Aiden Meets Her Match Ch. 02

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Aiden never expected him to say that. Seduce his wife; was he fucking serious?? She didn’t think Harrison would be this kinky but she fucking loved it!

She thought his ultimatum would be something like “let me cum in your mouth before I fuck you” or “let me fuck your tits before I give it to you;” you know, the typical guy bullshit.

She quickly realized Harrison was not exactly the typical guy though.

She was certainly shocked by his request, but she definitely wasn’t opposed to it. She often fantasized about being with another woman, bringing herself to a marvelous orgasm each and every time. And the idea of seducing Harrison’s innocent wife excited the hell out of her.

“Oh fuck baby, you want me to seduce your wife? Ooooh, she’s so fucking hot.” She spoke in a breathless voice as he rubbed his cock up and down her creamy pussy while she laid back on the desk.

Without warning he would grab the base of his cock and slap her wet pussy with it. After he slapped her clit a few times he would open her labia up with the head of his cock but he wouldn’t put it in her; he would only rub it up and down until she was begging him to fuck her.

Finally he began to put it in her with long deep strokes, allowing her to feel every inch of his long, hard dick. He would pull all the way out then with quick jabs he would fuck her with only the head to tease her even more. When she begged and squirmed he would unexpectedly slide all nine inches in with one powerful stroke.

As he started fucking her, he slid in and out with a beautiful rhythm, their sweaty bodies slapping together. Harrison reached up and grabbed Aiden’s shoulder with one of his strong hands. While he slammed into her he forced her body into his. The force of their bodies colliding so violently caused his cock to enter a deepness Aiden had never felt.

“Ooooh, oooooh, ooooh, god yes!! Fuck me!” she groaned with each penetration. “oh, you’re cock is so big.”

Harrison picked up the pace realizing Aiden was close to cumming. He grabbed both her legs, controlling her movements. She had never been fucked so good in her life.

As she was close to cumming, Harrison leaned in close to her ear and starting talking dirty in a low raspy voice.

“Does that feel good baby? His breath was labored and his words were short. “Do you feel how hard my cock is for you? Oooh, it’s SOO hard.”

He was gentle but aggressive at the same time. Just as they were both about to cum Harrison turned her face to his and he passionately kissed her, letting their tongues communicate their built up lust.


As Harrison fucked her Aiden reached down and rubbed her clit to increase the intensity of her orgasm.

Hearing Aiden cum sent Harrison over the edge. “OH SHIT I’M CUMMING TOO…FFFUUUUUUCKCKK!! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM.” He quickly pulled his cock out and shot his load all over her tight belly.

The two came together in an explosion of heat, energy, and passion. Their bodies rocked by the simultaneous climaxes. Their satisfaction filled the air with the unmistakable scent of sexual arousal.

Harrison slumped down on Aiden and she wrapped her legs and arms around him tightly not wanting him to pull away. Their bodies laid motionless for several minutes as they both came down from an extreme sexual high.

“WOW, that was great!” she stated as she caught her breath. “I love a man with a big cock that knows how to use it.”

He stood up, looked her directly in the eyes and confidently said “If you want it again, which I know you do, you’ll give me what I want.”

“Oh really, and what is that?” she asked.

“I already told you, I want you to seduce my wife. And after you get her nice and hot I’m going to fuck both of you.”

“Damn you’re one sexy man. You know that? I bet you’ve thought about this before haven’t you?” She asked.

“Yeah baby, I’ve thought about you and her together a lot. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking about it right now.” Harrison’s eyes reverted to his crotch where Aiden looked down to find him stroking his enormous cock.

“I want her to lick my cum out of your snatch.” He said without any apprehension.

“Oh that is sooo fucking dirty.” She said in a lust filled voice. “Maybe I’ll sit on her face and rub my sloppy pussy all over her mouth. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, hell yeah. I’d love to see you turn her into a dirty little slut…just like you.”

They both got hot again within seconds and Harrison was hard in no time. Aiden slipped off the desk and started licking and sucking his cock. She could taste the sweetness of her own pussy on his shaft.

He grabbed a handful of hair and guided her head as she stuffed as much of his cock in her mouth as she could.

Harrison couldn’t take the pleasure any longer and lifted her up and placed her on the desk again.

