Aunt Faye Ch. 05

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With mother’s help, and I’m sure Aunt Faye’s, my clothes and all my other necessary stuff found its way to the rented condo on the river. I waited until Thursday, when I had no classes, to move my computer and the heavier items into my new digs. The refrigerator and cabinets in the kitchen had been suitably stuffed with food and drink and by the weekend, it looked as if I had lived there forever. Mother and dad had their regular Friday night out thing with one of the couples they hung around with, leaving me to spend a quiet evening settling in. Or so I thought!

I had just finished a long hot shower and was enjoying a cold, legal beer, since I was now twenty-one. I was sitting at the bar in the living room, with only a towel wrapped around my waist, when I heard the key rattle in the lock and saw the front door swing open. Startled, to say the least, I looked up to see Aunt Faye burst into the room carrying a bottle of champagne in each hand.

“Surprise!” She cried as she rushed into the room, followed by two strikingly beautiful women.

“This is Jackie,” Faye bubbled, introducing me to a tall, slender redheaded woman of about thirty, “and this is Icy.”

Icy is a showstopper. If I’d had to guess, I’d have said Spanish, or Latino, but later, she told me she’s Italian. Icy was older than the other two women, closer to fifty, or a bit past. She could have been a Sophia Loren look alike. Smoldering and seductive. But it was the ice blue of her eyes that I assumed gave her the interesting nickname.

I stood up and took a step toward the three of them. I remembered the towel, then. I heard them giggle as the terry cloth settled to the floor. Jackie’s hand flew up to her mouth as she gasped. Faye doubled over with uproarious laughter. Icy looked at my nakedness, then straight into my soul with those vibrant eyes.

“I’m so very pleased to make your acquaintance,” she purred, extending her hand to shake mine.

“Uh, me too,” I managed, dipping to retrieve the towel and cover the object of everybody’s amusement.

“Honey, where were you when I was looking for a husband?” Jackie said as I wrapped the wayward towel back around my waist and tucked it in.

I quickly excused myself and bolted for the stairs up to the bedroom to find some clothes. Returning to the living room, I found the girls huddled around the bar, pouring the champagne into four Dixie cups they’d found under the bar.

“We’ll have to see about getting you some stemware,” Faye giggled, handing me a cup of the bubbly stuff.

“To new friendships,” I toasted.

We drank the liquid down and made the customary gesture of tossing the cups into the fireplace. Then we laughed again. Faye and Jackie moved over to the couch and snuggled in with another cup of champagne. Icy and I remained by the bar.

I watched her as she slid her magnificent bottom up on a bar stool, and crossed one long dark leg over the other. The sound her stockings made sliding together made the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It was the most erotic sound I had ever heard in my young life. Nearly the entire lacy top of her dark hose exposed itself to me as her tight skirt crawled up on her supple hip.

She fumbled in her purse and produced a cigarette and a heavy gold lighter. She laid them on the bar and dropped her purse on the next bar stool. Leaning forward, she placed her elbows on the bar and rested her chin on her laced fingers. Her cleavage rushed to spill over the top of the low cut dress. I ogled her. She saw me and smiled. Her lips were full and pouting, and glistened with dark red lip-gloss.

“What’s the chance you have an ashtray?” Those lips asked.

“I scrounged under the bar and found a heavy green glass ashtray, which I positioned on the bar next to her lighter and cigarette.

I picked up her cigarette, and tucked it between my lips. I lifted the lighter and flashed it to life and drew slowly on the cigarette, pulling the tiny flame to the tip. I set the lighter back on the bar and took the smoke from my lips and extended it to Icy. She leaned way out over the bar, parted her lips slightly and accepted the thin cylinder. She drew deeply, pulling the acrid smoke down into her lungs and exhaled through her nose without removing the cigarette from her lips.

Then she drew again and pulled the cigarette from her mouth and placed it in the ashtray on the bar. A dark red band Ankara bayan escort of her lip-gloss ringed the filtered end of the cigarette. She blew the smoke straight into the air. If I had been the polar ice cap, Icy would have been melting me.

“Faye tells me you just moved in. Nice place.” Icy made conversation.

“Thanks,” I said. “I still have a lot of arranging to do.”

I heard a squeal from over on the couch. We both turned our attention to the couch. Faye was lying on her back, legs spread wide with Jackie’s long red hair draped out over her thighs. Jackie had her face buried in Faye’s pussy.

“They certainly didn’t waste any time getting down to brass tacks, did they?” Icy commented.

“Faye never does,” I said.

“Oh?” Icy asked, raising one dark eyebrow.

I think I blushed.

“So, you and Faye have done the nasty?” Icy asked, smiling. “Does her husband know about you two?”

“He’s my uncle,” I answered. “And I sure hope he doesn’t.”

“Your secret is safe with me, Sweetheart,” she whispered, holding her finger up in front of her lips.

I leered at her boobs, which were threatening to tumble out of her dress, momentarily. She seemed to be pushing them together with her arms every chance she got. Mr. Johnson had started to snake his way down my pant leg. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this woman was trying to seduce me. So, being that I was new at this, I let her practice on me. I was slowly coming to the conclusion that I liked the way older women get right to the point. I particularly liked the idea of older married women, because there’s much less chance of them falling in love with you. This one had a big rack of diamonds on her left hand so I surmised she was attached. I wondered how far she would take it.

