After Work Hot Shower Sex

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After parking his black truck next to his wife’s blue car, he really is wanting a cold one and maybe a nice massage from his wife. Work was quite hectic with customers complaining about not getting the service done to their cars quick enough. Some things take a bit of time to work on. He enters the house and notices the bills on the table.

“Why do the bills keep rolling in? Do they ever stop?” he thinks to himself.

He proceeds to make his way to the kitchen and grabs a Bud from the refrigerator. He uses the lid popper that dangles from the fridge magnet (a gift from one of his buddies). He gulps it down.

“Honey, I’m home,” he calls.

No response from her. He finishes off the Bud and discards the bottle in the recycling bin. He’s been trained to do that by the wife. Got to save the planet. Happy wife, happy life.

He calls out again, “Hon, I’m home!”

No response again. He checks the living room, not there. He proceeds to make it back to the bedroom where he hears water running from the bathroom.

“Is she taking shower? This will be a great opportunity to take a peek at her gorgeous sexy bod,” he says in his head.

He opens the door to the bathroom and he sees a part of her through the shower curtain. Water cascading down her back to her fine ass and down to the bottom of the tub. His dick gets stiff in his pants. He continues to stare at her. Dick getting harder.

A thought emerges, “I’m going to join in.”

He takes off his shoes, socks. His work jumpsuit. Pulls off his white shirt underneath. Stips off the boxers. They lay in a messy heap on the floor. He Konya Escort steps into the shower and startles her.

She quickly turns around, “Bill! You scared me!”

He says, “I didn’t mean to baby. I’m sorry.” With puppy dog eyes, “Forgive me”

She gives him a stern look, “Of course, but don’t do it again. I could’ve had a heart attack!”

He smirks, “But, you didn’t.”

She slaps him in the shoulder playfully.

He takes in her body. Her soft pink nipples erect. He desires to bite them. His eyes make its way to her landing stip on her pussy and his dick goes fully ram rod hard.

When he looks back up, he sees her looking at his dick, “Like what you see?”

She slowly looks back at him and she nods, “Oh, yes.”

He moves closer to her and kisses her soft lips. He kisses her again. One more time and they part and do a tongue dance. His hands grab her hips and then make their way to her ass and he squeezes them. He breaks the kiss.

“Will you wash me clean?” he asks with hooded eyes.

“Yes. You’ve been working hard all day baby,” she answers.

She commands, “Let’s get you all nice and wet.”

They circle carefully in the bathtub, so that he is standing underneath the flowing water from the shower head. He gets all nice and wet. She grabs the shampoo and squeezes some into the palm of her hand. She places the bottle back and works a lather in her hands. His wife brings the lather to his hair and works it in. Massaging. He moans. Bill loves when she massages his head. The temptation to bite her nipples is too much to bear as he keeps staring Konya Escort Bayan at them while she is massaging his hair and scalp with the shampoo. He leans down and he bites the one on the right. A soft moan escapes her lips. He moves to the left one and bites on that one too. Another moan escapes. His dick twitches at the sound.

“Baby, I need to rinse out the soap in your hair,” she states.

He leans back and lets the water get rid of the soap from his head. While he was doing that, she had a wash rag nice and lathered up. She works from his shoulders to his arms to his hands. She moves to his shoulders and down his stomach. Next, she kneels down in the tub and cleans his feet and slowly works on each leg. She reaches behind and washes his ass. All the while she is staring at his dick.

“Kiss it,” he commands.

She complies and kisses the smooth reddish purplish head of his dick. She kisses it again. Without any prompting, she moves her whole entire mouth down on his veiny rod.

He moans, “Oh baby, baby that feels so good.”

She bobs up and down on his dick for a bit. Precum intermingled with her saliva to coat his member. He can feel her soft tongue licking all around. He grabs her head, gripping some of her hair.

“Suck on my balls, Marie” he commands with a deep growl.

She moves to his balls and sucks on them as if they were candy. Her hand jerking his long dick. He can sense he is about to cum, but he doesn’t want to do that. He wants to release it inside of her. He wants to coat her insides with him. A primal marking of her as his.

Bill Escort Konya commands, “Please get up. I got to take you. I got to enter into you.”

His wife stops sucking on his balls. She licks her lips. She gets up and once she does, he guides her to turn around. He wants to take her from behind. He wants to grab those large tits in his hands while fucking her.

“Bend over,” he tells her.

She bends over and he sees that delectable ass. She places her hands on the wall of the bathtub to keep her steady. He spreads her legs apart to get her in position. He grabs his piston and guides it into her sweet hot pussy and enters in one thrust.

She yelps with the entry. He stays there for a bit, letting her get adjusted. Her warm pussy is divine and he feels her clinching on his dick. This makes him groan. He pulls almost out and then slams right back. He does this a few times at various speeds. With each thrust, their bodies are slapping together. She moves her hips in circles and she moans.

He moves his grip from her hips to her breasts and squeezes them. He begins to thrust harder and harder. Faster and faster. Their breaths are getting shallower and shallower, deeper and deeper.

He can feel himself about to cum, “I’m about to cum. Cum with me. Cum together.”

He thrusts a few more times and he finds his release. He spills his seed into her. He can feel her cumming as she clinches hard on his dick. He jerks a bit and then feels himself go soft. He wants to stay inside of her warm coated pussy for a bit. They are panting to catch their breaths. He pulls out and some of his cum seeps out of her. Such a pretty sight.

She turns around and says, “I think we really need to clean ourselves up a bit more.”

He smiles while giving her ass a playful slap and states, “We sure do.”

They both laugh and clean themselves up before having dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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