An Argument

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Updated 22/07/2018 as I published the penultimate draft (Entirely my fault and not my proof reader, Sorry.). Originally I put in under ‘Loving Wife’ but many claimed it should be elsewhere, so this time it is going into ‘Erotic Coupling’.

This one contains a variety of subjects including submission, domination, lesbianism and a threesome.


It started from an argument, and I never would have thought it could change my life so dramatically.

It was only a few months before my wedding and as far as I could see my fiancé had done nothing towards the arrangements. Added to that we had just gone through a Christmas where she’d not lifted a finger. I’d done all the shopping and cooking, even buying the gifts for her family. Normally, I go out of my way to avoid arguments, but this was too much. I’d come home from work on a Friday night to find her with her feet up, engrossed in her tablet and with last night dishes untouched lying all around. So, I let rip and once I’d started I kept going. Venting what felt like years of accumulated petty frustrations.

Donna looked stunned. Amazingly all of this had completely passed her by. She’d never even thought about any of it. She blustered and prevaricated, even going as far as to threaten to go and stay with her mother. The pair doesn’t get on, so I called her bluff. As she huffily threw some clothes into a bag, I tossed in the nuclear option. At this stage, I no longer cared. Why would I think we should go through with our marriage if she behaves like that now? She looked stunned, but I just stormed off.

I went to the pub to get drunk, getting even more booze on the way home. The house was empty and I took the opportunity to watch whatever I wanted on the TV. Naturally this includes movies with lots of explosions and naked women. I especially enjoy spreading out across the whole the bed, instead of being trapped to about a third because of all her damn pillows. The enjoyment lasted only until the hangover kicked in next morning. I lay in bed pondering that despite how infuriating she can be; I still love her.

She calls me mid-morning, saying how she’s been talking to her mother and she admits we both need to try harder in our relationship. This gets my back up, it’s like she was only conceding to being part of the problem and not its root cause. I’m determined I’m not going to back down. When Donna suggested we go to see a couple’s councillor, I shock her by not automatically agreeing, for once.

“Why would I want to go to see one of those? Have a stranger prying into our non-existent sex life? ‘Oh David, you must give up looking at internet porn.'” I finish in a mock woman’s voice. “Why would I want to give up virtually the only release I get?” I can tell my reply surprises Donna. We rarely talk about our limited sex life and it seems to scupper her planned conciliatory speech. Pausing for a moment, she suggests something else.

“How about Monica? She used to be a therapist in California…” The image of Monica came to mind. Brash and larger than life, a friend from the time Donna lived in the states. She’d run some sort of hippy therapy retreat, probably with crystals and chanting, but had run up debts and left the country in a hurry. There is something about her I don’t like. Not that I have anything against lesbians, but there was always something about how she looked at Donna that made me think there was more interest in my fiancé than simple friendship. I might just be a little over sensitive about it. Or it could simply be that Donna was the last old friend she kept in touch with.

“Why do you think I’d be any happier being looked down upon by your oldest friend as she lists my inadequacies?” I hung up. Childish I know, but also satisfying.

I decided to make the most of the time by myself and get out of the house, so dig out my fishing gear. A couple of hours fishing off the breakwater would be a welcome change.

Walking along the harbour, a voice called out to me from a small boat below. It was Monica.

“Hey David! How you doing? Belated Merry Christmas! How’s Donna?” I just shrugged and wondered if this is a setup, until she adds. “I’ve not talked to her in months. I really must make an effort and call her. Do you fancy coming out on the boat?” She looks away as she starts the engine. “It’s my father’s boat and he expects me to turn the engine over and take her out to check she’s seaworthy every so often. You stand a better chance catching something further out, than off the breakwater. It can only be for an hour or so as I need to get back before the tide goes all the way out.”

Without waiting for a response, she manoeuvres the boat below the next ladder. She has more skills with the boat than I’d expect. Somehow I find myself climbing down the ladder and sitting on the side of the boat as we putter from the harbour mouth. Monica looks over her shoulder at me.

“You and Donna had an argument?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it.” I glance back at the harbour entrance Kayseri Escort only about 30 foot away and wonder if I should just throw myself overboard and swim back, rather than suffer an hour of unwanted therapy.

