An Exchange of Favours

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Svelte, sleek and sophisticated even in her arty, dressed down ways of it, Lucas admired her. She carried it off so well, the effortless grace as he saw it and in a woman of a certain age, Evie dressed in black slacks, a billowy floaty jumper over a frilly collared blouse and ankle boots on small feet. She was seen to brush back her long, curly, flaxen white hair that fell in twists to her shoulders. It was a look of a woman defying the years and it had hooked him, all over again. A close neighbour had begun to possess his thoughts long before the evening had begun. Now, and in the unlikeliest of circumstances, he was in her company, and she was relieved to be in his.

‘I’m sorry it took so long,’ she said and on a distracted look his way. The reception area of the emergency department was all but empty compared to what they had seen upon arrival. ‘He’s settled and I can get home. I’ve taken up far too much of your time…’

‘Don’t keep on apologizing, Eve. Someone once told me that life begins when you reach the end of your comfort zone…so I’m glad to have been of some help.’

Eve wondered how she could have provoked such a thought and for him to express it.

‘Doesn’t it, and I’ve reached that place. You’ve been so understanding!’ she answered on a brittle laugh. Eve fell into step beside him as they walked out into the chill evening air and to his car. The alarm bleated as he unlocked it from afar. ‘Thank you…’

Not many men still opened doors and closed them for you these days.

Lucas stopped at the barrier and put the parking ticket in the slot, the arm soon lifting. They were on their way, the air-con set to give some warmth and the car soon filled with the Eve’s light, floral scent that he had breathed in as they brought Frank to the hospital. They were together and exchanged a moment’s look but said nothing until clear of the town’s limits.

‘So, what’s the verdict?’ he asked.

‘He stays in for observation…may be home tomorrow. Mending him will be down to me…again.’

Lucas saw her pout in evident irritation with all that had happened to ruin her evening, perhaps to have had to rely on him and to see what prevailed in her life with Frank.

‘I won’t say a word on it…’

‘People know, Lucas…’

‘But I don’t…or didn’t until tonight.’ He turned down the volume on the radio, an all but muted classical music station, so that they could talk.

‘And now you’ve seen what I have had to put up with,’ she went on to assert and in evident bitterness. She looked at him as Lucas drove them back to the village where they were near neighbours. She sought to gauge his reaction to what had been said of her life with Frank, and that the night’s events had brought into the sharpest relief. ‘I paint…am a member of the art club to take my mind off things. You saw what I can do this evening, at the art show…before things went off the rails.’

He was disconcerted by her direct ways of speaking on what he took to be a deeply personal matter, but her continued look at him, and that he met whenever he was able to do that, suggested something else was at work in her. She sought solace and seemed to be turning to him for that.

‘Yes, I’ve seen what you can do…I’m glad I called in to do that. ‘ He said it on a moment’s glance her way. It was the first time, since he had been introduced to Eve and Frank Thomson, that the opportunity had presented itself for them to be alone and talk. He worked, spent some days away from home at times, and so the few chances he got to know her, and younger neighbours with families, were few and far between. His personal circumstances had changed and now, unlikely as it might seem to others, he wished to be in her company, that of an older but gifted, vibrant, and attractive woman. ‘Has it worked…has the painting been a distraction for you?’

‘You saw it for yourself tonight and when I had to ask you for help and get him to the hospital,’ she snapped before hearing him sigh. ‘Sorry, but it’s been a roller coaster ride with Frank lately…this evening’s fun and games another low that could have been avoided. You’ve been of help to me. Thank you…’

Eve saw him nod, took that in as his face was picked out by the headlights of cars they met. He drove assuredly and she became less concerned that for them to talk would distract him.

‘It’s okay, Eve…I’ve been through worse, so I can talk it out if that’s what you want.’

She heard, again, the consideration in his voice or, perhaps, it was his way to coax her into sharing special moments with him, unlikely as it had all seemed hours ago at the art exhibition and where she had shown restraint. She remembered looking up the meaning of his name, Lucas, and discovering that it could mean someone with a spirited personality. At the exhibition he had been seen talking animatedly to others, and she had looked on at Lucas, at how his hair was neatly brushed back from a high forehead, his face sharp-cheeked and a moustache under a long nose, his stubbled beard Sarıyer escort bayan studiously tidy. And when their eyes had net, she had taken in the gaze of his blue eyes upon her. It had been crazy to think of it, with Frank so close by, but Lucas’s look had been unflinching in its admiration, or longing for her, unchallenging and his brilliant smile something she could never tire of. Somehow, she had to settle the ache she no felt in her belly, the uncommon rush of longing but for another man, the suddenness of it.

