An Unlikely Cocksucking Expert

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Whit Duncan crept slowly around a shoulder-high mass of brambles, making sure his bamboo fly rod didn’t get caught in its branches.

As he reached the far side of the bushes, he looked to his right and saw a beautiful vision. The creek he was fishing was just finishing making a slight bend, and right where the stream bed straightened out, the water on the far side had scoured out a nearly perfect-looking fishing hole under the trunk of a large willow tree.

The clear water rippled over a ridge of large rocks, slipped under the tree and then slowly meandered through a pool that got increasingly shallow as it fed downstream. The pool was about 15 yards wide and about 20 yards long.

He couldn’t wait to toss a fly into that sweet spot.

Whit was a newcomer to the area, having been transferred in his job just a month ago. He didn’t want to have to move, but he did know this area was known for good fly fishing, so he figured he’d make the best of it.

He was 28 years old, single, and preferred to spend his free time chasing trout rather than hitting the social scene. He wasn’t much of a ladies man anyway – despite keeping his 6-foot-2 body in good shape. He just didn’t have the bad boy looks women were drawn to. He wore his blond hair short, which made his ears seem even bigger than they were, and he had little confidence around the ladies.

But that didn’t matter now, because he was on the hunt for fish.

His boss had heard that this particular stream, while way out in the country, had some nice spots, so Whit drove the 40 minutes from his apartment, found a place to park off the two-lane road and had been steadily working his way downstream.

He stayed low in the high grass and cautiously approached the pool. On the bank behind the hole was a thick copse of pine trees on some ground that slowly rose to a plateau and he could see a white fence that must signal the end of a farmer’s pasture.

Whit flicked his dry fly with a deft touch and let it slowly drift past the tree. He was shocked when he did not get a hit.

He was even more surprised when his next 10 casts had a similar result. So he reeled in his line and made a switch to a streamer fly.

On his first cast with the new fly, he was grateful that he was paying close attention, because the tip of his rod took a hard, sudden pull, and then the fight was on. After about five seconds of pulling hard, a nice, fat brown trout broke the surface, then crashed back into the water.

Whit was thrilled. He took his time, hoping the fish wouldn’t tangle his line in a tree root, and gradually wore the brownie out. He coaxed the spent fish toward the bank and scooped him into his net.

It was beautiful native fish, stretching to about 15 inches, and while the trout lay flat regaining its strength, Whit reached into his vest, got out his phone and took a quick photo. Then he held the fish in the shallow water until it recovered, and watched it swim away.

He washed his hands and was just standing up again when he heard a low clapping sound.

On the other side of the stream, he watched as a young girl slowly walked out of the pine trees, clapping her hands gently. It was hard to figure her age, but he guessed late teens. She had on a black-and-red buffalo flannel shirt, loose-fitting bib overalls and work boots.

As she got closer, Whit also noted her flowing red hair pulled back in a ponytail and her light skin tone … and one other thing. She was, ah, plain looking. No other way to put it. Her face was just plain, and that was being kind. Her eyes were set a little too close together, her nose was a touch too big and her lips were definitely too large.

But she was smiling, although that didn’t help much.

“That was a nice fish, and I thank you for putting it back,” she said. “You look like you know what you’re doing.”

“Well, I’ve been fishing since I was a kid and I always put ’em back.”

“I’ve seen a few guys fishing here over the years, and not all of them do, even though they’re supposed to.”

“Do you fish?”

“Not really. But that’s my daddy’s farm up there and this is one of my favorite places to hang out. I swim here when it’s warm enough. My name’s Janie.”

“Hi, I’m Whit. This is the first time I’ve ever fished this stream – it’s beautiful.”

“It is, and it’s too far away from anywhere else to get that many fishermen. You can keep fishing. I just like to watch, if that’s OK.”


As Whit walked slowly back to the head of the pool, Janie sat down under the tree and watched him closely. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of her, but she seemed very friendly. She wasn’t a girl he’d ever take a second look at normally, but she seemed nice.

His next cast was a little short, but his third put the fly right in the current past the tree and he felt a jolt as another trout took the bait. This fish wasn’t nearly as big, but the 10-inch brookie put up a good fight before Whit released him.

