An Offer He Can’t Refuse Ch. 05

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features incest and anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


“Should we call him again? I’m gonna call him again. That idiot!” Lori seethed, exhaling slowly while gritting her teeth. “Like, seriously, what’s the point of getting an early morning flight if then he leaves us waiting at the airport all day?!”

Rolling her eyes, Lyla tucked a strand of her dark blonde tresses behind her ear and pushed her nerdy glasses up on her nose as she sighed: “Lo, for the hundredth time: calm the fuck down! When I texted him he said they’re running a bit late. Just take it easy for once, will you?”

Meeting her sister’s placid gaze and taking in the signature shadow of a smile lingering almost permanently on Lyla’s full lips, Lori furrowed her thin eyebrows. As they shared a brief but meaningful moment of silence, their identical hazel eyes mirroring each other perfectly, the twins didn’t need to add any words to understand one another. Exerting the quiet strength of her laid-back and rarely perturbed nature, Lyla’s intense stare once again managed to dampen her sister’s usual penchant for needles nervousness.

“Fine…” Lori finally grumbled, putting away her phone and sitting up straighter on the bench as she resumed scanning the cars approaching the terminal. “But I’m gonna kick his ass when he gets here.”

“Yeah, right…” Lyla chuckled. Distending her legs and crossing her combat boots one on top of the other as she stretched her arms out and reclined lazily against the bench’s backrest, Lyla closed her eyes and threw back her head, letting her wild locks wave in the wind as the sun kissed her skin. “Lo, the only reason Mikey never kicked your scrawny ass, even though he could and should have done it a long time ago, is because he’s nice. And I mean really, really nice. Unlike you.”

Ignoring that remark, Lori gasped as she watched her sister stretching languidly in the sun, causing her whimsical floral dress to ride up her thighs while the pose of her open arms made the upper slopes of her buxom tits become even more evident. “Jeez, Lyla, sit up straight! Your boobs are all over the place!”

Even as she said that, and despite generally disapproving of Lyla’s nonchalant attitude in public, Lori couldn’t help but bite her lips longingly as she stared at the straps of her curvy sister’s dress and bra biting into the smooth, pale skin of her shoulders.

“You should learn to chill, Lo,” Lyla scoffed. “Besides, there’s lots of hotter babes than me around here for creeps to perv on. And in case you haven’t noticed yet, you’re the only person in sight wearing long sleeves. Really, sis, relax and take some layers off already! It’s so nice today. Just enjoy the sun…” Lyla lazily said, basking in the morning warmth. As an afterthought, she added: “I do like your jeans, though. You’re lucky I’d never fit in them, or I’d definitely steal them.”

Shaking her head and playing with a strand of her highlighted chin-length hair, Lori let a few moments pass before she tentatively began: “Lyla… Once we get home, I mean, you know, with Mom and Mike around… Uhm, we’re still gonna be together, right?”

Humming as she enjoyed the sun and the wind, her eyes still closed behind her glasses, Lyla exhaled her reply in a contented purr. “We’re always together, Lo. No matter where we are and what we do.”

“Yeah, but… You know what I mean, Ly…” Lori stubbornly insisted, glancing at her sister.

Opening an eye to see the worried yet excited expression on her antsy twin’s thin face, Lyla couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, Lo. Of course we’re still gonna suck each other’s clit! Happy now?”

“Lyla, shut up!” Lori yelped, blushing red and suddenly looking around in alarm. “There’s people here, someone might hear you and…”

Straightening up to a proper sitting position, chuckling all the while, Lyla scooted closer to Lori and locked an arm around her shoulders, hugging her nervous sister to her side. “Nobody’s around and nobody cares, Lo,” Lyla said as she felt her twin relax and lean into her embrace. “Just calm down now. Pretty please?”

Once she felt Lori’s tension diminish to the point that she too wrapped an arm around her naked shoulder, Lyla let her head loll to the side. Immediately Lori did the same, until their blonde heads were touching and pinning each other up. Despite their almost opposite characters and body types, the unbreakable and unique bond linking the twin sisters never failed to resurface and manifest itself visibly whenever they assumed that signature communing stance, the one they had developed spontaneously since they were toddlers.

“You do have to stop being such a bitch to Mikey, though,” Lyla said after a while, “or I’ll be a bitch to you and then you’ll have to go seduce one of those skinny plastic Giresun Escort dolls you used to hang out with all the time in high school if you want to eat pussy or get your pussy eaten out. Seriously, Lo: he’s our little brother. He’s actually a great guy, you know, really sweet and cool and stuff. Just be nice to him, okay? It’s about time you learned to get along with him for a change.”

