Antiques Made While You Wait

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It was to be a drive in the country. Nothing more. Little did I know what lay ahead along the back roads of Maine. It was a perfect day to take the MG out for a spin. It had sat in the garage all winter long, up on blocks looking so sad, its British Racing Green paint looked so blue as it waited for the warm days and hot nights of summer. At last it was time.

I folded back the top and stowed it under its cover, slid into the driver’s seat and started it up. The Weber’s sucked in the gas and air and the exhaust rumbled beneath me. Out the drive and cross-town we sprinted. I just knew that Judy would love my toy. She had heard me talk about it all winter. She had kidded me that I was still a teenager at heart, and I had tried to prove it in our lovemaking, fighting against the ravages of my age. I had just turned 44, and I guess the MG was an attempt, along with me determined lovemaking, to hold back the march of time. So far, it seemed to be working.

She bounced down the stairs with that great smile lighting up the street and hoped in the front seat. Her cotton summer dress rode up her leg and she caught me glancing at the smooth white of her thighs. “He dog, you!” she exclaimed, hitting my on my arm. “Watch the road, not me!” I smiled and pulled away from the curb and roared down the street heading…. Out there somewhere. The destination was unimportant. Getting there was the thing.

The road bent this way and that and the MG hugged each corner like a lover hugs in the afterglow of lovemaking. I could tell Judy loved it. She never stopped smiling. Her hair trailed behind her in the wind, wisps of it catching in the corner of her mouth. She looked so incredibly sexy.

I pulled her to me, her head resting on my shoulder, my right hand on the inside of her left knee. Her skin was cool to the touch, Kuşadası Escort soft, and yielding. Her legs fell apart as if she were inviting me to explore more than the roads of the Maine countryside. My fingers traced designs on the inside of her leg. Stars. Mountain ranges. Trees. I began to trace out letters. Writing dirty little messages of my desires on her flesh. She knew what I was doing, but I could tell she could not make out the words. We continued to tease for the better part of an hour as we rose up into the Mountains.

We rounded a hairpin turn at there, tucked in a grove of white pines was an antiques store. The sign out front read, “Antiques Made While You Wait”. I pulled in on a whim, and smiled seductively at Judy. She knew what I was thinking and smiled back. We walked up on the porch and were greeted by a very attractive woman, barefoot; hair pulled back, soft eyes that seemed to burn into you.

“Welcome, make yourself at home. If ya see anything ya like, give me a call. I’ll come runnin’.”

We opened the door, jingling the chimes of the jamb, and walked in. The place was a wonder of lost and forgotten memories. The smell of old leather and barn board intoxicated us as we strolled up and down the labyrinth of alleyways and dead ends created by the piles of antiques.

It was dark in the store, and we were alone. As I passed by Judy, I let me hand brush across the cheeks of her ass. I could feel them tighten under my fingers. A minute later she returned the favor as she reached for a old rusted horseshoe on the table in front of me, her had quickly squeezing my cock on the way by. Her eyes were on fire. I knew this might get interesting.

Eventually we found ourselves at the far reaches of the store, in an alcove cluttered with old quilts and rugs of every color Kuşadası Escort Bayan and description on one wall, and ten thousand mason jars filled with buttons and screws and nails and just about anything else anyone could imagine ever putting in mason jars on the other. I wrapped my arms around Judy’s waist and pulled her to me. Her breasts pressed against my chest, my hips ground into her hips, our lips found each other and we drifted in an endless kiss.

Our tongues lolled about each others as our hands explored bodies. Pinching, caressing, pulling, squeezing each little sensitive area. I pulled at the hem of her skirt, lifting it to her breasts. My mouth lowered and lips surrounded her nipple. It was hard, erect, sweet. I nibbled as her hand worked frantically at my belt. Suddenly she stumbled backwards against the wall and a mason jar crashed to the floor. We froze, hardly breathing. The jingle of the chimes signaled an end to our lovemaking, and we quickly separated and walked innocently in two different directions. The excitement of the moment started to subside and I again found myself examining other peoples junk.

As I studied the binding of an old English book, wondering what stories it could tell if it could talk, from behind the warm arms of my lover wrapped around me.

“SSShhhhh,” she whispered. She quickly slipped an old musty pair of sleeping blindfolds on me. The kind you see in the old silent movies worn by ladies trying to sleep on the train. I decided to play her game and offered no resistance. She turned me around and undid my belt and pulled my pants down around my knees. She leaned me against the tabletop and began rubbing my cock to erection. It didn’t take long given that we had just almost made love in the alcove. Soon her hands were replaced by the warm Escort Kuşadası wetness of her mouth. Her lips sucked me in, her tongue dancing along the bottom of my cock, her teeth scraping along its length. I felt it fill her as it brushed against the back of her throat. She held me there, cupping my balls in the palm of her hand, kneading them gently. My cock throbbed as she sucked in and out, letting me fuck her face.

I was in heaven. I let myself go with the flow of her attentiveness. A finger found my ass, and teased it, making tiny circles around it. Her mouth began bobbing up and down on me now like a bucking bronco. I could feel my cum welling up inside me, waiting to explode. Suddenly her finger slipped into my ass. That was the trigger. I could hold out no longer and I came gallons down her throat. Wave after wave of cum poured out of me. Filling her, as she swallowed eagerly.

I slumped against the table and whispered, “That was incredible, lover!” and drifted away for what seemed like hours in the glow of the orgasm. When I came around I removed the blindfold and she was gone. Off exploring through the junk again I suppose.

I made myself presentable, and wove my way back toward the door. I found Judy sitting on the front stairs finishing a bottle of coke, staring off into the mountains with a dreamy look on her face. The other woman was gone, her rocking chair empty. I took Judy’s hand and led her to the car, got in and drove away in contented silence. About ten miles down the road I looked at Judy through the foggy eyes of a man you had just climbed to the sexual mountaintop of his life and said, “Lover, that was the most incredible sex I have ever had. You are fantastic! No one can do that like you can.”

She looked back at me, her eyes narrowing, a look of puzzlement on her face. “What the hell are you talking about? As soon as I heard the owner come in the store, I left and waited for you on the porch.”

I sank back into my seat, threw the car into third gear, and screamed down the mountain road, not saying another word.

Antiques made, while you wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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