“You’re pretty good at this, aren’t you?” Eskişehir Escort Janie said.

“Well, I’m OK, but this just seems like a perfect spot.”

“If you keep going downstream, there are a few more good places, but they’re off our land.”

“Maybe I’ll get to them next time – I’ve got to start heading back now. I like this stream, though. I could come back tomorrow morning and try them out.”

“Good. Maybe I’ll see you here again. And maybe I’ll bring a picnic basket.”

With that, Janie stood up, turned around and disappeared into the trees again. Whit wasn’t quite sure what to make of her, but she seemed harmless.

Whit got an earlier start the next day, which turned out to be a really nice, warm and sunny day. He parked his car at the same spot and walked all the way to the great spot he’d finished at the previous day and kept going downstream, wanting to check out the places the girl was talking about.

She was right. He found three very nice stretches of water within the next hour – one that had some really nice, slow riffles, one that formed on the other side of some large rocks and another that cut under a bank. By the time he’d reached the third one and then worked back to where he started, he’d caught and landed seven nice trout.

He had already caught two more brown trout out of the original spot before he thought about the girl again. He wasn’t sure he even wanted to see her again, but if nothing else he could thank her for suggesting he try downstream.

About the time he changed flies again and got ready to cast, he saw Janie walking out of the trees, and damned if she wasn’t carrying a picnic basket. She also looked a lot different than yesterday – instead of the baggy flannel shirt and bib outfit, Janie had on a pair of tight jean shorts, a red T-shirt and sneakers.

“Good afternoon, Whit. I was hoping I’d see you here.”

“Hi, Janie. Those spots you told me about worked out well. I think I’ve caught nine trout so far today. This is such a nice stream.”

“Glad to hear it. Do you wanna have some lunch? I’ve got some sandwiches and stuff.”

“Ah, sure, that’d be nice.”

Whit waded to the bottom of the hole and climbed up on the far bank. Janie waited for him to get close by, then said, “C’mon, we’ll go my special place.”

As she started walking back into the trees, Whit couldn’t help but notice that despite her less-than-spectacular face (and that was being nice), Janie was pretty well put together. Her ass looked pretty good in her tight shorts as he followed her.

They ended up walking past about 12-15 pine trees, then up a short rise to a plateau that sat halfway between the trees and the farm’s fence at the top. The plateau was covered in grass. The back half was shaded because of some big rocks at the top, but in the sunny area, Janie had spread out a blanket.

“This is my favorite place in the world,” she said, as she put the basket down and sat on the blanket. “It’s so nice and peaceful. You can hear the creek and see it through the trees, and when it’s nice like today I can lay in the sun. I’ve never seen anybody out here, except for a few fishermen, but they can’t see me unless I want them to.”

“It is kind of nice here, I’ll have to give you that,” Whit said as he pulled off his waders and sat down.

Janie opened the basket and pulled out some food – cheese, a couple of sandwiches and two apples, plus a couple of bottles of water.

Whit hadn’t eaten much for breakfast, so he was grateful. While they ate, they chatted.

Janie said she was the only daughter of her parents and the farmhouse they lived in had been in their family for over a century. They had cut back on the livestock and the amount of crops they grew, so she usually wasn’t too busy. She said she spent a lot of time wandering around the property and enjoying the outdoors, taking some photos and trying to get into doing some watercolors.

“My aunt and uncle live next door and I have two cousins, but they’re older.”

Janie had finished eating and dropped back on her elbows. Whit couldn’t help but notice that her body was pretty nice. Her breasts were firm and rounded and her legs appeared to be in great shape. He could see a lot of leg because her shorts had ridden up very high.

Whit told her he had just moved into town recently because of his new job. He didn’t really know anybody yet except at work, so he was trying to spend a lot of time fishing.

“You’re pretty good at that,” she said. “I can tell by the way you move.”

“Thanks. My dad took me fishing a lot when I was a boy, and I’ve kept with it. You said you painted – are you good at that?”

“No, not really. I just mess around with it.”

“I bet you must be good at something.”

Janie didn’t answer at first, and when Whit glanced over he saw she was looking down and her face had flushed.

“I’m sorry, was that the wrong question?”

“No, it’s just … I’m not really good at anything. Well, maybe one Eskişehir Escort Bayan thing, at least that’s what I’ve been told.”

