All In The Family

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If I had not met Claire first, I always felt I could have fallen for her sister.  They are both beautiful women, and although they are both somewhat different, it is still clear I would have been swept off my feet by either one.  They look alike, are both easy to be around, and are charming and great to look at.   They also happen to be two of the sexiest women I have ever had the pleasure of being in the same room with.

I knew Claire and her sister were close, but until recently I just didn’t realize how close they actually were.  When they went to Paris together before we were married, I was happy for them to be able to make the trip, and when they talked about the holiday they always got this roguish look on their faces, it was like a secret they discreetly shared.  It was as if there was something about that vacation to Europe that was just between the two of them.  

When they talked about Paris, they always exchanged sly smiles and something about France made me think they had enjoyed something I could not be privy to.  It was three months after Paris and two weeks after our wedding that my wife told me she wanted her sister Emily to move in with us, to live in our guest room, to be a part of our family.  I didn’t understand and thought it was pointless, after all they saw each other everyday.  I didn’t why she had to live with us. I found reasons for it not to happen, although I wasn’t against her sister’s presence in our home.  When she finally said either Emily moved in with us or she was moving out, it hit me like a fright train.  I finally understood just how they close they were.  Clearly they were “closer” than most siblings ever get, as close and intimate as people can be.  What they shared about Paris was each other.

I gave in and after Emily moved in, Claire told me, in no uncertain terms, that she would be spending at least three nights a week in her sister’s bed, and it finally dawned on me just how dense I had been. I finally recognized what should have been obvious.  I saw then just how close my wife was with her sister. 

The day Emily moved in, Claire explained rather casually that she and her sister had been having sex since their freshman year in college.   It was as if it was the most natural thing in the world for sisters to have sex, and I should have seen it.  She explained it as if she was telling about her favorite outfit.  She unemotion-ally explained they not only loved each other as sisters, but as lovers as well.  She told me all three siblings were sexually active with one another and it was absolutely essential that it continue.  There was simply no option.  I accepted it, or I lost Claire.

It was not just that Claire and Emily were bisexual, they actively enjoyed frequent sex with one another and saw absolutely nothing wrong with the practice.  Claire didn’t intend to stop having sex with me, but she was determined to sleep with Emily a few times a week and expected me to have no problem with it.  

“Don’t all guys dream of watching two women have sex?” she asked innocently.  “We wouldn’t mind if you watched us occasionally,” she announced the night she told me she wanted Emily to live with us, and that they had been having sex for years. 

It wasn’t strange to her, and she told me she had fucked her brother for years.  “We love each other,” she declared without emotion.  “It really is not that unusual,” she said.  “Many societies allow it, even some encourage it.  In the Kibbutzes in Israel they actually promote it.” 

I said I doubted that, but argued she had researched it and felt no compunction to have sex with her siblings.  “Emily and I have beautiful Diyarbakır Escort sex.  It’s not like I am going to get my sister pregnant,” she said.  I asked what about with her brother.  “We always use condoms,” she maintained ardently.   “Devon is a wonderful lover,” she said.  

Both her parents knew and were pleased the kids “got along so well,” accommodating the behavior by letting the girls share the same bed since college.  They also knew both girls fucked their brother Devon and were happy to see them so “close” as a family.  Her mother and father were libertine enough to see incestuous relationships as harmless and family oriented, even healthy sibling interaction. They were pleased to see their children so engaged.

“Couldn’t you learn to accept it?” she asked.  “If it makes me happy?  Would you refuse to let it happen?”  I said I would not ever refuse her anything, but incest was illegal and I thought it might be unwise.  

“It is also dangerous,” I said.  “If you have kids it could result in abnormalities.”  She said heterosexual sex with people not related could also result in deformities, which, of course, is true.  “It just isn’t as common as in incestual relationships,” I said.  

“If I am not going to get my sister pregnant,” she said, “why not?   With Devon we always wear condoms.  We are not careless, but we all love one another,” she demanded.  “What is the harm?”

