Assisted Living

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Well over a year ago now, my parents decided to move into one of those assisted living places, or retirement homes if you will. I was a little surprised by that when they did, but after seeing the brochures and such where they’d be living, I could certainly understand why.

My folks had done very well for themselves. Dad had owned his own business (which I was now running) and had tucked away a nice tidy amount of money to retire on. And they were still pretty young too. Dad was only 61, and mom was 58 when they decided they’d had enough of urban living and had found a place that they could retire to and live the “easy life”, as dad had put it.

Unfortunately, that meant moving to South Carolina, very close to Myrtle Beach, which was about a twelve-hour drive from where my wife and I still lived. But again, I could see why they wanted to move there. They would basically have their own little bungalow, which was more of a luxury kind of place rather than the typical condominium or apartment. They didn’t have to worry about grounds keeping obviously, as that was all done and maintained by the retirement center. In addition, there was an adjacent golf course, which was something both mom and dad enjoyed doing. So I could easily envision the two of them golfing almost every day. Though there was also access to horseback riding, boating, as well as a number of events that were held there at the retirement center itself. They had gone there to take a look, and upon their return, had informed us that I’d be the new owner of the business going forward, and that as they say…is that.

My wife Cathy and I had gone there for a very short visit over a long weekend to help them get moved in. To be perfectly honest, after seeing the place, which I felt was more like a resort than a retirement center, I was a little jealous. Already my own mind made up to try and do things as well as dad had, and eventually retire (early) in a place much like this one.

We met a few other people while there, especially as they had an open banquet for everyone on the weekends. Mom and dad’s neighbors, Jack and Shelly, were just about the same age as my parents were give or take a few years, and had obviously already hit it off as we shared dinner together. Jack was in tip-top shape, even better in some respects than I was, even though I ran every day. He had a full head of bright white hair, and a deep dark tan that didn’t look like burnt toast for a change. Shelly was just as attractive looking, though she perhaps still died her hair blonde, though it certainly didn’t look unnatural on her. Even more surprisingly, she’d been wearing a two piece swim suit when we first met them early that afternoon. It certainly wasn’t a bikini or anything like that, but it was certainly cut low enough if front that I had to tear my eyes away from her obvious cleavage, something that wasn’t lost on Cathy either as she even gave me a soft elbow in the ribs at one point. But we came away from dinner, and finally our visit feeling like mom and dad were certainly going to be more than happy living here. Once again…I felt a bit jealous, and even Cathy mentioned that she too wouldn’t mind retiring in a place similar to this one when it was our turn to live the “easy life”.

By now, it had been a year since we’d been there for any real visit, so leaving the business in capable hands, Cathy and I decided to take two weeks to go and visit mom and dad. Naturally, they were excited to see us, and certainly had plenty of room as they had a nicely furnished “guest room” just waiting for us. I was already looking forward to golfing myself, and Cathy was looking forward to doing some horseback riding, something she had always wanted to do.

The first indication we got that there were some rather strange and strict rules here, was when on the second night of our stay with them, mom and dad informed us that they had a previous commitment they had made, and couldn’t get out of. Something about a special Anniversary celebration for another couple, which was a “by invite” only sort of an affair. We had noticed early on that there was an enormous looking clubhouse that was closed off, and well fenced down near the beach. Once again, it was for “members only”, no guests allowed. And it was obviously, where this particular party would be held. Cathy and I didn’t think much of it however, after all, the only people we knew besides mom and dad, were Jack and Shelly, and even then…only in passing really.

I had to laugh when mom told us “Not to wait up,” for them, and then with a mischievous little wink, she and dad disappeared out the door together. I hadn’t seen the two of them this loving or this intimate with one another in years. Whatever magic this resort held for them, it was certainly well worth whatever cost. Cathy and I had even noticed that they were both looking a lot better fit. Daily exercise for certain, along with the golfing and opportunity to swim every day, had gotten both of them in better shape and spirits by the look of things.

They’d been gone maybe about an hour, way early in the evening yet. Cathy beylikdüzü escort and I casually lounging around out on their private little deck drinking frozen daiquiris.

“Dave? Did you see where mom put that photo album?” she asked me at one point.