“What’s that?”

“I probably shouldn’t say.”

“Now you made me curious. You can tell me.”

There was more hesitation by Janie, which made Whit want to know that much more.

Finally, she said softly, “I guess I’m good at giving blow jobs.”

Whit nearly spit out the water he had just sipped.

“Holy shit, I never would have guessed that!”

“Why, you don’t think I could be?”

“Oh, no, Janie, I didn’t mean that. I just meant of all the things you could have said, that wasn’t one I would have thought of.”

Whit was also thinking that with her face, how many guys would have asked her out? But here he was, looking at her body and now starting to feel some activity in his shorts, so who was he to judge?

“Well, I am. And I’m proud of it, too.”

Whit wasn’t sure what to say, but he wanted to keep the conversation going.

“Um, how did you get to be so good?”

“Remember I told you about my cousins? They kind of got me started, and I really liked it, so we did it a lot. It’s easy to find a place to go on a farm – we both have barns, and there’s this place here, and there’s a bunch of other groups of trees. And then my uncle found out about it – I think he heard one of my cousins talking – so I’ve been doing him, too.”

Whit was speechless, and didn’t move. Except, that is, for his cock, which was steadily growing.

Eventually, he looked Janie in the eyes and said, “That’s a very interesting story.”

She smiled at him (and she didn’t look any better when smiling) and said, “You must be interested. I can see your dick is getting bigger. You want me to suck you off so you can judge?”

This day had suddenly turned around for Whit in a way he never expected, but there was no way he could refuse her offer. He did think to ask, “How old are you?”

She laughed, “I knew you’d want to know. I’m 21. So is that a yes?”

Whit could only nod his head.

Janie rolled to her knees beside Whit and reached for the button and zipper on his shorts. With his help, she yanked them and his boxers down his legs and off. Then she moved back up toward his lap and said, “Ohhh, that’s a nice cock!”

She gently grasped his now very hard dick in her left hand and stroked it while admiring his cock, which was just over 7 inches and thick. Whit was having a hard time remembering the last time a girl had touched him, which meant it had been quite a while.

Janie bent over from the waist and licked across the head, giving a little moan when she squeezed his shaft and some precum leaked out. Then she put her big lips on the head and slowly pressed them down his dick, taking more and more into her mouth as she used her tongue to swipe her saliva down his meat.

Whit was in ecstasy. And it got even better when her lips kept going until they reached his abdomen and balls, signaling that Janie had taken his whole length into her mouth and throat.

“Fuck, girl, that’s unbelievable! I’ve never had that done before.”

Janie slowly worked her way back up and let the slippery head fall out of her mouth, and smiled.

“You’re big, but not as big as my uncle.”

And then she dipped her head back down and inhaled his dick again, this time going all the way down in one smooth move. As her mouth and throat swallowed him, her tongue was busy on his shaft, swirling all around and causing him exquisite pleasure.

She came back up and kept only the head in, sucking on it and licking underneath the crown. She was intent on what she was doing and it was driving Whit crazy.

It had been at least three days since he’d jerked off and Whit was already feeling his orgasm starting deep in his balls. Damn, this girl was as good as advertised.

Janie took him deep another two or three times and by that time he was ready to explode.

“Gonna come soon,” he gasped.

She placed the head of his dick just inside her lips and put a lot of suction on the tip, and that was enough to make him let loose.

Spurt after spurt of pent-up cum raced up his dick and into her mouth and all Janie did was keep slurping and stroking until it was all gone, swallowing the semen several times as her mouth filled up.

Then she removed his cock, gave it a kiss, and said, “You haven’t come for a while, have you? That was a lot. What did you think?”

Whit, breathing heavily, said, “Shit, girl, that was fabulous. Never had anybody go all the way down on me like that.”

“Best you ever had? … Wait, don’t answer that. You didn’t last very long and I’m in the mood for more of that delicious cum of yours. I’ll ask you again later.”

As Janie moved between his knees and spread his legs, Whit said, “You’re gonna do it again?”

“Why not? I love sucking cock.”

With that, Janie placed Whit’s cock head into her mouth and began a gentle licking and sucking action Escort Eskişehir that gradually changed his limp penis into a stiff cock.

