All Mom’s Love

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He leaned back into his chair with a heavy sigh. Why was it always like this? Nothing ever worked when it was needed. It could be some supernatural interference trying to stop him from applying. Telling him that it was a bad idea. His parents had asked him to do it days ago. Finding some income was part of the deal when he said he wanted to drop out of college. Now when he finally got around to do it, Internet went down.

He thought about just accepting the divine intervention, but he figured his parents wouldn’t be too happy about that. Since he was in the process now, he might as well try and follow through. He left his room and went down the stairs.

“Dad, is the Wi-Fi down for you too?” he asked.

“How am I supposed to know that, William?” his father answered.

He should’ve known better than to ask. His father wasn’t very high tech. His mother would’ve been able to help, but as both his computer and phone was without Internet, it was likely not working. He skipped up the stairs, stopping at his parents’ bedroom door. His mother had her laptop. She used to have a separate connection on it a few years ago when she worked. He had no idea if she still had it, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a look. He could just send the application in and then leave the laptop just the way he found it. His mother didn’t like anyone else using it, but she would never find out.

He looked down the stairs to make sure his father wouldn’t notice him and walked into the bedroom. The laptop was standing on a desk and he opened it up. It showed a screensaver image and he clicked on the mousepad to remove it. He expected the password screen to show up, but lucky enough it moved him directly to the desktop. Two years without any kids at home, and her husband not tech-savvy enough to turn a computer on, meant she probably hadn’t bothered with any password.

Even luckier, it also had an Internet connection going. He took out his phone to check if it was still without Internet, and to his surprise, the Wi-Fi was back. Maybe his mom didn’t have a special connection after all. He put his hand upon the laptop to close it, but the chat program in the taskbar got his attention. He didn’t know his mother chatted. What kind of servers was she in? Did she talk to other old people? He used it himself, but that was pretty much only for gaming. Talking to friends and other people who played games with them. What could his mother possibly talk about?

It had to be investigated. He clicked on it in the taskbar and it opened. It had the usual game commercials that he recognized from his own, but he brought the mouse over to the server icons. Baking, gardening, writing. Even one that seemed to be about watching TV. It was pretty much what he expected, except for a server called MSI. He tried to figure out what that could mean, but what made him extra curious was that it had a pink heart icon. Could it be some special TV series that she liked?

Clicking on it changed the main screen to show the room names on the left, the names of the members and their roles on the right, and the actual chat text in the middle. It was shocking. Several of the room names had the word incest in them. Incest-Fantasies, Incest-sharing, incest-pictures. Other rooms were mostly named something with either mother or son. What the hell was this server?

The marked room was named main-incest-chat, and he could see a conversation was being held right now. Someone called Rhonda was bragging that she just sucked her son’s cock and that she could still taste his cum in her mouth. Other people were cheering her on, but what made it even more surreal was that one of the people writing was named Melissa Daor. That was his mother’s given name. She was called Murray now, but the name was so unusual it seemed unlikely that another person with the same name would be in the same server. His mother was congratulating and encouraging someone for giving their son a blowjob. Not only that, but he saw his mother say that she wished she could have done that today too. Did his mother want to suck his cock? He looked down in the left corner where the user options were, and it did say Melissa Daor. What the hell was going on?

It was all too much to take in. He rubbed his face, thinking the text on the screen might change into something more appropriate if he cleared his mind, but it didn’t. His mother was at her sister’s place right now. Just a normal visit, yet she must be on her phone, chatting in what looked like a mother/son incest server. This was insane. He tried to tell himself to just close it down and forget it, but he knew it wouldn’t be so easy. He needed to learn more. He wanted to read everything his mother had ever said in that chat but figured he couldn’t do that sitting in his parents’ bedroom. Could he take the computer to his room? At least until his mother returned.