“OK. Not my business.” That was the last thing I expect her to say. “Can you take the helm a moment?” There is a little swell, so she cannot release the wheel until I have a firm grip. She squeezes past, and I try to ignore the press of her yoga toned backside and it brushes against my thigh. She may be ten years older than Donna, but years of yoga and healthy eating left her slim and fit. If I saw her on the street, and didn’t know her, I could find her attractive. Sexy even. That thought worries me. Is it a sign I’ve already given up on Donna and I’m subconsciously moving on?

Monica opens a locker and pulled out a bottle of whisky and two shot glasses. Noticing it is my favourite malt, again I start to think this is a setup until I notice how weathered the label is. It must have been on this boat for months.

“It’s a habit I got from my father. Even when I was small every time he took me out on a boat we’d have a tot to keep out the cold. Care to join me?” Without waiting she puts the bottle under an arm and uses the hem of her shirt to wipe out the glasses. It’s hard not to notice the flash of the smooth flesh of her abdomen. Pouring out the whisky she hands one over and snaps her glass back in one. A blasphemous way to treat such a fine liqueur. I sip mine to savour it.

We sail about a mile from the coast before she kills the engine.

“I’ve some fishing gear here somewhere, if you’ll share your bait?” She pays for it by refilling my glass and downing another herself.

Within ten minutes we have our lines wet and she is sitting companionably next to me pouring her third glass.

“So, is it your sex lives that is causing the problems with you and Donna?”

“Monica! I don’t walk to talk about it.” I snap back, but she laughs.

“Sorry it’s a force of habit. And truth be told, I miss it. The therapy, not the sex, although that could be a little more frequent.” She looks away, presumably thinking about her sex life.

After a couple of minutes silence she blurts out.

“After listening to some of the salacious details my clients would tell me, I often put in extra time between my appointments to get some relief.” It’s probably meant to make it sound like therapists are only human, but to me that confirms my opinion that they enjoy perving on our humiliations.

Fortunately, she lets it drop and we only talk about boats and fishing until I wave her goodbye a couple of hours later. Neither of us caught anything.

The novelty of being alone is not as special the second night.

The next day I run errands and don’t get home until after dark. The lights are on, which confirms Donna is here, and she meets me in the hall.

“Can we talk now? After all, you spoke to Monica yesterday.”

“Hardly.” Monica’s voice comes from the Kitchen, then she appears with a glass of whisky in her hand. “But, I called Donna after I got home last night, and we had a long talk.” she hands me the glass and we follow her through to the lounge. I see Donna has a glass of wine and Monica pours another whisky for herself. Fearing I’m on the edge of counselling I don’t want, taking a seat on the settee I decide to go first.

“Before you start Monica, I don’t know if Donna told you, but I have no intention of telling you, or any other councillor, personal things. Especially after what you said yesterday, how you got off on hearing that stuff yesterday!”

“OK, I understand. Yesterday was the first time we’ve spent any time alone together. Even in that little time I think I picked up something of your demeanour and I’ve known Donna extremely well for years…” Donna looks a little uncomfortable at that. “What can you tell me of her former partners?” I’m a little confused, but answer.

“They have all been dicks and treated her badly.”

“I have to agree, and I speak as one of those dicks, after a fashion…”

“Monica, you promised!” Donna exclaims, her gaze flicking back and forth between us. Then her eyes drop to the floor. Monica looks at me.

“I’m sure David at least suspected something.” I nod. Monica replies to Donna, seeming to ignore me.

“I think this is your only chance Donna. To keep the new life you want and regain something of the old life you miss.”

“Excuse me…” I try to interrupt, but Monica holds a finger out to silence me. Addressing Donna, as if I’m not in the room.

“Let me guess you have been sabotaging your relationship? Being difficult, not pulling your weight?” Monica looks at me. “One time she deliberately broke my favourite vase to get a rise out of me.” Turning back to Donna, she continues. “You think it will get David to react as you hope? Without any clue of what you’re looking for? It’s never going to happen. You seem to have hidden your past too effectively and Kayseri Escort Bayan David is just too ‘nice’.” Weirdly ‘Nice’, the way she says it, makes it sound like an insult. She waves down my objection before I can even make it. “As I see it, what you’re doing at the moment is self destructive to you and your relationship. I know you remember? I can help by showing him…”

“Don’t, I’m begging.” Donna looks on the edge of tears.

