Annie’s Panties

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The first time I saw her I felt a strange thrill that I could not understand, along with a desire to be around her as much as I could. We were at the Student Union building, in a large, circular booth, just hanging out between classes. The booth was growing more crowded for a while but by the time the next period started it began to thin out. I skipped a class because I could not bring myself to leave while she was there. I don’t know why I was so fascinated by her unless it was her vivacious smile and her compelling eagerness to participate in, and experience everything. Her exuberant interests completely overwhelmed me and when she spoke directly to me, I felt very privileged to be even a silent recipient of her wonderfully animated conversation. Her voice, while not saying anything sexual, was so sensual that my pussy became moist just at the sounds of her words.

Her name was Annie and her eyes were cornflower blue and so lovely I could stare into them forever. Her smile was enigmatic, as though she somehow knew how she affected me and was full of understanding and reassurance. When she asked me my name, I was made temporarily speechless by her unexpected personal attention.

“Well, let me put it another way. What did your mother and father call you when you were a little girl?” She was playing to the crowd, drawing a lot of guffaws and giggles at my expense. But it was my fault for being tongue tied in the first place.

Finally, I was able to murmur, “Darlene.”

She merely stared at me, apologizing with her eyes. She threw her shoulders back, causing her magnificent tits to thrust out to meet my avid gaze. Her liquid eyes noticed where my eyes were riveted and her knowing, reassuring smile made me turn all gushy inside. “Well, I guess no one has ever accused you of trying to dominate the conversation.”

I gulped a huge breath of air, expanded my lungs and managed to speak, or more precisely, squeak, “I’m only a freshman.”

“You’re only a freshman, Darlene?” The way she spoke my name was so different than anyone else had ever said it. Her velvet voice caressed each syllable and made it sound like such a beautiful name that I was filled with pride.

“Yes, are you?” I asked, then unthinkingly added, “Annie?”, just because I wanted to say her name.

“Yes, I am Annie, at least that’s what my parents called me at home.” She asked, poking gentle fun at me and drawing another round of giggles from the thinning crowd.

“No, I know you’re Annie, I meant, are you a freshman, too?”

“I’m a junior but it seems like I’ve been trapped in these halls most of my life. I can’t even remember being in high school, it seems so long ago.” When the girl next to me left, probably to go to class, of all things; only we two remained at our booth. Annie stood up and came around the table to sit beside me next to the wall. I nearly forgot to breathe and would have, if not for the irrepressible desire to inhale the tantalizing fragrance of her perfume.

She caught my eye, paralyzed me with her arrogant, confident stare, then looked down at her lap, directing my eyes to follow. Her skirt had ridden up, high on her gorgeous thighs and I was transfixed by her beautiful legs which no one but me could see. “I have on the most adorable panties. I know you’d love to see them.”

I pushed my napkin to the edge of the table and let it fall to the floor as she grasped the hem of her skirt and raised it to her flat stomach. When I bent down to retrieve my napkin, my face was only inches from her beautifully rounded thigh. Her legs spread more and I was gazing directly at her white silk panties. The crotch was heavily reinforced but her pussy lips were so puffy I could see a shadowy suggestion of her slit. The panel across her abdomen was sheer, transparent lace and I could see tufts of her pussy hair flattened behind it.

“I don’t know about you but I’ve just missed my last class of the day,” she announced as she touched my shoulder, indicating for me to sit back up, “and it’s all your fault for staying here and listening so rapturously to my stories. I think I may have discovered the world’s greatest listener. I don’t want to lose you so do you want to come over and get better Anadolu Yakası Escort acquainted? I bought this cute little guitar and I’ll show you the chords I’ve learned so far.”

Of course I was eager to go with her. As we entered her dorm room, she told me, “My roommate went home for the week-end but at least she had a reason to cut classes today. I really intended to go to class but I don’t think I’ve ever made it on a Friday.”

I, who had cut the very first class of my college career today, laughed at the absurdity of never attending classes on Friday. “Then how did you pass your classes?”

“Oh, I’ve been known to cater to the carnal desires of my professors, to occasionally inflame their lechery with a flash of thigh.” Annie said as she sat back in a straight back chair and pulled her skirt up to her hips, exposing her most gorgeous thighs and a breathtaking view of her adorable panties. Her puffy pussy lips created a protruding mound that arrested my enraptured gaze.There was some wetness that made visible the delectable indentation of her cleft at the reinforced crotch. I tried to draw my eyes away before I was caught looking but was unable to. She just sat there basking in my admiration, crossing and re-crossing her legs, affording me longer and longer glimpses of her rapidly moistening pussy.

