All Day Anal Adventure

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Big Tits

Ellen and I have been married for almost two years. It was a second marriage for both of us. She has two grown children and I have three. The youngest is 17, stays primarily with his mother and is pretty independent. That gives Ellen and I plenty of alone time.

Before getting married, Ellen and I spent a good deal of time discussing what had gone wrong with our previous relationships. The one thing in common was that both marriages had become vanilla bland and stale. We incorporated the words “I promise to keep our love fresh and alive…and I promise to never take you for granted…” into our marriage vows. A promise that has not been difficult to keep!

That brings me to last Friday.

When I got to work Friday morning I opened my briefcase and found a carefully gift wrapped box, a note and, of all things, a small travel clock. I opened the note.


I picked up the box and studied it, shook it and studied it again. There was no evidence of what lay inside. I really wanted to open it right then, but decided to play along. I put it in my desk drawer. The clock I set on the corner of my desk and got busy with the day’s duties.

At 2PM the alarm clock rang. I shut it off and withdrew the box from the drawer and opened it. Inside was a bottle of enema, tube of KY Jelly, my favorite butt plug, a red satin thong panty and another note.

I opened the note. “My Dearest Lover, As soon as you are finished reading this note, go to the bathroom, freshen yourself with the enema and insert the plug. I Love You and will be anxiously awaiting your arrival home! All my LOVE, E.”

I set the note on my desk and did as instructed.

I was sitting at my desk, enjoying the full feeling in my rectum, when the phone rang. It was Ellen.

“Did you do as instructed?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“Yes,” I replied.

“How does it feel?” Again, the same sultry voice.

“Wonderful!” I answered.

“Good,” She said. “Make sure you leave in there the rest of the day. I want to be sure that your prepared for what I have in store for you tonight.”

I knew what that meant. She was going to give my ass a pounding with the new strap-on dildo I bought her. “I assure you it will stay right where it is for the rest of the day.”

“See you tonight lover,” she said and hung up before I could reply.

I replaced the receiver and sat back in the chair. The new position pushed the tip of the plug against my prostate and could feel the first drops of pre-cum ooze out of my semi-erect penis. I squirmed a bit, releasing more of my juices. It felt so good that I nearly had an orgasm right there. I looked down at my crotch and made certain I didn’t have an embarrassing wet spot showing. The thong had managed to soak up the juices, but I knew if I kept gooing, it would soon reach saturation. I went to the bathroom and stuffed some toilet paper between the satin and my still dripping member.

I returned to my desk and looked at the small clock. It was only 2:30. Two more hours of work and other half hour commute, being plugged in and wearing a thong all the while. I was in heaven!

For two hours I squirmed and oozed. It felt delicious, but the day seemed to drag on forever. I left work ten minutes early and made record time getting home.

My loving Ellen greeted me at the door. She was wearing a heavy robe and holding Eryaman Escort two glasses of wine. She handed me a glass and gave me a long, tongue filled kiss. She knows that when she “French tongues” me it drives me wild.

“You’re home early. I thought you might be. That is naughty of you to leave work early. We’ll just have to deal with that later,” she said as she reached around to my butt and poked a finger between my clothed cheeks. “And you’re still plugged in. That is good. Very good.”

Ellen was pushing all of my buttons: the plug, the French kiss and now the prospect of a spanking. She knew a liked a little spanking now and then, sometimes hard and sometimes soft. Tonight she would be doing things her way and I liked it that way.

“Go shower and shave and take that plug out,” she instructed. “I have a wonderful evening planned.” That said, she walked away leaving me at the door holding my glass of wine and looking at her marvelous backside. She knew I’d be watching, so she put a girlish wiggle in her step.

Again, I did as instructed. I showered, shaved, and removed the plug. I hated to do so. My anus felt suddenly empty and void, but I suspected that when I got down stairs, Ellen was going to get “busy” and fill the vacancy.

I was wrong. When I went into the bedroom, she was standing in the middle of the room, holding her hands behind her back and wearing a devilish grin. I went over to her and she gave me her tongue, my penis was quickly erect for the hundredth time that day.

“I bought you a new toy,” she said with a loving gleam in her eyes. “Bend over the bed.” I obeyed.

I bent over. I didn’t know what her plan was, but the anticipation was wonderful. I exposed myself fully to her. She came over and gently rubbed my buttocks, allowing her fingers to gently rub against my anus. I thought to myself that she was going to start driving her strap-on cock in me right then. And I wanted it!

“At two o’clock I was thinking about cleaning yourself out and plugging yourself in. It made me so horny. I wished I could have been there to watch.” Ellen whispered behind my back. “But now I am going to do it for you.”

I felt the tip of a rubber phallus gently spread my awaiting anus. I knew instantly it wasn’t the slender, tampered probe of her “cock”. This was larger and felt similar to a butt plug. She backed away and suddenly the plug began to vibrate. I wasn’t prepared and my knees buckled under my weight. Ellen turned off the vibrator and began rubbing my cheeks and caressing my now very erect member and scrotum.

“Oh my,” were the only words to escape my lips.

“You like that, baby?” she cooed. “It is remote control, see.” She brought the vibrator to life. Again, my knees buckled. “Oh, this is going to be fun!” She took her hand and slapped my ass hard. “And that’s for leaving work early.”

I stood and rubbed my bottom. The vibrator began to hum, slowly at first and then building to full power. I braced myself against it.

“You want to see what I am wearing under this robe?” She began to slowly pull the knot out of the tie. I stepped forward and tried to help, but she playfully pushed me back.

“No!” She reprimanded me. “Tonight we do things my way!”

I expected that when the robe was opened, she would be naked, sporting her rubber cock or wearing some sexy lingerie. Sincan Escort I was wrong again, because when the robe puddled around her feet, she was wearing a dress. The disappointment must have been obvious on my face.