All Whit could do was sink back onto his elbows and watch a master go to work. Fuck the fishing.

This time Janie did a little teasing, licking all around the head and shaft and running her large lips up and down one side and down the other. Then she got lower and tongued his balls, one at a time, and eventually gently sucked them into her mouth.

This was wonderful for Whit, but he wanted to see her go all the way down again. He was still amazed by that; he just didn’t want to be rude and ask for it.

But he got his wish about a minute later, when Janie sat up and said, “Are you ready for my specialty?”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll find out.”

Janie took a deep breath and then slowly and steadily swallowed his cock until he was balls deep. And then she started bobbing her head up and down in Whit’s lap and at an increasingly faster pace. That, alone, would have been quite a show.

But what Whit couldn’t believe was how far Janie went down each time – and returned all the way back out to the head – and how incredibly hard she was sucking. It was like her lips were constantly squeezing his dick as she moved up and down.

He was practically out of his mind with pleasure. A few minutes ago he wondered if he’d even come again, and now he was wondering how long he could hold off.

He’d received a number of blow jobs before, but what she was doing was something on an entirely different level. She did take one break to suck in some air, but went right back at it.

Whit didn’t even realize it at first, but his head was whipping back and forth, the elbows he was leaning on felt weak and his legs began shaking.

And then he exploded into another orgasm, this one a mind-bender that caused him to yell out in ecstasy.

Janie handled his second load much differently. She allowed the cream to blast into her mouth, but then she let it trickle out over his dick and balls, and she moved her hand down to stroke him while he calmed down.

When Whit’s breathing – and hers – returned to close to normal, she bent down and took his cock into her mouth again and cleaned it off, inch by inch. And then she went even lower and swirled her tongue around his base and balls until she sucked up as much cum as she could find.

Then she licked her fingers clean, swiped her tongue around her lips and sat up.

“So … best you’ve ever had?”

“Oh, my god. There’s never been any even close to that. You almost blew my mind, too.”

“Ha, ha. Told ya I was good.”

“Good? That was so far past good, I don’t even know a word for it. Wait, how about legendary?”

“I like that.”

“Tell me how you got this good. You said you started with your cousins?”

So Janie told him how cock sucking had become almost an obsession for her.

She had grown up around her cousins, but farm work was hard and both families had a lot of work for the kids to do, so she didn’t see her cousins much other than when the families got together for meals or events. When they reached high school age, the boys went to the local school and Janie was home schooled by her mom.

But by the summer before what would have been her senior season, after she had turned 18, apparently her cousins noticed her developing body and their hormones allowed them to overlook her plain face.

One particularly hot day, after the chores were done, the oldest cousin, Junior, saw Janie returning home and asked if she wanted to go for a swim. She was pleased to be asked, and never gave a thought to not having a swim suit.

They walked down to the hole where Whit had been fishing and Janie was shocked when Junior stripped off his clothes and dove in. She was momentarily paralyzed. But when Junior said, “C’mon in, the water’s great!” she decided to just go for broke. She took a lot longer than Junior to get undressed, but it did feel good when she hit the water.

After about 10 minutes in the refreshing stream, Junior said he was getting out. He walked into the shallow water and then up to the bank, and Janie watched him the entire way. She had been having a lot more sexual feelings lately and this was the most exciting thing she’d ever done.

As Junior got dressed, Janie started getting out of the water, and she felt Junior’s eyes on her.

“Damn, Janie, you sure have grown up in the last year. And I mean that in the nicest way.”

“Well, thanks.”

“Hope you don’t mind if I stare – your body is hot. Look what you’re doing to me.”

With that, Junior pulled down the shorts he’d just put on, and Janie’s eyes got big when she saw his plump and almost hard penis pop out. She’d never actually seen one before and was fascinated.

“Oh my … I … did I do that to you?”

“Yes, you did – watching you get out of the water and watching those nice titties of yours bouncing around,” said Junior, as he took hold of his dick and did a few slow strokes until it was completely hard.

“Well, I’ve never seen one before, other than some pictures.”

“C’mere, you can see it all you want.”

Junior took a seat in the grass and Janie slowly joined him, keeping her eyes on his cock the whole time.

“Can I touch it?”

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