“You mean they passed you just for getting a peek at your panties?” I asked as my eyes were riveted at the juncture of her thighs.

“No, Silly, nothing that gross. The flashing just made them more amiable towards me and maybe caused them to grade my papers a little less critically, maybe, and be a little more generous with points allowed on the discussion questions. I can discuss beautifully but I have a wee bit of trouble confining myself to the narrow subject matter posed by most questions. If you were a professor, do you think a look at my panties would be worth a little leniency in your grading?”

Then she pulled her heels up to the chair seat and spread her legs, showing a complete view of her panties and I was shocked by such a sexually charged display. “But listen to me ramble on and on. I brought you over here to see my panties and here I am…”

“No…you didn’t…I didn’t come here to see your…”

“Oh? Why did you come? Didn’t I tell you that I always wanted to have a little gay girl…”

“I’m not a gay girl! I’ve never had anything to do with another girl in my life.”

“Well, maybe the current label is bi-girl. Anyway, I’ve always wanted a young girl who was obviously smitten by me to be available to come over when I needed her to offer some measure of sexual relief.”

“You mean just a friend who could come over and help you get off when you’re hung up from a dud date or extra horny for some reason?”

“That’s it! That’s it exactly.”

“Well, it seems a little strange but I guess I could do that.”

“Well, the way you’ve been looking at me with such tender yearning all afternoon has me sort of worked up.” She met my eyes with her own and shifted her gaze down to her panties, pulling my eyes along with hers.

“Do you want me to do something to you now? Do you want me to touch your panties?” I asked her with my heart in my throat, fearing equally her acceptance or her refusal.

“Or you may have an unacknowledged desire to kiss my panties, or maybe just smell them. Why don’t you come closer and kneel down and find out what you want to do?”

I was compelled by my intense craving to do exactly what she suggested but I was intimidated by the fear of what she would think of me. I moved slowly towards her as though to delay the decision but keeping the option open.

“You’re just being shy, Darlene, you know you want to get between my legs. There’s no one to see you, don’t you think my legs are pretty enough?”

For her to think that I failed to appreciate any part of her beauty filled me with mind-numbing dread and my decision occurred without any conscious effort on my part. My knees just bent of their own accord and I found my face mere inches from her precious panties. Then I turned my face to brush my lips lovingly and submissively against her smooth, gorgeous thigh. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan My tongue came out unbidden and began to lick her fragrant skin and I closed my eyes, unable to bear the beauty offered so unexpectedly.

She reached down and took my extended tongue between her fingers and pulled gently until I rose up on my knees with my large titties pressed into the insides of her thighs. Then she lowered her head to take my tongue into her mouth and sent such searing, electric thrills through me that I very nearly collapsed. After sucking on my tongue for a while and giving hers to me to suck on much longer, she again reached up and held my tongue in her fingers. This time she drew my head gently down until she squeezed my tongue against her panties. She continued to rub it into the adorable cleft in her panties. Waves of intense pleasure inundated me and I was in such a state of shock that I could do nothing but continue to press my tongue against her panties when she released it. When she let go of my tongue, I followed the pattern she had established. I moved it up and down in her cleft, savoring the taste that permeated her panties.

“There, sweetie,” she said, “just lick it for a while, just lick it to your heart’s content. I’m not going to make you do anything else until you’re thoroughly familiar with doing this.”

I was intensely relieved that she wasn’t going to make any exorbitant demands on me because I was extremely fearful of what she might try to make me do. I was completely content for a long time to just lick her panties and try to work my tongue deeper into her cleft by pushing the panties inside. However, the musky aroma of her growing arousal began to impugn my efforts and a growing dissatisfaction prompted me to want to do more.

Seeming to be completely in tune with my growing desires, she raised her hips and pushed her panties down to her thighs. The sight of her tantalizing pussy pushed aside my immediate dread and I stopped worrying about what she was going to make me do and started doing what I came to realize I wanted to do. Her thighs widened, stretching her panties across them and I moved over her panties and put my tongue back where I knew it belonged, deep inside her cleft. The abundant juices and powerful fragrance at first startled me and caused me to realize momentarily what I was doing. But the realization and the self-disgust was not enough to overcome my mounting desire and my tongue danced rapturously over her neat pussy lips and plunged between them and licked up and down. When I raised my tongue to her clit, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked briefly, then released it, instinctively afraid if I brought her off, she would then make me leave.

