April at Last

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It had been a very long time since the last time I’d seen April in person. We’d graduated college together and currently worked for the same company but were located in different major metropolitan areas about 1,000 miles apart. We still stayed in touch, exchanged birthday wishes and Christmas cards, but just hadn’t found a reason to get together. When she learned that she’d be visiting my city for an industry conference, we immediately made plans to get together. We agreed that I’d meet her outside her hotel and we’d head out for dinner and drinks. When I first saw her standing out there waiting for me, I realized that I’d forgotten how petite she was. When we hugged, I could have easily picked her up and thrown her over my shoulder. She’d been petite back in college, of course, and I’d admired her tight physique but we’d never been more than just friends. She was cute, originally from the Phillipines, so exotic, too, but our relationship had just never gone in that direction. Not that I’d never considered how she’d look naked.

“What’s going on here?” she asked, mid-hug, as she was running her hands over my lats.

“Uh…latissimus dorsi?” I replied, not sure if that’s what she was talking about.

“Did you always have these?” she asked, continuing to massage them.

“Yeah, pretty sure,” I replied.

“Were they this defined?” she asked.

“I believe so, yes,” I replied, “but we didn’t really hug back in college so I doubt you’d have felt them.”

“Oh, yeah, that makes sense,” she said, “Can I check them out?”

“If you’re talking about putting your hands up under my shirt,” I replied, “it’d only be fair that I get to put my hands up under your shirt, too, and we should probably go up to your room if we’re going to do that.”

“Okay, let’s do this,” she replied after a moment of thought. I was a little surprised but, now that we were older, I had considered the possibility that this could happen at some point. That was part of the reason why I’d just gone ahead and suggested it. I figured if we were both thinking it, we might as well just go for it and, if we weren’t, we’d laugh it off and go on with our night. So we headed up to her room and, once we were inside with the door locked behind us, I raised my arms and she reached under my shirt to run her hands over my lats. Raising my arms also emphasized them and gave her more to explore. As she was doing that, I leaned down and we kissed. When our kissing became more passionate, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, I brought my hands down and fondled her tits through her blouse, feeling her hard nipples pressing outward.

She still had her hands up under my shirt but soon pulled it up and over my head. She ran her hands over my bare chest but, before we went back to kissing, I raised her blouse up over her head, too. I caressed her tits through her bra before reaching back to unclasp it so I could slide it off. We parted as I slid her bra down her arms and revealed her small but still perky tits and hard nipples. She indulged me as I ran my hands over them then lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples while caressing the soft, smooth flesh. She didn’t seem to have any complaints and just ran her fingers through my hair while moaning softly. Once I’d thoroughly slobbered on her nipples, I dropped to my knees and started to open her jeans. I was kissing her stomach and, when her jeans were open and the top of her panties exposed, I kissed my way down further. I slid her jeans down, leaving her in just her panties, then gave her a good looking over while she stepped out of them. I caressed her taut ass then started to slide her panties down, revealing a well-groomed black bush.

Rather than just bury my face in it or sit her on the end of the bed, I picked her up as I stood and carried her to the middle of the bed where I lay her down. I kissed her lips then kissed my way down along her neck, to her nipples once more, then down over her stomach and abdomen until I was lying between her spread legs, gazing at her pussy. I glanced up beyond her perky tits pointed at the ceiling as she pulled her pillows under her head to watch me devour her pussy then lowered my head and began to devour her pussy. I ran my tongue along her Kütahya Escort slit, causing her to moan as I tasted the pungent juices that she was producing. I was pleasantly surprised that, after knowing each other for all of these years, I was finally seeing her naked and tasting her pussy. I intended to make sure that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wouldn’t want it to be a one-time thing.

I slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy as I started licking and sucking her clit then slipped a second one in along with it. She began to moan louder and rock her hips as I was pumping my fingers in and out while my lips and tongue stimulated her clit. When she reached down to hold my head while rocking her hips toward my face, I glanced up again to see that her eyes were closed but she appeared to be experiencing a great deal of pleasure based on her expression. It made me happy to accomplish this but I was also happy just for the opportunity. Despite our platonic relationship, there had been many occasions, both back in college and during the ensuing years, when I’d fantasized about seeing her naked, eating her pussy, fucking her and pretty much everything else sexually possible. Naturally, I was in no rush to have her cum and move on to whatever was next, so I was trying to provide her with a great deal of pleasure while providing myself with sufficient time to savor having my face in her pussy.

