Angie Meets Jay

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Angie logs onto her dating website. She has a message from a very nice looking man in Alabama. She checks his profile and his pictures are amazing. He is handsome, sweet smile, very nice profile. She likes him. He fits her idea of a nice safe date. She is picky about the men she dates. She likes confident, handsome, clean cut , drama free, unattached and erotic men. She can usually feel them some by looking at their photos. She sends him back a message and his name is Jay. They exchange phone numbers and start texting each other.

Jay sends her a very nice picture and she is excited. She sends him one and he likes it as well. They text for awhile and he sends her a photo of his cock, only she is flabbergasted. She has never seen a cock that hugh in her life and she is fascinated. Of course she sends a text back asking him if that is a real cock.

He tells her “Oh yes, I assure you, it is very real.”

She has never had one that big and is really a bit worried about it. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed about not being able to take a big cock.

She is very aroused by the photo. Just thinking about that big cock excited her. She imagines how its will feel sliding into her wet pussy. Angie is so aroused that she slides her hand down between her thighs and caresses her swollen clit. She feels that sweet orgasm coming to a rise in her hot pussy. She begins to rub faster with her finger tip as she ever so slightly rubs her hard nipples and moans from the pleasure she is feeling. She thinks of his lips kissing her with so much passion and her body begins to shake with the erotic spasms of the orgasm that is taking over her body. She loses complete control and lets the passion explode.

Jay tells Angie that he will be in town visiting his family and would she like to get together the next weekend? She is very excited and tells him yes. They start sex-ting each other through the week. He is so exciting and she just gets so hot and horny for him after each text. She is at work and he is keeping her desires flowing and her pussy hot. Her nipples stay hard all day. She has a slight grin on her face and some people even ask what she is smiling about and she just smiles even bigger but never tells. She is looking so forward to that first encounter with Jay that the week seems forever long.

Finally the day is here and Angie is way too excited. She takes her time getting ready. Jay said that he had gotten a hotel room at a nearby hotel and asks her to meet him there if she is comfortable with the idea. She is very comfortable with that idea. Of course she is still so nervous thinking about the size of his cock. She has looked at that picture he sent her all week ,wondering and imagining what it would look and feel like. She even smiled and wondered how he can keep that big cock from being so prominent and bulging out. She can’t wait to see the real thing. He had asked her to wear a dress and she had planned on doing that. She tried on every dress she had but she had recently lost a lot of weight and nothing she had fit anymore. They hung on her small frame like a curtain. She opted for a pair of jeans and nice top. She was ready to meet Jay.

She called Jay to find out which hotel room he was in. When Isparta Escort she arrived she was so nervous and excited. She walks up to the door and knocks. When he opens the door she is very pleased. He is just as handsome in person as he is in his photos. He invites her in and she steps through the door. After some small talk Jay asks if he can have a kiss. Angie walks over to him and wraps her arms around his neck and they kiss very passionately. Oh his kisses are so soft and sweet and his tongue slowly searches her hungry mouth. She wants him so

bad. Her pussy is so wet now that she can feel the juices.

They part and she looks in his eyes and feels the big bulge between his legs. That really excites her. She wants that big cock that has been on her mind all week. She stares at it through his pants and gets so embarrassed when he catches her looking. She can’t help it though. She is so curious.

“Are you hungry?” Jay asks.

“A little bit.” Angie replies.

“Lets drive over to the beach and find a place to eat and have a few drinks.” He says.

“We can find a quiet place where we can talk and get to know each other.” Jay tells her.

“OK that sounds good to me.” Angie replies.

They drive over to the beach and find a nice little place and get a table and then start chatting and getting to know each other.They order Shrimp and a couple of drinks and just have some casual conversation. She cant take her eyes off him. He is so sweet and seems a bit bashful. He even tells her that she makes him a bit nervous.

Angie is a bit taken by that. She has never been told she makes anyone nervous. This man is so charming and sweet that she is the one that is nervous. Her nipples are still hard from being so aroused by his kiss. Her pussy is still very wet and aches with need at the thought of this man fucking her with that hugh cock. She can’t help but wonder what he is like.

After they finish their drinks they walk out and get in his truck and head back to the hotel. She is so excited but doesn’t want him to know how hot she is right now. When they arrive back at the hotel he holds her hand as they walk to his room. She likes this. As they enter the room and close the door, he takes her in his arms and kisses her again. She is so caught up in the passion. They go over to the bed and start to undress.

Angie looks on in anticipation as he removes his pants and she see that hugh cock. She is amazed at the size of it. She has to touch it and feel it . She caresses it so softly and gently. She likes this cock so much. She is so aroused now as they lay on the bed kissing and touching each other. His kisses are so passionate and his soft touch is electrifying that she trembles with desire. His hands explore her body. She feels his hands sliding up her bare thigh and breathes deep waiting for the sheer pleasure of his hands as they slide up her bare thigh and in between her legs to her hungry pussy , so wet with sweet juices. He kisses her and then his lips trail down to her hard nipples as she moans in pleasure at his touch. He gently sucks her nipples and cups her small breasts in his hands and kisses them softly and tenderly. Her body is on fire and the hot desire Isparta Escort Bayan is taking over her body.

“I want to taste your hot pussy.” Jay tells her.

“I love to eat pussy and can’t wait to see what yours tastes like.”

