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It was because of Angela that my predilection for mature women was formed. Perhaps it was also due in part to the significance of the date, 18th of February 1982, my eighteenth birthday. After all losing your virginity to a woman twenty three years your senior is bound to have a profound and ever lasting affect.

I was living in a fairly remote coastal town in Western Australia at that time; a builder’s labourer having just left high school with not much of an idea of what I wanted to do with the future. It was a time of no responsibilities and of not having much of a care in the world.

I was a shy boy by nature and that fact, combined with the teenage difficulty of being new to town only 18 months earlier meant that I had only had one girlfriend in that time and I was still a virgin to boot. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to explore the tight, lithe body of my girlfriend; I was just not pushy enough to put the proposition to her.

Angela was to initiate me into the heady world of sex in an inspiring fashion.

I was aware of the gorgeous Angela for months before our fateful encounter. She was my friend’s mother and I had entertained myself on numerous nocturnal occasions where she played the starring role in masturbatory fantasies. In fact Angela was a walking, talking, living wet dream.

I knew I wasn’t alone in my worship of Angela’s generous curves, pretty face and blonde hair. I had had several discussions regarding Angela’s assets with friends from school and we were all of the same opinion; Pete’s mum was hot stuff.

To describe Angela in detail: She was forty one years old when I reached my eighteenth birthday. Fairly tall, at least five foot ten to my six feet. Willowy limbed with well shaped, slim legs. Legs that she showed off to honey tanned perfection all the time in short skirts or tight shorts. She got away with such show off behaviour because of the high temperatures along the West Australian coastline. She had a very pretty face that was framed by ash blonde hair. Her teeth were white with the front two being slightly crooked teeth gave her a rather endearing smile and actually emphasised her prettiness rather than detract from it. She had a flat tummy and absolutely the best, most shapely tits in town (there had been a schoolboy vote on that particular subject). In fact Angela’s breasts were the topic of many conversations between just about 100% of the male population of the town. It wasn’t the size of her globes that prompted so much conjecture, although they were a decent sized pair, but rather their overall shape and apparent ability to defy gravity. They were full and rounded, well sized and shapely ultimately tipped by long, seemingly permanently erect nipples.

There wasn’t a man, or boy, in town who wouldn’t have taken the opportunity, with no second thoughts of the consequences whatsoever, to play with Angela if he was lucky enough to ever get the chance.

Such luck is on the scale of a large lottery win. On my eighteenth birthday, my numbers all came up.

On the morning of that day I had absolutely no idea of the events that were about to unfold. If I had I would probably never have left the house! Angela in fantasy form was perfection; the reality of her was intimidating to an overwhelming degree.

I passed the day fairly normally, I went to work and moved timber around for the chippies and generally tidied up the sites that were slowly being transformed into houses for the rapidly increasing population of the town. Old George, the owner of the company that employed me stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and slipped me a $50 note on his way off the site. The day was going good.

After work I went home, showered and made Bayan Eskort my way over to Pete’s house at 7:30 as we’d arranged. As it happened Pete had had to go down to Perth with his Father because of some family crisis or other. This was the defining moment in the ‘Mrs Robinson’ experience that awaited me.

Angela opened the front door and the sight of her was truly amazing. She had been out in the back yard when I’d knocked and she had obviously been sunbathing because she was dressed in her bikini. Now the sight of Pete’s mum in her bikini in addition to the $50 from Old George was a superb birthday treat in itself and I would have been entirely satisfied if that had been the sum total of my birthday pleasures. Things were to get so much better though.

Angela explained the details of Pete’s absence whilst I stood and gawped at her splendid cleavage. Then she dropped a minor bombshell.

She invited me in for a celebratory birthday drink. Before I really knew what I was doing I’d followed Angela into the kitchen, taken a bottle of ice cold Emu and then been led out onto the patio at the back of the house. My hostess had poured herself a glass of chilled white wine and she sipped at it as she lounged back in her sun chair.

