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When I’m away from home I spend every free minute I have looking for hard needy cock. Cruising parks, ABS’s etc I hungrily seek out cock and cum. Usually I find some cock but I’m not always suckcessful.

I found and on the internet. I have used them to find locations of parks, glory holes, xxxtheaters and bookstores.

My business brought me to Alamogordo, NM and knowing I’d be alone with time to kill my thoughts turned to my passion, cock. Cruising for man sex is a lot of fun and going to a place where others have found a good time is really helpful.

I’d read about a desert park here that was supposed to be good for meeting hot men. I went there early before my meeting and as I drove in to this secluded park I saw one car to my left with one guy in it about 60. I parked close to him and saw that he was obviously looking at me to make a move. After you’ve cruised for men awhile you get an instinct about a prospective sex partner. I got out of my truck and started to slowly walk by him, discretely rubbing my cock through my pants.

When I got close enough he called me over Eryaman Escort to his window and we talked. He asked me to get in on the other side. We both took out our cocks and began stroking. His was a nice fat uncut 6″er that never got more than 3/4 hard. I stuffed it in my mouth and sucked that sweet meat savoring my first taste of cock in a while. We traded short sucks then decided we needed more room and moved to a picnic area on top of the hill that had a wall and gave us a view of the entire area. We dropped our pants rubbed our cocks together and made out with passionate kissing all out in the open. He was very hot and sexy.

We took turns sucking each other until we heard a truck coming up the gravel road entrance. He saw right away that it was a buddy he sucked off often so he signaled him to join us. George my first lover began to suck Gene the new man and I sucked him. We did this for most of an hour but neither guy could get his rocks off and I did not want too yet. Others started coming in so we split up and they left.

My mouth still ached for hard Sincan Escort cock. I sat down in my truck and smoked a cigar. In drove a van that parked close to the trash can, I picked up some trash and went to the can. Making sure that he saw me rub my cock. He called me over and when I looked in his window I saw a big beautiful swelling in his crotch. He asked what I was looking for and I said cock to suck.

He backed over into a more private area and I joined him in the back. His van was nice with swiveling captains chairs and covered windows for good safety. He dropped his shorts to reveal a whopping 8″ of very hard and needy cock meat. I dropped to my knees between his legs immediately and started sucking cock. Man what a lovely mouthful and he was definitely in need. He moaned out words of encouragement as I kissed that beauty from head to balls stopping to pay special attention to his slit and cockhead. Using my lips I applied pressure to the entire rim of his tool gently sucking and slurping as I went. Savoring that delicious manly taste of his happy cock. His moans Etlik Escort told me he loved my work. When I suck cock I’m most happy when I know my suckee is really enjoying my blow job. Nothing like the sounds of a man as he becomes lost in the pleasures of my hot mouth making love to his shaft.

Then I took him as deep as I could swirling my tongue on his cockhead as I sucked. This was some beautiful cock and I was lost in my pleasure. I blew him like this for 10 to 15 min then knowing that he needed to go I proceeded to suck him hard and pump that meat with my hand. He exploded gloriously in my willing mouth sending several waves of cum my way. I sucked him dry, sucking him until the shaft began to soften. I continued to nurse him until every drop of his tasty juice was gone, then I kissed his beautiful cockhead and thanked him for the wonderful meal. He thanked me for what he described as the best blow job he’d ever gotten. I can’t begin to describe how I much I enjoyed loving his beautiful dick. My pleasure was every bit as powerful as his and I left him with each of us well satisfied.

This is a true story of one of my cruising adventures. Incidentally I got back by this park again a week later and low and behold the same guy in the van was there with a cock bursting at the seams with hot cum aching for my hungry mouth. I really enjoyed his beautiful cock and again brought him to another powerful orgasm again getting a hot mouthful of tasty cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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