As she got closer to cumming, she was moaning louder and longer while rocking her hips toward my face faster. I didn’t want to deny her an orgasm for the sake of drawing out both of our enjoyment so I focused on getting her to a highly satisfying climax. Her body was tensing up some as she got closer and closer but, right before she started cumming, she went limp then started shaking as her orgasm hit. I continued to devour her as she was cumming, hoping that it helped make it a memorable and pleasurable orgasm. Only once she’d apparently finished did I raise my head and slip my fingers from her pussy into my mouth. I admired her naked body laid out before me as she was recovering, my stiff cock aching to slip into either her pussy or her mouth. She beckoned for me to crawl up the bed once she was with it again so I moved up to lie beside her. We kissed as she reached down to massage my stiff cock through my jeans and, feeling how hard it was, went to work to get them open and extract it.

She ended up getting to her knees beside me to get my jeans completely open then reached in to massage my stiff cock through my briefs before working both jeans and briefs down so that it could spring out. She stroked it in her fist then lowered her head and wrapped her lips around it engulfing it in her mouth and causing me to moan. Her mouth felt outstanding and she obviously was no novice when it came to cocksucking but she only blew me long enough for me to realize that before she raised her head and took my jeans and briefs the rest of the way off. Once I was as naked as she was, she straddled me and guided my cock toward her pussy then lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my throbbing cock.

She was sitting straight upright so I could still admire her naked body looming over me as she started to slowly move up and down on my cock. I reached up to fondle her tits while relishing the feel of her hot pussy, thoroughly appreciating the opportunity to do both. I was also pushing up into her each time she came down on my cock, seeking the maximum penetration for both of our pleasure. As she was gradually picking up her pace and her tits started bouncing, I moved my hands around to caress her ass instead so that I could watch them. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build from the moment my cock slipped into her hot, wet pussy but, based on how she was riding me and the noises that she was making, it seemed as though she was closer to cumming than I was. This may have been because, after that first orgasm, she didn’t have far to go to get to the next. It was surprising to me that I didn’t cum almost immediately upon slipping into her but, because she was setting the pace rather than me, I was able to last longer and keep up with her.

Before I got too close to cumming to be Kütahya Escort Bayan concerned about leaving her in the dust, she went from riding me hard and fast to slamming down on my cock and remaining there. Almost immediately, she started shaking as she let out a cry. I brought my hands around to fondle her tits and caress her hard nipples some more as she was cumming while watching the expression of ecstasy on her face. When she finally went still, she remained sitting on my cock as she was catching her breath. Once she’d recovered, she smiled down at me then climbed off of my cock and moved backwards down the bed until she was between my legs. She took my cock in her fist and gently pumped it then lowered her head and engulfed it in her mouth. I moaned as she started sucking my cock while gently pumping the base.

The pillows she’d propped her head up on to watch me eating her pussy were within reach so I propped my head up and watched as her lips slid up and down my cock. The visual was nearly as stimulating as the feel of her mouth as she sucked me off. She demonstrated further that she definitely had some talent when it came to cocksucking and I appreciated the opportunity to experience it. Because I had been fairly close to cumming when she’d been riding my cock, I wasn’t expecting to experience her cocksucking skills for too long but I planned to thoroughly enjoy them for as long as I could. I did end up lasting longer than I expected to be able to but I attributed that to her being able to draw out the pleasure she was providing. I suspected that she was in no hurry to be done sucking my cock much as I had been in no hurry to quit eating her pussy. Eventually, though, my cock began to swell even more as I was on the verge of blowing my load.

April continued to expertly suck me off, even when I started to spew into her mouth, swallowing my load without hesitation. The feeling was outstanding so I couldn’t help but moan. She quit only once I was fully spent and my cock had started to soften. She let my cock fall from her mouth then straightened up on her knees, still between my legs. Even though I’d just cum, I was still surprised that I didn’t stiffen again just staring at her naked body.

“That was definitely long overdue,” she said, “but let’s talk about that over dinner. I’m getting hungry.”

We both gathered our clothes though I was still checking out her body as I was getting dressed. Once we were dressed and presentable, we headed out for dinner and drinks and talked about the experience we’d just shared. We agreed that it had been long overdue but also that it had been worth the wait. Since we had no idea when we’d see each other again after that night, which was probably good so we weren’t tempted to see each other too much, we agreed that we’d head back to her room after dinner for another round. We didn’t just talk about sex; we caught up on a lot of other things while we were eating but I know I was still looking forward to getting her naked again. By the time we got back to her room, though, it was getting late so we knew we wouldn’t be able to indulge ourselves as much as we had earlier.

