Andrea , Jack Ch. 02

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It would be helpful to read the first chapter of this story, so that this story will make more sense. As always, this is all made up.

A few weeks went by since that fateful night when Jack and Andrea crossed over the taboo line with each other. They managed to sneak some time together, and they helped themselves to each other, learning more and more about each other sexually.

Today was Jack’s day off, and as part of the “rent” that he paid his parents, he was cutting the grass. Jack was wearing denim shorts steel toed boots, and safety goggles. He was shirtless, but he was wearing a baseball hat. As it was, it was hot and muggy outside, and his athletic chest glistened with sweat. His other sister Donna was visiting her boyfriend Brad across town, and their parents were on a cruise, celebrating their anniversary.

Finishing the back yard, Jack moved to the front. As he was finishing the lawn, Andrea pulled up in her Honda. Jack could see that she had her boyfriend, Steve with her. Jack liked Steve; they had been in some classes together in high school, and while they weren’t close friends, Jack new Steve was an okay guy.

As Andrea got out of the car and waved at her brother. Steve came around from the other side of the car, and put his arm around his girlfriend. Just under six feet tall, Steve didn’t really have an athlete’s body, more lean and wiry. He had sandy blonde hair that came down to his shoulders, which was kept in its usual ponytail. He was in shorts, and had a t-shirt on of some obscure band.

Jack stopped the mower, and greeted his sister and her boyfriend. “What have you guys been up to?”

Steve said, “Not much. I have a new CD that I want Andrea to hear.” Steve stared at Jack in a way that was slightly unnerving. “Maybe when you’re done, you could give it a listen.”

“Sure, why not,” Jack replied. “I’m always on the lookout for something new.” Andrea kissed her brother on the cheek and said, “See you inside then.”

Ten minutes later, Jack finished the lawn. He put the mower back in the garage, and went inside. On the table, he found a glass of lemonade, and a note that read, “Thought you’d like this. Come see us when you’re out of the shower. Andrea.”

Jack downed the drink in no time, and headed to his bedroom. He passed his sister’s room on the way. Andrea and Steve were sitting on the bed, listening to the music, not even noticing he was there. Jack got to his room, stripped, and headed for the bathroom after wrapping a towel around his waist.

While soaping up, Jack wondered if Andrea and Steve had had sex yet. They’d been going out for two weeks, and Andrea seemed really happy. He pictured Andrea giving Steve head. The thought of his sister with Steve aroused him, and his cock hardened. He soaped up his cock and began to stroke it. He picked up momentum as the scene shifted to Steve taking Andrea from behind. He wondered what Steve’s ass looked like. He then wondered why he was wondering that.

Jack stopped masturbating and finished his shower. He dried himself off, and went to his sister’s room to tell Andrea and Steve that he would come back after he got dressed. As he got to Andrea’s door, he noticed that it was almost closed. He looked in, and it was as if they new what he was thinking. Andrea was sitting on the bed, giving Steve a blowjob.

Jack took in the scene. Steve was naked from the waist down, his hair freely flying about his head, having been released from the ponytail. Andrea looked at the door, and motioned her brother to join them.

Jack entered the room and crossed the room to his sister’s bed. Andrea stopped her oral pleasuring of Steve, and she said, “Want some company?”

Steve looked a bit shocked when he saw Jack, but answered, “I don’t mind sharing, if you don’t?” Instead of looking at Jack, he said this to Andrea.

“Not at all,” Andrea said, and picked up where she left off.

Jack got on the bed. He then positioned himself so he could play with his sister’s pussy. He could see that Steve did a good job of getting her going; she was very wet. Jack bypassed fingering her, and started to lick her slit, and wrap his tongue around her hardened clit. He knew that his sister liked it, and she moaned her approval, which vibrated around Steve’s cock. Steve gasped as he enjoyed both the feeling and sensation of Andrea’s mouth on his manhood. But he also liked the looks of Jack’s eight-inch turgid cock. He stripped off his shirt, reached down, and lightly ran his fingers up and around his girlfriend’s brother’s pole.

Jack felt the hand on his cock, but kept on eating his sister’s pussy. It was when the hand wrapped itself around his member, that he realized it was Steve’s. Hatay Escort It felt good.