She put her arms around me and kissed me. “I have made reservations at the club for dinner tonight. We are going to leave that toy stuck in your butt and whenever I feel like it, I am going to turn it on. Just like this.” My insides vibrated and I was oozing again. “I have your clothes laid out for you in the spare bedroom. Go put them on. We have to be at the club in forty-five minutes.”

My first instinct was to be disappointed. I wanted-no needed-a good ass screwing and I had been looking forward to it all afternoon, but I looked into her adoring eyes and almost melted. She had taken great pains to plan this evening and I wasn’t going to stop her. My needs, I knew, were going to get met; when she decided and that was good enough for me. I kissed her and told her how much I lover her. She responded with a quick jolt on the remote control. This was going to be fun!

Ellen went down stairs while I went to get dressed. She had laid out my clothes and another thong for me to wear (she showed me that she was not wearing any underwear). I don’t know what the range of that remote was, but it jumped to life a couple of times making it difficult to concentrate on getting dressed. When I got down stairs, we had another glass of wine and left.

Dinner was just like all of the other dinners we had enjoyed at the club. The greatest difference, of course, was that with no warning, she would turn on my plug. The waitress looked at me funny when while ordering, I had to compose myself because Ellen had turned the devil in my ass to full power. Another difference was that for the first time she ordered dessert. I suspected that was to give her more time to continue her torture. When we finally left the restaurant, I had oozed a quart of pre-cum and my ass was ready for a serious screwing.

Within seconds of getting home, I was naked. Ellen took her time and continued her fun with the remote. Once she was naked, she walked over to her dresser and pulled a scarf out a drawer, used it to blindfold me and escorted me over to a chair. “Honey, no more games!” I protested. “I need an orgasm and a ass screwing and SOON.”

Without saying a word, Ellen gave me another hard spanking-I liked it. “Shut up and sit down.” I did as ordered.

I could here Ellen fumbling around. My butt was slightly sore from her admonishment, but she left the plug vibrating in my ass. She returned to the chair and proceeded to tie me to it. Once she had my arms and legs firmly bound with nylons, she removed my blindfold.

“There,” she said with a look of satisfaction. “I guess you’re secure enough! Now this how the rest of the evening going down.” I just watched her. “I KNOW what you want and I am going to give it to you. But need an orgasm too and once I screw that ass of yours silly and you blow your load all over your belly, you won’t be any good to me at all. So, I am going to go over on the bed and give myself a screaming orgasm while you’re stuck over here. You are going to watch me play with myself until I come. Then, it will be your turn.”

Ellen walked over to the bed. She had already laid her vibrator on the edge. She laid down Etlik Escort and placed two pillows under her head so she could look at me. She pulled her legs up and spread them wide so I could have visual access to her crotch and anus. What I saw nearly made me fall over. Stuck in her butt, was a butt plug. She had never been much for anal play when it came to her anus. Ellen saw my eyes widen.

“You like that, baby,” she said. “I bought this for me when I bought yours.” She used her fingers to gently push against the flesh protruding part. My cock was getting very hard-again.

The lips of her vagina and clitoris were bright red and engorged. Moisture was already collecting on the towel she had placed under herself to protect the bed spread. Ellen closed her eyes and then began to lightly rub her clitoris with her finger. All I could do was watch as her fingers slowly entered her vagina and then were withdrawn, glistening with her wonderful juices and then return to make small circles on her clitoris.

“OOH, honey this feels so good,” she moaned. She opened her eyes and saw my very engorged member. “Are you enjoying my little show?”

“Yes, honey,” I moaned back. “Make yourself come, baby.”

“HMMM,” Ellen cooed. “I am going to.”

Ellen continued to play. I continued to watch. I could never remember having a hard on so large. It was almost painful.

When her fingers had taken her as far as they could toward her orgasm, she grabbed the vibrator, placed it against the side of her clitoris. “Oh, baby!” She yelled. “This is going to do it! OOOOO I am cumming!”

I have seen Ellen have hundreds of orgasms, but never at a distance and never like this. I watched her toes curl, her legs stiffen, the muscles in her abdomen undulate, her nipples harden and her face contort into the pure wave of ecstasy that was running through her. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

It took her a few moments to recover. She got up from the bed and walked over and untied me. Waves of pleasure continued to wrack her body. Once I was untied, we hugged. “Now, it is your turn,” she whispered in my ear. “Go lay on the bed, I’ll be right back.”

I got on the bed in the same position she had been in. On my back, legs high in the air. Ellen returned wearing “her cock”. My cock was hard and a slick from all of the pre-cum.

Ellen brought my plug to full life one more time before removing it. Before my anus could contract to its normal size she plunged her phallus in. I almost exploded with the first plunge, but I didn’t want to loose it so soon. She slowly swayed her hips in and out, pulling the rubber dong almost all the way out and the plunging it back in to the hilt. I began to rub my cock.

Ellen gradually increased the frequency of her strokes, while I matched the speed with mine.

“Come, baby,” she said softly. “I want to see your cum fly.”

Within a couple of moments I felt the beginning of my orgasm. My anus contracted around her invader, my toes curled, my back arched and then wave after wave of semen flew from my cock- the first wave actually flew as far as my face. I screamed and buck with each wave. I looked at Ellen and saw that she, too was having another orgasm of her own-albeit not as great as her first. I closed my eyes and tried to recover.

When I finally opened my eyes, Ellen was looking down upon me, “her cock” still stuck inside me. I was immediately struck by her beauty and softness. I was struck by love that was pouring from her eyes.

“I love you, honey,” she said. “Was this a wonderful evening for you?”

“Oh, baby, it was beautiful. You’re beautiful! I love you so much!”

I don’t know how I am going to top that evening, but I will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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