He clicked up her mail software. Could he find the password there? No, it would probably only help him if he reset it, but that wouldn’t really be useful. Could she have it written down somewhere? He went to the desktop, şişli escort and he was almost shaking with excitement when he saw a text file named “pass”. He clicked it open and saw a few different site and program names, followed by either an email or what he assumed was a username. The third line had different variations of the same phrase and he took it for being the passwords. The chat program was in there, and he quickly got his phone up, taking a picture of all the logins.

He was shaking as he closed the laptop and left the bedroom. His cock had never been this hard before, and it hurt how much it was throbbing. He hurried the best he could into his own room, closing the door behind him. The Wi-Fi was working again, and he logged out from his account in the chat program, and instead typed in his mother’s login details. Was his mother really a freak getting turned on by mother and son incest? Maybe it was just a silly fantasy for her, and she was there to feed on other deviants’ fantasies. Surely, she mustn’t secretly want to suck his cock?

Once inside, he tried to calm down. His mother hadn’t said anything new in the Main-Incest-Chat, but some other people had talked about the same subject. He looked at the members on the right and could see that Melissa Daor was placed in the role “Mothers- Single” together with a few others. Some were just “Mothers” while a few where “Mothers – Sub” or “Mothers – Domme”. There were also son titles, with the difference that they didn’t have any role for singles, telling him that sons must only be allowed to join the server when they had started a relationship with their mother.

Next, he went to the selfie section. The first picture was a headshot of a blonde beauty that clearly had cum all over her face and a lot of encouragement followed as they talked about her having her son’s cum on her face. He scrolled up, and the next photo was of a woman in the shower. Her lower body covered by the shower drape that she was holding, but her upper body fully naked and exposed, as a hand was seen stretching out from behind the camera to pull it open. What the hell was this place? Scrolling up more, the next photo was on a young man his own age sitting at the table eating breakfast only wearing a pair of boxers. This place was anything but normal.

He wanted to scroll up and look at all the hot mothers, but he also thought that maybe he should have a look at the Incest-Pictures room too. Could there actually be real-life pictures of the members of the server having sex in there? He then realized that his mother might have posted selfies too. What if she had been inspired by the risqué photos that others had, and taken some herself? He slipped his pants and underwear off, his cock happy to be freed, and then went to the search function. Using its preprogrammed function to look for files posted by Melissa Daor in the selfie room.

Several pictures appeared. Some of himself. Some of his mother, and even some of them both together. Not only normal pictures, but some photoshopped. One of himself in profile in the kitchen, with his mother naked on her knees in front of him. It was poorly chopped, but it still made him stroke his hard cock looking at it. When he found a picture of his mother fully naked, he knew he would cum. Her beautiful light brown hair falling to where her breasts started. Her breasts perkier than he could have ever imagined, and their full size on display. Her toned stomach and strong hips that she often complained about being too big, but looking at her now he was certain they were the most beautiful hips he had ever seen. What made his balls tingle especially much was that her pussy was completely shaven, showing her bare pussy to the world. He had never masturbated to his mother before, but seeing her now, he imagined it would be the only thing he would ever do for the rest of his life.

“I’m home,” his mother called from downstairs.

Hearing her voice while looking at her naked pictures made his cum pump out. Rope after rope of warm cum that he imagined laying on his mother’s beautiful face, wondering if his orgasm would last forever as he felt like he had never cum this much before. When his balls were empty, he slumped in the chair. He began to put his clothes back on, when he realized something. What if the chat program had sent an email about logging in from a new computer? He was quite sure that was a thing. Did his mom have an email program on her phone? If so, he could already have been busted.

He ran out of his room as silently as he could. If his mother had seen the new login, she would think she had been hacked and she would change password. It would be possible to get the new login too, but she might also suspect someone used her computer. If so he and his father would be the only suspects. She might think it to be her husband at first, but quickly she would figure out it must be her son, as her husband hardly knew how to turn a computer on. He had found out a big secret about her, and even if it involved him, he wasn’t ready to be confronted by his mecidiyeköy escort mother about spying on her.

