Angel from Alabama

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My former English student Karla had wanted to meet me for coffee, late. What was wrong with her? She never came over this late. Since high school ended, she had been missing me a lot. She always was visiting me after her summer job. There’s no doubt she’s lonely. Something was up. Could she possibly have feelings for me?

Karla was a good girl. She’d been Christian her whole life. The problem is, I’ve always wanted to fuck her. Her faith had blocked every cock before. That’s right. I never heard guys talk about fucking her in school. I’m pretty sure Karla is a virgin. She’s got long brown hair, a fit body, and gorgeous blue eyes. I think, however, now that high school is over, she’s in heat. Tonight’s my chance to fuck her hard. I want to fill up all her holes. However, how am I going to get God’s permission to fuck his daughter? I prayed,

“God, please let me fuck Karla. I’ll date her, I promise. Just let me have her, tonight.”

The prayer wasn’t evil at all, ha ha. The door bell rang, and Karla was there, in a tank top and skirt. Had she dressed up? She asked me,

“Are you ready to go?”

We were going to the coffee shop down the street. We went down to my car, and we drove there, me noticing that Karla had placed her hand on my shoulder. When we arrived, she kissed me on the cheek. I asked,

“Karla? Are you feeling okay?”

She giggled, and replied,

“I’ve just always liked you, Mr. Varner.”

I laughed, and said,

“Please, call me Bryan.”

We entered the coffee shop, and sat down. The waitress took our orders, and brought us two espressos. We sat there, smiling, and drank our coffee. Karla slid next to me, after we had finished our cups, and started to rub me under the table. She kissed me, tongue and all, and asked,

“Where are we going to do it?”

We got up, and I took her to my car, as the bathroom was too risky. We drove down to the quiet park, and I reclined the seat, and shoved Karla’s head down on my now exposed cock. I gripped her long brown hair, and shoved her face fast on my large member. I then let her come up for air, and helped her take off her tank and unhook her bra, revealing her perky tits, which were large and perfect. She then pulled down her skirt, and slid her Ataşehir Escort panties to the side, where she proceeded to mount me in the front seat. Karla rode me like a pro. Was she really a virgin? My dick knew how tight her pussy was, but, damn. A car got near us, and we didn’t stop. In took her to the backseat, and bent Karla over. I fucked her deep, not worried if anyone sees us. In fact, it made it more exciting. After we had finished, with Karla letting out a loud orgasm, we got our clothes back on, and drove to my place.

We entered my apartment, and sat down, with Karla asking,

“Why don’t you relax?”

I put on some television, as Karla started to kiss me and rub my crotch. She worked it as my balls slowly but surly filled, and it was not long before she was leading me by the hand back into the bedroom. We laid down, and made out, me making sure to pay careful attention to Karla’s wonderful tits. I eventually helped her out of her top, getting her bra off, too, and watched as she squeezed her tits together.

“I know you want to fuck them, baby.”

I smiled, and kissed Karla deep, and began to fuck her tits, gratefully. She moaned and opened her mouth, and I used my long manhood to catch her in the mouth. As my excitement built, I got off of her, and inserted into her wet crevice. I kissed her, first on the tits, and then her neck, and finally her lips. She then wrapped her legs around me, and shouted,

“I want to have your baby, Bryan!”

We had never even dated before. Is this natural for a Christian girl from Alabama? I pushed into her, nice and slow, and whispered,

‘”I’ve always loved you, Karla.”

Karla moaned, and looked me deep in the eyes. I spread her legs, grabbing them up, making sure to cradle my cock so no cum gets loose. If I’m really the first to get a shot to knock her up, I’m going to succeed with flying colors. As I pushed harder, Karla moaned,

“Oh, baby, I love you so much…”

Karla’s pussy tingled, ans my cock throbbed in her deep, as we copulated, and kissed over and over again. I pushed harder, and faster, Karla moaning, turning me on, and making me fall in love with her. She kissed me again, and I suckled her breasts, as she started to unleash Anadolu Yakası Escort her orgasm. I held out, not wanting her juice to eject my cum. After she left her cum all over my thigh, I got up, and buried my face in her, lapping up all of her sweet nectar. {I swallowed all of her cum, and then lifted her legs in the air, and fucked Karla deep and hard. She moaned, and breathed faster, our sweat pouring from our bodies. I held her legs tight, and came in her deep, panting heavy as I did so. I yelled,

“I adore you, baby girl!”

