An Erotic Outing

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The sun shone brightly through the blinds of dorm room 118 while the inhabitants inside protested with groans and struggled to pull the covers over their eyes. The late night partying at the keg party on Vernon Street hadn’t been much help for the three young women’s beauty sleep.

Terra was the first to roll out of bed. Straining her mascara streaked racoon eyes, she glanced over to the red digital letters on the alarm clock.

“You guys, you might as well just get up. The alarm’s going to go off in ten minutes.” She said in her sleepy gruff voice.

Marlin grabbed the pillow and pulled it over her head tightly while Jolie continued to hide her face under a bunched fist full of blankets.

“I’m awake…I’m just resting my eyes.” Marlin growled.

“Would you just get up! We have to get ready for the outing today. You know if we are late they will leave without us!” Terra reminded them argumentatively.

“I don’t wanna go clean up the stupid trash in the woods that other people threw . I’d rather just stay in the bed and take the stupid “F” for not showing.” Jolie added.

“We volunteered over a month ago. They didn’t have many people sign up for the Earth Day clean up…we can’t let Coach Stephen down. Please?” Terra pleaded with her roommates in the little squeaky voice that normally got the perky redhead her way.

“You just want to follow behind Coach looking at his ass.” Marlin snickered and Jolie revealed two fingers from under the covers, rubbing them together in the little primary “sicky sicky sicky” fashion.

“Hey!” Stomping her foot lightly against the carpet, Terra pouted mockingly. “Well…who could help looking at that ass? To know what I was thinking…it’s obvious that I’m not the only one.” She laughed.

“Well…yeah.” Marlin admitted while laughing and finally pulling the pillow off of her head and slinging it on the floor. Gradually the boney girl fought the urge to crawl back in bed and stood up, stretching.

Terra watched as Marlin raised her arms in the air, mouth open wide in true feline manner. The girl’s short ebony hair was all over her head, making her look even more tom boyish. She then raised a brow as Marlin turned around to walk towards the bathroom, getting a big “Good morning” from her stark white ass in a pair of royal purple thongs with bright yellow rubber duckies on them. There was the famous little tan “V” shaped birthmark on her left ass cheek. After seeing a movie at the theater together, the three had started referring to it as “the mark of Budda”.

“Can’t you wear normal underwear?” Terra asked sarcastically while giggling a little.

“These are the normal ones.” Marlin called back before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her.

Getting Jolie up took a little more effort, but eventually Terra was successful. The three finished dressing and rushed down into the main lobby.

A group of about fifteen other students had gathered in the lobby. Some attempted to find comfort in the hard plastic chairs while others leaned impatiently against vending machines. Coach Stephen sat somewhere in the middle of this grumpy circus, glancing at his wrist watch in a vexed manner as the girls approached.

“It’s about time you ladies joined us.” He griped while slipping a hand through his salt and pepper hair. “Let’s move out!”

The ride to Panther Falls had already lasted close to an hour. A lot of the students had fallen asleep once more on the bus.

Jolie, brushing a few strands of golden brown hair from her eyes, watched Marlin and Terra while they dozed. She chuckled lightly to herself as Marlin’s head lay slumped over to the side, a small stream of drool trickling from the corner of her mouth. She wondered to herself if she would save her roommate some embarrassment and wake her.

“Nah.” Jolie thought to herself with a smile.

Unexpectedly while her friend slept she found her eyes resting on Marlin’s cleavage which peeked slightly from beneath the partially unbuttoned shirt. It was one of those little fitted numbers with bright neon patterns and shiny buttons, like one would wear to a rave or techno party. Her short black hair was styled in a spiked, unkempt manner framing her pale, heart shaped face and giving her a pixie like quality. She was so beautiful, though in an unconventional way.

Jolie blinked twice to remove the thought from her head.

“What am I doing? I’m not a lesbian!” The girl thought to herself before turning to look out of the window at the moving scenery.

The van eventually came to a halt near a thick wooded area. The sliding doors sounded as they were opened. A gush of fresh mountain air rushed in and smacked the sleeping student’s senses, though it was the coach that snapped them back from dreamland.

“Wake up slackers!” Stephen called out loudly in a joking manner. “Have I got everyone’s attention?”