Faye and Jackie had divested each other of their clothing and were clamped in a writhing sixty-nine over on the sofa. Icy and I listened as they slurped and smacked together.

“Does that bother you?” Icy asked.

“What?” I asked back.

“Faye and Jackie over there sucking pussy?” Icy breathed.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” I answered. “It makes me horny.”

Two could play this game I decided. Icy squirmed on the stool, uncrossing her legs. I moved around to the end of the bar to get closer to her. She had her heels hooked on the bottom rung of the stool. She wiggled to pull her skirt higher, and spread her legs apart. She pushed a hand down and rubbed between her thighs. I glanced over the bar and gaped the juncture of her legs. She was wearing crotch-less black lace panties. She had two fingers stuck through the opening, spreading here pussy lips open so she could rub her clit with her thumb.

“Need a little help with that, Icy?” I asked.

“Oh, God yes,” she breathed.

I reached out and pulled her hand away. I replaced her fingers with mine and pushed two of them deep into her sopping wet cunt.

“What would your husband say if he knew about this?” I asked.

“Umph!” She grunted. “He’d be too engrossed watching those two on the couch to notice us.”

I worked my fingers deep into her wet pussy. I drew my thumb up and flicked it over her protruding clit. She sucked her breath in, clamping her legs tightly around my hand.

“That feels real good, Lover,” she hissed.

I rubbed her clit again. She clamped down hard again and groaned loudly. Her hands both grabbed my wrist and she bent forward against me. I pushed way into her with my fingers and she gasped again and climaxed. Big Time!

“You like that?” I whispered in her ear.

“I like that,” she whispered back. “But I think I’d like what I saw earlier, much more than your fingers.”

She extracted herself from my fingers and stood on wobbly legs. She held on to my arm as she removed first one spiked heel shoe and then the other, dropping them on the floor. Taking me by the hand, she led me to the stairs, pointing up the steps and raising the eyebrow again. I nodded and we started up the stairs.

The carpeted stairs went up for six steps to a square landing and then turned right and rose the rest of the way to the master bedroom suite, which occupied the entire second floor of the condo. I could see up the back of her dress as she climbed ahead of me. I pulled on her hand as she reached the landing and she stopped. I climbed the three steps up to where she stood and pulled her into my arms, Escort bayan Ankara covering those pouting lips with my own.

Her tongue threaded its way into my mouth, whereupon it wrestled with mine. I reached behind her and pulled the zipper on her dress all the way down. She assisted by shrugging her shoulders, and the dress drifted to the floor. Her fingers tugged at the buttons on my shirt while I released the snap and zipper on my pants. Her black lace bra and panties became history and we stood naked on the small landing half way up to the bedroom.

Icy pushed me back onto the steps and crawled between my legs. Her hands found my hard cock and she slowly stroked me as she licked at my balls with her tongue. She spent a lot of time licking on my privates before she took me into her warm mouth. She had done an extra special job on my puckered little tushie with her wet tongue. My balls ached for release.

Her mouth moved over me. I could hardly feel her at first. She barely let me feel her lips. She had removed her hands, holding me with only her mouth. Slowly she descended and withdrew. Each time, she went a little farther down, until I could feel the back of her mouth on the head of my cock. Then she went just a little farther and I felt her throat open and accept me. I felt her face nestle against my body and the sensations of her swallowing with my cock pushed all the way down her throat.

Suddenly she pulled back and all I could feel was her lips around the very tip of me, Her tongue raced around my sensitive glans and flicked at the slit. Icy is a pro when it comes to sucking cock. I thought I would die when her mouth went away.

She crawled up over me ’til her pussy was directly over my face. I reached my hands up and grabbed an ass cheek with each, pulling her carefully trimmed cunt down to meet my searching mouth. She was drenched. I slid my tongue between her wrinkled nether lips and sucked her into my mouth. I pulled her down tight onto my face. My nose was mashed hard on her clit. Each time I moved my head, it rubbed over her, sending vibrations right through her body to her brain.

I felt a hand take my cock and a pair of lips close over it. I felt teeth nibbling at my nipples. I couldn’t see a thing because I was buried in Icy’s draining pussy, but my senses told me there were three females giving me pleasure.

Icy erupted on my tongue, flooding me with her juices. I was getting short on air and lifted her with my hands and gulped for breath. She leaned forward and put her knees on the step above my head, raising her cunt over me. I glanced up to see Jackie place her mouth against Icy’s backside and run her tongue around her sphincter. Icy groaned and tensed as another spasm shot through her.

Reaching up, my hand found Jackie’s pussy. I searched with my fingers until I located her scorching hole and pushed my fingers inside of her. Within seconds, she too cried out in orgasm. Faye was still munching out on my erection. I was still looking straight up into Icy’s dripping cunt. I decided it was time to fuck her.