Andrea saw Steve’s hand on her brother’s cock, and it turned her on more. She slid her mouth off Steve’s dick, and sat on her brother’s face. Steve took the hint, and his mouth zeroed in on it’s objective.

Jack knew the tongue on his balls were Steve’s. If it hadn’t felt so good, he would have stopped him. But Steve seemed to know what he was doing. Soon, Andrea turned around, so that she could get a better look.

Steve licked up and down Jack’s cock, enjoying the feeling of it on his tongue. He’d only ever been with one guy, but he knew he liked guys as well as girls. He shifted so that he could rub Jack’s balls with his hand. He liked the feeling of having another man’s balls in his hands. Jack seemed to like it, too.

Andrea joined her man, and they both took turns licking and sucking Jack’s cock. All the attention caused Jack to tense up and shot rope after rope of semen from the purple head of his cock. Both Steve and Andrea were hit in the face with some of Jack’s seed, while the rest landed on Jack’s chest and belly. Steve and Andrea lapped up the excess, and then licked each other’s face, so as not to waste a drop of Jack’s warm product.

Andrea couldn’t believe how turned on she was. She grabbed her boyfriend, and threw him on his back next to Jack. She then quickly impaled herself to the hilt on Steve’s seven-inch cock. It was a little thicker than Jack’s and she bounced herself up and down on his pole.

Jack looked at the ecstatic look on Steve’s face. He leaned over, and kissed his sister’s boyfriend. Steve eagerly accepted Jack’s tongue, and they kissed while Andrea’s sliding up and down Steve’s cock. Jack rubbed his hands up and down Steve’s hairless body. Steve could take no more, and lifting his ass off the bed, he fired his load into the now-orgasming Andrea’s cunt. It seemed to go on for an eternity, but soon Andrea slipped off her boyfriend, and lay down beside him on the opposite side from her brother.

Jack saw Steve’s flagging cock, and moved down to it. He caressed Steve’s hairless sack, and pointed Steve’s cock to the ceiling. He then leaned over, and put the shrinking member in his mouth.

He tasted the mixture of Steve and Andrea’s sex juices, and he could distinguish his sister’s flavoring on the pole from that of her boyfriend’s. Sweet and salty flavors met his mouth, and Steve’s juices differed only slightly from his own.

Licking the shaft quickly brought Steve’s cock back to stiffness. Jack began to bob up and down on Steve’s prick, and he was really getting into it. Steve enjoyed having Jack blow him. He felt the familiar stirrings of another orgasm building, and said, “Be ready, Jack, I’m cummminngg!” He shot his load into Jack’s mouth. Jack for his part, sucked down every last drop, but saved a bit to kiss his sister with.

When they broke off their kiss, Andrea told them both, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know either of you like guys, too. It’s like winning the lottery!”

“I didn’t realize myself until just now, but I enjoyed it,” said Jack. Looking at Steve, he said, “You, sir, could teach a class on how to suck cock. That was fantastic.”

“Thanks,” replied Steve. “I’ve only been with one other guy. I mostly like girls, but I practice cock sucking on some cucumbers and carrots that my mother usually has in the fridge.”

“Jack, Steve’s fucked me, now it’s your turn,” Andrea said to her brother.

“Twist my arm, sis,” was his reply. Andrea got on all fours, and Jack, now hard again, thrust himself into his sister’s pussy. Steve watched as brother and sister became as one, fucking in front of him. Steve began to stroke himself, turned on not only by the fact that he was this close to sex, but that they all had broken several taboos of sex.

Jack and Andrea were oblivious to this. They both concentrated on the sensation of feeling the other one on their sex, Jack picked up the pace a bit, and Andrea responded with moans of pleasure.

Then Jack took Andrea by surprise by pulling her up and back onto him. The result was a reverse cowgirl that she had seen in some porn she found on the internet. While she enjoyed it, she wanted to see the look on Jack’s face when the both came. She rotated on her brother’s cock so that she could look into his eye’s.

Steve saw this as an opportunity to get into the action. He got behind Andrea, and spit on his hand. He then used the wet fingers to rub around Andrea’s ass hole. Andrea stopped, wondering what Steve was up to, but Jack caught on quickly, as he gave Steve a nod of approval.

Steve put spit on his Hatay Escort Bayan cock, and pointed its purple head at Andrea. As it got to her sphincter, Andrea knew then what Steve planned. “I’m not so sure about this, Steve,” she said.