Aiden started rubbing her clit and pinching her sensitive nipples as he Kartal Escort started fucking her again. She sensuously lifted her tit up, offering it to Harrison to feed on. Without hesitation he latched on to her elongated nipple and began to bite and nibble on it as if he couldn’t get enough. She loved her nipples being sucked too and they were incredibly sensitive when they were hard.

He started gently scraping his teeth on each of her nips then rubbing his face all over her tits, making her shiver as the roughness of his facial hair brushed along her sensitive skin.

She reached down and barely stuck the tip of her finger in and out of her ass, teasing herself. She imagined his steal pole slowly violating her ass. As she finger fucked herself, Harrison unleashed an enormous load inside her.

“Fuuuuck, I’m gonna cum again. Oooh fuck here it comes baby. Here it coooomes!”

He lost all control over his muscles; his body began to convulse as he tried to hold back a massive orgasm for as long as he could. The intensity of his orgasm made his ears ring and every muscle in his body tightened. Finally, he could no longer hold back and unleashed an enormous load deep inside her.

Aiden could feel each long spurt of his love juice as he gushed for what seemed like forever. She could feel the incredible strength of his cock; with each jet his shaft would flex inside her.

“Give it all to me baby, oh yeah give it to me. I’m gonna have that pretty little wife of yours eating my snatch by the end of the night.”

She instantly visualized his hot wife licking and sucking his cum out of her pussy and the thought made her feel like a total slut. She almost came again from the mere thought of their wicked plan.

After they finished their little fuck fest Harrison led her to the master bedroom across the hall from his den; there he told her to put on a pair of his wife’s sheer lace panties. When he suggested it they both looked at each other with devious grins.

“I should probably tell you now my wife is not interested in women in the slightest way. So this might be a little challenging.”

“Oh she’s not, huh? Well she will be after she tastes my sweet pussy.”

“I do have to admit, you’re very sweet.” He said.

“What’s sweet…this?” She waited until he looked in her eyes; when he did her eyes went straight to her panties and his eyes followed.

Aiden started rubbing her juicy pussy through the black lacey panties as he watched. The panties quickly became saturated as their juices leaked from her gaping snatch.

“Get down here and smell my pussy.” She ordered. “If you’re a good boy I’ll let you taste our juices mixed together…later.”

Harrison just let out a low sultry moan as he obeyed her command and dropped to his knees. He placed his nose directly on the wet material and took a deep breath through his nostrils as he closed his eyes imagining this sexy woman seducing his naïve wife. The sweet smell of Aiden’s pussy had him salivating.

“Let me lick you baby, please? I want to taste you again.”

“No, you have to wait.” She said in a stern voice. Then she grabbed the back of his head and forcefully rubbed his nose up and down her slit. The pressure on her clit opened the flood gates and she could feel his cum sliding out of her snatch and seeping through the material.

“This is so fucking wicked” she thought; she was more turned on than she could ever remember. Here she was in Harrison’s bedroom wearing his wife’s panties while she aggressively rubbed his face up and down her panty covered pussy.

“Come up here and kiss me you naughty boy.”

Harrison stood up and looked deep into her eyes. He backed her into the oversized armoire and the two shared an incredibly sexy kiss. He gently placed his arms on her shoulders as their tongues danced. Instinctively, she reached around and caressed the muscles of his back as their passionate kiss continued.

“You’re bad you know that?” she said as she playfully wiped the wetness off the bridge of his nose.

“I am; but you’re not so innocent yourself.”

Harrison wrapped his big muscular arms around her and squeezed her tightly. She loved the feel of his body wrapped around hers and they stood there in a lovers embrace until he eventually released her.

They quickly devised a plan to leave the bedroom because they didn’t want to get caught in an awkward situation trying to explain why the two of them had been upstairs…alone; so they decided to leave separately, about 15 minutes apart.

As she opened the door Harrison reminded her “I’ll be watching you.”

“I know you will baby; I’ll make sure to put on a good show just for you.”

He wondered how his wife would react to Aiden’s advances. Julia, his wife, repeatedly told him she was not “into women.” But Harrison knew she had a freaky side and when she got turned on she would do just about anything in the heat of the moment.

He quietly left the room and went down stairs to search for Kartal Escort Bayan his wife. He planned to get her as horny as he could before Aiden got to her.