After some time she reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and away from her. I was crushed, thinking she was through with me. Then she reached with her other hand and pushed her panties completely off and raised her heels up to the chair and spread her legs really wide. I was made delirious with joy when she pushed my head back into her cunt as I realized that she just wanted me to do more. She then pushed gently on the top of my head and I was so humiliated when I realized she was pushing my mouth down to her asshole. I never knew some girls made other girls do that sort of thing. But I could no more refuse her than I could stop breathing, so I pushed my tongue up into her puckered hole. Her intense intake of breath made me glad that I did. She loved it, and that made me love it so I began to plunge my tongue in and out as well as I could, considering the tightness of the hole.

Then she pushed me roughly away, stood up and unhooked and unzipped her skirt and let it fall so I helped her out of that. Then she walked over to her bed, nude from the waist down and lay on her side with her marvelous, rounded butt towards me. All pretense was basically shattered and I had the choice of joining her as her little gay girl or leaving with what was left of my dignity. I thought it over long and hard for twelve to fourteen seconds and then the allure of her rounded bottom drew me to her bed.

In the position she was in, with her thighs pressed Escort Anadolu Yakası firmly together, I was perplexed about what she wanted. I reached over her arm to touch her bra. She let me fondle her titties for a while and then pushed my hand away, “I’ll give you some titty to suck later, I’ll take off my bra and let you suck yourself to sleep…after you finish what you started.”

I lay down beside her and could not keep from pressing my pelvis against the top of her back with my face about even with her ass. I worked my hips against her for a while and then moved my face against her protruding ass cheeks. I swallowed my pride and started licking her rosy cheeks, working my tongue back down into the cleft of her ass, searching again for the puckered hole, which was all she seemed to want of me. She reached back with one hand and pulled up on one cheek which gave me much better access. By making my tongue as rigid as possible, I found I could fuck her asshole sufficiently to make her breatheing more labored. Soon she rolled over on her stomach and I followed, humping my pussy against her upper back. She spread her thighs as much as possible, working her hips violently against the mattress and my face moved into her aromatic pussy and I plunged my tongue into her. The thrust of her hips caused my tongue to move to her clit, through her pussy lips and back to her asshole which I tried to penetrate as her ass was raised.

All too soon she became rigid as a post, quivering and moaning in ecstasy and my hips worked my pussy blatantly against her shoulders, bringing me to the greatest orgasm of my life. But her delirium subsided and was replaced with anger.

“You really need a good spanking,” she wailed, “for being a nasty girl and sucking another girl’s pussy and asshole.” She looked up with a ferocious look in her eye. “If you let me spank you, I’ll take off my bra and let you suck some titty.”

I felt like some kind of an abomination as I sat up on the bed and crawled over her lap, sobbing uncontrollably. She worked her left hand under my abdomen and cupped my pussy and held it as she swatted my behind. Feeling the heat rising in my ass from her surprisingly hard slaps, I reached behind and tried to protect my ass from any more spanking.I suppose she was hesitant to overdo it and finally stopped spanking me. She reached up and undid the buttons of her blouse. I eagerly helped her pull it off her shoulders, then I unhooked her bra. She rolled over, leaving the bra on the bed and I lay down beside her and she cuddled my head in her arms and pushed a turgid nipple into my mouth and let me suck myself to a peaceful sleep.

I eventually awoke to find her gone and I went back to my own dorm. The next Monday, I made all my morning classes but hurried to the Union to see if she was there. I was perplexed to see a larger crowd around her. She was like a queen holding court. Strangely, most of those gathered around her were coeds but I noticed when some guys did come around she basically ignored them, excluded them from the brunt of her vivacious charm. Some hung around anyway, perhaps hoping to score with such a large aggregate of girls.

I just sat at the periphery thinking I might as well make my class but I couldn’t quite muster the strength to leave. Eventually the crowd began to thin out and I managed to move closer. Finally several girls who seemed to be together in a group were all that was left. They each announced with regrets that they had pressing matters to attend to and began to leave. All except one who claimed she had nothing else to do. I moved into the booth where Annie sat with the remaining girl who just happened to be gorgeous and also blessed with large titties.

Annie smiled at me in welcome and made some effort to include me in what was going on but she was obviously intent upon mesmerizing the new girl. I was quite depressed and scolded myself for not being more outgoing and contributing something to the conversation. I felt my whole world was crumbling when abruptly Annie stood up and said, “Cathy here wants to go up to my dorm and visit, do you want to come with us?”

I mumbled assent and stood up to leave with them. As we were walking down a corridor, Annie hooked her arm in Cathy’s and they moved ahead of me. Annie glanced back at me and said, “you can bring up the rear, sweetie, that will give you a chance to get a good view of our asses and think about what you want to do to us when we get to my room. Bet you never imagined you’d get to do two such sexy girls at the same time, did you?”

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