She gripped his arm again, if only for a moment, as they turned into the lane that would bring them to her house, then his.

‘Sorry, I’m being bitchy, but…but Frank does nothing to help himself. He knows that drink and the pills he has to take can lead to complications. I can talk all I want but it falls on deaf ears…he ignores me. I just wonder how it will all end…if he carries on like this.’ She touched his arm, then gripped it to keep him by her side. ‘You’ve been of help…even comfort in talking it out with me, Lucas,’ she whispered, ‘and helping me get Frank to hospital…thank you. Words don’t seem enough…’

He was disconcerted by her forwardness for only a moment. She had even made a pass at him, but he was pleased that Eve had done so, or shown interest that went beyond all that they had expressed, or shown, before. Perhaps one favour would be repaid by another, and he could lose himself in her, in that slender body.

‘It gave me a chance to be with you…I didn’t have to look in, from the outside, anymore.’

‘Have you been doing that?’ she asked in some dismay and giving him a soft wondering smile, her mind possessed by the possibilities of being with him and the suddenness of that feeling, his expression of an interest in her something she had not reckoned on, at all.

Lucas had slowed to a stop outside her house as they talked.

‘Yes, I’ve done that, Evie, may I call you that…I overheard others do that,’ he admitted, turning in the driver’s seat and looking her way, offering a moment’s touch to her cheek. ‘We each want comfort…or moments of distraction from what plays out in our lives…or, have I got that wrong?’

‘No…you haven’t,’ she whispered, clutching his hand and gripping it fiercely. She was risking everything but wanted to be taken out of herself and the thoughts that possessed her, how life had become with Frank.

Lucas leant in and pressed his fingers to Evie’s parted lips, met her wide-eyed look upon him. ‘I…I want to be with you…in every way that matters, Eve.’

She was certain of that too. She met a moment’s kiss, parted her lips and felt the slip of his tongue over them as she surrendered to a deepening intimacy, felt the slow caress of his hand to her thighs and gripped his wrist, not to still these touches but to prolong them.

‘Lucas…Lucas!’ she gasped, through their kisses, as his touches drew away the front of her jacket and one hand cupped her breast. He would discover her state of arousal and she conceded to his claims, remained seated and the lane’s darkness hiding what they sought of each other from view.

‘Your house is best…if I may be with you there?’

She nodded through their renewed and deepening kisses, moving on a surge of wantonness to turn so that she could embrace him, put her arms around his neck before meeting a flurry of kisses to her lips, to her eyes, to her throat as she moved her head to enable him to do so, wondering all the while how she had been coaxed to throw caution, and restraint, to the wind.

‘Be quick…oh, Lucas, be quick! The door will be off the latch….hurry!’ She said it on halting breaths before breaking free of his claims upon her and rushing from the car. She wanted to have sex; wondered if there would be love in the acts discovered and shared between them; knew that with a true lover she would discover both.


She looked wonderful in her slender nakedness, her pert breasts filling his hands as he kissed their tips, sucked and clamped his lips to hard nipples, like studs on a soft fabric coat. Her hands were on him, tugged on his length but these claims did not distract him as he moved to lightly kiss her shoulders and throat, all the while fondling her breasts, before caressing her belly, cupped Evie’s mons in his hand as a finger moved over wet folds of flesh before her parted and stroked slowly over them. She turned in his embrace to lean against him before leading him to the bed.

‘Just where do I start?’ he kissed, his voice soft, admiring and teasing her. He looked down at her and moved to kneel by her head so that she could take his prick in her mouth as he sought it of her. His moves to flicker his tongue over her cleft soon had her squirming beneath his claims, coaxed her to shift so that she could reach his prick and caress it. ‘Yes…go on…we live it out…you and I!’

‘You distract me!’ she moaned as he again brushed his fingers over her breasts and their hard nipples with one hand. Silivri escort The other fingers parted and caressed her pussy lips, one finger slowly entering her body. The slipping caress of a bent finger soon aroused raging responses from her, for what were alien claims. ‘Go on…go on! Don’t stop…go on!’