Disentangling myself from Faye and Jackie, I turned over and pulled Jackie away from Icy’s ass and knelt on the stairs behind her. Jackie grabbed my cock and guided me into Icy’s waiting sheath. We were both slippery from another’s mouth so I slid all the way into her. We came together easily and I pushed firmly against her cheeks. Icy moaned very loudly when I reached the bottom. She pushed back with her arms, forcing herself back tight against me.

Jackie crawled under us and I felt her tongue on my balls as I started to saw into Icy’s hot pussy. Then I felt Faye’s tongue on my butt. I couldn’t move very far with Faye and Jackie under and behind me so it was Icy that did most of the fucking. She slid on and off me in slow steady repetitions, groaning and grunting each time she pushed back taking me full depth.

And then, I felt Faye begin to probe my ass hole with her fingers. Only once before had my little tunnel felt the intrusion from outside, and it had caused an uproarious expulsion of sperm. This was to be no exception. Faye inserted a second finger and pushed all the way home. I lunged forward into Icy, mashing down on Jackie’s face as we all came together.

Faye’s fingers were the last ingredients in the recipe. I felt the surge start way down deep in my balls and throttle it’s way up my cock, exploding far Bayan escort Ankara into Icy’s convulsing interior. I howled. Then slammed into her again and unloaded another thunderbolt deep inside of her. Over and over I repeated it. I’m sure I even fired a couple of dry rounds after the jizz stopped coming.

Then all you could hear was heavy breathing in the room. My softening pecker shrank sufficiently to allow Icy’s pussy to release it from its grasp. It slipped out, landing on Jackie’s forehead with a soft splat. She shifted her head and engulfed my in her mouth. A hot mouth, sucking on a freshly emptied cock, sends shock waves to the foundation of the house. My house rocked.

Faye was the first to vacate the stairway, going to the kitchen and rummaging for alcohol in the fridge. Jackie continued to lave on my cock and balls with her tongue. Icy crawled up to the top of the stairs and disappeared into the bathroom. My cock slowly got the point and began to harden again in Jackie’s mouth.

Fully erect again, and determined to be a good host, I moved back down along Jackie’s body, positioning myself between her outspread legs. Without preliminaries, I entered her rusty haired pussy. Jackie moaned and wrapped her legs around me. I ploughed into her with a flourish. Jackie wailed like a coyote in the night, humping madly. We screwed like bunnies for a long time. The skin on my knees burned like fire from the roughness of the carpeting on the stairs.

Desperate to get off my knees, I pushed myself up on my hands and feet and leaned backwards, pulling Jackie up off the steps with me. I was surprised at how little the slender woman weighed. We remained coupled as I carried her up the remaining stairs to the bedroom. We flopped back on the water mattress, never coming apart.

She unhooked her legs and using her feet and elbows we scooted back on the bed. Then I started to fuck her in earnest. Having cum just a few minutes earlier, I was ready for a long, hard roll in the hay. Each time I slapped against her she wailed anew. I was concerned the neighbors might hear and complain to my landlord, but at this point, who gives a damn. I hammered into her until she started to go off in a series of strong quick jerks. I could feel myself starting to unravel as well and after what seemed like a very long time, I blasted into her center. Four hard ejaculations and it was over for me, but I kept pumping into her until she stopped hunching back against me.

Then I was out like a light. I came around with Faye sitting next to me on the bed, wiping my face with a cool damp towel. Jackie lay on the other side of me, curled up in the fetal position and snoring softly.

“You all right, Cowboy?” Faye asked, softly.

“Yeah. Just must have needed to catch my breath,” I responded.

“Come on downstairs and have a drink with us,” Faye instructed. “Let Jackie sleep it off.”

I got up and followed Faye down the steps to the main floor. Icy, still quite naked, was perched back up on her bar stool, smoking. Her makeup and hair had been repaired to their original state of perfection. Faye looked fresh as a new penny, but had put her bra and panties back on. Faye looked good in lavender. My dick hung limply down toward the floor. I think I had reached my limit, because under any other circumstances, my dick would have hardened immediately at the sight of those two naked women.

“You’re quite a handful, Honey.” Icy cooed.

Faye handed me a beer from the fridge in the kitchen. I leaned my elbow on the end of the bar next to Icy and took a long pull of the tangy amber brew. I placed the bottle on the bar and looked at Icy’s breasts. They were full and heavy, with large dark rings around large budding nipples. Which, by the way, hardened before my eyes, as I stood there dangling my dick next to her.

I met her glance, staring directly into those sexy blue eyes. Mesmerized, I couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say, so I just took another swig of beer.

“He’s a wild stallion, just like you said, Sugar,” Icy said to Faye.

“Isn’t he though,” Faye answered, softly.

“Makes you want to screw up your marriage, doesn’t it?” Icy whispered.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Faye replied. “Ned’s awfully good to me. Even if he is lousy in bed.”

“I know what you mean,” Icy agreed. “Your father never has been much of a stud. But the fringes are wonderful.”

“Father?” I inquired. “You’re doing Faye’s father?”

“Of course, David,” Faye exclaimed. “Icy’s my mother!”

“Your mother?” I gasped.

“Sure, and Jackie’s my baby sister,” Faye added. “They’re here visiting from California.”

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