“I want to feel your hot tongue inside me, making me cum so many times.” Angie moans as Jay kisses her and touches each sweet yearning spot on her body. His touch so soft and gentle that it makes her tremble.

She is so caught up in the ecstasy as he slowly lowers himself and leaves a trail of kisses as he gets closer to her hot pussy. She is burning with anticipation now as her body aches for him. His lips find her pussy and his hot tongue kisses her clit as its swells with sweet desire. He gently sucks on her hard clit as she moans and the pleasure she feels is so intense. He feels her starting to arch her back and knows that she is about to cum. He runs his tongue all around her clit and sticks his tongue in her hot pussy as he taste her sweet juices. Oh he is so gentle and so passionate. She reaches down and takes his head in her hands as she feels that wonderful orgasm coming. She loves watching him eat her. As her body reaches that peak ,her legs want to squeeze together but he holds them and just keeps on licking that tingling clit as she feels another sweet orgasm coming.

She moans “Oh Baby you are making me cum, that feels so good ,oh so good.”

She arches her back as she loses control of her body. The orgasm explodes in her and the feeling is so intense that she almost screams out in pure pleasure. He watches her as she is cumming and that turns him on a lot. He continues to suck her swollen clit. So tender now from the intense orgasm that she just had that she almost instantly cums again. She is insatiable. The pleasure he is giving her is so beyond her wildest dreams.

“I want to suck that big cock for you now.” She tells him. I want to taste you and feel that cock in my mouth. He lays back on the bed as she kisses his lips and then his neck. She kisses his chest and runs her tongue across his nipples.

She then looks at that hugh cock and licks her lips. She kisses the head of that hard cock and then runs her tongue around it slowly, tasting a small bit of cum that has run out the top of his cock. ” Mmmmm , you taste so good “. She tells him.She then slides her mouth over the hugh cock and lets it slide in her throat. It it so long that she gags a bit but its doesn’t stop her. She wants that cock in her mouth as far as it can go. She loves to give a good blow job and likes to turn him on. She loves to make Jay feel so good. She sucks on that hard cock and runs her hot tongue around it and feels it throb in her mouth.

“Damn Baby , that feels so good you are going to make me cum”. Jay says.

I want you to cum, I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth.” Angie tells him.

“No I want to put this big cock inside your hot pussy and feel it slide in.” he says.

Angie lays back and Jay gently gets on top of her and she feels that big hard cock rubbing against her clit and she can’t wait. She needs him now. She is so wet but still afraid that she may not be able to take that big cock in her. She really has Escort Isparta never had one that big before.

He puts the head of his cock at the mouth of her pussy and starts slowly penetrating her hot little pussy. She tenses up a bit because it does start to hurt but she wants it so bad that she just takes a deep breath.

His big cock just goes deeper and deeper as she tried to relax and let it go all the way in. The pain is a bit more than she is used to but then she likes that and starts to enjoy the sensation she is feeling.

“Are you OK”? He asks

“Do I need to stop?” He asks her

“Do, please don’t stop.” She says.

He then continues to slowly push that hard cock inside her but is very gentle and doesn’t want to hurt her. That big long cock seems to go inside her forever. She is starting to enjoy the feeling of being so completely filled up. It does hurt some but then again she really likes that.

Jay gently slides his hard cock in and out slowly until she gets used to the feeling. He watches her facial expressions to make sure she is OK. She is so wet now and his cock just slides in and out and Angie starts moving her hips to his motion and feels those sweet tingles of that wondrous orgasm coming.

Angie is so intrigued with this man. He knows how to use that big cock. He makes it feel so right. He is so erotic and moves so gently. She loves to watch him as he is fucking her. The way he moves and the passion on his face is so amazing.

“I am fixing to come.” He tells her. “I am going to explode.”

“Oh damn” he says.

“Oh fuck, shit “. He says.

She is nearing her orgasm now and her body is so tense and on fire that she is ready to cum and she starts moaning with pleasure as she feels the tingles and spasms of pleasure taking over her body. She holds him tight because she needs that comfort and closeness that only he can give. The pleasure is so consuming that she wants it to last forever.

Jay moans in pleasure as he shoots his hot cum inside her like a volcano erupting. She feels the warmth as it flows in her tingling pussy. She feels his intensity as he reaches his orgasm. The passion on his face is so visible now. He is the most passionate man she has ever met and she is so caught up in that moment.

Afterwords Jay goes into the bathroom and cleans up and then Angie does so too.

They lay on the bed in each others arms for awhile chatting and just relaxing.

She tells him she has to go , but she doesn’t really want to. She is afraid to stay overnight only because she hasn’t done this before. She has a rule that she never stays the night but for some reason she finds it hard to leave this man. He showed her tenderness and passion that she hasn’t felt in a long time and it leaves her confused but wanting more. She finally decides she better leave.

She kisses him sweetly and smiles as he snuggles into the covers and tells her goodbye.

As she leaves she looks back and almost changes her mind. She would love to sleep in his arms all night and wake up to his soft touches and sweet kisses. This man could easily win her heart and she knows it and that is what worries her. She quietly closes the door behind her and walks to her car. She sits there for a few minutes and then starts her car and slowly drives off into the night wondering to herself if she will ever hear from this wonderful sweet man that she had such a beautiful time with. This man will be very special to her…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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