Almost Caught

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Its two o’clock. I know I made a date with you. We talked, and you’re busy, but I know you’ll be here later, maybe five/six in the evening, and I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t seen you in so long. But I know how you are. There’s always some kind of work related item getting in the way. I worry a little that you may not come at all.

Then my phone rings. Someone is here to see me, but its not you. It’s him.

‘Wanna fuck?’ he asks with a smile I can hear through the intercom.

How dare he just turn up here and say that? I wonder to myself. But I know the answer. I punch the code that lets him enter the property. In moments he’s knocking, and I let him in. I’ve already showered for you. I know that for what we want I don’t want to be too squeaky clean. He closes the door behind him, and looks me over. I’m not wearing much, a vest and a short skirt over my thong panties. He grins at me.

‘Nice,’ he says, and reaches over to pinch firmly at my right nipple, which had already started hardening when I heard his voice in the first place. The thrill runs through me, and I feel that nipple harden all the way, and he pinches the other, smiling at the effect.

When I look up at him I know that my eyes say ‘Yeah, wanna fuck,’ and my mouth is still hanging open from the gasps that came when my nipples got pinched. He lowers his head to my mouth, and slips his tongue over mine touching every spot I enjoy having kissed, and setting the rest of my body to tingling. I close my mouth onto his tongue, and we play and suck, mouths open half the time.

His kiss is so different from yours, I think, but am soon lost as he begins to run his hands over my back and sides, and then up the inside of my leg, then over my mostly bare ass. He pulls me up in a close, crushing way, and his kiss gets harder, then I feel myself flipped around so my back is to him. His hands slide over my leg to the front, and his fingers slip into the wetness that has already moistened my underwear, then he lifts the panty and reaches under as his fingers begin to stroke the clit.

I whimper when he takes the fingers away, but he only stuffs them into my mouth for me to suck myself off them. I moan and grind against him in response. His other had is struggling to unzip his pants. And I reach back blindly to help. He guides my hand to stroke the bulge in the pants.

‘Yeah, you wanna fuck right now.’

He’s got his cock out finally. He grabbs the thong, pulls it to the side, and begins Kastamonu Escort rubbing his cock in my slit and over my ass-hole. Then he lines it up to the tight pussy, and presses gently over and over until the resistance gives way and he’s in me, thrusting with his cock deep in me. He holds onto my body and begins to speed up the fuck. Pulls me up, grabs my breasts almost like leverage, and keeps at me.

Uhn, he’s so hard. I can hear the slapping noises as he thrusts harder, and I reach for my clit, so I can worry it. I’m grunting with the thrusts, and I feel him running his fingers over my ass. Suddenly the worrying takes effect, and I feel myself haunch down on him, and struggle to stay standing as my pussy tightens involuntarily over him. My fingers are watery slick now. I’ve cum and squirted into my hand. When I calm down a little he increases his thrusts, sending so many aftershocks through my body.

He’s gonna use my pussy to satisfy himself now, and I tell him that’s what I want him to do. I can feel him tense, twist, and then grunt a little, and I can feel the throbs of his cock as he pours his satisfaction into me. I turn to him when he’s spent finally, and we keep kissing until I end up on the bed with him on top of me.

I don’t know how it happened, but he’s hard again, and he enters me again. This time he’s slow. Crawling up into my pussy and grinding so deep inside that it is sweet pain. I arch my back for him, and he starts to suck my breasts, oh, yeah, that feeling of taking his cock while he squeezes one breast so hard that clear liquid spurts from the nipple, and he nurses from the other, sucking deep enough that I know he’s drinking that liquid now. Slowly he rolls me over, so I’m straddling him, and my breasts hang over his face. He’s still nursing, switching from one breast to the other while throwing it up inside me. I start to rub myself again. He slides his arms down so he’s holding my hips, and really gives me, thrusting deep, hard and fast and stretching me to my limit. Then I feel him jerking inside me again. I lower my lips to his, kiss his mouth and neck while he cums.

We lay there for a little while. This wasn’t planned, I know he’s got somewhere to be today, and just snuck in this visit. He gets up after a few minutes, showers, and prepares to leave.

