back at me. When I did nothing to stop her she took both my hands in hers and turned properly to face me, staring deeply into his eyes. ” You have made me so wet, so horny,” she said. ” I love sucking your cock. Please I want your cock in my mouth.” I made no reply and did not move. So she kissed me passionately on the lips and dropped to her knees, rubbing at my bulge in my trousers as she did. ” It feels so big, between my fingers,” she said, ” I want to taste it.” ” No, let me,” she said as I went to remove my trousers for her. Meredith pushed my hands out of the way. ” Like you said hands at your side.” She fixed me with a huge warm smile before turning her attention to the trousers. She pulls them slowly down my legs. My cock standing up to attention, as she also pulled off my underwear. ” I love your big cock,” she said, running her finger down its length.

I reach out and she put both of her hands into mine and allowed me to help her to my feet. We kissed before I led her into the bedroom, sitting on the bed and making her stand in front of me. ” Your are very beautiful.” I said, ” I’m going to make you have multiple orgasms, remember.” Meredith did not answer, so I repeated the question until I got a curt. ” No,” I laughed. ” Well, what ever you love being fucked by me. Turn around I want to see that ass of yours again.” Meredith turned around as I run my hand over her backside. ” Keep still,” I said as I run my hands inside the back of her panties before gathering the material together into the shape of a thong. Lifting up the material so I pulled it tight into the crack of her ass. I lean forward to kiss her left ass cheek, adjusted my position and kissed it again, my hand holding the front of her leg so she did not move. I begin to kiss and lick all over her ass, still holding her panties in the shape of a thong. Finally I slapped her ass making her gasp. I slapped her again and again, hard, but not hard enough to hurt her. ” Fuck around again and there will be no more chances. You’ll get more than a love slap,” I said, pulling upwards so her panties cut deeper into her ass. I tugged, released and then tugged again, over and over.

” I’ll be good. I promise,” she said gasping as I pulled at her panties. I stood up behind her, my hand rubbing her pussy before I pulled both her hands behind her back with one arm and I placed my hand round her neck with the other. I march her over to the table that is in my bedroom. ” Put your hands flat on the table,” I said. ” You like being fucked by me on the table, don’t you? Don’t you?” I repeated holding her neck more firmly. ” Yes” she said aghast. I pull her head back so I can kiss her cheeks again, squeezing her tits very hard as I did. Next I spun her around and lifted her into a seating position on the table, facing me. I kissed between her breasts before bunching her hair above her head and kissing her again, loving the way her bunched hair showed off her neck. My left hand begins to rub her pussy as I watch her intently. ” Lie down.” I said. ” On your back.” Meredith lay reluctantly down onto the table. ” Rub your tits for me,” I said. She begins to rub her breasts, her eyes wide straying down to between her legs, where I stood dangling my big hard cock over her. I stroked it from side to side across her pussy. ” Open your legs,” I said and Giresun Escort Bayan when she did I spoke again, ” What do you tell your husband now? Right before he begins making love to you.” She closed her eyes, but then said; ” I tell him how much I love him screwing me real slow.”

As I slipped my cock into her, Meredith’s mouth fell open and she can’t help emitting a moan. I slowly move it in, and then out, the tip still just inside her, my hand resting on her leg. ” I told you to rub your tits and to look at me,” I said. ” Lie there and I’ll fuck you slowly just like you like it.” I continue to move inside her, almost leisurely, as she lay still watching me. Her hands begin to work her breasts. I smiled as I realized she is rubbing them hard and her moaning is becoming louder. ” Now use one hand on your pussy,” I ordered. Meredith lowered her right hand and begins to make a circling motion with her fingers on her clit. I continued fucking her unhurriedly, watching her rub herself as I had ordered her to and watching her facial expression as I fucked her. ” You were a great fuck Meredith,” I said, ” your husband is a lucky man. Such a tight little pussy, but then your husband has a small cock…not a large cock like mine.” ” Remember how my big cock stretched your pussy, Meredith?” ” I’m gonna stretch your tight pussy.” Meredith stared at me, her blue eyes huge as I continue to force the fat, head of my cock into her small, tight pussy mouth. Meredith’s eyes widened in pain as I forceful shove several inches of my fat cock into her tight, resisting hole. Grunting, I push at her unyielding resistance as I tried to work more of my cock into her pussy.

