Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Alene didn’t leave her bed for 7 days now. Not having to work thanks to the money spell, all she did was lie in bed and cry over what she did to Nadia. How could she have scarred her like that? What kind of best friend cums on a person like that? She felt like trash… Even her throbbing cock didn’t interest her. She couldn’t think about jerking at a time like this. She tried to call Nadia again, the answering machine recorded her message for maybe the 30th time today.

“Nadia, I’m so sorry, please pick-up, call me, just let me know you’re ok. I’m a horrible person, I’m just so sorry, please, I beg you, call me back. I can’t keep living with this feeling, I want to die…” After a few moments of silence, she hung up the phone and slept some more.

The ringing of her phone woke her up.

“Hello?” she whispered with tears.

“Hi,” answered Nadia’s voice over the earpiece.

Alene couldn’t speak, she was petrified.

“You there?” Nadia asked hesitantly.

Alene couldn’t help it, she busted into tears, “I am such a horrible person, I deserve to die, I’m so sorry.”

“You’re right on all accounts, you just forgot one thing,” Nadia whispered back, “I shouldn’t have entered your room like that.”

“You’re right,” Alene laughed lightly, “please let me explain.”

“Ok, just because I like you and we’ve been best friends for so long, I’ll be at your place in ten.”

“Thank you.” Whispered Alene.

“Don’t thank me just yet.” Nadia answered and ended the call.

Ten minutes late the door to Alene’s apartment opened. As always, Nadia seemed like an angel in Alene’s eyes, “please come in.”

The girls set in Alene’s ardahan seks hikayeleri bedroom.

“Can I get you…” Alene started to speak.

“Ok, I’ll tell you what I saw, I expect you to tell me the rest.” Nadia declared, ignoring Alene’s politeness, “I saw you with a monster cock and then I saw and felt a gallon of cum hitting and drenching me, I was shocked. I saw you naked, you are a girl, I saw your pussy, how do you have a cock?”

*Alene explained everything to Nadia*

“So, you expect me to believe this story? The spell book is fake damn it! I wasted my time here!” Nadia said angrily and got up to leave.

Alene knew this was her last chance, now or never. She did the only thing she could think of, she undressed and revealed her cock. “Wait,” she yelled, “give me one more chance to show you I’m not lying.” Nadia stopped in her tracks.

“What spell did you try?” Alene asked.

“The instant orgasm one, I think” answered Nadia.

“Right,” Alene said slowly, ” Volo-ut-cum-hic-quod-iam!” She emphasized every word. then she looked up at Nadia and called her name. The result was instant, this time Nadia was not faking it. She collapsed, Coming hard. She screamed in ecstasy and couldn’t help herself from touching her pussy to prolong the ecstasy, Alene envied her…

After 5 magnificent minutes Nadia dragged herself from the floor and got up, she looked shocked.

“Ok, I believe you. I just need some time to process this. I’ll be here tomorrow at nine AM and we’ll continue this.”

*next morning 9:00 AM*

Alene over slept. The light woke her up. Someone was sitting next to her. It was Nadia, she rubbed her eyes.

“Wake up sleepyhead, I need to tell you something.”

Alene got up and set next to Nadia, “ok, I’m listening.”

“You’re my best friend. I know you since we were three, before you even got boobs like this,” Nadia grab Alene’s left breast and squeezed gently, “I like you, Alene, a lot. I can’t help but say I think I’m attracted to you, I never thought of a woman the way I think about you.”

Alene was shocked, she admired Nadia and more than once thought about her in a sexual way, but she never made a move as Nadia always thought about big dicked boys. This was a sort of a dream for her, she pinched herself to see if she’s dreaming, it was real, as real as it gets.

She tried to speak but Nadia stopped her, “look, it’s hard for me as it is, don’t make it harder.” Slowly Alene started getting morning wood and as Nadia finished Alene was at full attention.

“Please let me enjoy you.” Nadia half asked, half begged. Alene nodded yes.

Slowly Nadia removed Alene’s PJ’s top and grabs her boobs, she licked her nipples and sucked on them. Then took a step back and removed her shirt and bra, revealing her big boobs, “like them?”

Alene nodded again as she started licking Nadia’s nipples, she longed this. Suddenly Nadia took a step back “you are something… you came already?” she said, pointing at the wet spot that formed on Alene’s PJs.

“No, not yet, this is just my precum. You saw and felt it, I cum a lot more” Alene replied with a smile.

“I want to see it.” Nadia requested.

Alene didn’t answer, she just undressed. Revealing her 9-inch cock.

“Ok, it’s nice, but I saw bigger.” Nadia examined it, gently touching the skin. Slowly she took the shaft into her mouth. It was big but Nadia was experienced, little by little, inch by inch she took the cock for all its worth. She was good, way too good for Alene.

“Oh god, my balls, squeeze them,” Alene whimpered passionately and Nadia did as asked. She squeezed and massaged the balls and took Alene all the way in, deep throating her like a professional.

“Oh god Nadia, it’s so good, you’re so good, I’m going to cum.” Alene cried in pleasure.

Nadia took the cock out of her mouth. “Good girl, let it all out, I can deal with your best.” Alene gave her a smile and Nadia resumed her sucking.

Up and down, Alene was in Nadia’s throat again, and this was all it took, Alene was well over the edge.

The first shot was manageable for Nadia, as the cock was already in her throat, it just flowed down. The next was large, way too large, it started strong and got even stronger, making Nadia feel like she’s going to throw up or choke. She took the cock out of her mouth just as the third blast started. This was the biggest one yet. It wasn’t a blast, but a stream that covered Nadia’s face, hair and went on to cover her boobs completely. Finely after 30 seconds of firing, the third blast ended. The rest of the orgasm just blasted into the air and pooled in Alene’s lap.

Nadia was shocked, it was so much to take in. After a minute she mumbled “You may not be the biggest cock I ever saw, but you definitely are the heaviest cummer, next time I’ll take it all in, you just took me by surprise.”

“You are more than welcome to try, but I’m just getting started with you.” Alene answered with a smile, waving the spell book in her hand.

Nadia “slept” over at Alene’s room that night…

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