Asexual Virgin Tries Sex Ch. 03

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Kait and Jasmin had decided that Layla and Markus should have sex in the three most common positions: missionary, doggystyle, and with her on top of him. “Then you’ll have tried pretty much everything,” Kait said. “Each position feels a little different and offers pros and cons.”

Layla agreed to the plan. “But I’m not doing anal. That’s too gross. Markus, don’t do anything to my butt.”

“Sure thing,” he said, not really being into anal sex himself, though he’d done it once or twice. Besides, fucking Layla’s pussy was well enough erotic pleasure for one night.

“She’s on the pill, so no need for a condom,” Kait said. “That’s good for you, Lay, because you’ll get the full experience.”

And so will I, Markus thought, happily.

Missionary was first, and Layla reclined on her bed.

“Let me just check if you’re still good to go,” Jasmin said, reaching for Layla’s pussy and poking a finger into her vagina as Layla looked up at the ceiling, a bored expression on her face. “Hm, you’re pretty dry. But don’t worry.” Jasmin reached for her purse and brought out a tube of lube.

“Eh, I don’t want to put chemical stuff on my–on myself,” Layla said. “I’m really sensitive. He can just lick me again.”

“Sure,” Jasmin said. “Looks he could use some stimulation, too.” Probably from the residual effect of the ball squeezing, Markus’s cock was flaccid, but when he happily agreed to lick her pussy again and laid down on his stomach to dive in, his arousal (and the Cialis) kicked in again, and after a few deep licks between her inner lips, he felt his cock stiffen. Then he heard Jasmin say she’d lend a hand, too, and make sure he was really ready, and lean forward to put her hand between his legs, gently feeling his balls from behind. He’d never had stimulation like this, and the only thing that stopped him from blowing a load immediately was that he’d cum already.

“Woo,” Jasmin said, caressing his scrotum and hefting the tight sac in her hand. “These things are full up again. Layla, you’re really getting him hot.”

“That’s nice,” Layla answered, as though she’d been told that the mail had been delivered.

Markus got lost in her pussy again, feasting his eyes on the close view of those pink lips and that blazing blond bush, and feasting his tongue on her vagina, licking every nook and cranny he could reach. Maybe from the sexual activity, but now it seemed like Layla was emitting more of a womanly aroma, a little salty and headier than before. He had a hunch this would be the last time he ever got to taste her pussy, so he didn’t hold anything back, trying to lick and taste all the way up to her cervix.

After about a minute, Layla made a sound that almost sounded like a satisfied moan. “Jas, see if I’m ready now.”

Markus got out of the way and Jasmin dipped her finger into Layla’s vagina again. “Good to go, sweetie. Now just relax and keep your legs wide. Markus is going to fuck you now, missionary style. Is that OK?”

Layla nodded, and Jasmin looked over at Markus, whose cock was back to maximum hardness and practically vibrating with anticipation. “Be gentle, but also, you know, fuck her like any other woman you’d fuck. Give her a real experience.”

Markus knelt between Layla’s legs and wasted no time in positioning the head of his cock against her long pink lips, rubbing between them a few times to get them open for him. “I’m going to start now, Layla. Are you ready?”

“I said I was, just go ahead.”

A moment later the first two inches of his cock were inside her. She groaned, softly, seeming a little surprised at the thickness of his cock compared to his fingers, but didn’t tell him to stop, so he pushed further, until he was all the way in, his dark pubes mashing against her golden bush. It felt fucking heavenly, warm and wet, and if physically not much different than other pussies he’d fucked, still sexier given the circumstances and who he was fucking. He caressed one of her breasts and rested his face in the crook of her shoulder.

Layla groaned again, louder now, and breathed deeply.

“Are you OK, honey?” Kait asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Layla said. “It feels–full.”

“Good,” Jasmin said. “That’s how it’s supposed to feel. Go ahead, Markus, don’t just lay there. Şerifali Escort Fuck her.”