We immediately began to peel off each other’s clothes but we definitely didn’t rush. She stripped off my shirt and caressed my lats then I removed her shirt and caressed her tits through her bra. She was already opening my jeans as I was playing with her tits so she took them down followed by my briefs. Once she’d helped me step out of them, she wrapped her lips around my cock and made sure that I was fully rigid before standing again. I had some catching up to do so I slipped her bra off of her then, as I was opening her jeans, I licked and sucked her hard nipples. I started to push her jeans down but then slipped my hand into them and caressed her pussy through her panties. Finally, I dropped to my knees and took her jeans and panties down, revealing her pussy. I kissed her hips and abdomen then stood and picked her up, carrying her onto the bed and laying her down. Positioning myself over her, I guided my cock into her hot, wet pussy and started to slowly fuck her.

As I supported myself over her on my forearms, we started to make out and she went back to caressing my Escort Kütahya lats, which were prominent in this position. She was raising her hips to accept my incoming thrusts so I was getting maximum penetration, though I was fucking her slowly at that point to savor the feel of her hot, wet pussy. I realized that I couldn’t admire her body or fondle her tits or ass in this position but fucking her again still felt fantastic so I had no complaints. It was nice to feel her body below me, her skin rubbing against mine as I was sliding my cock in and out of her. Of course I couldn’t maintain a slow pace for too long with fucking her feeling as good as it did but, the harder I was fucking her, the more responsive she was becoming. She ended up pulling her mouth from mine and pressing her face into my neck as she moaned louder and longer. I could feel her pussy becoming even wetter than it already had been so, the harder I was fucking her, the quicker my orgasm was building up. I knew she was getting close but I wasn’t sure how close so I hoped I’d be able to last long enough for her to cum either before or with me.

When she let out a cry and started trembling beneath me, I wasn’t sure whether I should keep fucking her as hard as I had been or whether it would feel better for her if I slowed down again. I ended up slowing down, hoping that it would draw out the pleasure and her orgasm while also delaying my own orgasm. It helped briefly but, with her pussy being flooded with more lubrication as she was cumming, it felt even better and my own orgasm was soon right upon me. I don’t think she’d quite finished cumming when I moaned and started spurting deep into her pussy. It felt amazing as I was cumming so I hoped it had felt at least as good for her. Not knowing if or when I’d have another opportunity to sink my cock into her hot pussy, I felt like this definitely would not leave me feeling like I’d missed anything.

I continued thrusting into her, spurting until I was spent, then slipped out as my cock began to soften. I flopped over next to her and watched her chest heaving as she was recovering. She ended up getting up and heading to the bathroom so as not to leave a pool of my cum on the bedspread but I wasn’t ready to get up and leave quite yet. When she came back, she knelt on the bed and I was able to admire her naked body as we were talking.

“I don’t know if or when we’ll have an opportunity do this again,” she said, “but I can’t just let it go once I’ve gone back home.”

“Well, obviously we’ll have to be careful,” I replied, “but, if I can’t get naked with you, I’d definitely be okay with taking care of myself if it’s while looking at photos of you.”

“Finding opportunities to take naked photos for you once I’m back home will probably prove to be a challenge,” she said, “but I’ll definitely take advantage of it when I do find the time.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” I replied, “so I think if an opportunity comes up to take a bunch of photos, I’d rather see them spread out until the next opportunity rather than a big batch all at once.”

“Yeah, I would ask the same thing,” she agreed, “and if you find you have the time to take care of yourself while looking at my photos, I wouldn’t mind seeing photos, or even video, of that.”

“You’ve got it,” I replied, “and may I request that you take advantage of this hotel room and stockpile some photos before you leave?”

“Anything in particular?” she asked.

“Everything in particular,” I replied, “naked mirror selfies, bra and panties, towel after you shower and, once you’re back home, before and after grooming photos, close-ups, videos like you’d like from me.”

“How about all of that and more?” she asked, “as long as you commit to the same.”

“Of course,” I replied then we kissed a little bit before I tracked down my clothes and started to get dressed while she grabbed her nightshirt and pulled it on. Obviously she didn’t walk me to the elevator or down to the lobby but we did passionately kiss good-bye and I felt up her ass. I hadn’t mentioned anything about photos with her nightshirt but, before I even made it home, she’d sent some in front of the mirror, with her nipples pressing against it, with it hiked up just above her pussy and with it pulled up to her chin, from the front and from the back. In spite of my recent orgasm, I was still completely aroused by them but the train was too full to whip out my cock and show her. Once I found an opportunity, though, I made sure to return the favor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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