Groaning yet not moving, her head always resting against her twin’s, Lori slowly muttered: “Okay. But that’s blackmail, Ly. You’re, like, trading sex for favors, sort of.”

Lyla laughed throatily at that. “Really? I shouldn’t even be telling you to be nice to your brother in the first place, Lo! Loving your siblings is supposed to be one of those hardwired natural things or something. Well, it sure is for me at least…” Lyla shrugged before adding with a teasing chuckle: “Aw Lo, you emotional wreck you! It’s a good thing that you have me to set you straight!”

As her curvy twin giggled and held her in a tight embrace, Lori just shrugged, knowing that it was indeed a very good thing that Lyla was with her all the time, mitigating the sharp angles of her personality with that weird brand of spontaneous affection, irony and down-to-earth wisdom of hers. Cooing as the familiar, soothing sound of Lyla’s guileless laughter filled her ears, Lori leaned more heavily into her sister, brushing her slim frame against Lyla’s soft voluptuous body.

For a while, they just sat there cuddled on the bench under the sun, then Lori sighed and flatly stated: “I’m gonna wait another five minutes, then I’ll call him again. Is that nice enough, Ly?”

“Meh, at least you’re not raging any more…” Lyla replied with a giggle. “I guess we’re just gonna have to consider that progress.”


The chiming and vibrating of Mike’s phone on the kitchen table was barely even audible through the litany of throaty moans and over the sound of flesh clapping rhythmically against naked flesh.

Bouncing vigorously on her son’s lap, her hands locked around his head to hold his handsome face buried deep in the lush valley of her cleavage, Julia sighed between husky whimpers as she turned to look at the name flashing on the screen of Mike’s cell. Not that she needed to actually see it in order to know who was calling.

“Uuhh baby, it’s Lori again… Oohh fuck yes, suck Mommy’s titties like that! Oohh sweetie, we need to hurry… Uuhh fuck yeahhh! Owwh, we’re so terribly late! Oohhh fuck yes yes yeeees…”

Glancing up at his panting mother while he kept sucking avidly on her puffy areolas and nibbling on her long pebble-hard nipples, Mike just raised his eyebrows and shrugged as he attempted to smile through the delicious mouthful of maternal tit-flesh trapped between his lips. Moaning and arching her back to push her huge boobs more firmly into her boy’s jug-worshiping mouth, Julia started riding his swollen dickmeat even harder, all the while massaging his bucking length within her silky soft vaginal walls. Cupping the meaty globes of her plump round ass in his hands, Mike met his mother’s lascivious bounces by thrusting up into her welcoming slit with all the vigor of his eighteen years and all the love he felt for her.

“Ooohh yes baby, fuck Mommy’s pussy harder! Ooohh Mike! We’ve got to ooohhh… We need to hurry up, honey, don’t hold back! Uuhh yes, like thaaat!” Julia mewled as she felt yet another orgasm building up inside her and swiftly ripping through her curvaceous body. “Give Mommy your big cock, sweetie! Oohhh yes, uuhh yeeesss!”

As the chair on which Mike was sitting creaked underneath them, the horny mother gasped incessantly as she rode her son’s strong boner with reckless fury, impaling her drenched pussy over and over on his perfect cock and trying to make him cum as fast as possible so that they could leave to pick up Lyla and Lori at the airport. As she bounced harder and faster on her boy’s veiny truncheon, Julia’s vaginal tunnel kept spasming non-stop around his length, hugging him deliciously within her wet pink folds. An uninterrupted string of back-to-back climaxes crashed into Julia’s voluptuous frame as Mike’s massive erection rammed flawlessly upwards into her pussy to match her dick-riding rhythm, pumping way up into her core and sliding amazingly deep inside her, so that his precum-oozing glans poked incessantly at the entrance of her womb.

All the while, the thought that she was keeping her daughters waiting was always there in the back of Julia’s mind, nagging at her and making her feel vaguely guilty. At the same time though, that unpleasant thought was counterbalanced by the rolling orgasms that her beloved Mike was gifting her and by the visceral need to hold her boy’s huge dick cozily engulfed inside her mommy-hole for as long as she possibly could.

