April and Her Friends Ch. 05

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When they descended the two flights of stairs and returned to the basement, an interesting scene met their eyes.

The three women—April, Lindsey, and Maryann—were in a kind of sloppy triangle on the carpeted floor, each woman’s head buried firmly in another’s groin; hands were clutching and stroking bottoms also. Sounds of sucking and licking were clearly audible, as were sighs and moans of pleasure. When April saw the couple coming down the stairs, she momentarily lifted her head up from her chosen pussy (Lindsey’s, as it happened) and said:

“Gee, it’s about time you guys came back!”

In fact, Melody and Kumar had only been gone about fifteen or twenty minutes; but the other women must have gotten bored with the absence of the one male in the party, so they had taken matters into their own hands—and mouths—and amused themselves until his return.

At once, April leaped up from the floor and said, “Okay, girls, back to the main event.” She looked over Kumar scrupulously, noting a little ooze dripping from his semi-hard member. “I think he’s going to take a little time to recover—but we can do other things in the meantime.”

As everyone else looked on bemusedly, April ordered the three other women to lie flat on their backs, one next to the other, and expose their genitals to Kumar. She did the same and said to the assembled guests:

“All right, Kumar’s going to lick us, and we’ll see who comes first. Two minutes per girl. No faking, anyone! I’ll know if you’re pretending.”

Kumar’s reluctance to participate in this sexual clowning was evident, but he just sighed and got down to business. The women were arranged, from left to right, as follows: Lindsey, Maryann, Melody, and April. April, although of course naked, had kept her watch on, so she could time the procedure accurately. With a nod of the head in Kumar’s direction, she said: “Okay, guy, go to it.”

Kumar knelt down in front of Lindsey and began his work. There was no doubt that the girls were ready and willing, as their moistened pussies attested; and as he went from one to the other, at the stipulated two-minute intervals, he found it fascinating to note how fundamentally different each woman smelled and tasted. Was there any such variation in men’s emissions? He didn’t think so, but he lapped up the women’s juices with relish as he also stroked their bottoms and sometimes even reached up to give their breasts a good squeeze.

It only took two applications of his tongue and lips to bring Lindsey to climax, and she did so in what Kumar thought was a needlessly theatrical manner, bucking her hips wildly, pounding the floor with her fists, and all but screaming her ecstasy. Her cries gradually descended to little mews of pleasure; and Kumar made sure she was fully sated, even if it meant surpassing April’s strict two-minute time limit.

But of course, once one woman had come, he couldn’t ignore the others. Now dispensing with time limits altogether, Kumar worked on Maryann, eliciting a more modestly expressed orgasm out of her in about five minutes. And just as he had reflected on how different each woman smells and tastes, he now reflected on the diversity of their actions during climax. Maryann, whose eyes had remained tightly shut while he was working on her, suddenly popped open, as did her mouth; and, as her orgasm gathered strength, her tongue unconsciously protruded far out of her mouth, and little choking cries emerged from deep in her throat.

Turning to Melody, he had little doubt that she would be capable of another climax, as her eager eyes made unmistakably clear. He was happy to get another sample of her succulent sex, and it again took only minutes to coax an orgasm out of her. Melody, in the presence of others, was quite a bit more reserved in the expression of her pleasure, emitting a succession of high-pitched squeals that she was obviously trying to suppress.

Turning to April, he felt as if he was returning to familiar ground; and as she opened her legs even wider for him, he welcomed the renewal of his acquaintance with her sex, which struck him as unusually sweet and fragrant. April was not shy in showing the others how enthusiastically she responded to Kumar’s stimulation, and she too shrieked like a banshee when he brought her to climax.

The other women were thrilled to watch Kumar at work on each one of them in turn, and they couldn’t help noticing that his member kept growing in length and hardness as he went from one to the other. April, after she had recovered, was quick to notice this development, and as she leaped up to her feet she said:

“Okay, it’s time for a little rear action!”

The reaction of the women varied from one to the other. Lindsey claimed to be blasé about the whole thing, merely smiling out of the side of her mouth. Maryann’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped, but then she quickly tried to regain her composure and pretend that what was being proposed was nothing particularly beşiktaş escort out of the ordinary. Melody just looked around from one female to the next; and Kumar, with a tinge of pity, wondered if she even understood what was on the agenda.