She gasped the words through snorted kisses, bucked her hips to meet his touches, felt as if every caress and kiss was matched by her impetuous ways and what he sought of her with practised confidence and lustful intent.

‘The neighbours wouldn’t approve…’ he smiled, looking down into her eyes. It had been some time since he had felt a woman’s naked skin pressed to his or had claimed her body as he now pursued these preambles with Evie.

‘You’ve been so careful…how are they to know?’ she gasped as he grabbed, again, her breasts and pinched her nipples, brought them to his mouth and took to them hungrily. She held his head and guided him in his claims upon them; squirmed as his fingers traced a path over her belly and caressed her soft, moist flesh. ‘Yes…I’m ready for you, you wonderful man…so eager to love me…with me.’

‘I want to believe in it too…like this…and by doing this.’ He trailed kisses over her body and Evie simply lay back on her bed and surrendered to these preambles to them loving.

‘I won’t let you do that for long…not just that….I can’t bear it!’ She reached between them and stroked his prick, felt it press against her belly. ‘I want you in me!’

‘Soon, Evie…soon.’

He continued his kisses and caresses to her body, loved the soft silkiness of her skin and the perfume she had sprayed upon it, before they had met at the art show. So much had happened since that moment. The musky aroma of her cleft, on his face and fingers, inflamed their senses as he made her breathe it in, or taste it on his fingers. He delighted in that and the pervasive aroma of her perfume as he breathed it in on kissing her throat, between her breasts and under them, then on her belly. He had known that she wanted him, just as much as he sought to claim her and thus to end the denial of another’s touch in these ways. His tongue and lips lapped, probed and kissed her pink folds, and he breathed in her musky aroma.

‘You’re wild!’ She could taste herself on his lips as they resumed their hungering kisses, as he caressed her, and she tugged and stroked his thick arcing prick.

‘You’re with an art lover…or…or the admirer of the artist,’ he said on soft laughing kisses, moving to make her claims on him easier.

‘I know!’ She had answered his teasing on a brittle laugh and now lifted her legs around his waist as he coaxed her to do, lining up his arcing, straining cock to her slit. No words were spoken.

Ordered, even demure, on the outside he was now with another woman; a hot and naked woman on her bed and each of them wanting to make love to each other and not to simply have sex.

He pushed his hips forward and she moved to meet its press before his cock slipped easily into her wet tormented warmth. She gripped it, felt his swollen tip nudge against her cervix.

‘Lucas! Oh Lucas! That feels so wonderful!’ she called out, rising to grip his shoulders, her arms about his neck as he set a pounding rhythm, the tempo and variety of movements making her shudder in wanton abandon to his ways. His hips slapped against her buttocks; his breaths of effort were sharp on her face.

‘It’s like that for me too!’

She jerked and clamped on his driving penis. Lucas knew that he’d found her. Evie kept sighing deeply as he had slowly, but purposefully, made it all the way in. The woman with her impetuous and beguiling ways, her need to be with him and to erase, for a few tempestuous moments, what had been endured with Frank was pleasurably joined to him.

She clutched his wrists as Lucas fiercely claimed her breasts, pinched her nipples and continued roaming his hands over them as they loved, his touches in time with the rhythm of his driving hips and the thrash of her legs as she sought to caress his body.

‘You love them as much as I want your touch to me!’ Evie called out. ‘I want…I want to sit on you…and you can touch them even more!’

She acted brazenly in her demands. Lucas was only too willing to comply. He lay back and son held her hips as Evie straddled him, the sway of her breasts a delight and his admiration for her, and them, evident in his eyes. She leant forward to offer their indolent sway to him as she reached between her legs and gripped his penis. She soon brushed its glistening tip over her wet lips before slowly settling on him, soft breaths of dismay that she was taking him in one long sinuous movement.

‘I won’t break you…promise,’ she sniggered, on kissing him. Then, her fingers dug into his chest as she grew accustomed to how he filled her. She moved her hips in a slow tugging rhythm, soon leant back and felt its girth stretch her before she moved to rise and fall, rocked forward and Escort Topkapı back, or jerked on his probing, deeply searching, flesh, and all the while clamping on him. These ways of loving, once so familiar, were to be rediscovered with him, any need for prolonged foreplay and coaxing words forsaken.

‘And I’ll let you love me in your ways….I’m here for you; for you alone.’