Meredith cried out in agony, as I manhandled her breasts and forced my way into her vagina. Her pussy opening burning and aching, her tight inner walls feeling ripped apart by my brutal invasion. ” Remember now, how it felt every time I fucked you?” I muttered under my breath, grunting and thrusting. Pressing hard, I managed to get another inch in. I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples roughly. My hips slamming against Meredith. ” Please, John! Ahhhh! My pussy! Noooooooooooo! You’re hurting me!” Meredith shrieked as she thrashed uncontrollably, the pain pulling her from her silence. ” You’ve only got seven inches in your slutty hole! You’re gunna take nine inches of my cock!” Meredith squeezed her eyes shut as the thick, rock-hard cock hammered in and out of her tight, wet passage. I grunted with each punishing thrust, leaving her gasping for breath. Her pussy burning and aching as I slammed into her cruelly. Meredith opened her eyes, her head swimming from my powerful assault on her neck and pussy.

” Look at my cock,” I said to her as I reached for the bottle of lube. Her vision cleared a little and she sees me squirt a liberal amount of gel on to my hand and rub the clear gel on my long cock. She swallowed nervously. I’m going to make her tiny pussy take the rest of my dick. She gasped and looked at me, squirming on my hand as I tried to shove two of my fat fingers in her sore pussy opening. She cried out and froze. I finger fucked her pussy roughly. She moaned and tried not to move as I worked to stretch her open. My fingers are relentless in her pussy, as I plunge two fingers into her hole, I continue to mutter at her and finger her deeply. She gasped when I tried to push three of my fat fingers her. Pinning her hips with mine, pressing her roughly down on the table. Meredith cried out in panic, ” Yes! Please John…don’t hurt me! Please! You’re so big!” She whimper, feeling her pussy gushing. I smiled, seeing I made her wet. She squeezed her eyes shut. I pinched her rosy nipples and squeezed her breasts several times. Meredith whimpered, my deep voice whispering in her ear, low and gravelly, ” You know how to please me.”

Meredith moans and feels her pussy contracting and gushing again at my gruff words. I rub the fat head of my cock back and forth across her wet slit. Unable to stop herself, she wiggles against me, willingly seeking my invasion. I push into her, enjoying the feel of her tight, sweet pussy again. ” Oh yes, baby,” I taunted, ” You’re getting wet for me,” I said, as I feel her slick warmth adding to my lubed cock. Meredith burning with lust, as I continue to push my fat cock into her lubed hole. I grunted with pleasure, feeling her tightness enveloping me. I push seven inches of my cock deep into her small snug hole. She cried out. I grunted in her ear and whispering, ” Do you like my cock in your pussy?” Meredith sobbed, eyes clinched tight. Thrusting deep, I lean down to suck her gorgeous, firm breasts, teasing the berry-pink tips with my lips and tongue. Her plump, tits filling my hands perfectly. I lavish attention on her sensitive nipples sending sharp explosive tingles of pleasure to her quivering love hole as she arched and moaned. Her pussy gushing again, pulsing on my thick cock, shaming her.

” Fuck yes, you are fucking tight.” I moan as I push eight inches of my engorged dick in and out of her wet pussy. She feels exquisitely tight around my cock and I’m determined to feel that tightness quiver around my entire nine inch length. Hammering in and out of her, I press myself deep into her core. Meredith cried out, her pussy clenching me tight as I pummeled her roughly. I slammed into her forcefully stretching Escort Giresun her pussy open as much as possible. Meredith moaning with pleasure and sobbing with pain as her vulnerable hole is roughly battered by me. ” Fuck yes, you are so tight!” I exclaimed, gripping her neck with both hands. I squeezed rhythmically as I continue to slam my hips against hers, forcing nine inches of my big cock into her small naked vulnerable body. Her head swimming, her eyes closed as she came close to losing consciousness. Just as she thought she would pass out, I suddenly let go of her throat and roughly pinched her nipples until both are bright red and aching. I gripped her neck again with one hand and grabbed a handful of her silky blonde hair tightly with the other. I yanked her roughly up and down on my cock, over and over as she cried out.