It must have been obvious to the mature woman that her semi nude form spread deliciously over the sun chair was causing me some degree of discomfort. Firstly I couldn’t bring myself to look directly at her. It felt as though her breasts were like magnets drawing my eyeballs inexorably towards them like the north arrow on a compass.

I think she took some sort of perverse pleasure in my discomfort because she was in no way ignorant of the effect her body was having on me and she did absolutely nothing to lessen my embarrassment.

After some talk about Pete, my girlfriend and my plans for the future we had come to the end of our drinks. It was this moment, I can see now, that Angela made a decision and she got up and went back to the kitchen. She returned with another large glass of wine for herself and a beer for me without bothering to ask if I’d wanted another. I think that if she had asked I would have probably declined out of shyness and left, something Angela probably knew and hence that was why she didn’t ask.

What happened next is like the corny plot of a porn film; she asked me to rub suntan lotion on her back. Special effects: wind up the appropriate dodgy seventies music.

To my utter disbelief Angela lay on her stomach and unclipped the bikini top she was wearing. Once again, before I truly realised what was happening I found myself rubbing slippery suntan oil into the soft, honeyed skin of this lovely creature’s back. I rubbed it into her shoulders, down her back to the top of her supple buttocks.

I hesitated there. I was in uncharted waters now. Hell, I was in uncharted waters an hour ago, now I was sinking fast!

When I stopped massaging the oil into Angela’s skin she shifted and raised herself up from the sun bed. She turned completely around, not caring that her tits were now wholly exposed to me. I noticed that Angela’s breasts had a very few light stria lines on the sides but once again these slight, faint imperfections only enhanced her overall sex appeal.

Angela just had a sly smile on her face and asked me outright if I was uncomfortable.

I couldn’t respond and She simply leaned forward, took my head between the palms of her hands and pressed her lips to mine.

It was that uncomplicated, Angela took complete control and there was no awkwardness on her part whatsoever. She had made her decision and that was it.

Angela held my face a kissed me lightly at first before probing Anadolu Yakası Escort at my lips with her tongue, forcing them apart and then fully French kissing me. The feeling of her tongue dancing with mine caused my penis to grow immediately erect. It was as stiff as iron, well I had only just turned seventeen that day, and it was the stiffest hard on I’d ever experienced.

Once Angela noticed my cock bulging painfully in my jeans she stroked it through the denim and caused it to stiffen even more, something I would have believed to be patently impossible.

She offered her tits to me and I eagerly sucked on distended nipples. Angela groaned as I suckled at her and squeezed her own firm tit flesh.first one and then the other of her

After only a few moments of this Angela stood and pulled me by the hand into the house. It was cool inside because of the air conditioning but I didn’t even notice. Angela took me into the bedroom she shared with her husband, she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down over my thighs, taking my pants with them and exposing my thick cock.

Angela let out a appreciative murmur as she saw my thick stalk for the first time and then she took it in her hand and began to slowly wank me.

The feeling was too wonderful for words. I had pulled my own cock often naturally, but this was the first time anyone else had ever touched my prick in a sexual way other than myself. After a few strokes of her cool fingers on my cock shaft Angela knelt in front of me and wrapped her lips around the purple dome of my cock end.

She sucked me slowly and gently and then licked my shaft from tip to root before taking my glans back between her lips.

I was obvious what was going to happen. The sight of Angela in her bikini had aroused me for the last hour as we sat outside. My cock had never had such tender treatment from a woman before, never mind that this was one of the most desirable women in the town. The vision of Angela’s blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock, her firm, big tits jiggling coupled with the feelings her mouth and hands caused within my aching cock made the cum boil in my shaft.

The first jet of spunk caught Angela by surprise and shot right into her mouth. She let my gushing prick slip from between her lips and was immediately hit by more thick sprays of cum on her face and in her hair. She laughed at the shock and force of my outpouring and thick gobs of spunk dripped from her chin onto the upper slopes of her breasts.

Angela stood up with my semen dripping from her face and she scooped as much as she could into her mouth using her fingers.

My cock was still rock hard and Angela told me to undress as she pulled her bikini bottoms down and stepped out of the flimsy garment.