April made that very clear in a matter of moments. There was a bathroom in the basement, and she tripped over to it and returned, triumphantly holding a bottle of hand lotion. She squeezed a substantial dollop of the stuff into the palm of each woman’s hand, saying peremptorily: “All right, girls, lube yourselves up.”

Lindsey complied immediately, reaching her hand behind her and rubbing the cool, creamy substance into her anus and the whole general area. Maryann followed more reluctantly, but seemed intent on imitating Lindsey’s actions to the letter. April, of course, was well versed in the procedure and applied her lube without a second thought.

When it finally occurred to Melody what was expected of her, she trembled visibly and stood stock-still. Kumar noticed her discomfiture, and his heart bled for her. Turning to April, he began:

“April, dear, maybe we shouldn’t—”

But then he noticed Melody gazing intensely at him, as if to say: Don’t treat me like a baby! I can do this.

He cut his words off abruptly, although he cast a glance in Melody’s direction. I hope you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

In accordance with April’s clipped order (“On hands and knees, ladies!”), the women arranged themselves on all fours in the same sequence as before—Lindsey, Maryann, Melody, and April. The vision of four exquisite but quite different bottoms was almost more than Kumar could endure; he was particularly enamored of this part of the female anatomy, and the gorgeous curves, fleshy cheeks, and in particular the tantalizing view of not one but two orifices rendered him so dizzy that he thought he might faint. But he recovered and, descending to his knees, took his place behind Lindsey’s bottom.

She had clearly done this before, although it wasn’t clear to Kumar how often; for when he entered her, she did betray a little discomfort, squeezing her lips tight so that she wouldn’t let out a cry or squeal. After a while, she seemed to get accustomed to the presence of Kumar’s big cock in her posterior—but just as the two of them were getting into a satisfactory rhythm, April chirped up with that annoying cry: “Okay, the two minutes are up!”

Kumar reluctantly pulled out and scooted over to get behind Maryann. She was lying still, her head pointed downward; but when Kumar’s cock came into contact with her anus, she turned her head around and gave him a rather pathetic look: Please don’t hurt me! It was evident that she was new to this, and Kumar almost pulled out before he had even entered. But, like Melody, Maryann silently conveyed to him a desire that he not embarrass her by treating her as a novice, although that’s exactly what she was as far as this act was concerned.

He did his best to enter her slowly and gently, but even so, with each inch that proceeded into her bottom Maryann let out an increasingly high-pitched moan, her jaw dropping to its farthest extent and her eyes almost bugging out of her head. It cut Kumar to the quick to inflict this kind of pain on a woman, but he knew that she would want him to carry on. When the two minutes were up, he pulled out of her a bit too quickly, for that move itself caused her to cry out sharply.

Now he moved to Melody.

She was looking straight ahead, almost as if she was going to run a race on her hands and knees. As when he had deflowered her before, Kumar didn’t know whether to proceed quickly or slowly; so he again compromised and entered her at an even pace. As he did so, Melody began breathing harshly, then started huffing and puffing as a way to mitigate the pain she was unquestionably feeling. Kumar could see her breasts, hanging down like small bunches of grapes, rising and falling with her exertion.

Mercifully, the two minutes were up without Melody bursting into tears or otherwise making a spectacle of herself, although when he pulled out he could see her forehead beaded with sweat. He wished he could extend some sympathy to her, but knew that she would think he was singling her out for pity and thereby making her feel humiliated.

April was waiting for his entry into her posterior, and she took his member into her with characteristic flair and flourish. She even backed her bottom into him to show everyone how she could endure the penetration of his entire member into this sensitive spot; and although her tongue started to protrude, as Maryann’s had during her climax a little while ago, she otherwise seemed intent on demonstrating how familiar she was with this procedure.

It took nearly two entire rounds for Kumar to come—and Melody was the chosen receptacle of his climax.

Even before he had finished draining his seed into beşyol escort her orifice, April cried sulkily: “Hey, that’s no fair! She got some of his come already!”