She and mom had been looking through it earlier. Mom had been showing her a few pictures of when I had been a little boy, many of which Cathy had never seen before. She wanted to look through it again, though I had no real idea where mom had kept such things, especially as I hadn’t really seen her put it away. All I had seen was her return to her bedroom, coming out moments later without it. So it had to be in there somewhere, though I was hesitant to go looking for it. I always had respected my parent’s privacy, even growing up as a kid. Something I knew for sure they had both appreciated.

“It’s in mom’s room someplace,” I responded. “But I don’t feel really comfortable going in there and snooping around for it either!” I added to that.

“I’m not asking you to snoop, I’m just asking you to look for me. If you see it without snooping for it, I’d like to browse through it again.”

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look. If I quickly spotted it, I saw no harm in retrieving it for her again. If I didn’t…then she’d just have to wait until the following day when mom was home again. I poked my head into their bedroom intending to just have a quick look-see, figuring even then I probably wouldn’t find it. As I scanned quickly about the room, the only place it obviously could, or would be, was on the upper shelf in their closet. Which at the moment happened to be standing open. Sure enough, there it was, sandwiched between a couple of others by the looks of it. Even then, I hesitated, not sure if I should still even go in there or not, when Cathy called out behind me.

“Do you see it?”

“Yeah, I see it,” I answered back, only then deciding it was no big deal to walk in and retrieve it briefly so that Cathy could look through all the pictures again. After all, mom and dad would be gone all evening long, and I was fairly certain I’d have the book put back, and Cathy and I in bed sound asleep long before mom and dad ever came home. They’d already proven themselves to be quite the night owls, much to my surprise.

“Sweet!” Cathy responded no doubt waiting for me as I stepped further into the room heading towards the closet. I reached up, intending to lift the photo album sitting on top of that one in order to retrieve it, which I then attempted to do. But as I did, it seemed to catch or drag along the one just beneath it, which now fell off the closet shelf, down onto the floor. Several loose photos spilling out, which I thought immediately odd, as mom had always been quite particular about organizing her photo albums. As I reached down to collect them as well as the partially opened album, which was now laying face down, I froze! My eyes held there in disbelief! And it took several moments for me to even begin to comprehend what I was looking at. Most of them of course were of mom and dad, nude…along with several others, most of which I’d never seen before, though in a few as I continued to quickly thumb through them, showed photos of Jack and Shelly in them as well. Likewise, in the nude, and in many of them…showing the two of them obviously, and busily engaged in several sexual situations with mom and dad.

I think I actually sat down on the floor in a state of shock as I now began to flip through several more, starting at the front of the book. To my surprise, the album was completely filled, so there were literally hundreds of photos in addition to the dozen or so loose ones that had fallen out. Obviously, mom had run out of room, and hadn’t gotten any more inserts yet.

Now in all honesty, it’s probably important that I say something here. Although I was indeed shocked by what I’d discovered here…after all, it was mom and dad, it’s not like this sort of thing would have freaked me…or Cathy out for other reasons. You see, Cathy and I (though we certainly didn’t consider ourselves swingers by any means) had from time to time, “partied” with some mutual friends of ours. Not all the time mind you, just on occasion, and always with one or two other couples we knew, and never outside of that. Cathy and I saw it as a way to periodically spice up our own sex-life, and with those particular close friends, there was never a fear of jealousy, or any kinds of sexually transmitted diseases getting in the way. So like I said…it’s not like seeing something like this was the thing that was shocking. It was seeing who it was.

I am sure that my continued absence, and silence, had eventually provoked Cathy’s curiosity as moments later I heard her standing there in the doorway. “What are you looking at?” She asked.

“You’re not going to believe it,” I told her. Setting the book down, simultaneously handing her the dozen or so loose photos I had gathered up. She looked at me quizzically, though taking them, and then glancing down at the very first one I had purposely placed beyoğlu escort there for her to begin with. I figured it might be an easier way for her to realize and accept what I’d just discovered.