When I was naked my lover came to me and kissed me again. I tasted my own cum on her lips and tongue and the idea of tasting it didn’t bother me at all. I was too aroused by the feel of this experienced woman in my hands to care about trivialities such as that.

Now it was time for another ‘first’ for me. I was now going to taste a woman’s juices for the first time in my life. Just as Angela forged my liking for mature women it must have been her lessons in cunnilingus that gave me an appetite for licking a woman at that most intimate and sensitive of places.

Her murmured instructions at how hard, soft, fast or slow to probe at her body with my tongue coupled with my desire to please her meant that I was able to have this paragon of womanhood quivering and gasping in rapture on my face. The fact that I was actually able to perform such feats upon a woman such as she has given me the will and the confidence Pendik Escort to bring many women such pleasure over the years. But those are stories for another time!

I learnt fast how to lick the hard nubbin of her clit, how to probe with my tongue and nibble her labia. I learnt to gently finger fuck her as a licked the tight rose of her arse, something that sent her into a flood of ecstatic moans and terms of filthy endearment.

Finally after what seemed an age of oral action Angela told me to fuck her. The sound of that word made my stomach flip with excitement and Angela held my cock and parted her legs so as to allow me access to her body.

I looked down at her and the image of her is imprinted on my brain. Her pretty face screwed up in sexual concentration, blonde hair awry, skin lightly oiled with her perspiration, nipples taut and finally the light blonde fuzz of her pubic bush is a memory of that moment I will keep forever.

She rubbed my cock head around her now sticky labia and over her clit before positioning me at the entrance. Finally I slipped into her, sliding balls deep into her hot liquid centre. Angela moaned as I slid inside her and I lifted myself up on my extended arms so I could see my slick penis shaft slide in and out as we fucked.

Once again Angela instructed me. Finally I was pounding at her sex as she implored me to fuck her over and over. The sound of the filthy words coming from my friend’s mother as I fucked her sent me over the edge again and I poured my second load deep into my seducers clenching cunt.

As I came so did Angela and she raked my back with her nails and kissed me with such ferocity that I was unsure if she was all right or not.

After that initial session Angela padded out to the kitchen on her bare feet and came back with some water and some more alcohol. Of course being such a youngster I was full of ardour and ready to go again in a matter of minutes. My shyness had evaporated; it was as though I had poured it out of my body as I spurted my hot seed into my lover. I began to feel Angela’s skin and massage her body. Of course I paid huge amounts of attention to her perfect tits and the feel of her soft, pliable tit flesh soon had me rock hard again.

This time Angela knelt on her knees, resting on her elbows and she unashamedly offered her cunt to me in an invitation to take her from behind. I was a good student and was soon holding onto Angela’s hips as I slid my big cock into her. Once again my lover was giving me filthy instructions to fuck her.

It was fantastic to have her on the end of my cock and to be getting such an enthusiastic response to my exertions. If I could make the experienced, mature Angela come with my tongue and cock then I felt that no woman was beyond me.

I reached forward and felt the heavy weight of Angela’s tits as I cupped them in my palms and squeezed them. I felt her hard, rubbery nipples with the tips of my fingers and teased them so that they became stiff and huge to my touch. Angela also showed me how to rub her clit as I fucked her, an act that managed to bring her to another loud climax.

Angela and I fucked in a variety of positions, each one a new and exciting experience to me. She was very enthusiastic and very energetic and I finally gushed my third load of spunk into her as she slid up and down my cock with her in complete control sitting astride me. I moaned and groaned, as my orgasm seemed to pull my very core out through my penis and into Angela’s welcoming body.

As I lay spent Angela leant forward and her big breasts squashed into my chest. As she kissed me tenderly she kept my now wilting penis held in the liquid grip of her cunt. I felt my cum slide from her and dribble down over my balls as she held me tightly.

Finally Angela left me in her bed and went to shower. She came back into the bedroom dressed in her towelling robe and asked me if I’d like to spend the night with her.

What a birthday it had been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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