After the Bar

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Double Penetration

From the bar, we wander around town most of the night. I keep walking behind you, about a pace or two, so I can stare at your ass and watch the way your hips move. You keep reaching back to hold my hand, telling me to catch up, but I have other things on my mind. When we return to the hotel, we’re both a little buzzed and I have my arm around your waist and we’re bumping hips as we laugh into the elevator. It’s a short ride up to the fifth floor. In the elevator I place my palm on your right ass cheek and squeeze. Bing! The door opens and you twist away, swing those hips out of my grasp while I’m wide eyed.

Our room is at the end of the hall, a nice little suite I got for us. Two rooms. Big windows. A couch and high bed with lots of pillows. At the door, I pull out the key card for the door and hand it to you. But just before you reach for it, I let it drop to the floor. It’s a dirty trick to make you bend over in the hallway and pick it up. When you bend over at the waist, I drop to my knee and run a hand up the inside of your stocking. You have no panties on tonight, you surprised me. I run the palm of my hand all the way to your core. You are still damp from the bar and a little swollen. I hear you take a breath.

I want to fuck you right here against the door to our room, but once again you twist away from me. The key card goes in, the door opens, and you scoot inside before I can do a thing. “Oh you’re not playing fair,” I say and chase you.

Inside the hotel room the couch is close to the door, and you stop abruptly on one side, causing me to crash into you. The door slams shut. I nearly stumble over you, but you can feel my hardness on your backside. You laugh, and turn and kiss me over your shoulder. A deep, open, searching kiss. While I’m kissing you, I am pulling at your dress, raising it over your legs. You teasing me, trying to keep the hem down, but I am too fast. Before you can play more games, I have the little black dress bunched under your breasts Kocaeli Escort and one hand is stroking your slit. I start nibbling your ear and the back of your neck. You give up for a second and arch against me. I run my other hand up your flank, along your side and then bend you over the edge of the couch.

In a second, my jeans are open and my cock is in my hand. I lean into you. You’ve stretched your arms out, supporting yourself on the arm of the couch. Your bangs are in your eyes. Ur ass looks amazing and I am so hard for you. Your legs are open, high in your heels. The head of my cock enters your pussy just a little, you are soaking wet.

“You want this?” I ask you.


“Yes?” I ask to be sure.

“Oh yessss”

I slide all the way into you and bury myself. You give a slight moan. I start fucking you, deep, then deeper, lifting you slightly on your tip toes against the couch. While I’m stroking into you, I take one of your hands and snake it between your legs. I want you to play with yourself. I want you to fuck me.

“Babbby…”I say. You’re fingering your clit while I pound into you from behind. I’m afraid my fingers will leave marks where I’m clutching your hips. You are twisting and grinding against me. “Babbbby….”

You push against me more and it’s too much, too soon. I can feel it beginning. I try to warn you, but you push back into me, clenching me with your pussy. It’s too much! and I explode inside your pussy. You are so tight around me, I think you must feel me pulsing.

One, two, three, and then little after-tremors. My legs feel weak. My head is heavy. It came from so deep in me.

You sigh, and stand up, my glistening cock slips out of you. You peel the little black dress over your head and sashay into the bedroom naked but in heels and stockings. Your ass sways and calls to me. In a sultry voice you say: “Now get in here, and make me cum, baby.” You can feel my cum dripping down your Kocaeli Escort Bayan inner thigh.


The best part about being on top of you is I can grab onto your shoulders and leverage myself into you at my own pace. I start by taking short strokes, sawing along the inside of your pussy, back and forth, so you can feel how hard you’ve made me. Sometimes I grasp the back of your neck with one hand, and turn your face so you are staring into my eyes. I want to see that look on your face every time I slide into you. I watch your eyes open and close, your eye lids look heavy with pleasure.

You reach up to tweak my nipples while I’m pounding into you. I think you feel me instantly get harder, if that’s even possible. God, you turn me on. I throw my head back and bottom out inside you after several long strokes. Then I pull you against me, close to my face. “Tell me you like it…” I hiss into your ear.

“Fuck, babyyy…” is all you are able to say.

I lift your legs higher, resting against my shoulders. I increase my pace. My cock is so wet sliding into your tight pussy. My heavy balls start to slap against your ass. I have both hands now clasped behind your neck and I am literally burying myself inside you on every other stroke. Your eyes are wide and your mouth is open in ecstasy.

“You are so hot…” I say through clinched teeth. “You are so tight, honey….”

I can see you’re starting to get going. Your cheeks are flush and the muscles along your neck are straining. If I keep going you will cum, but I have other plans for you. I short stroke you a little and when your eyes plead with me, I back almost all the way out and then bury myself to the hilt. Lodged fully inside you, I grind against your clit and pussy lips.

“Oh my god,” you breathe.

I slip from your folds. My cock is hard and sticking straight up, covered in your juices. I am holding myself above you. You don’t know why I stopped, Escort Kocaeli but it instantly becomes clear when I spin around bury myself along your bikini line. You feel warm wet kisses on your inner thighs. The little spot below your belly feels my tongue painting you with saliva. Your pussy is slightly open and dripping. I swipe at it with my tongue, and your legs settle open and I start eating you like a juicy piece of ripe fruit.

“Ohhh, Jesus…” I love it when you get excited. I like to hear you making those little noises that tell me you’re getting off. “Oh…fuuccck.” You exhale.

My tongue is inside you, I have your lips pulled open and I am spearing you, in a side by side sixty-nine. My goatee, now soaked with your pussy juice, is rubbing against your clit. You start wiggling your hips, meeting my tongue. I wet my pinky finger, and while holding you open, I start tracing lazy circles around your little asshole. I watch your rose contract each time I get close. You are panting and clutch at the back of my head.

“Jay, jay, j-jay…” When you start bucking against me, I know you’re getting close.

You reach for my cock beside your head and wrap your hand around it jerking me. I think you aim to distract me, so I move my tongue to your clit. I flatten it across your bud and apply steady pressure. Your fluids are all over my face. I don’t care that minutes ago I was shooting my load into you. I just know how good you taste and I want more. I tell you to cum for me. I egg you on. You keep bucking against me and grip my cock harder.

When I feel you take me in your mouth, I slide the tip of pinky just inside your ass, and then I suck your clit into my mouth like it was a nipple and I go to town. You instantly gasp and let go of my cock.

“Oh my fucking god…” you cry.

I suck you until your legs go stiff and your back arches. You cum in my mouth and drink you in. It lasts forever…you are pinned beneath my mouth writhing. When you try to squirm away from me, I lick your slit and get even more of you in my mouth.

You are so sensitive right now, I back away. I’m over you and looking down on you. My cock is hard and your eyes are locked on it.

I tell you: “Oh I’m going to fuck you, Baby. Now roll over…”

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