Julia was a voluptuous brunette, about 5’2″ with a perfect ass and great tits. It was her mesmerizing blue eyes that drew the most attention though. They were absolutely stunning.

Julia and Harrison were intimately talking as Aiden observed them from a distance. He was standing very close to his wife lightly rubbing his hand up and down her arm while he whispered in her ear. She was giggling in a bashful kind of way, reciprocating his loving touches. It was obvious they both were getting turned on by their conversation because their petting was getting heavier and heavier.

She was usually pretty reserved but once she got turned on her freaky side came out. Deep down Julia liked to get freaky; she just needed someone to bring it out of her.

Aiden could tell Julia was getting extra hot because her big nipples were jetting out of her skimpy bikini top. She noticed Julia’s chest began to swell in anticipation of her husband’s touch.

She also observed Harrison occasionally rub the back of his hand across his wife’s hard nipples; every time he did Julia would close her eyes losing herself in the moment. As he touched her breasts he would lean in and whisper something in her ear then seductively kiss her neck.

The more Aiden watched the two flirting, the more turned on she got. She squeezed her legs together and felt the cum seep out of her snatch and soak the panties even more. The pressure on her clit only made her hornier. She could smell her own sex now and wondered if anyone else could.

Julia noticed Aiden walking toward them out of the corner of her eye and quickly pushed Harrison’s hand away from her breasts, acting as if nothing was going on.

She greeted Aiden for the first time that night. “Hey Aiden! I meant to tell you earlier that dress looks SO cute on you.” she said. “I love it!”

“Thank you!” Aiden replied, honestly flattered by her compliment. “You’re looking pretty cute yourself. I love that little lace skirt you have covering up your bikini bottom…very sexy.”

“Oh this little thing?” Julia twirled around holding her skirt out; as she twirled Aiden got a close up view of her lovely curves. Julia playfully winked at Aiden and said “You should’ve seen what Harrison wanted me to wear!”

The alcohol was obviously having an effect on Julia because she was usually very reserved.

Aiden looked at Harrison a little surprised, as if to say, “I thought this was going to be a challenge?”

Seeing an opportunity Harrison chimed in. “Why don’t you go show her what I wanted you to wear babe?” he said with a wicked smile that he didn’t try to hide. He was obviously joking but the seed had been planted.

Julia slapped his chest. “HARRISON! You are so bad!”

Aiden knew exactly what Harrison was doing; he was setting his wife up; so she followed his lead. “You don’t have to show me; I’m sure you look great in everything. I’d kill for curves like yours.”

“Really?” Julia said in shock. “If I had your body, I’d have to keep a club with me to beat all the guys off.”

They all laughed at Julia’s comment and all three of them seemed to click really well. They chatted for a while longer before Aiden turned to Julia and said “Harrison said you may have an extra bikini I could wear because I didn’t bring my suit. Would you mind? I’d love to jump in that hot tub later.”

“Of course I don’t mind. Why didn’t you say something earlier?” Julia said, not expecting a reply.

The girls told Harrison they’d catch up with him later and as they headed up the stairs Aiden turned to see Harrison staring intently at them. She held his stare for a few seconds then turned and placed her hand on Julia’s soft hip and pulled her close.

“Thank you so much Julia! That hot tub is gonna feel SOO good.” Aiden said playfully patting Julia’s ass hoping that Harrison could see her bold move.

Julia was a little surprised to feel Aiden’s hand on her butt but she didn’t think twice about it because both girls were pretty buzzed and having a good time.

“Yeah, it does sound really good actually” Julia replied. “I might have to hop in there with ya.”

Aiden got a little bolder when she heard her say that. She lightly rubbed the small of Julia’s back just above her ass cheeks as the reached the bedroom. “I’m sure the boys would love to see two sexy babes like us jump in the hot tub together. Can you imagine?” she joked.

As they walked in the bedroom Aiden sort of nudged Julia in front of her and as she did she let her hand fall nonchalantly to Julia’s thick, tight ass. Aiden openly rubbed her butt in small circles giving herself the biggest thrill of the night. She almost burst with anticipation to see what Julia’s reaction would be.

Julia was now well aware of Aiden’s hand on her ass. Even though it made her feel slightly uncomfortable; Aiden’s Escort Kartal touch was gentle and her soft hand started to feel nice.

Once they were both in the bedroom – the very same bedroom Aiden and Harrison were in a short time before – Aiden locked the door behind her.