Looking into his parents’ bedroom he could see that she wasn’t in there. That might mean he could still get on there and delete the email. He picked up his phone and checked the picture of the login details, seeing the email login there too, but knew it might lead to the same problem. He could hear his parents talk downstairs, and he dashed into the bedroom, opening up his mother’s laptop, and clicked past the screensaver.

Just as before outlook was already open. Two emails were connected to it, but he already knew which one was connected to the chat program from the login. There were no new mails. He checked the last read ones and nothing came from the chat program. He even checked the trash and spam folder, but nothing was there. He was safe. No email could’ve been sent. He closed the laptop, trying to leave it exactly as he found it the first time, and then snuck out of the bedroom. Thinking he was in the clear, he breathed a sigh of relief as he turned to go down the stairs.

“Hi, Honey,” his mom said.

He felt his heart jump. Had he been caught? His mother smiled at him. The kind smile that had always made him feel loved as a kid, but what he had learned in the last hour seemed to put a whole new meaning to it.

“I’m just going to fetch something from my room, and then I will start dinner,” she said.

Will didn’t know what to do. He stood there frozen, looking at his mother from one of the top steps of the stairs. She hadn’t seen him come out of their room. She didn’t know he had learned her deepest secret. If she did, she wouldn’t smile like that.

She moved past him, their bodies lightly brushing against each other. His hand grasped the railing on his side as he feared he might lose consciousness and fall. When she had passed him, he turned his head to look at her butt. It was the most endearing butt he had ever seen, closely hugged by the tight pants. He shook his head. He shouldn’t be doing that. Not to his mother.

“Ho-,” he said, needing to take a break to try and get more saliva into his dry mouth. “How was aunt Brie?”

“Oh, she’s fine,” his mother answered, looking back at him. “She will be so happy you asked. I will tell her right away. She wants to come over and see you soon. She’s very happy you’re back home.”

It took all his strength to not allow his cock to get hard again as he saw the joy in his mother. Old people seemed to be happy about the weirdest things. He always had a good relationship with aunt Bridget, but certainly, she couldn’t care that much about him asking how she was. He watched his mother walk into her and her husband’s bedroom before he jumped down the stairs. He remembered that he was supposed to send in that job application, but his mind was too clouded to care about that now.


“Will,” he said, trying to not sound like he just woke up, as he answered the phone.

“Hello, is it William Murray?” the voice asked.

“Yes,” Will answered.

“This is Robert from Vanessa’s Full Body Gym. I’m calling about your application,” the voice said.

Will felt his head clear up from the sleepiness. He hadn’t expected much from the application, but the tone of the man’s voice sounded positive.

“We would like to book an interview with you asap,” Robert said.

“Of course. When?” Will asked.

“I know it might be fast, we would like you to come in on Thursday, or even today at 11,” Robert said, sounding like he knew it would normally be a hassle to ask someone to come in so fast.

“I can come in today,” Will said eagerly.

“Perfect, make sure you bring workout clothes. Do you know where we’re located?” Robert said.

“I’ve been there already. Thank you for the opportunity and see you in a bit,” Will said.

He took a victory pose as the call ended. He had joined a friend who did obstacle course training and parkour at a gym close to campus, and he had gotten hooked. Parkour was hard but the obstacle course training had come naturally to him. He had even helped about as a trainer the months before he quit college, but hadn’t gotten into the swing of training after coming home. He had checked out the gyms closest to where he and his parents lived, and Vanessa’s was the only one that had a sign saying they were looking for trainers.

After stuffing a fresh change of workout clothes into his bag, he got dressed and looked at his computer for a final update. A new person had just joined the MSI server, and his mother was one of the people who had welcomed her. He had spent every moment of his time scanning every last bit of content on the server lately, breaking record after record of emptying his balls. He had learned so much about his mother and her special secrets, still, he doubted them. Surely It was just silly fantasies on her part.