Groans filled the air.

“Good.” He paused for a moment while fumbling with something in the Kayseri Escort floorboard. “You are going to search these wooded trails high and low for any trash, bottles, or man made debris you can find. Take these garbage bags with you and fill them. In the next three hours, whoever fills the most garbage bags will win the fifty dollar cash prize. At the end of the three hours we will meet back up at the van here. Please keep track of time so that we don’t have to come looking for you.” Coach Stephen looked straight at the three ladies with the closing request, his deep blue eyes flashing. “Any questions?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“The only thing I ask is that you stay away from the falls themselves. We are here for an Earth Day outing, not to frolic in the water. Not to mention how many accidents occur at these falls every year. This project is for helping out, not for producing liabilities. We clear on that? Alright then, get to work.”

Jolie, Terra, and Marlin walked down an overgrown path with their shiny black bags in tow. There seemed to be plenty of beer cans and soda bottles to fight over, just not for three girls in one spot.

“Okay.” Terra said with a deep breath of irritation. “This isn’t working. We need to just split up if we are ever going to do enough work to compete for the money, and I’m sorry you guys but talking and keeping each other company is great, but I really need that money.”

“Yeah. You’re right. I could use fifty dollars to pay on my cell phone bill.” Marlin agreed.

“I don’t care. We can just meet back up at the van.” Jolie said while sweeping her long hair up into a ponytail.

Terra walked off first, grabbing pieces of wadded up paper and a few Coors Light cans as she headed down what seemed to be a promising path. Meandering along, she swatted a few stray vines as they whipped across her path. Not far down the overgrown trail, she realized that her bag was almost halfway full.

“Kick ass!” The auburn haired beauty said aloud, chuckling to herself. “That money is as good as mine!” She broke into a quick little dance of joy, confident she was out of sight from any prying eyes.

Terra bent over to grab a Pepsi can that was crumpled up beside a log. She grabbed the dirty can and paused. There was a faint sound emitting through the trees. It sounded like rushing water.

Pressing her lips together, she contemplated investigating.

“Nah. Coach said not to go to the falls.” She groaned to herself as a bead of sweat trickled down her temple and fell onto her heaving breast.

It had to be nearing 90 degrees as the sun held it’s position high in the noon sky. Terra pulled the little cloth scrunchie from around her wrist and pulled her long hair up into a ponytail.

“To hell with what Coach said.” Terra shook her head and began to walk quickly towards the sound of the cool water, still clutching her bag. A quick dip wouldn’t hurt anything. Once she got out she would resume her search, she thought to herself.

Terra stepped out into a clearing and glanced around. This was one of the most beautiful places she had ever lain eyes on. Large grey ledges of rock were high above water that looked an odd emerald green. A tall water fall spilled water down the rocks loudly, filling the air with a wonderful silver mist. In the middle of the lagoon was what appeared to be a small island of rock and a few scattered trees.

The girl glanced around once more before jerking the little pink shirt that she had been wearing over her head and tossed it on the ground beside her. A slight breeze blew across the water, finding her newly exposed pale skin. Terra closed her eyes as the cool air brushed against her perky breasts, her pale pink nipples standing out in response like two little peaks. Seconds later she removed the rest of her clothing and let it come to rest with the shirt. The nude young woman dipped a toe into the babbling green water to test it. It was perfect.

Terra sat down on the edge of the rock and slipped into the water so that she would not make any noise, just in case there happened to be others nearby.

The temperature of the water took her breath away at first, considering it was a great contrast from the burning heat of the sun on her pale skin. Terra got used to the water very quickly and dunked her head under to get her hair wet.

After submerging herself a few times, the small island of rocks sparked her curiosity. It was so beautiful, and so shady.

“I could just go over there for a minute and sit under the trees. Then I’d have to get back in the water again and swim across to get to my clothes. I’ve already got a half a bag full of trash, I’m sure on the way back I’ll fill it up the rest of the way with no problem.” She thought to herself out loud.

Terra swam across the lagoon, the crisp water running over her buttocks in rich ripples and flowing between her legs. Even though the shock of the cold water gushing between her thighs should Kayseri Escort Bayan have been breathtaking, she thought it felt heavenly. Desire began to take hold in her loins. The redhead tried to ignore it and keep her mind on getting into the shade for a few minutes before she left to finish her little Earth Day chore.

