At the Swimming Pool

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It’s early morning and I’m swimming laps at the local pool. It feels so good to be in the water on what is fast becoming a scorching summer’s day. With my goggles on I can clearly see the other swimmers within my aqua world. I’m sharing a lane with a woman, a much better swimmer than me. Each time she passes or overtakes I enjoy checking out her taut body barely covered by a skimpy swimsuit. I’m guessing she’s older than me but she looks great powering through the blue.

There’s an Asian guy swimming in the next lane and I notice that each time I swim passed he cranes his neck to look at me underwater. Guess he’s checking out his own eye candy. It’s a bit distracting but I don’t really mind.

I get out after another few laps, grab my towel and bag from the side of the pool and head to the changing rooms. The shower cubicles at this pool are the sort with walls but no door, probably to stop guys fucking each other. I turn on the hot water and get under. It feels good. I pull off my trunks and start showering. My cock is all shrunken from the swim, so I give it a good yank to get the blood flowing and it starts to return to normal. There is another row of shower Demetevler Escort cubicles facing towards mine from the other side of the room, and gradually I become aware of the Asian guy from the pool in one of them. He looks away when I glance over, but it’s pretty obvious he was checking me out.

I turn my back and continue showering. When I turn around again he’s still staring at me. I chuckle to myself, deciding in an instant to give him a show, slowly turning under the hot water so he can check out my arse and manicured dick. I’m a good size down there, and women have told me I have a nice backside too, so I expect he’s enjoying the view.

I’m surprised to discover that I’m starting to feel aroused as his eyes crawl hungrily over my body. The blood starts to flow into my cock against my will, but it feels exciting to be an object of lust like this. I turn myself sideways to the Asian guy and thrust my hips forward, so he can get a good profile of my semi-erect prick. He’s no longer hiding his interest, and is staring openly now. I can see he’s becoming aroused as well, though much less impressively. Otele gelen escort

Suddenly conscious that there are other people in the changing rooms, I turn my back on him for a few minutes. My heart is beating fast now. I’m in unknown territory, putting on a show for another man, but right at this moment, I have 8 inches of rock hard man-cock jutting out in front of me and I want this Asian guy to see its full glory. I check over my shoulder that no-one else is in view and then turn around once more. He stares at my huge erection and his jaw literally drops. It looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head.

I have no idea what to do now and I’m starting to feel like I’m going to get seen any moment. So I wrap my towel tightly around myself and head out of the shower, leaving the Asian guy nursing his own stiff prick. I get dressed quickly and discreetly. As I am leaving the changing rooms, the Asian guy emerges from the shower and smiles at me. I ignore him and walk out the door.

I head straight out of the building and return to my car, sitting in the driver’s seat contemplating Balgat Escort what just happened, cock still throbbing. That was bizarre. I slide my hand into my pants and grab my stiffness, unzipping myself for comfort. My cock is like rock, pulsing. I realise that I need to relieve myself before I can get on with the day, so I begin stroking my shaft. I imagine the Asian guy bent over in the shower cubicle, and I’m ramming my cock into his super tight hairless ass. I close my eyes, and let out a deep moan.

I’m suddenly shocked out of my stupor when the passenger side door of the car flies open. Fuck, I’ve been caught I think. A man gets quickly into the passenger seat and slams the door again. The Asian guy! He doesn’t even look at me, he just lunges at my stiff prick, grabbing the base and taking me into his mouth. He starts slurping and moaning as his spit covers my throbbing member. He takes me deeper and deeper into his throat, head bobbing faster and faster. It isn’t long before I can feel my balls tensing, the cum welling up, pressure mounting. I hold off for as long as I’m able, but eventually I have to release my load, hot spurts flying into the guy’s throat. He pulls my meat out of his mouth but I’m still spurting and I shoot the rest of my cum onto his face, which makes him moan even more.

After half a minute of us both breathing heavily, he finally looks at me. “Never ignore me like that,” he says, then opens the car door, slams it and disappears. Jesus. My first gay sex experience, and it was incredible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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