The new mother talked about how she had been in love with her son for quite some time, and a recent breakup istanbul escort gave her the chance to offer him a blowjob when she caught him masturbating. His own mother was one of the people congratulating her on her bravery, confessing that she dreamed daily about taking the step herself. He knew he could stay there reading forever. Probably rub one or two out from reading the live text chat, but he had somewhere to be. Another passion to nurture. He closed the chat down, knowing he would be able to read it later, grabbing his bag and jumping down the stairs.

His father was out, probably playing golf or something else that old men do, but he saw his mother sitting in the living room couch with her laptop resting on the table in front of her. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail where the tail had been pulled over her shoulder making the hair drape down her left breast. He remembered reading a story she had told another mom in a private message about how he had told her that he liked her better in long hair. Back then her hair wasn’t long enough to touch her shoulders, but she hadn’t cut it since, saying that her long hair was one of her ways to show him that she loved him.

Just thinking about it made his body shiver in excitement. He knew all about his mother’s transition from loving her son, to being in love with him. She had talked about it several times in public and private in chats. When he was freshly turned 18 a friend of hers had told her that her son was one of the most handsome boys in the world. Of course, she had agreed as mothers do when someone thinks highly about their children, but it had sparked something to make her look at him differently. Slowly over a few months, she had gone from thinking about him as her one and only son to being attracted to him in an inappropriate way. She had been jealous of his girlfriends and confessed to touching herself as she thought about stealing her son from them. When he left for college she thought it would stop, but apparently, it only got worse instead. She thought it was something wrong with her feeling the way she did, but that’s when she started to find comfort online. Finding that she wasn’t alone in her sexual attraction to her son, but rather that it was one of the most common fantasies, not only for mothers but for sons too.

Joining the chat server had made her find full acceptance. Finding other people that shared her thoughts. Shared her love and passion for their family members and their taboo desires. As shocking the story had been up till then, that’s when it got really twisted. There were many different ways the mothers on the server loved their sons. Some where in control of their sons. Taking a dominating role with them. Some would have normal, loving, sexual relations with them. Sharing their love as most normal couples do. His mother had taken to the submissive mothers. He had seen her say several times that when she joined the server she had never considered such a thing, but that chatting with others, seeing them share their sons dominate them. Humiliate them and use them for their own sexual needs, had woken up a new side of her.

She had said the same thing over and over again in every conversation about it. Having a son is a lifetime commitment to serving them. Love and support them in all matters of their life. When a son is exceptional, like she said he was, it only made sense that a loving mother would want to extend that servitude to all aspects of her life. Dedicate herself to be his willing slave and call him Sir and Master. It was hard to think about, but he was starting to accept the idea of it as he had cum so many times since learning about it. His sweet and loving mother had fantasies about becoming his sexual slave.

“You’re up early,” his mother told him, smiling.

“I love your hair,” Will answered without thinking.

He saw her blushing, and he felt himself blushing too, feeling awkward about the out of the blue compliment.

“I-, I’m glad you like it,” she stuttered. “Shorter hair is more comfortable, but I look much better in long hair, don’t you think?” she said, fishing for further compliments.

“Yes,” he answered. He loved her in short hair too. He wasn’t sure what had caused him to say that she looked better in long hair a few years ago, but knowing that she had let her hair grow for him made him like her beautiful long hair even more.

“Are you heading out already?” his mother asked.

“I just got a call about an interview,” he answered.

“For a job?” she said, her voice perking up excitingly.

“Yes, they wanted me to come in right away,” he answered, happy to finally be able to give his mother some good news after feeling like a failure for dropping out of college.

He watched as his mother leaped up from the sofa, and quickly came over to hug him. He knew she worked out too, and maybe he had gotten some of his athletic ability from her. The hug was exceptional. He felt his head get dizzy as he felt the body he had examined thoroughly in pictures being pressed against him, and he awkwardly held on to her, still holding his gym bag. She had always been the best mother in the world. He had now learned she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and on top of that, he was now convinced she was the best hugger in the world too, as he felt himself melting in her embrace.

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