Julia walked over to her dresser and pulled out three different suits.

“You can wear any of these you like” she said as she held up each top against her chest so Aiden could see exactly what it looked like.

“So which one of these did Harrison want you to wear?” Aiden asked with a devilish grin.

Julia blushed and fumbled for the right words. “Well…he uh, he wanted me to wear this skimpy little white one that I got for him. It’s just very revealing and I don’t feel comfortable wearing it in front of everyone.”

“Why??? You are so hot. You need to show that body off girl!”

Julia was obviously a little embarrassed by the repeated compliments because she turned beet red and she could no longer maintain eye contact with Aiden.

Sensing she was uncomfortable, Aiden decided to go for it.

“Well nobody is here now; why don’t you try it on for me?” I’d really like to see what it looks like on you.” She stated matter of factly.

As Aiden spoke she walked closer to Julia; their sexual energy was definitely increasing.

At first Julia was very reluctant to try on the revealing white suit for Aiden. But she could not resist the temptation to show herself off in the skimpy suit…even if it was for another woman. Her freaky side was starting to come out.

“Ok, I’ll show you but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?” At this point her nipples were hard as rocks and the material brushing them only added to her growing arousal.

“Oh don’t worry honey; you don’t have to worry about me saying a word to anyone.” Aiden reassured her.

Aiden was really turned on now and the lust started to show in her eyes. She looked at Julia’s tits in the small bikini top and imagined pulling the top to the side, releasing one of her lovely melons and sucking it until Bonnie moaned in ecstasy.

Julia was also getting very turned on, especially because Aiden made no attempt to hide her feelings for her. She openly flirted with Julia now and didn’t care if Julia was offended by it or not.

Julia’s body was betraying her mind; she was flushed and she could feel the sexual electricity begin to take over. She wasn’t into women but for some reason she was very attracted to Aiden.

Julia slowly pulled the skimpy white top out of the drawer and then pulled out the tiny g-string. Julia held it up for Aiden to see and she practically gasped at the thought of this bombshell giving her a little show in that tiny little white suit.

Rather than slip into the bathroom to change, Julia decided to change right there in front of Aiden. She turned away from Aiden, giving her a perfect view of her perfect naked backside.

After she changed she slowly turned toward Aiden who was now seated on the corner of the bed, her pussy was incredibly wet. Julia’s movements were slow and deliberate; she wanted Aiden to take in every inch of her body.

“Do you like it?” Julia whispered. She was unable to hide the arousal in her voice.

Her large nipples and enormous areolas were clearly visible through the thin white material.

“You don’t think it’s too revealing do you?” Julia asked.

She ran her hands over her tits as she looked into Aiden’s eyes, waiting for her response. She didn’t have to wait long to see what Aiden was thinking though.

“Oooh honey, you look so fucking sexy. Come here and give me a closer look.”

Without breaking eye contact Aiden slowly lifted one leg up onto the edge of the bed. She slid her dress high up her thigh; her bold action revealed her dripping wet pussy, covered only by a pair of sheer panties that belonged to Julia. At that moment, Julia was so turned on she didn’t even realize the panties were hers.

They were both drunk with lust. Julia was engulfed in the moment; she knew it was wrong to stare at Aiden’s pussy but she couldn’t pull her eyes away. She had a strong urge to run her tongue over her panties just to taste her friend’s pussy.

Her own pussy was soaking wet by now and the her open lips were now visible through the wet bikini bottom.

As if in a trance Julia slowly walked over to Aiden not knowing what her own intentions were. She was willing to do whatever Aiden wanted her to do though.

Aiden boldly rubbed her own pussy while Julia looked down at her. Neither of them said a word; their eyes never broke away from one another. As Julia watched Aiden lewdly rub her own pussy, she instinctively rubbed hers.

The two girls watched each other masturbating for a while before Aiden took Julia’s other hand and guided it to her sopping wet snatch. She made Julia rub her clit through the material of the wet panties.

The physical contact between them made their body heat rise to a degree neither had ever experienced. They could barely breath and their sexual energy seemed ready to burst.

“Oh my, you’re sooo wet” Julia said. Her voice was so filled with lust her words could barely be heard. She brought her wet fingers up and tasted another woman for the first time in her life. “Mmmm. Oh you taste so nice.”

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