He didn’t need any more encouragement. He started thrusting, slow and then faster, encircling Layla in his arms, the back of her head resting in the crook of his arm, to get more leverage as he fucked her, burrowing deep inside her and slowing down occasionally to really feel her vagina slide up and down the shaft of his cock. He wasn’t worried too much about cumming quickly, but damn did this feel amazing, even if Layla wasn’t doing much except laying there and breathing a little more heavily every time he thrusted hard up into her. By now, he felt totally comfortable with the fact that Jasmin and Kait were watching him fuck: actually, it was kind of sexy, and pushed him to perform even better. Maybe, he thought, if they like what they see…

“Sweetie, you’re having sex!” Jasmin exclaimed, excitedly. “What do you think?”

“Um, yeah, it’s–interesting, I guess.”

“Do you want me to video it, so you can see later?” Jasmin asked.

“NO!” Layla cried out. “Absolutely not!”

“OK, OK,” Jasmin said, laughing. “I was kind of joking, anyway.”

All the while, Markus was pounding away, thrusting slow and fast, and medium, and at different angles, wanting every millimeter of Layla’s pussy to be kissed by his cock. He kissed her breasts a few times, too, including her nipples, when she didn’t stop him.

“Maybe we should move on to the next position,” Layla said. “I think I get the point with this one.”

“Sure, sweetie,” Kait said. “You’re doing really well.”

“Wait, though,” Jasmin said. “There’s something fun I like to do when I’m fucking in missionary, Lay, that can feel really good. Can I show you?”

“OK, I guess.”

Jasmin came to the bed and told Markus and Layla to rotate 90 degrees, so Jasmin could stand between the bed and the wall, behind Layla. “OK, Layla, I want you to lift your hips and pull your legs back.” Markus understood what was happening: it was something he’d done, many times, with women. When Layla’s legs were in the air, Jasmin took hold of them, gently, hooking her hands behind Layla’s knees and then pulling back, so her body became more bent in half. Layla having been a gymnast, she was still so flexible that this position was hardly a stretch for her.

“OK, now when Markus fucks you like this, he’s going to be able to go really deep in your vagina,” Jasmin said, holding Layla’s leg back so far her knees were next to her ears.

Markus repositioned himself and sank this penis all the way into Layla, holding her hips and gazing down at how wide apart her pussy lips looked. Whatever Layla’s interest or enjoyment of the sex, her pussy was undoubtedly aroused, her large lips pinkish and swollen, and her blonde pubes slightly darkened with moisture.

“Unhh…” Layla groaned, her eyes widening. “It feels like he’s in my stomach.”

“I know, sweetie,” Jasmin said, pulling Layla’s legs apart a little further, until they were practically a horizontal line under her hips. “Nice, isn’t it?”

Layla didn’t answer as Markus kept pumping. He was trying to focus on unsexy things, because the image of Jasmin holding Layla’s legs so wide as he fucked her was incredibly hot. Jasmin was murmuring encouragement, telling Layla she was doing great — “do you want me to rub your clit, Lay?”

“Ew, no,” Layla answered, suddenly groaning and then whimpering when Markus thrust as deep as he could and held his cock there, pushing his ball sack against the bottom of her pussy lips, wanting her to feel him all the way up to her tits. “I–I want to switch positions now. It’s enough like this. It’s too deep.”

“OK, sure,” Kait said, stepping forward as Jasmin released Layla’s legs. “Let’s have him go behind you.” Markus stopped thrusting, breathing through his nose. To his surprise, Jasmin immediately put her hand on his cock and stroked slowly, saying that she didn’t want him to lose momentum and get soft. He kept breathing through his nose, more worried about cumming too soon, not staying hard.

“You ready for the next one?” Jasmin asked Layla, who said she was and then positioned herself on her hands and knees, resting her forehead on her pillow.

“So he’ll probably feel pretty İstanbul Escort deep like this, too,” Kait said. “But not quite like before.”