I look lazily at the clock. Three-thirty. I’ll have time, quick shower and change, I think. I pull my clothes back into place, and see him into the parking Kastamonu Escort Bayan lot, where I press the buzzer to let him out, but there’s a familiar car at the gate. I’m not sure how long you’ve been there, or how much of our slightly touchy farewell you’ve seen. He lets you in, and you, ironically take the space his car just vacated. He glances at me, smiles, and leaves. I remain standing there to greet you, and feel the slight gush of some of his cum seeping out of me.

I can’t hide what happened from you. We made a date. Nervous, I walk back to the apartment with you following. You said hello, but there is something strange and lecherous about your smile, and the way you’ve rested your hand on my lower back and hurried me inside. The extent of my guilt is revealed as soon as the door closes behind us and you bend me over the side of the couch and lift my skirt up. The scent of pussy mixed with sweat and semen wafts into the air.

‘Whoring little slut,’ you tell me, but your hands are caressing the sides of my back up and down, so I’m moving back and forth a little. You slap me on the ass after caressing the cheeks, and it stings. Again, again, again, again. My hips are starting to undulate now from the rocking motion, and I can feel myself getting wetter, as I’m aroused again. The juices are running down my legs. You pull the wet thong off, and string it over my head so the crotch is in my face, the wetness covering my mouth and nose.

I feel you slip your fingers through the mess, back and forth, and then you move them to my ass. I groan as they slip in, and I remember that he played there, only an hour ago. The third finger squelches into my pussy, and oh, you’ve done me like this before. My hips move with the fingers and I moan and grunt as I take them. I’m a little sore, but it feels too good to stop, so I let it happen, until you make me cum there.

You’re whispering into my ear, and licking it. ‘Swswsw, cum on, swswswswsw,’ you stroke the side of my buttock, and very lightly stroke the clit still making that noise. It is when I feel my eyes roll over and my body sag in relief that I realize I’m pissing into your hands.

You bend me over even further when the yellow liquid stops flowing. I hear you unzip. Feel you rubbing on the soppy, pre-stretched cunt. Your cock head is there, at the entrance, and then you press inside, and you are bending over me, surging into me, and I’m realizing you are the second to do this to me Escort Kastamonu today. I feel you thickening in there, as if knowing that some of what you’re sloshing through is his cum is turning you on more. I play with the poor sore clit again, trying to comfort my slutty little self.

I feel your hands back on my ass now. Fingers and lube are slipping in as I groan, and I lose track of how many I’m taking. All I know is my ass is now stretched. Your thrusts are becoming erratic, I can feel you shuddering, and seconds later the familiar pump, pump, of your orgasm pouring into my sodden cunt.

When it is over you take me into the bedroom, lay me on the bed. When the thong comes off my face your cock is beside my mouth, and you guide my head there, to your crotch to suck the taste of my pussy. It’s bitter, and salty, and sour all at once. I gag, but you keep thrusting, get hard again in my mouth.

You back off drenching me, and crawl between my legs instead. Your cock has a different plan, I know. The slick that has drained down my crack has mixed with the lube you poked up my ass hole earlier, and now I’ve closed enough so that I feel a little stretch as you enter, but it’s not difficult. Missionary ass-fuck, I think to myself.

Your face comes over mine, and you lower your mouth to taste mine. Soon I feel and taste the change in the kiss. Slime from your throat dribbles into my filthy mouth, and I taste, savor and swallow, moaning my pleasure as you kiss me and give it to me in the ass.

I feel like I need to shit. You’re in the way, the fart comes around you and you laugh in my face as I groan from the waves of pleasure spreading over my body. I know you feel it too. Soon, I think, soon, as the tingles from my groin spread until I have no sensation except that I’m cumming. I’m probably farting, but I can’t help. I recover enough to feel you shudder, and spurt in my asshole.

You lay there after. Apparently you’re waiting for something. In a few minutes I feel more warm fluid filling my bowels. You’re pissing. I wriggle, but you aren’t going to stop. You hold me in place. You sure have a lot saved, and now I wonder if I’ll leak.

When you pull out I have to fight to get my sphincter closed and a trickle escapes. I have to run to make it to the potty where splutter into it while you watch.

We shower after, I’m so sore that I’m swollen, but the lure of the shower head is too much, and I start to masturbate anyway. You watch me enjoy myself until I bring on what must be my fifth orgasm of the evening. You laugh at me. ‘Cum, slut, cum, yeah, cum,’ you tell me as I collapse against you in the throes of my pleasure. We get out and dry off, and you head back to your next appointment.

‘I need to catch you more often,’ you tell me as you leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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