“Just relax baby, I’ll take it slowly.” Steve slowly inserted his hard cock into Andrea’s ass. Andrea wasn’t too keen on the idea, until she felt Steve’s cock bump against her brother’s cock that was in her cunt. Then she helped him inside her and told them both, “I’ll set the pace.”

Slowly she eased herself up and down the two cocks. The initial pain was replaced by the bliss of being fucked by two cocks. She alternated pushing hard against Steve’s cock; then the next down stroke, Jack would feel her weight on his. This went on for about a dozen strokes. Andrea could take no more, and she dropped all her weight on Jack’s cock, as she tensed both holes around the two cocks, and shrieked in orgasmic bliss.

Steve was at the brink, but when Andrea clenched down on his cock, and felt her spasming cunt clamp down on his cock, he let loose pulse after pulse of semen into Andrea’s bowels.

Feeling both, Jack cried out as he came in Andrea’s pussy. Jack raised his arms to catch his collapsing sister, supporting her with his elbows on the mattress. He could then feel Steve’s weight, as he leaned forward on her. Then Steve leaned backwards, and watched as his shriveling sex organ was pushed out of Andrea’s anus. Andrea rolled off her brother, and hit the bed beside him, face first.

When they all had the energy to speak, Steve said, “I’ve never cum so hard in my life. That was amazing!”

“Yeah,” was all Jack could manage between pants, “I think Andrea’s passed out.”

“Let’s let her sleep. I need a shower, and I need help soaping my back,” Steve winked Jack.

When they could manage it, they got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. It had a garden tub, and a large shower. Jack got Steve a towel, and placed it on the toilet, as Steve turned on the shower, and adjusted the temperature of the water to a good level.

Jack looked at Steve. He hadn’t noticed what a small, tight ass he had. He went over and put his arms around his sister’s boyfriend. “Be gentle; it’s my first time,” he said, only half kidding. He ran his hands up and down Steve’s body. Stopping at his cock, he then added, “You’ll need help cleaning that beast,” and gave a gentle squeeze to Steve’s balls.

“That’s what I was hoping for. Let’s get in before we use up all the hot water,” Steve replied.

The stepped in and closed the shower door, Jack pulled Steve’s face to his, and kissed him deeply. Steve returned the kiss with gusto. As their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth, the two explored each other’s body.

Steve said, “You’ve got a nice ass there, buddy.” He reached for the soap, “We have to get it nice and clean.”

“Okay, but I think your cock needs and extra special cleaning, too,” Jack said, taking the soap from Steve’s hand. As Jack went to his knees, he grabbed the washcloth that was in the shower and lathered it up with the soap. He then put three fingers on Steve’s cock, and held it up so that he could wash it. As Jack went this way and that with the cloth, Steve’s dormant pole began to look Jack in the eye. He made sure that the penis was rinsed off by placing it in his mouth. The sensation of the water hitting his body, and Jack sucking his cock was pure bliss for Steve. But he had to forego his pleasure, as he had a different purpose for his dick.

He told Jack to stand up, and with another cloth, began to soap down Jack. He started at his face, and worked the lather up all over his upper body, stopping at the waist. He then knelt down, and soaped up Jack’s legs, working the soap all over, save his cock and ass.

“Would you like a thorough cleaning, Jack?” Steve asked coyly.

“You better believe it,” was Jack’s response. Jack then worked the washcloth gently on Jack’s balls, working around the soap, and then cleaned Jack’s cock. Steve pumped Jack’s pole a couple of times, and then said, “Turn around, and lean forward.”

Jack did as instructed. Steve took the cloth, and worked it all over Jack’s ass. He then told Jack to spread his legs just a bit. Doing so parted the cheeks of Jack’s butt, and Steve wasted no time soaping it up. He then reached around and grabbed Jack’s cock. As he stroked his girlfriend’s brother with one hand, he worked a finger up and down the crack of Jack’s ass.

Jack was startled at first when he felt one of Steve’s fingers poke his sphincter, but he relaxed, and realized it felt rather nice. Then, Steve added another digit, and Jack enjoyed Escort Hatay that, too.

