An Evening Like No Other Final

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We had known each other only in the written word. A world of mystery and intrique plagued us both. Our carnal cravings were irrefutable. Being open minded, free spirits we had disclosed thoughts and desires that only sworn paramours would exchange. Liaisons of the pen, only our imaginations could see the other person’s face, could taste their essence, could palpate their embodiment. Without pretension, our yearning was defiant.

It seems implausible that we are finally going to intersect in reality. Can this really be happening?

Stunned, I spy you in the bar of our hotel enjoying an adult libation. Wow I can feel a buzz around you. An electricity that makes you shimmer with vitality. Delighted, I dash toward you. I’m smiling and you make it apparent that you are receiving the same ambience about me. Never before have I ever been so smitten by a man.

We hug and kiss each other with passion, but brevity. Just that little taste, I can feel the eroticism that is flowing between us. I’m nonplused that the other patrons in the bar aren’t gaping at us feeling the pheromones that are oozing from our every pore.

Our body language is brazen salaciousness. I laugh a bit too loud at your quips and gently squeeze your arm. Hoping to send my deepest unfathomable desires through my touch to your potency. My mind envisioning our objective, I can hardly concentrate. Coitus.

Being desirous and bold, I cut to the chase. “Shall we go to our love lair, darling?” Emphatically, you stand up and take my hand. You lead me to the elevator. My pussy is screeching.

We enter the elevator and it’s the first time we have ever been alone together. Even before the doors shut, we begin groping each other with a frantic hunger.

My hands are firmly pressing through your skin and sliding Yozgat Escort across your broad shoulders and down your back. Poring over your every nook and cranny. You are all man in every sense of the word. Disquieted, our lips are tangled in a commotion of lasciviousness. I quietly murmur a sweet pandemonium of eagerness and urgency. My whole body is drinking you.

*DING* The elevator doors open and we try to contain our wanton cravings as riders enter the car. The anticipation of unborn rapture is submerging us.

Our floor finally arrives. We head to our hideaway expeditiously. At maximum sensation, my whole body lusts for you. My nipples are perfect erect orbs that are piercing through my shirt. My pussy is twittering with foresight. We burst into our trysting place

With fervent passion, we kiss each other unequivocally. Softly, but fully our tongues explore each other’s mouths. No one leading, no one dominating. We are equal in our bohemian quest. Thirsting, hungering, longing, yearning to tear the conventional breaking point of paramount passion.

Together, we make speedy work of disrobing the other. We are uncloaked in mind, body and spirit as we stand naked en masse.

Feeling the hair and skin of your body makes me long for you more. Feeling your hands over my velvety, yielding skin brings me to a frontier of discomposure. Our hands glissade over each other’s flesh.

I am so unguarded with you. I trust you. I ease my hand to your virility. You are so rigid The veins of your pole are ripping right through the sensitive skin of your bestial cock. Never have I wanted anything more than I do right now. Never have I had more conviction than I do right now.

I need to glean every seed from you. Into my mouth, into my pussy, into me… Yozgat Escort Bayan

Impetuously, I maneuver you to the bed. Gently, ease you on your back. The look in your eyes is ravishment. I pull my hair back and settle it on your torso. Kissing your inner thigh with a slight suckling makes your back curve in a fierce motion. My hair and face occasionally brushes your cock and balls. I’m trying to boost every ounce of intensity you can muster.

Vigorously, I wrap my full lips around your cock and slide my wet mouth- with purpose- down your shaft, over the veins to the base of your dick. Your head is pushing deeply in the back of my throat. Every muscle in your fantastic body contracts. You caress my face acknowledging my effort. With a taut grip, I swirl my tongue eagerly across your cum vein while moving up and down your manhood. My hand slides gently over your balls. My undulating tongue is unceasing. My goal is to milk you, drain you, siphon you, fleece you, empty you…. I know your climatic zenith is soon in sight. You are kneading my upper body with powerful hands in compliance. Your total body is writhing in ecstasy. Fiercely, our moans acknowledge the prurience of our appetites.

Only our imaginations can wonder what this is going to feel like. Only our imaginations can wonder what this will taste like. Only our imaginations can wonder what this will sound like.

My hand is caressing your virility with confidence. I know just how to please you. To touch you in that perfect and most complete way.

Alternating between long, slow pulls off you to a furious lather of provocation makes you wonder… What is going on here? What will she do next? What is she capable of? Where is she taking us?

Because we have integrated so absolutely, Escort Yozgat the answers are pealing in our ears. The choices are many and few. The facts are many and varied. We are living the ultimate yin yang. Because we are free and allow each other that respect. Just two free spirits in cooperation. Simple. Palatial. Pure. Uncomplicated.

My free hand slides up your chassis to your masculine chest. Your hair is so soft At once I want you to fill all my body with all of your body. What a tactile treat

I look up to you. You see a hunger that only a soul lover would understand. My contorted expression explaining my loss of everything Earthly. We are experiencing something few have ever known. Will ever know. Could allow themselves to know.

Are we approaching the end of infinity?

With hunger, I am gluttonous. My bellows let you know that you are getting all I have to give. There is not an ounce of exertion that isn’t being wielded on your perfect cock.

In a fit of a deranged loss of inhibition, you torpedo a colossal deluge of sweet satisfaction to the deepest recesses of my throat. Coating me with a blanket of luscious grace. I guzzle you, imbibe you, swill you, down you, lap you, indulge you, toast you.

When we’re fulfilled, we are completely tapped. As we lay, we are not knowing where your body begins and my body ends. Feeling each other’s breath short and fast, then calming to a more normal rhythm. Our whole bodies are entwined. We have found the plain that two become one. We have approached that river and drank with gusto from it’s waters.

It’s as though we can feel what the other is feeling. See what the other is seeing. Touch what the other is touching. How is this possible?

Being weary from exhaustion, we fall fast asleep until the wee hours of the morning. We make steamy love at length again.

Then, we say our goodbyes and go back to our worlds wherever, whatever, however they may be. We carry each other with us in our hearts and souls, but know that our stolen moments were just that. Stolen moments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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