Once reaching the shallow water, Terra stood and began walking towards the shore. She could see a few old fire pits and a handful of scattered beer cans near one of the trees.

“Dammit!” She whispered, silently wishing she had a way to get them back across the lake with her to add them into her bag.

Suddenly, the young woman froze. There was someone a few yards away from her sleeping under a tree. It was a male, that much she could definitely see, as it seems the guy had the same idea she had about stripping off before swimming across the water. The man appeared to be asleep under the shade of the tree with one arm thrown over his face.

Terra neared a little closer to the sleeping stranger and hid behind one of the trees, peeping at him. She could feel a throbbing heat collecting between her thighs as her eyes moved over his chiseled body. There was a small amount of dark hair scattered over his chest that tapered off and led down his stomach in one glorious line directing her eyes to a semi erect cock that rested against his tanned thigh. Her finger dipped between her legs and began to stroke her lips that become so swollen that they had began to ache with arousal.

Over five minutes passed and the man did not even move a muscle. In a moment of gathered bravery, Terra tip toed up to where the man was sleeping. The slumbering adonis still took no notice of the nude woman that had approached him.

Terra hesitated for a moment, watching his chest rise and fall. She didn’t care if she couldn’t see his face, that wasn’t what she was interested in at that moment.

Besides, what college guy wouldn’t be happy to wake up to a naked woman hovering over them and eyeing them like someone that hadn’t eaten in three days would eye a plate of food?

Terra quietly got down on her knees and knelt between the man’s parted legs. Quickly she darted her tongue against the tip of his cock, marveling as it jumped slightly in response. A low moan caught in the mystery man’s throat as she then took it into her mouth, sucking gently and swirling her smooth warm tongue around the tip of it in circles. He began to swell as she suckled him like a starving babe trying to milk him dry.

His back arched as a throaty gasp escaped his lips. The two hands that found the top of Terra’s head, urging her on, told her for sure that he was undoubtably awake now.

She moaned in satisfaction, letting one hand slip between her legs as she licked the pre arousal that leaked from his massive erection. One finger slid into her opening, sampling herself and helping to ease some of the burning anticipation. Before releasing his gorgeous cock from her mouth, Terra gave his balls a light squeeze, massaging them. She felt a tugging of her pony tail as she was being pulled up.

Terra straddled him, placing the fat, rounded tip of his manhood against her dripping opening. His hips thrust upward, forcing himself into the tight opening and stretching her as he filled the little tunnel completely. Terra closed her eyes and cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he grabbed her bottom and began to rock beneath her. The stranger raised his head finally, his beautiful blue eyes glazed over with lust as he gazed down, watching her slide down on him as she rode his well lubricated length.

Terra realized this was no stranger at all, nor was it another student.

“Coach!” She gasped, her cheeks burning.

Coach Stephen merely put his finger to his lips with a “Shhhh”

“Don’t stop…please…you feel so good.” He moaned before pulling her toward him and pushing his tongue into her mouth to stifle any other protests that may have come.

Stephen lifted himself again and again filling snug opening as the fragrant scent of their coupling filled the air around them. He caught one of her bouncing breasts in his hand, squeezing it and taking one of her virginal pink nipples between his teeth while flicking his tongue against it.

“Fuck me, my sweet baby, fuck me hard.” He whispered against the flesh of her heaving breasts while pumping himself in and out of her.

Terra leaned back and began rubbing her fingers against her clit, whimpering as she felt her walls began to tighten around his thick girth. Her whole body began to tingle as her muscles became tense. She rode him furiously, slamming against him over and over and rolling her hips.

“Oh fuck!” She cried out desperately between moans as she came, feeling a gush of her own sweet fluids trickle down around the base of Stephen’s manhood.

Stephen grabbed her bottom and forced himself into her once more while he cried out, almost lifting the slender Escort Kayseri girl off the ground as he exploded inside of her.

Terra slumped over on him with his cock still buried inside of her, kissing the side of his face and his neck.

“I have to admit,” She said shyly, “I have always had a crush on you.”