I finally agreed that I could see no reason for Emily not to move in with us and I would accept them sleeping together each week.  It was hard for me at first, but it was not something I would insist that they not do. 

“Would you like to watch, ever?” she asked innocently.  I admitted it was a common fantasy, but I didn’t think I would be interested.

However, it was not as easy as I had hoped.  After she asked, I could not think of anything else but the two sisters having sex.  Watching her eat her sister was something I began to dream about, even lust after, and it gave me fantasies I relished.   I imagined them attached by their tongues and pussies to each other, kissing and licking like animals in heat rutting.   I began to think of watching them have sex almost constantly.  

Emily was, as was my wife, one very beautiful woman, and the thought of watching two nude women eat one another was something I began to think about persistently throughout the day and each  night.  I began to read about incest and sisterly love, and the more I read the more I wanted to see it.  Claire was right, in some societies it was not frowned upon at all, especially with women.   It got so it turned me on just to think about it and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  

Finally, after Emily had been with us for over a month, I asked if they would mind if I watched them. They looked at each other and smiled, saying they wouldn’t mind at all.   “We would like to have you observe us making love,” Claire said.  “It is a beautiful thing.”

“We may even let you take part,” Emily said with a smile.  “I am also bi,” she reminded me.  “Do you think you would like to fuck your wife’s sister?” she asked with a sly smile.  I just smiled back and blushed.  

It was two nights later that I joined them in the guest room.  I sat in the chair in the corner and watched them undress one another seductively and slowly.  It was incredible.  Claire took off Emily’s top, and her sister lifted my wife’s dress over her head.  Claire always wears dresses and Emily usually wears skirts or shorts. That night she had on shorts and Claire helped her out of them, pulling them down her legs.  Emily kicked them off her feet, letting them land Diyarbakır Escort Bayan on the floor.  

Claire then carefully lifted Emily’s bra over her shoulders, kissing each of her sister’s nipples when they were bared.  Each sister stood in just her panties, then they took turns removing the other one’s underwear.  When both sisters were nude, they stood for a while holding each other and kissing, rubbing their hands up and down the other person’s body.  Surprisingly, the kisses were as erotic an activity as I think I had ever seen, and as they kissed they fondled the other sister seductively, sharing tongues and giving long, wet kisses to a sexy sister.  

Finally, they moved together to the bed and Claire stretched out on her back, lifting her knees, opening her legs, and guiding her sister’s head to just between her thighs, moving it to her sex and pulling her sister’s face against her own pussy.   Then with her hands on Emily’s head, my wife closed her eyes while her sister’s mouth covered her puffy slit, her tongue working diligently between my love’s dewy lips.   Emily moved her head up and down as she dined on my wife’s sex, licking and kissing her labia with long, slow laps with her flat, broad tongue, pleasuring her sibling with a sexual devotion that was uplifting.  

Some of the excitement, I am sure, was because they were sisters and the taboo had to have some affect on the element of my arousal.  Seeing my wife eat her sister’s pussy had to make it more exciting to watch because it was forbidden sex, and my heart beat rapidly.   

After nearly forty minutes, Emily motioned with her head for me to join them.  “Help me eat your wife’s pussy,” she said lasciviously, a lusty smile on her face.   She put her hands on the underside of Claire’s thighs and spread her sister’s legs as wide as they would go, then she put her mouth over the entire length of Claire’s labia and began tonguing her sister’s slit in long, unhurried strokes.  After a few minutes of this she moved back and motioned me forward, telling to take my turn satisfying my wife.

I put my lips against Claire’s pussy slit, as I had many times before, but this time it was more electric, more exciting and more exhilarating than ever.  Perhaps because there was a woman beside me, waiting to take her turn eating the same pussy as I was, tonguing the same labia crease, sucking on the same lower lips as me.

I had never eaten anyone’s pussy but Claire’s, but when they switched off and I was close to Emily’s pink and succulent pussy, my heart was beating through my chest.  Emily stretched out for me and lifted her knees, offered her slit, and she tasted different, not worse, just different.  There was a lemony tang to Emily’s sexual flavor, and I swallowed the liquid that leaked from her pussy into my mouth as I sucked and licked on her sweet, delicious sexual slot.  