“Sorry,” Kumar said, not fully aware of what he was apologizing for, “I couldn’t help it.”

Melody, for her part, beamed with rosy cheeks and an exhausted smile on her face. But she was unable to speak.

April recognized that Kumar needed to rest again. In fact, she wondered if he was done for the night; but then she shook her head at that idea. He’s come twice so far; but he’s come three or four times with me, and probably with my mom. With four lovely creatures here, I’m sure he’s capable of a bit more.

Three of the women—Lindsey, Maryann, and April—decided to resume their quasi-lesbian act, falling untidily to the floor and engaging in all manner of licks, strokes, kisses, and other activity that was bound to lead to yet more orgasms for them. Melody, although she didn’t seem all that disturbed at being naked in front of her longtime friends, apparently drew the line at actual involvement with them. So she and Kumar retreated to a couch to eye the trio at odd moments while devoting most of their attention to each other.

After he had gone to the bathroom to do a thorough wash, Kumar placed her on his lap and urged her to rest up for whatever further festivities April had planned. Melody was happy to take her place there, even if she felt like a little girl with her father—a feeling enhanced by Kumar’s mopping her brow with some Kleenex.

“Are you okay?” he said.

“Of course I am!” she cried. “Never better!”

He knew that was something of an exaggeration, although no doubt the mix of ecstasy and pain was something she had never experienced before. “So that—didn’t hurt?”

“Well, of course it did, but I can take it.”

“I’m sure you can, but I just don’t want to cause you pain.”

“I’m fine, really.”

Kumar looked over to the trio of women enjoying themselves. “You don’t feel like joining in?”

“Um, no, I don’t think so. I mean, I don’t have any problem with it, but I don’t think it’s for me. Anyway”—she said with a twinkle in her eye—”I’d rather be here with you.”

“So would I,” he said, and he held her tight. His face was nestled against her small breasts, and she hoped they would be enough to keep his interest. When he squeezed them with a hand, rubbed his face against them, and otherwise made it known that he appreciated them to the full, she was pleased and proud.

Eventually, April noticed the pair cuddling and concluded that Kumar was ready for more action. He was already getting a bit weary of this whole escapade, but couldn’t seem to summon the nerve to deny April her wishes. She had to pry Melody off of Kumar’s lap as she said, “Okay, ladies, it’s now time for some serious cocksucking.”

Kumar inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Well, at least I can sit back and watch these beautiful girls tend to me.

The sequence remained the same—Lindsey, Maryann, Melody, and April—and each was allowed two minutes to see if they could make Kumar come. All the women realized that the process was likely to be prolonged; after all, he had already come twice, and relatively few men in their experience (at least in Lindsey’s and Maryann’s—and, for that matter, April’s too) could even manage to get hard after that. But as Lindsey, the first up, got down to work—kneeling in front of Kumar as he sat in that same armless chair in which this phase of the party had begun—she admired his ability to rise to the occasion.

He did so as his cock was actually in her mouth, producing for her—and for him—a sensation that was not to be equaled. Her muffled moans as she sucked and licked were distinctly audible, and she protested mightily when her two minutes were up and Maryann almost pushed her out of the way to take her place.

It required nearly three full rounds for Kumar to reach his culmination; and when he did so, exploding in Maryann’s mouth, he spasmodically held her head in place as he shot his seed down her throat, making unnecessary April’s sharp order, “Gotta swallow, Maryann!”

She seemed not to want to release Kumar’s cock from her mouth, holding it fast between her lips even as if rapidly softened. Finally, with a gentle nudge from Kumar, she backed away, smacking her lips with satisfaction.

By now, everyone was pretty tired, and there was a mutual decision that the party was over. But before the four women and one man could put their clothes back on, Kumar wished to express his deep affection for and gratitude toward the females who had been so accommodating to him.

He first held Lindsey by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. “Lindsey, you’re a real sweetheart,” he said earnestly, embracing her closely and relishing the feel of her ample breasts against his chest, not to mention the slight tickle of her furry bush as it rubbed against beykent escort his groin. Then he held up her face and kissed her—a kiss so long that, when it was over, she gasped for air.