Stephen smiled devilishly.

“Don’t worry love, I have had an eye on you since the day you enrolled.” He laughed lightly.

“Suddenly, I could give two shits less about winning that fifty dollars.” Terra said while running her hand through the sparse hair on his chest.

Stephen simply cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly.

The two held each other there in the shade as the breeze tickled gently over their naked bodies, knowing that soon they would have to return to meet up with the rest of the group.


Marlin mumbled to herself and cursed as she pulled a vine with little thorns on it from her path.

“They should have provided us with a damn sickle for this kinda thing…or a weedwacker or something damnit.” She growled out loud.

Luckily she came to a clearing. Even more appealing was that in the field she could plainly see a few scattered bottles and even a flip flop. The raven haired girl giggled to herself as she tried to imagine scenarios in which that shoe may have came to rest in such an odd spot.

“Oh!” She squealed as she spotted a little pile of beer cans and ran over in the direction. Bending over quickly, she grabbed one and jumped back up quickly to shove it in her bag, only her forehead connected with something.

“Owwww!” She yelled while rubbing her head. Beside her was Jolie, her lip poking out as she rubbed her own head.

“Of course you have to come out of nowhere and try to grab the exact same cans don’t you?” Jolie whined.

“I saw them first.” Marlin said playfully. “Oh well, screw it. Since we ran into each other again let’s just try working together. Have you seen Terra?”

“No. Not since earlier. I hope she’s having better luck than I am.” Jolie said while looking down into her garbage bag, its contents not even half way filling the container.

“Well, this field seems to have a few things in it, but not many. I had wondered if maybe someone had already been through here, but then again I don’t think if they had they would have missed the few things that are lying around in plain view like this.” Marlin added as Jolie turned her back and started reached for a can.

Marlin pressed her lips together and then smirked, picking up the discarded red flip flop that she had found earlier. The shapely rounding of Jolie’s rear was high in the air as she collected the can into her grasp.

There was a loud “CRACK” that echoed through the trees.

“HEY!” Jolie squealed while dropping the can in surprise and rubbing her buttocks.

Marlin doubled over in laughter, slapping her knee.

“Oh you should have seen your face!” Marlin said between snickers.

“Very funny.” Jolie groaned while cautiously bending over again to retrieve the soda can.

“Come on now, don’t be like that. Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” Marlin said slyly and walked up behind her, grazing her hand across Jolie’s ass.

Jolie’s eyes widened as she remembered her thoughts on the bus and blushed. Feeling the caress of a hand against the curve of her rear, she spun around quickly to face Marlin.

Marlin, not showing any remorse for her action, looked Jolie up and down while smiling.

“Stop kidding around.” Jolie said with her voice trembling lightly.

Marlin lifted the girl’s chin with her finger and shook her own head.

“Who’s kidding?”

With that Marlin brushed her lips tenderly across Jolie’s. The were like silk, so plump and soft. Jolie realized she was standing there with her lips still partially puckered, eyes closed in anticipation.

This surprised Marlin a bit, but she took advantage of it, moving in to slip her tongue between her roommate’s parted lips and let it dance around hers.

Jolie gasped slightly and pulled away.

“No. I’m sorry. I’m not a lesbian.” She said in a panic.

“Um, you didn’t seem to be fighting too hard, and Jolie I’m not a lesbian either. You’ve seen me with guys before, you know that. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat.” She winked.

Jolie then draped an arm around Marlin’s neck after a moment of consideration and pulled her close, taking her silken lips again. Their kissing became quickly frenzied with passion. Jolie’s hand slipped into the half opened shirt that Marlin wore and cupped her small, but firm breast in her hand. Marlin’s breathing began to quicken as the two women began to lower themselves onto the ground. They pulled frantically at one another’s clothing until it littered the field beside them in a wrinkled little pile.

“You smell so sweet.” Marlin whispered to Jolie as she climbed on top of her and rubbed her dripping mound against hers. Her hot mouth found Jolie’s rather large breasts, her tongue snaking out to dart against the dark nipple.

Jolie grinded her hips against Marlin, feeling her sopping wetness brushing up against her own. It would not be long at this rate before she came. Marlin suddenly stopped.

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