Meredith’s small body shuddering in pain beneath me, sliding up and down on my cock. I continue to fuck her roughly for several minutes, grunting in pleasure and calling her names. When I finally feel her pussy open up fully from taking nine inches of my dick, I pulled my cock from her pussy forcing her to look at me. Staring her in the eyes, I reach under her pert plump ass. Gripping her flesh tightly, my hands kneading her firm ass cheeks, rhythmically squeezing, as I tipped her hips towards my invading cock. I push several inches into her, pinning her down. ” Look at me,” I insisted, as I slide my hands from her ass cheeks pulling her legs up and wide. Holding them apart as she stared at me. I grinned at her and roughly buried myself deep in her exposed cunt. Meredith wailed, a long keening cry erupting from her as her pussy is completely filled with my fat cock. Grinding my hips into hers, I continue to slam my well-lubed, fat, nine inch cock into her resisting pussy hole as she sobs and moans. Meredith still fantases about me fucking her, her husband’s cock is much smaller and not satisfying. I continue to thrust in deep, twisting my hips to force my cock deeper. My big, hairy balls slapping against her tight pink asshole as she bounced up and down on the table, crying out from my forceful thrusts. I grip her ass cheeks tightly, kneading her flesh rhythmically as I drilled her slick cunt. Her anguished cries fueling my volcanic lust to possess her pussy.

I feel high from the adrenaline that is coursing though me. Every nerve pulsing with pleasure as my dark fantasy of fucking Meredith’s tight pussy again is realized. Reeling with desire, I force myself to slow down. I did not want our session to end too soon. But I did not want to go too easy on her, either; so I stretched my thrusts out, forcing her take my full, brutal length, from tip to balls, slowly and deliberately. She is so wet, her tight hole squirting moisture every time my cock pulls out then plunges deep into her vagina again. She shrieks and cries out and moans with every thrust as I nail her hips to the table, grunting with pleasure. ” You have always loved rough sex..You love it…don’t you, Meredith,” I growled at her, savoring her slick tight hole. Meredith groaning, shrieking and moaning. ” You’re still my whore,” I said to her, my deep voice shamefully thrilling her, sending sharp waves of electric sexual pleasure and panic through her. Unable to stop herself, she lifts her hips towards me, moaning, ashamed. ” You’re going to be begging for my cock to rape your hole,” I mocked, thrusting deep and hard. ” Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!” Meredith moaned, as she grunted and cried out thrusting her hips at my invading cock. Grinning, I knew I had her again.

” That’s right baby, you were made to be my cock whore, and I’m the cock who’s turned you on.” I said moaning, forcing my fat cock head against her cervix with each deep thrust. Unable to stop herself, her pussy clenching my cock and gushing with wetness at my words. I loved feeling her slutty pussy betraying her as I continue to enjoy her tight, wet cunt, ” You’re small pussy pleasured my cock so many times when we were married,” I moaned, as I slammed into her sweetness. Meredith feels my balls tighten as she struggles to get free from my grip. ” Please, no! Not in my pussy! Please, John! Not in my pussy!” she cries out, flailing her small hands at my arms, desperate to get me off her. But I’m twice her size, and I held her tight and fucked her harder, making her cry out from my punishing thrusts. I’m single-minded in my intent to cum in Meredith’s pussy; I’m almost mindless with pleasure after she had cum on my cock. Her quivering love hole feels so good to me, I almost forgot I’m forcing her, not making love to her. Meredith moans and tries to push me off her as she feels my huge cock jerk and spasm deep inside her. My hips hammering hers, jerking, as hot cum gushes flooding her tight hole. Groaning, I came deep in her body, filling her unprotected pussy with my thick load of cum. Holding her tight against me, I keep my spurting cock head wedged against her womb. I twisted my hips in jerking circles, smashing my dick further in her, groaning, making her screech and groan.

I lay on her for several minutes, relaxing, letting my still-dribbling cock soften in her stretched cunt. I look down at her, pale and fragile beneath me. I loved how I’d opened her up again. I loved seeing her apprehension and lust as I fucked her. I loved that she struggled to get away from the hot load of cum I dumped in her fertile womb. Satisfied I had filled her, I grunted and pulled my long slick wet cock out of her well-fucked hole. ” Mmmmm, you’re one good whore,” I said appreciatively, as my cock slipped out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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