Markus positioned himself behind Layla, taking a moment to appreciate the view from the back. Her plump, swollen labia beckoned to him, above the curly blond wisps of her bush. And it was hot for him to see how her inner lips looked reddened, moist and slightly parted, from the fucking he’d already done. “Good to go?” he asked Layla.

“Yeah, just do it.”

He readied his cock against her pussy, slid in a few inches, then out and in again, before drawing back and then thrusting swiftly forward, sinking his entire cock into her pussy and holding it there for a moment. Layla drew in a sharp breath and then made a short grunt. He started pumping, holding her hips and gently caressing her asscheeks, hoping that was OK. She didn’t protest, and he breathed a sigh of relief. This position was generally his favorite, because it was easy on his body and he felt like he could fuck a woman doggystyle as long as he wanted without getting tired. Up to now, he hadn’t needed to cum very badly, but it was starting to build, so he did his best to control himself, because he certainly wasn’t ready to stop fucking her yet. In fact, he was really getting into a groove now, savoring how her wet pussy felt around his cock, how her asscheeks bumped against his crotch, and he closed his eyes blissfully, getting lost in the moment, delighting in how perfectly smooth Layla’s ass felt in his hands…

“Hey! No! Markus, stop!”

He was jolted out of his bliss by Layla yelling at him. When he looked down, he saw that — without even realizing it — he’d been using his thumb to rub her anus. He hadn’t put his thumb inside her; he was just rubbing the outside, as he always did when fucking a woman from behind, but now Layla broke contact and twisted around.

“Sweetie, what is it?” Kait said.

“He was touching my–my–you know!” Layla looked accusingly at Markus. “I told you I didn’t want you doing anything to my butt!”

“I–I–I didn’t even realize I was doing that!” he cried, his cock still hard and waggling around. “It was just out of habit! I’m sorry! I won’t do it anymore.”

Layla shook her head. “Punishment time.”

Jasmin saw Markus’s look of fear and felt some sympathy. “Lay, I don’t think we really need to–“

“Rules are rules,” Layla snapped. “I told him I didn’t want him doing anything like that. But fine, then we can just stop here. Honestly, I don’t care that much.”

Kait glanced over at Markus. “Look, she did say no butt stuff…”

“Please, Layla, I’m sorry,” Markus pleaded, his cock staying hard, even to his surprise. “Please, it hurts so much when you do that.”

“Obviously,” she said. “That’s why it’s a punishment.”

Markus thought he might cry. He so wanted to keep fucking her, and to cum inside of her, but was it worth another excruciating squeeze to his balls?

“Well?” Layla asked. “Tell me in three seconds, or just leave.”

He looked down at her bedspread and saw the cum stain from earlier. “Not as hard as last time, Layla. Please. It hurt so bad.”

“Sorry, but that’s not really up to you.” Layla told him to come closer, stay on his knees, and spread them wide.

“Lay, just squeeze for a second,” Jasmin said. “You don’t want to really injure him, k?”

Layla didn’t reply to that and reached out toward Markus’s balls, spreading her fingers wide and getting a secure grip on his entire sac. “Markus, I’m sorry, but I’m going to squeeze for two full seconds. If you pull away before I’m done, you go home. Got it?” She looked up at her roommates. “Maybe you should hold his arms.”

His breathing quickened as Kait and Jasmin each took hold of an arm and even though he could have wrenched free, he still felt very immobilized.

“Be strong,” Jasmin whispered in his ear. “You’ll be OK.”

Then Layla, without any warning, began squeezing. “One… two…” And then she let go. But in those two seconds Markus felt his world being destroyed. He involuntarily tried to double forward, but Kait and Jasmin held him up until Layla was done. And Layla squeezed just as hard as last time, maybe harder, because almost immediately he felt Ümraniye Escort nauseous and on the cusp of fainting. When she let go of his balls, her roommates released his arms and he crumpled to the bed, moaning and (he really couldn’t help it) letting out a few sobs. “Ohhhh…fuck fuck fuck fuck…” he gasped out, waiting for the pain to subside as Layla sipped more water and checked her phone.

