American In Paris

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Hey I am Neal and I am a 23 year old grad student. I had recently received a chance to spend a semester studying in Paris. Now I majored in French and had been to France several times but never on my own, so I was looking forward to this. After much searching I finally found an agency that places grad students with host families. I thought this would be the best option for me since living in Paris is so expensive. After getting all of the documentation and payments out of the way I found out who I was going to be staying with. Her name was Sophie and she was 48 years old, she was a professor at a nearby university. She also had two daughters, one of which lived with her. Her daughters were 19, 21, and 24 years old.

My flight to Paris was not the best flight I have ever had; the sound did not work making the 15 year old movie even more boring. Plus, there was a baby crying the whole 7 hours, just my luck. The worst was yet to come though. When I arrived at Charles De Gaulle Aerogare I went to baggage claim after going through customs. I stood with the crowd for several minutes until very slowly the crowd kept thinning and thinning until it was just me and four others. We all looked at each other and realized at the same time, our bags were not there. After much arguing, mostly French (I am nearly fluent), the airline said it would arrive tomorrow on the next flight. Whew. I decided to take the RER to Paris and find my host.

The directions to the apartment were simple, but the rain on the way there was a big hassle. I arrived outside the courtyard soaked from head to toe. I had left my umbrella in my luggage; in fact I had left most everything in my luggage due to the airline restrictions including, stupidly, an extra set of clothes. I finally found Sophie’s door and rang the buzzer. When she opened the door I was taken aback. I was not expecting such an attractive lady. It said she was 48 but she looked much younger. She was only about 5’2 and was very thin, but she had hips that flared out just a little causing her to have a very attractive derriere. Her hair was shoulder length and raven black except for the few streaks of plum red hair coloring. Her face was Mediterranean looking with deep set brown eyes and beautifully tanned skin. (As I would later find out her parents were Italian). She said hello and led me into her apartment. It was a basic French apartment, kind of small but with all of the essentials there. She had three bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen, and a living room. The whole time she led me around I could not take my eyes off of her beautifully sculpted ass which swayed when she walked. She was wearing a knee-length black skirt and black sleeveless blouse.

After Anadolu Yakası Escort she asked me three times if I was okay, I zoned back in and said that I was. She then realized that I was soaked from head-to-toe and told me to go change and she would bring me a towel. She brought me the towel and I explained about the baggage and having no clothes. She told me to dry off and she would dry the clothes I had on. I went into my room, took my clothes off, wrapped the towel around me, and handed her my clothes between the small opening of the door. I was a little shy to just open the door all of the way, because I am extremely shy around women. I was 23 and still a virgin. I am fairly average looking buy very self-conscious about my looks. I am 5’8 and at 220lbs I have a little bit of a gut on me. I have very short brown hair and usually keep the five-o-clock shadow or gruff look on my face. I am no Brad Pitt by any means and was as suave as Erkle with the women. But when I am in Paris something inside of me wakes up, and I realize my full potential.

After about 20 minutes of my clothes drying, I hear a knock on my door. She opened the door and asked if I wanted anything to eat. I was pretty hungry because the food on the plane was horrible so I said sure. I went out to the table just in my towel and she prepared a little lunch. As I sat there watching her cook I realized I had a problem, apparently my balls had decided to find a place to camp because I started to pitch a tent. I thought I would be okay because the table would hide it. I was mostly right until she asked me to get something out of the top cupboard. Now I was in a pickle, what to do. I did not want to be a jerk and say no, and I did not want to be a pervert and stand up with my cock directing me to her. I acted like I didn’t understand what she said, hoping to buy a little time for my predicament to settle down. It was futile. I got up hoping it wasn’t too noticeable and walked to the kitchen. My cock is only of average size about 7 inches long, and it is a little thick at 3 inches wide. I walked into the kitchen and she had her backed turned thankfully. I reached up grabbed it and as I turned to hand it to her she bent over to grab something else. My dick slid right along the crack of her beautiful ass. I dropped the item I had and ran to my room. I was horribly embarrassed and was now thinking she was going to throw this pervert out into the street without any clothes.

I fell asleep since I was jet lagged and woke up to a light rapping on the door. Sophie came in with my clothes in hand. She asked if I was sick because I did not eat lunch. I did not want to bring up the incident since she hadn’t, so I said I was Kurtköy Escort just jet lagged and needed the sleep. She handed my clothes but my underwear accidentally slipped out. She picked them up and commented ooh these must hold something very nice. She winked at me and left. I had a painful hard on when she left, but fell right asleep.