Claire then licked Emily’s anus and the sight of her doing that gave me a shot of adrenaline that I had not anticipated and raised my heart rate instantly.  When it was my turn, I focussed on my wife’s sister’s rosebud and kissed, then sucked her tiny backdoor opening.   It obviously felt good to Emily because she purred as I licked and sucked her anus, and I smiled at my success at pleasuring my wife’s sister.  

“Would you like to fuck her?” my wife asked, nodding toward her sister who stretched out before me with her legs spread wide and an inviting smile on her lovely face.  My cock was already hard, and I simply moved over her, positioning my cock at her fissure.  Emily took hold of my erection, holding it affectionately and guided it to her splayed and Escort Diyarbakır swollen sex, opened by the tongues that had been there before.  I eased up to it and Claire took hold of my shaft and directed it into her sister’s pussy.  I began moving slowly in and out, drawing it nearly out before shoving it back in with one quick thrust. 

Emily came noisily and arched her body as her orgasm snapped and sizzled out of her. When I pulled out, Claire began licking the foam created by our mutual juices from her sister’s cunt that had been created by the friction of our fucking.  Before accepting the invitation to join the two women, I don’t think I ever had thought about watching two people having sex, certainly not one of them being my wife, but now I was addicted.

When I thought about my interest in watching porn, I realized there was no difference.  Enjoying seeing people have sex was the same whether in a video or your own bedroom.  It was exciting to watch the two sisters devour the other’s pussy like nothing I had ever seen.  Claire had made me realize that sex between the sisters was no different than sex between two other women, except perhaps the taboo factor did make it more stimulating and sexually exciting. 

Claire asked me when we were finished and had rested, if I would ever like to see the two of them pleasure another man.  Both sisters admitting they had fucked men during their trip to Paris. They had fucked, sucked, and pleasured many men and were willing to do it for me as I watched.  I told her I thought I would like that after seeing the two of them have sex.  I admitted to them it was sexier than I thought it would be, perhaps the sexiest thing I had ever seen.  

The next night Claire and I were having sex and I told her I was wrong.  I said that seeing them have sex was really worth it, and that yes, I would love to see them fuck a guy for my pleasure.  “We will like it too,” she said with a grin.

It was a week later that Claire told me Glen would be coming over for the fuck fest in our bedroom featuring the beautiful sisters and their fuck-buddy from their steamy past.  Glen was a tall black man with a wide smile, enormous hands and feet, and–of course–what goes along with that, a very respectable stallion-sized salami that kept both sisters happy for almost the entire night.  

I watched the sisters undress Glen, kiss his erect boner, lead him naked to our bed, then take turns devouring him one sister at a time.  Each of them fucked him from underneath, on top, and from the rear.  Glen had to be the man with more endurance than any other guy in the country, because he fucked both sisters, ate each one, and was able to come multiple times that night giving them tastes of his dick without even a single pause. 

He fucked Claire first, making her scream out an orgasm, then he let Emily ride him cowgirl and come all down his front.   After he had fucked each sister, eaten both of their pussies, he let them share his cock in a feast of oral manhood that would have choked most normal women.  The sexual sisters are certainly not normal women, and they continued to fuck, suck, and pleasure hulking Glen until the wee hours of the morning, finally falling into a deep sleep with three naked bodies piled in a heap on our bed.  

Glen left while the sisters slept at three.  The “girls” slept until eleven that next morning and when the woke, they ate each other for what they called ‘the breakfast of champions.’  I did not watch this time, giving them privacy they did not insist on.

As it turned out, in a way, I ended up being married to both sisters, as we are now one family and if Claire is gone, Emily will come to my bed and keep me sexually happy until her sister returns.  I have the best of both worlds.  Claire has her sister to make love to, to care for and relate to, and I have two beautiful women who love me and make me sexually a very happy man.  It is, as they say, all about family.

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