The knowledge that she was about to lose the absolute freedom to have sex with her adored son anywhere and anytime all over the house convinced Julia to take full Giresun Escort Bayan advantage of every last second still remaining before the presence of Lyla and Lori would force her to hide the physical aspects of the loving mother/son relationship she had built with Mike. So, while she still could, Julia just bounced away on her son’s fat cock like there was no tomorrow. In truth, even through the haze of her pleasure, Julia was well aware that Mike wasn’t likely to cum any time soon, but she just couldn’t bring herself to stop riding his thick, pussy-cramming pole just yet.

Earlier that morning, when they had emerged from sleep spooning tightly in her big bed, Mike had peppered Julia’s face and neck with light kisses while sliding his morning wood back and forth in the soft moist cleft of her labia, teasing her awake. After gently rolling her on her back, Mike had left a trail of smooches on her soft curvy body, descending from her huge tits down to her navel and then to her shapely thighs, only to finally focus on licking her pussy and suckling her clit to a magnificent wake up climax. Julia was still panting and smiling widely albeit groggily as her boy got on top of her and immersed his raging hard dick all the way into her needy, drooling mommy-hole.

Instinctively, Julia had spread her legs wide open to welcome Mike into her vaginal passage and wrapped her legs firmly around his strong back, languidly sucking his tongue within her mouth while he fucked her with deep, long unhurried strokes. Two slow-burning, deliciously powerful orgasms sizzled through Julia’s offered body before her son eventually let his first torrential ejaculation of the day explode deep inside her gushing pussy, flooding her life-giving womb with his potent seed.

All through their afterglow Julia had whimpered and squirmed, smiling beatifically at Mike as he kept lazily grinding his groin against her slick mound, stirring his swollen dickmeat inside her gooey slit while pressing down on her clit with his pubic bone. While her sweet boy peppered her face with kisses, Julia repaid his delightful attentions by squeezing his shaft tenderly inside her experienced pussy, keeping him hard and horny as he gradually increased his teasing rocking motions into a steady cunt-plowing rhythm. Soon enough, Julia found herself screaming out her beloved son’s name when she felt her rolling orgasm reignite and crash into her full force once again, making her gush even more girlcum all over Mike’s perfect cock.

Still glowing, the blissfully sated mother had still found the energy to rise up and roll her handsome boy on his back, so that she could kneel between his legs and take his big nectar-glazed pole into her warm, talented mouth. Sucking him and tasting him and drinking down every last creamy drop of his youthful sperm had become one of Julia’s favorite morning rituals lately, and of course that day had been no exception.

Purring contentedly as Mike caressed her blonde hair and brokenly murmured his adoration for her, Julia had slid her soft puffy lips up and down along her son’s huge boner without ever breaking eye contact with him, not even when his eyes closed to pleasure-foggy slits and he howled out in pleasure, exploding in her mouth and spraying her throat with long thick ribbons of his delicious cum, which Julia greedily swallowed to the last drop. Only then, with her tummy full of her beloved boy’s milky seed, had Julia finally climbed out of bed, a broad smile dancing on her spunk-glossy lips as she extended her hand to a panting, lovestruck and very satisfied Mike.

Unsurprisingly, since they had not bothered to put any clothes on, mother and son had barely made it through breakfast before they were kissing and touching and getting each other horny once again. When Julia had attempted to rise from her chair to go upstairs and get ready, Mike had immediately pulled her back to sit on his lap instead, to which the busty mother could only replied with a pleased giggle.

Instinctively, Julia had straddled her beloved boy and locked her arms around his neck while Mike held her curvy frame in a passionate embrace and planted his hands possessively on her glorious bubble-butt. Within moments, Julia was rocking her splayed pussy lips along his rigid boner, lathering his length with her drooling juices while their mouths connected in a languid kiss. Their tongues danced flawlessly together and fueled their already incendiary desire for each other as Julia wrapped her fingers around Mike’s fat cock and guided it into her needy slit, letting him slide inside her rosy folds until he was once again slotted balls-deep inside her wet, soft maternal pussy.

Now, as she rode her son’s massive erection cowgirl style, even after the delicious pleasure they had already shared that morning, Julia was still moaning like a bitch in heat as more and more sizzling orgasms simmered inside her with her every pussy-cramming bounce on Mike’s awesome dick. All the while, as Escort Giresun her jutting mommy-boobs swayed hypnotically before his eyes, her sweet boy was driving her crazy by rabidly pumping his boner upward into her sopping folds like his life depended on it, his lustful groans muted only by the slurping kisses and hungry, licking swipes he treated her fabulous jugs to.