The first photo showed two women laying on a bed together (And if she took a moment to recognize it, she’d see that the bedcover in the photo was the exact same one on mom and dad’s bed). The women’s faces were mostly obscured however, primarily because they were clearly enjoying a mutual ’69’ together. It took me only a moment to realize which one was mom, and which one was Shelly though after looking even more carefully at it. Which is exactly what Cathy had done. I almost laughed as Cathy looked away at the photo, now looking down at me.

“Is this your….”

“Mother? Yes!” I nervously laughed shaking my head. “And obviously…the other woman is Shelly.”

Cathy once again glanced at the photo, now recognizing her as well, though she quickly slipped the first photo to the back, now staring at the next one, which I had also just managed to purposely place.

“Yeah, and that one’s of mom too…but I can assure you, that’s not my father’s cock she’s sucking!”

That much was evident, in quick comparison now of some of the others. I’d never seen my father’s prick hard before. Not exactly something you’d ever expect to see. But we sure as hell were now! And admittedly, it was rather impressive looking, even judging it against myself perhaps, let alone Jack’s cock, which though thick, was considerably chubbier in size. There was one photo showing mom down on her knees, she’d managed to gobble up his entire prick, though again that was no real feat all things considered. But it was in seeing Shelly, likewise kneeling next to mom, doing the same thing to dad’s cock, though not quite throating it entirely that gave interesting comparison.

“Jesus! I can’t believe this!” Cathy finally quipped, now sitting down on the edge of the bed next to me, though I continued to sit on the floor with an entire album full of photos, most of which I hadn’t even looked at yet. Finally she giggled, though continuing to thumb through the rest of the loose photos. Just like me, the initial shock of seeing my parents like this had sunk in. Now it was out of pure curiosity, and decadent interest perhaps that we both continued to look through the remainder of the photo album.

Chronologically, you could see that there had been several “parties” or “events” which mom and dad had participated in since their moving here. Interestingly enough, the first several photos only ever showed mom and dad together, though obviously participating with one another in front of several other couples. Gradually, more and more appeared, initially with just Jack and Shelly appearing, though in time…that too gave way to more and more couples, many of whom Cathy and I hadn’t met yet. The last few pages of photos had proven to be the most decadent perhaps, even beyond much of what Cathy and I had experienced. In one…mom was laying on the floor, and by the looks of it, she already had a fair amount of cum-cream that had been shot over and upon her body. In particular, her breasts and pussy. Cathy and I counted at least six still stroking erections, that appeared to soon be adding to that. And who knows how many already had before then?

“Mom? A cum-dumpster? Who knew?” I asked myself, though by the look in her eyes, she certainly seemed to be enjoying it. Especially as she was simultaneously having her pussy licked by a woman, who again I hadn’t recognized as seeing before. There were others as well of course. One of dad laying back getting his prick licked and sucked by two women, as Shelly sat on his face, mom kneeling off to one side, holding one of Shelly’s breasts and smiling at the camera. By the looks of it, it had obviously been one hell of a party!

Though it was still way early yet, Cathy and I both seemed to get a sense of anxiousness at being caught like this. We quickly replaced the album back where I’d originally found it, took a quick look around (even straightening the bed cover before leaving) and then retreated back outside to the patio where Cathy fixed us both another stiff drink.

“So…did you ever suspect anything growing up?” She asked.

“Not ever,” I responded easily. “Hell Cath…I never even caught them doing it, not even once, that’s how careful they must have been back then. And I think I only stumbled in on mom once when she was changing, and even then I didn’t really see anything, except for her wearing panties and bra, or something like that. So no. No way in hell would I ever have suspected anything like this!”

“You think they had any idea before moving down here?”

“I really doubt it. I just can’t imagine that being the case. Afterwards maybe. But even then, they must have slowly, and carefully been introduced to it.”

“Yeah, I think so. Even the first few photos seem to confirm that. The look on your mom and dads face seemed a little more cautious, even apprehensive perhaps, though they must have obviously bizimkent escort been getting off doing that in front of other people, and visa-versa. But looking and comparing those to some of the others, you can definitely see a change taking place.”

“You mean like mom getting her pussy licked by another woman for example?” I quipped, something of which I still hadn’t gotten my head around yet. Even with some of the other photos we had looked at, I still couldn’t imagine mom being that open-minded. Open-minded enough to get eaten, and then eating another woman’s cunt. Though I sure enjoyed seeing it whenever Cathy did that.