“Shit, Layla, I think we got to be careful with this punishment thing,” Kait said.

“It was your idea.”

“Yeah, but–” Kait looked down a little worriedly at Markus. “You OK, dude?”

“Do I fucking look OK?”

Layla didn’t seem remorseful and just told Markus to hurry up and keep going with the sex. “Let’s do the last position now,” she suggested, after another minute, when he started to sit upright again. “And you can orgasm if you want to, I guess.”

This perked him up. Again, Jasmin looked closely at his balls and pronounced him “fine.” “Lay back, Markus, and Layla will get on top of you.”

He might have expected to lose his erection, and he did, briefly, right after the squeezing, but now the prospect of finally cumming inside Layla was like an injection of steel into his cock, which sprang back to full hardness as Jasmin helped position Layla on top of him, with her facing away from him.

“OK, guide his penis into you, just a little bit, and then sit down on him until he’s all the way in.”

He felt Layla’s little hand grasp him, then a moment later, the warm wetness of her pussy engulf his cock and the curls of her bush nestle against his crotch.

“Good, sweetie. Now just go up and down at whatever pace feels good for you.”

At first Layla’s movements were stilted, but then she got into a rocking motion that felt incredible, as the tip of his cock pushed against the front of her vagina. Her ass was so firm that there was basically no jiggle as it came down to touch his thighs and then bounce up again.

“I — I’m going to have to cum pretty soon,” he announced, staring at some golden hairs between her asscheeks.

Kait nodded in understanding. “Layla, hon, you might want to touch yourself and make yourself cum, like when you’re masturbating. So you can see what it’s like. Maybe you and Markus can even cum at about the same time.”

“Um, OK, I guess,” Layla said, reaching down and starting to rub her clit, quite vigorously. She started breathing heavier and, to everyone’s surprise, neared her climax very rapidly, starting to orgasm in less than a minute. It was a subtle orgasm, eliciting a little shiver and a quiet groan from her — but for Markus, it was pure ecstasy, as he felt her pussy pulse around his cock, not to mention just the thought that Layla was cumming on top of him, and–

Then Markus finally came himself, roaring loudly and holding Layla’s hips as he pumped semen into her vagina. One, two, three big spurts, and then at least four smaller ones. He dropped into a haze of ecstasy for a few seconds and when he opened his eyes again, he could see his cum leaking out the sides of her pussy as he panted and sighed contentedly. Oh fuck, that was good, he thought. Probably even worth the nut-squeezing.

Layla looked down with a frown at the semen dribbling down her thighs. “Ew.”

“Here, sweetie, come with me to the bathroom and I’ll help you clean up,” Kait said. “You did so well. I’m really proud of you. What did you think?”

“Um, well, I tried it.”

“Would you do it again?”

“I seriously doubt it.”

“Well, what was your favorite part?”

“Um, probably squeezing his balls,” Layla answered. “It was funny.”

Markus might have felt disappointed at another time, but right now, he didn’t care. He just slowly got up and started to wipe himself with some tissues. “You did well,” Kait said. “Thanks for agreeing to this.”

“Well,” he said, grinning, “thanks for the opportunity.”

“Sorry about the… you know. But probably worth it, right?” Kait grinned and then touched his arm. “By the way, you can text me sometime, if you want. We can chill.”

He smiled. “OK, cool. I will.”

By the time he was dressed again, Layla was coming out of the bathroom to say goodbye.

“Thanks, Markus. I guess I’ll see you later.”

“Um, yeah. And, thanks to you, too. That was really fun.”

He stepped forward to hug her, and he hugged him back. Then she suddenly reached down toward his balls, making him jump back in terror. “Wait! No!”

Layla laughed. “Just kidding!”

**The End**

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