As she kept rising and falling on her boy’s thick shaft with ever increasing urgency, Julia was very well aware that they should seriously quit fucking and get ready to go. Still, she just couldn’t bring herself to stop squealing and gasping and stuffing her pussy with Mike’s massive pole, somehow trying to force him deeper and deeper inside her welcoming mommy-hole with her every cock-engulfing motion. The need to let one more forbidden orgasm crash into her voluptuous frame was simply too overpowering to renounce, it made Julia moan non-stop as her creamy slit clutched greedily around Mike’s mighty girth in an almost unbroken string of mini-climaxes.

Even the sound of his phone vibrating on the kitchen table soon faded in the background as mother and son fused together in their shared pursuit of more and more pleasure to give one another. It was only after two huge earth-shattering orgasms and three more missed calls from her daughters that Julia eventually managed to snap out of what she had lately come to see as her ‘morning dick-frenzy’. At that point, the gorgeous mother’s brain finally became capable of rational and pragmatic thoughts again, leading her to take action at last.

Letting out a final mewling sigh as her boy’s cunt-plowing dick surged up into her dripping vaginal tunnel and his tit-munching lips continued feasting on her awesome rack, Julia suddenly lifted herself off Mike’s huge erection, unstraddling him and jumping unsteadily to her feet. As his nectar-slick and achingly hard length slapped back against his toned abdomen with a wet meaty smack and his nipple-suckling mouth was left unexpectedly empty, Julia stood on wobbly legs, panting as she looked down at her son’s baffled face.

“Mom… What’s wrong?” Mike asked, perplexed but still overcharged with arousal as he took in every single magnificent curve of his mother’s voluptuous body. “I was getting close. Well, kinda, but still… Are you okay? Why did you jump off like that?”

A kind smile brightened Julia’s beautiful visage as she softly caressed her son’s face and took in the mix of boyish confusion and virile lust shining in his eyes. “Oh, sweetie, don’t worry! Mommy’s gonna make you cum, but we need to speed things up a bit…” she said suggestively, her expression already morphing from maternal affection into lascivious naughtiness.

“Uhm… Sure, I guess…” Mike nodded, a knowing grin already appearing on his lips.

Chuckling under her breath, noticing that her son’s massive boner was flexing and spurting a clear dollop of precum in response to the realization of what was coming next, Julia turned around and bent at the waist over the table, tilting her majestic bubble-butt up and out. Wiggling her round, irresistibly juicy asscheeks right in Mike’s panting face, Julia looked over her shoulder at her horny boy as she purred: “Grab that bottle of olive oil on the counter there, baby. It’s time to stick your big cock deep inside Mommy’s tight little butthole and pump her ass full of cum!”

“Oh my god, Mom! Yeah!” Mike exclaimed, thrilled beyond description by his sexy mother’s seemingly unending supply of awesomeness.

In the blink of an eye Mike dashed off his chair, retrieved the oil and then knelt behind Julia’s plump mommy-rump, his face immersed in the soft jiggly roundness of her asscheeks. While his hands kneaded and massaged her round fleshy booty all over, Mike clamped his mouth onto his mother’s pink little rosebud in a lascivious parody of a french kiss. Julia couldn’t stop moaning and shivering while her son rimmed her anus like there was no tomorrow, lapping and slurping and sucking away on her sensitive butthole, moistening her most delicate orifice into relaxation.

Mike only briefly interrupted his lewd analingual ministrations every few seconds, when the need to taste his mom’s engorged labia and drink her dripping girl-cum became unbearable, but he always went swiftly back to eating her ass out with a passion. By the time the teenager started applying dribbles of olive oil to his mother’s pliant hineyhole with his fingers, her sphincter was already pulsating hungrily, begging to be filled. A stabbing, sneaky climax ripped through Julia’s body when Mike began gently sliding two well-greased digits in and out of her backdoor while he moved his mouth lower to nibble on her clit. The busty mother’s toes where still curling and her pussy was still gushing with pleasure as she looked pleadingly over her shoulder to beg her handsome son for more.

“Your cock, baby…” Julia gasped, struggling to speak as the ebb and flow of her climaxes kept shaking her to the core. “Uuhhh, yes, your tongue and fingers are making Mommy feel sooo good, but… Oohh Mike, I need you inside me now! I’m ready, honey… Uuhh you made Mommy’s little asshole so horny, all nice and ready for your big cock. Come on, baby, you have to fuck me now! Fuck Mommy’s ass!”

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