“I won’t force you. It’s your choice, but as I see it, you either let me show David what you have hidden from him, or your chance of this new life is gone. This comfort and stability, and everything that comes with it will vanish.”

“Isn’t there another way?”

“I don’t see one, so you have to decide. Give up and walk away, or accept it and see what happens. I won’t lie it’s a risk either way. He may leave you, but it might be too late anyway. However, I guarantee you cannot go on as you are. I’ll count to ten.” Donna’s head slumps forward and she doesn’t look at either of us. Monica looks to me. “This applies to you to David. You must let me finish this, if we start. Are you in?”

“It’s hard to agree with no idea what you are talking about. Donna obviously knows, but I have no idea.” Monica frowns adding years to her.

“OK I can see that. And as I’ve just confirmed she and I were former lovers, so that’s not really building any trust here.” She pauses to think. “I really think I can help the pair of you. Donna could never ask for what she wants. I discovered it by accident. I think you’re even more repressed about things. This should go a long way to help fix your relationship. At worst you get to see something most men only ever get a chance to fantasize about. Just a hint, it involves nudity.”

Intriguing as that sounds, my mind is in turmoil. Every track my mind tries to traverse, derails itself.

“Time’s up Donna.” Donna whispers ‘OK’. “Good, I’ll go and find some props. David stay there, and Donna stand in front of the fire.”

She comes back a few minutes later with a bundle wrapped in a towel and hands Donna a silk scarf. Without instructions, she ties it into a blindfold and puts it on and stands up straight in front of the fireplace. Confused, but curious, my eyes are glued to Donna as Monica stands and circles around behind her. She stops and addresses me.

“I’m sure you have figured Donna can be rather passive. But you wouldn’t know how submissive she can be, or how much she needs it. Donna, take off your blouse and bra.” Donna’s head drops forward again, but she only hesitates a moment before she starts unbuttoning her blouse. I’m shocked, I want to object, I want to stop this, but something about this seems to have robbed me of the ability to do anything. The bra falls to her feet and both Monica and I stare at Donna’s breasts. They may be slightly asymmetrical, but they are a nice ‘C’ cup and very responsive.

“Do you know how often I’ve stared at those breasts?” I can’t tell of Monica is addressing me or Donna. “The hours I’ve been teased by passing glimpses, the times I’ve woken up with my head resting on them. Suckling them, my fingers grazing the flesh…” To demonstrate a finger runs up the side of one breast and Donna shudders but does not move from her place. Monica moves behind Donna again and leans in to speak more intimately to Donna’s ear. “I’ve fondled and licked them. Tormented those nipples with my tongue, and any number of toys.” I can see Donna biting her lower lip and trying to keep still. “I’ve brushed them with feathers and beaten them with floggers.” She switches ears and speaks lower, but still clearly. “Remember the times I had you rub your nipple over my pussy, over my clit. Gathering my juices, for me to lick off.” I notice Donna’s thighs clenching in excitement. “Remember your frustration that you couldn’t lick your own nipples?” Monica reaches around and grasps Donna’s breasts. Lifting them and almost offering them to me. However, I’m merely a spectator at the moment.

“I think your breasts are a little bigger.” Her grip shifts until her fingers and thumbs capture the nipples. She keeps lifting until the only thing holding my fiancé’s breasts up are her nipples. Donna whimpers but does not say or do anything. “You know, I think you might actually manage it now.” I cannot help shifting on my seat, my sudden erection is uncomfortable. I’m sure Monica notices, but weirdly I’m not concerned by it.

“Should I keep on with your breasts or would you prefer I order you to strip?” Donna does not wait for the decision and kicks off her shoes and loses her skirt and underwear faster than I’d ever seen before. Monica holds her finger up to her mouth to keep me silent then joins me on the settee and takes my glass and sips my whisky. She leans against me to whisper in my ear and I feel her bullet hard nipples press against my arm. “The art here is to know just how long to wait.” She sits back and one of her hands rests on my thighs, just shy of my erection.

In Escort Kayseri a loud voice, that startles us, she exclaims. “I’ve always loved the way her pussy looks. That she keeps it mostly shaved to show off her labia and when she’s as excited, as she is now, her clit pokes out. Begging for attention. I’m sure you already know, even the barest breath can have her shivering in anticipation.” I did, and I could see Donna was struggling to keep still. Monica notices this and moves, standing and dragging a stout table before Donna.