Cathy laughed. “Yeah that. Hell, I know I like it, so why shouldn’t your mother?”

“It’s not that,” I responded back. “It’s that it’s…”

“Mom,” Cathy finished for me. To which I could only grin like an idiot, shaking my head at her.

“You know what’s really bad?” Cathy now asked.


“Seeing those? Has suddenly made me really horny!”

“Jesus Cathy!” I responded to that, as though her admission was too far off the decadent scale for me to admit to myself.

“Oh and you aren’t?” She challenged seriously. “Not even a little?”

“Ok, maybe a little,” I acknowledged, though not willing to admit that it was seeing my own mother and father doing stuff that had actually aroused me. Admitting to seeing some of the other people (even if they were engaged with my folks) was a little easier to accept in a way. “For an older woman, Shelly really does have a nice set of tits,” I confessed. To which Cathy again snickered at.

“Good hell Dave, maybe you won’t say it, but I sure as hell will, your mom has great looking tits, and if I wasn’t married to you…I’d be tempted to want to suck and play with them myself! As sexy as Shelly is yes…I think you’re mom’s a hell of a lot sexier than she is! And so’s your dad too if we’re being honest about it!”

“Cathy!” I admonished her without saying anything more. Bad enough she was thinking it…as was I maybe. And worse…now knowing what they enjoyed doing, and worse still, having seen them doing it. I mean after all, this was my own parents!

Cathy wasn’t about to let me dwell on the obvious however, having moments ago gone back inside to pour us a couple of fresh drinks. When she returned however, she was naked, standing there before me as she handed me my drink.

“Shit woman!” I stammered, though taking it from her. “What the hell are you doing anyway?” I asked now glancing about, worried if someone might easily see her standing out here on the deck like that, though obviously she didn’t care at the moment if anyone did.

“Like I said Dave, I’m horny now. So you can either join me, or you can sit there and watch me play with myself. Either way, I’m getting myself off.” True to her word, she soon slipped one of her hands down between her legs, leaning against the wooden railing.

Truth to be told…I was horny as well, even if I was having trouble admitting to the reason why. But now at least, seeing my gorgeous, hot…horny wife as she stood there against the railing gave me reason enough to admit to my own arousal as I stood up and quickly shed the rest of my clothing. Needless to say, my cock was about as hard and as firm as it had ever been.

“No way that got that hard so soon because of me,” she teased. “You’re thinking about fucking your naughty mommy aren’t you?”

“Cathy!” I warned seriously. Seeing mom…and dad, was one thing. Thinking about anything else, was something else…entirely.

“I’m just teasing you,” she half pouted, “I didn’t mean it,” she added, taking it back. “But I bet you wouldn’t mind slipping this hard prick of yours,” as she grabbed it. “Inside Shelly’s pussy, now would you?”

At least that one I could admit to, which I did. And to which Cathy then lifted one leg, balancing herself on the railing, allowing me perfect height and access to her pussy, which I easily slipped into. “Imagine that I’m Shelly,” she told me. “And then fuck me like I was her,” she panted hotly.

So I did.


It was hot, fucking my wife out in the open like that, there on the deck with all the world to see if they wanted to. Though in hindsight, I was willing to bet that anyone who could have, was most likely otherwise engaged down at the private club. We could hear the faint sound of music from time to time coming from that direction, though it was a good distance away. And once or twice we even thought we’d heard the sound of laughter coming up from somewhere near the water, though nothing we could make out clearly enough to determine who it was coming from. Enough to guess at perhaps, and even now imagine at…especially after what we’d discovered. Even after I had spurted a fairly healthy load inside my wife’s cunt…feeling her climax as well, we were soon at it again a short time later. Enjoying a nice long blow job as I stood there looking out and over the rail, and then craning my neck just a little, trying to imagine what was actually going on down there as my wife sucked me off. I swear, it was one of the best blowjobs Cathy had ever given me as aroused as she was. And then I reciprocated in kind a short time after that. Even as Cathy cried out into the night, I didn’t get too worried by any of that, wondering if anyone else was doing the same thing. Admittedly, one person in particular.

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