“Jack, this might hurt a bit, but there’s some lube on the shelf here,’ Steve said. He’d stopped masturbating Jack, and pulled his fingers out of the dark place. He took the bottle, and liberally dosed Jack’s crack with it, and rubbed some on his throbbing cock. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” Jack replied as Steve’s cock penetrated his ass. It hurt a bit, especially since Steve’s cock was so thick, but Steve also moved slowly into him, stopped, and pulled back, almost withdrawing his rod. But then Steve slowly pushed back in, a little deeper this time. He repeated the process until Steve fully buried his cock in Jack’s ass.

Jack was hard. He was turned on. He began to enjoy the feeling of the cock in is ass. “I never imagined this, but it sure feels good, Steve,” he said.

“Thanks. You’re so tight, it really feels good on my cock. Let’s not rush and enjoy it,” Steve replied.

Jack slowly moved back and forth on the cock that was impaling him. Each time Steve was fully inside him, his cock twitched. The slow thrusting became a little faster with each stroke, and soon, Steve was pumping Jack’s ass like piston. Jack tried tightening his ass’ grip on Steve’s cock. Both moaned with the pleasure that it brought. Then, Jack felt Steve give a final push, tense, and felt his new friend’s cock pulsing cum into his bowels. He could feel the warmth of Steve’s spunk inside him. Combined with the final thrust, Jack’s cock spasmed, and he, too, came, splashing his seed on the wall of the shower.

“That was great,” said Jack. Then an evil smile crossed his face when he realized he was still hard as a rock, “It’s you’re turn now,” as he kissed Steve again.

Steve, still a little weak kneed, turned around in the shower. Jack treated Steve’s ass as gingerly as his had been. “Don’t worry about sticking any fingers up there. I’ve done this before,” Steve told Jack.

Jack took the lube, and rubbed on Steve’s crack. He then put a liberal amount on his cock, and put it to Steve’s hole. Steve was right; Jack’s cock buried itself inside Steve smoothly. “I may have only had sex with one guy, but we fucked like rabbits,” Steve explained.

Steve started back and forth on Jack’s cock. It was a little bigger than his ex, Mark’s cock. However, it felt good having Jack inside him.

As before, they started slowly, and picked up the pace. When they were at a good pace, Jacked started pumping just a little harder. Steve gasped as Jack pushed the full length of his cock into his ass, and orgasmed. As Jack pulled out, a little trickle of his semen leaked out of Steve’s ass.

“That was so hot guys,” Andrea said, standing at the doorway of the shower. “I think I came just watching you two.”


The next day, Jack awoke in his bed, on his side. In front of him was his sister, behind him, Steve. Jack was sure his hard on was because it was morning wood, but he gently slid down slightly, carefully parted his sister’s legs. He then slowly guided his cock into her cunt, stopping when it was all the way in.

Andrea stirred a little bit, but didn’t seem to wake up. Jack began to slowly work his shaft in and out of his sister. Slowly, her eyes opened, and realized what was going on. “That’s a nice way to wake up,” Andrea told her brother. He was about to respond when he felt Steve’s cock pushing against his ass.

“I see you’re awake, too,” Jack said to his sister’s boyfriend. “Lets do this properly. Andrea, get on your knees.”

She did as she was told, temporarily breaking the contact with her brother’s cock. Jack got behind her, and put his cock to the hilt in her pussy. Steve then got behind Jack, and slowly penetrated his ass.

Three became one, and Jack set the pace. He would move nearly off Steve’s cock as he penetrated his sister. On the backstroke, he would impale himself on Steve. Back and forth, three moving as one as their goal was to give each other pleasure. Jack felt he was getting the best of both worlds, and he was both the fucker and the fucked.

The thought of that turned him on more, and his movements became more rapid. Steve held onto Jack’s hips, just as Jack was doing the same to Andrea. All three of them moaned, as each was being pleasure differently, but with the same goal.

Suddenly, Steve pulled Jack back onto his cock as his was the first orgasm. The sudden movement, coupled with the warmth of Steve’s spunk pulsing into his ass, sent Jack over the brink. He pulled his sister back forcefully on his cock, and cried out as he shot his load into the forbidden zone of his sister’s cunt. Andrea, realizing that both her men came, explosively orgasmed herself; her juices mixed, with that of her brother’s and Steve’s sperm, showered all over Jack’s cock.

They fell into a heap on the bed in each other’s arms, reveling in the afterglow. Finally, Jack asked, “What do you guys want for breakfast?”

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