I held my cock deep in her, and then had her put her legs behind her head, as to make sure the semen didn’t trickle out. I kissed her with tongue, and rubbed her tits, until all my cum had made it up her. She laid there, naked, and eventually fell asleep, after Karla said,

“Never leave me, Bryan.”

I laid back, sleeping with her. The next morning, she began to convulse, and I was sure that Karla was pregnant. It only took one time for her to get knocked up. God gave us a miracle. We would become engaged that day, announcing it in the paper. We didn’t fuck around again until our honeymoon, right after the baby was born. We rented a hotel room, at a lake resort. This time, Karla let me use a condom, and presented herself facedown for me to enjoy.I fucked her pussy, filling up the condom quickly as I had waited 9 long months for this chance. I removed the condom, and let her suck off the remaining cum on my cock, proceeding to then fist her, which she enjoyed intensely. I then flipped her over, and shoved my member in her ass, which was perfect, enjoying the tightness of Karla’s virgin butthole. This really excited her, and made her moan fast. I came again, this time with Karla, and I grabbed out another condom, and sat down in the chair. Karla mounted me, in reverse, and I fondled her breasts and rubbed her clit as she rode me good, just like our first time. She eventually turned around, and I grabbed her ass, driving my cock deep in her. She kissed me, many times, and I licked her nipples, until we came together again. She smiled, and frenched me, and said,

“Mr. Varner, you were always the best sex ed teacher.”

This had been the best moment we shared before our very Kartal Escort serious marriage life began. About every few years, I knocked her up again, as this southern girl was very fertile. We attended church every week, us cherishing the fact that God gave us the chance to hook up. I was the only one to fuck Karla, and I love that. but often daydream of sharing her. One night, I brought one of her former friends over, a girl named Mindi. Mindi was a well known skank. Karla had been seemingly curious for a long while, so I thought I’d give this a shot. I had Karla watch threesome porn right before Mindi arrived, and told her to work herself with a vibe as I go grab something. I silently let Mindi in, who saw Karla, and before she could take out her vibe, Mindi reached in her purse, and grabbed out a black double dildo, and began to fuck herself alongside her. This surprised Karla, but only in a good way, as she got on the other end and started to fuck. I shoved my cock in Karla’s mouth, and deepthroated her, until she came, and then proceeded to insert into Karla’s pussy as Mindi climbed up on the couch to sit on Karla’s face. I had gotten Karla on the pill recently for this whole experience, not telling her about this surprise threesome. I fucked her deep, while kissing Mindi, and playing with Mindi’s voluptuous perky tits.

We shifted position, letting Karla now take it from behind as she fingered Mindi and shoved her dildo deep in her. I couldn’t help but switch holes as Karla licked Mindi’s clit as she toyed her, ne fucking her ass deep. I panted, spanking Karla hard, gripping her ass as I listened to both of them moan. I then shot a load in Karla’s glorious butt, letting our cum trickle back down onto my cock. I then let Karla and Mindi enjoy some 69, until both came, with both of them loving the taste of their juices. Mindi then got up, kissing us both.

Mindi now visits us three times a week. Karla, that reserved church mouse from Alabama, has turned into a sexual dynamo and a really good wife. Thanks to my education, of course. I’m so glad I was her sex ed teacher years ago. I had gained a fascination with her as she grew up that never vanished. I share my wife with all the girls, as Karla believes that for her to remain loyal to God she must only suck and fuck my junk. (I guess all those strapons, including her favorite, the horse one, don’t count.) We are in utter bliss, and we even got Karla trying bdsm. I’ll spare you those details, as she likes to be filmed and you can easily find us online.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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