Next came Maryann. He said, “Maryann, you’re such a treasure,” and enfolded her in his arms also. Her breasts also felt delightful against his chest as he lovingly stroked her back and bottom. And when he kissed her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight, not letting him go until a full minute had passed.

Then he urged Melody to approach him.

Looking at the petite young woman who herself was gazing up with a strange mix of shyness and excitement, he found himself entirely at a loss for words. He started to say something, but seemed to think the words he was thinking of uttering were completely inadequate to the occasion.

But as he stood irresolute, Melody took matters into her own hands. She leaped straight up, forcing Kumar to catch her by the underside of her thighs, and clung to his neck. Then she fastened her lips against his in a kiss so intense, so meaningful, and so electrifying that, to the shock of the women watching the spectacle, Kumar’s member began inexorably rising. He could easily have impaled Melody—either the front way or the back way—on his cock, but he refrained out of respect for her.

Gradually he set her back down on the floor. She seemed a little embarrassed at her show of emotion and quickly headed toward the untidy pile of clothes—mostly female—lying in one corner of the basement, fishing frenetically for her own things. The others joined her, and eventually everyone looked more or less as they had been when they first showed up at Lindsey’s house.

As they took their leave, everyone tacitly confessed that this was a party like no other they had ever had.

In the drive back to her house, April started chattering away about some aspects of the party (“God, did you see the rack that Lindsey has? I mean, I knew she had big boobs, but these were monsters!”), utterly oblivious of how both Kumar and Melody had sunk into a pensive silence. After a few minutes Kumar couldn’t take it anymore and said sharply:

“April, enough!”

She was stunned. He had never spoken to her that way before, and she swallowed hard and looked at him in alarm, almost as if he was about to strike her. Of course, he would never have done such a thing, but she herself now lapsed into brooding silence as she drove back to the house. When they got home, Kumar thought of giving Melody another hug goodbye, but she dashed out of the car the moment it had come to a stop and, running to her own car, parked nearby, rushed into it and drove off to her own house.

April and Kumar walked quietly into the house.

By common but unspoken consent, they decided that it was time for bed, and they both trudged up the stairs to their respective bedrooms. Kumar would be spending the night with Carolyn in the master bedroom, and as he sauntered in he saw Carolyn in bed, in her nightgown, reading a book.

She looked up at him and said, with a smirk curling her mouth, “You look pretty tired.”

He didn’t feel that query was worthy of an answer.

“What’s the matter?” she went on teasingly. “Did the girls work you over a bit too much?”

Kumar was uncertain how exactly Carolyn would react if she really knew what had happened at Lindsey’s house. She had seemed remarkably tolerant of his continuing to carry on with April—but now he had done so with three other young women whom he didn’t even know! And how did she even suspect what had happened? I suppose it was pretty obvious: what do you expect with four women and one man at a party where no annoying supervision from parents was available?

As he wearily undressed, he said ruefully, “I did some pretty stupid things tonight.”

“Oh, come on!” Carolyn scoffed. “You’re telling me you didn’t have a good time with those young lovelies?”

“It was April’s doing!” he cried, trying to deflect the blame. “She’s such a . . .” He didn’t know what word he was searching for, but it wasn’t a nice one.

“She just wanted to show you off—and I suppose she did.”

Kumar was down to his underwear, and as he slipped into bed the true scope of what he had done suddenly overcame him. With an agonized cry he flung himself into Carolyn’s lap, wrapping his arms around her hips and saying, “Oh, God, I’m sorry!”

She was taken aback. She really didn’t mind what she suspected Kumar had done with the girls; and she actually agreed with him that it was largely April’s “fault,” even if Kumar hadn’t exactly shown much fortitude in resisting her wiles. But as she stroked his head and tried to pacify him, she said:

“Why are you apologizing to me?”

He looked up at her, his face already streaked with tears. “I—I feel I haven’t shown you enough respect. I didn’t mean to do all that stuff with them—”

“Um, pardon my asking, but what ‘stuff’ was that?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“That bad?”

“It wasn’t ‘bad,’ if by that you mean that I forced myself on anyone. I didn’t!”

“I’m sure you didn’t. That’s not the kind of guy you are. In fact, you seem to have let April lead you to perdition.”

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