“There is a table in front of you. I want you on your back and presenting yourself in the next 5 seconds.” My fiancé tentatively reaches for it, but once she finds it she lies down and opens her legs. Even going as far as using a finger from each hand, to open her pussy for us. Monica grins and steps away, gesturing for me to follow. Placing her mouth directly to my ear.

“I never told her to do that.” She runs a finger over my cheek and jaw. “Good, you’ve shaved. You’re going to kiss her and lick her, but don’t make a sound or touch her with anything but your tongue and lips.” She moves back and must have registered the lust in my eyes. “I know you want more, but patience.”

“Is your cunt as sweet as I remember?” Monica asks Donna and gestures for me to move in and kiss Donna’s pussy. She follows and kneels to one side. Her breath is coming quicker now, despite her apparently calm demeanour. After my first kiss and lick I pause to look for guidance from Monica. “It is. Perhaps it’s even better aged, like a fine wine. The things I used to do with my fingers and tongue…” I realise I cannot use my fingers or I’d instantly give away it wasn’t Monica. Monica reaches over and drags her fingernails across Donna’s stomach, through her thin pubic hair and stops just shy of her clit. “How I’d make you go out without underwear. Take you to nightclubs or diners and tease your cunt while we talked to people. The waiters or bar staff. Remember that night I made you talk to those young firemen? They had no idea I had my thumb up your twat from behind. I know the barman did, he saw the whole thing. Remember when I threatened to repeat it, only with my thumb up your ass?” My jaw drops open in shock. We’d never actually talked about it, but when I tentatively reached back there she always squirmed away. “You begged me to keep that between us. You didn’t want to risk anyone else finding out how much you liked it. You know I never got around to punishing you for that. Roll over and present your bottom for punishment.”

I nearly get kicked in the head from the haste of Donna’s compliance.

“You still have the most wonderful bottom I’ve ever seen. I wish I had our toys, so I could fuck it again or spank it until you begged for mercy. I’m sure I could find something. A bottle or; wait I remember. Your grandmother’s antique silver brush. I can’t remember how many times I fucked your pussy or ass with that. From the feel of it I’m sure David’s cock would be far more impressive.” Donna’s head snaps up at that and I stare at Monica. I’m not sure it’s from thinking Monica had touched my dick or the thought of my pushing up the one place I’d never been. Whichever, Monica tries to smother her laughter at our reactions.

She brings her hand down hard on Donna’s upturned cheeks. It’s more noise than force, but both Donna and I flinch.

“I’ve always loved you in this position. Almost like a lucky dip, where I win with whatever hole I choose.” I can see Donna’s pussy is swollen and wet and just a hint of her anus. Monica holds her thumb in front of my face and I blink in confusion, until I realise what she wants. I take it into my mouth and wet it, swirling to tongue until it is coated in my saliva. Without preamble, she puts it to Donna’s pussy and pushes it inside. Donna groans and it looks like she’s pushing back.

“Just as I remember it. Hot and wet.” Her thumb moves ever, so, slowly, in and out, then drops, down between the labia until it circles Donna’s clit. Donna whimpers until Monica puts her thumb deep inside her pussy again. This time when she removes it, she points it towards my mouth and I move to lick it clean, but she pulls it away and does it herself.

Monica takes my hands and places them on Donna’s ass and pulls her cheeks apart. I get the message and hold them like that as she brings out a tube and squirts a dollop of KY directly on the starfish. Donna squeaks at that.

“Cold, isn’t it?” With the tip of a manicured finger she smears the gel around the opening, occasionally scraping her finger nail across the sensitive skin. I watch fascinated as the tip of her finger gradually works its way inside my fiancé’s most private place. Monica applies more gel down the length of her finger and by pushing and pulling, rotating and squeezing works it down past her second knuckle. She seems content to let it sit there for a moment, then takes one of my hands and aims the thumb at Donna’s pussy. It has no need of lubrication and slides in easily.

“This takes me back. The strap on I used to use on both your pussy and ass. Remember that one we had, that I could fuck both at the same time?” I can feel Donna quivering beneath us and Monica indicates we should fuck her. Donna is trying to move in time with us, but we keep going out of sync.

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