Lucas had sat up and embraced her, but Evie pushed him down. He grabbed her hips as she set her own rhythm or claimed what he brought as she wanted, moving her hips forward and backwards, making sure she received all of him. She was groaning in pleasure, over and over, enjoying how his cock filled her warm, wet pussy.

‘You’ll find me, Lucas!’

‘If you don’t make me come first…or break me,’ he gasped as she moved relentlessly on him.

Evie was a woman that definitely knew how to fuck, her pussy muscles keeping a tight grip on his cock. Lucas shivered on feeling this woman’s increasingly expert ways of claiming him, all of it so at odds with the image she projected, that of cool sophistication.

‘Harder…spoil me!’ she demanded, and he moved to do as she asked, trying to take her as hard as possible, pushing off the bed as she sought to slam down on him.

‘You’re doing the same for me!’ he called out, meeting her look.

She was in control and rode him furiously, her gasps of effort on the air, her breasts jerked out of his hands as he held them loosely in his caressing of them, his thighs and hips beginning to ache from carrying her weight on them as she settled then moved off, only to settle once more. She leant back on his thighs and thrust forward and back, worked him unforgivingly as he was claimed in her wet heat.

‘Lucas?’ She had slowed in her movements.

He heard her gasp as she was made to lift off him and to lie on her tummy before his insistent touches made Evie raise her bum, and to then kneel before him. He settled behind her legs and caressed her back, her taut bum cheeks, before he embraced her and kissed Evie’s shoulders and neck, all the while holding her to him, her breasts cupped in his hands, her nipples between his clenching fingers.

‘We finish our loving in my way…’ he coaxed, even as she wiggled her bum against him and reached between her legs to try and grab a hold of his prick and bring it to her. ‘You’re so wonderful in what you want of me…’

‘I know what that is, now do it!’

She was on her hands and knees like a bitch in heat begging for him to fuck her. His fingers brushed over the hair of her slit and caressed her lips, pushed on her back for an instant before he entered her body once more, his hands clamping her swaying breasts and to pull her onto him.

‘Be greedy…I love that!’ she called out, her movements encouraging him to take her as he wanted to do.

‘Forgive me!’ he gasped, possessing her body as she had asked of him, her moans and gasps filling the small bedroom, their hazy shadows dancing on the wall with every move that they made.

He had wasted no time and now heard her gasps of encouragement as his belly slapped against her buttocks. The bed springs groaned from their erratic movements as he pounded into her, pulled gently on the sway of Evie’s hair to make her turn enough so that he could kiss her face as she gazed up at the ceiling with unseeing eyes. Her pleasure defined everything she now sought of him.

It had become a manic rut of discovery, with each calling out encouragement until Evie’s soft cries filled the room to the exclusion of any other sound.

‘What have you turned me into,…what…you crazy man…my lover!’ He had pounded into her ferociously, but now became stilled, felt her clench and keep her hold on him as she gasped, shuddered and held up a hand. ‘Hold me tight…I’m…I’m cumming!’

Lucas embraced her, cupped Evie’s breasts and squeezed them as he moved; pushed and withdrew in a frenzy of wrecking thrusts until he felt his prick leap with each burst of his release, the rushes of unquenchable pleasure that his wanton pursuit of her, and Evie’s acceptance and wrench of contracting muscles, had made soaring and real.

‘I need some warning of your ways, next time,’ she told him, shivering as Lucas slowly withdrew and she knelt before him and in his embrace, his breaths hot on her shoulders and her fingers soon entwined with his.

‘I won’t ask it of you again…to do it this way. I want to look into your eyes as we love…see you for the passionate woman you are and that you have let me discover.’

Evie reached up and behind her, twisted, enough, to meet his deepening kisses. ‘Stay with me…in this bed…for as long as you can tonight….please?’

‘I’d like nothing better…’

‘Than to do this again with me,’ she laughed out, squirming out of his embrace and lying back on the bed, unembarrassed to do so or to have him look down upon her slender, agile form, her thighs rosy from their frenetic union. ‘Come on, please….lie down beside me?’

She wanted to live it all out, behave as the young woman she had once been, newly married and loving it to the limits with Frank. He had lost his way with the bottle. Now, for her, she could live out a fantasy and do that with a man who was intent on living out his own, no questions or explanations sought or given.

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