I woke up finally and did not know what time it was. I walked out, now dressed and Sophie was making dinner. She said it would only be a few more minutes. I sat down and after 5 minutes we ate. We talked and got to know each other a little bit more. She said she was then going to take a bath and then head to bed. I decided to head to bed too.

In the middle of the night I woke up with a loud yell. I had a cramp in my calf. It was painful. Sophie came running in asking what was wrong. I explained it was nothing and what it was. She then came and sat down on the bed and started to massage my calf for me. Her hands were magic. Soon the cramp was gone, but another muscle was flexing. Once again my cock was hard as a rock. Thankfully there wasn’t much light in the room, so I thought it was okay. Sophie kept massaging and slowly worked her way up my leg. I told her it was just my calf, and she told me to lie down and relax. She worked my thigh just like my calf, but did not stop there. She swiftly pulled my underwear down before I could say anything and started to massage my balls. My dick was overflowing with precum at this time and her hands were getting covered in the slick substance. She worked up from the balls to my cock and began to stroke it. I moaned in pleasure as she kept sliding her nimble fingers up and down the shaft. I had my eyes closed, concentrating on not cumming too soon. All of a sudden I felt a very warm sensation on my cock and realized I was getting my first blowjob. It felt amazing. Her little mouth was expertly working its way up and down my cock. Before I could warn her I spewed forth copious amounts of cum into her welcoming mouth. To my surprise she slurped it all up with a just a little overflowing onto her chin. She looked me directly into my eyes and licked her tongue all the way across her lips including the cum she missed.

She then crawled on all fours over me and leaned in to kiss me. I was learning French all over again. We let our tongues dance forth into each other’s mouths. I tasted the salty remains of what she had sucked up. My hands trembling crept up her sides and slowly lifter her shirt over her head. She had very small breasts but amazing nipples. My fingers latched onto her nipples and began to play with them. She was now the one moaning with pleasure as our mouths continued to be intertwined. I Pendik Escort finally let go of her lips and worked my way down her neck and shoulder with small kisses. I rolled her over on her back and kissed my way down to her very erect nipples. I kissed all around them and ignored them as kissed my way down her stomach. As I reached her belly button I worked my way back up to her nipples. I took one into my mouth and sucked on it. As I did this my other hand worked its way down her pajama bottoms waistline and I felt my first pussy. I slowly brushed my fingers back and forth feeling how wet she was. She quickly discarded the bottoms. I noticed as my fingers lightly brushed her warm opening that she was completely shaven. I switched to her other nipple and began to rub her pussy a little harder. After I gained some encouragement I finally inserted a finger into her welcoming hole. She took a sharp breath in. Scared I did something wrong I quickly retracted it, this time grazing her erect clit. She gasped again and told me not to stop. I inserted it again and she told me another. I put two fingers in and could feel the warmth of her. Finally she took my head and pushed it off of her nipple and guided me to where my fingers were. I took the hint and not knowing what to do; I decided to replicate what I did with my hand. After kissing up and down her beautifully wet pussy, I slowly let my tongue in. Her taste was a little musky but amazing. I started slow but lust took over. I started lapping like a thirsty dog as her juices kept flowing. It was hard to keep my tongue in there as she kept bucking under me. Her hands were pushing me deeper and by now I was completely engulfed. She finally let out a long screeching scream and collapsed on the bed. Even though I was hot and sweaty, I was not thirsty.

After climbing up next to her we laid there for a minute until she felt something poking her. She looked down smiled and asked if I was ready. Before I could even answer she climbed on top, but instead of facing me she turned around. She lowered herself down slowly onto me, and I had an incredible view of that beautifully sculpted ass. She told me that she had seen me staring at it, so she thought I had better get a closer look. With that said she began to slowly work up and down on my cock. It was incredible. I had always had a thing for slightly older women, and she was proving every dream true. We finally got into a rhythm; I took her off of me and switched positions. I know had her legs on my shoulders and was pounding into her. I felt her pussy start to clamp down on me and almost like it was massaging dick. She then let another scream. I kept going for another couple of minutes until I could not hold out any more and let all of my white magical juice enter her. We fell into each others arms and fell asleep.

The next day she had already left the bed and was getting breakfast made. She told me to get dressed and ready because her daughter was coming back from her vacation to Spain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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