Aunt Meg Ch. 04

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Aunt Meg woke up to a female’s voice calling her name. Her eyes opened and she saw Anthony’s arm around her waist. Her nephew was spooning her from behind, his hard penis was pressed against her ass while he slept.

“There you are. Oh my.”

Aunt Meg looked up and saw a familiar face looking down at her from behind the couch.

“Jasmine!” She exclaimed in a loud whisper. “I completely forgot to call you!”

She said as she moved her nephew’s arm and got up off the couch, careful not to wake him up.

Meg stood up and looked at her housekeeper’s face. The sash on her robe hung loosely.

“Well, I got here to check on things for you and saw your car outside. I thought I would let myself into surprise you. It’s still early and I figured maybe we could have some special time before your nephew woke up. I just didn’t expect to find you on the couch with this young man. I’m guessing you had some special time of your own last night. Where is your nephew?”

Meg felt her face get flush and hot. Jasmine was her housekeeper, but she was also her female companion of sorts. Meg and Jasmine started a casual, sexual relationship shortly after Jasmine started working for her, two years earlier. Jasmine was a petite, thin, hispanic woman with surprisingly large breasts for her frame. She was 10 years younger than Meg, with black hair and emerald green eyes. She wore a plain, tight blue tee shirt and black yoga pants.

“Jasmine, you caught me by surprise. I guess I have a lot to tell you, but you have to keep it between us ok?”

“Of course. Anything you say.”

The two women walked out of the living area and upstairs to the bedroom. Meg closed the door behind her so Anthony wouldn’t wake up to the sounds of their voices. Jasmine sat on the bed and Meg sat beside her.

“The young man you saw downstairs IS my nephew.”


“Look, this is something that just happened.”

Meg told Jasmine everything that had happened over the last day and a half. She trusted Jasmine with her deepest, darkest secrets. They had a very special friendship and Jasmine had some deep, dark secrets of her own and no one except for Meg knew Jasmine was bi-sexual. Their sexual relationship was also a secret, but they were not exclusive.

Jasmine sat in silence while Meg told her everything. She was stunned that Meg had actually started a sexual relationship with her twin sister’s son and she had a bunch of questions.

“That is crazy Meg! To be honest, your story got me quite aroused.”

“Really? You don’t think I’m sick in the head?”

“Look, we are all human beings. We can’t control the feelings we get. I mean, look at us. We have a very intense and interesting relationship ourselves. I had never been with a woman until you came along. I always felt a void in my life because I knew I was attracted to women, as well as men, but I never let myself be with another woman until I met you. I would never judge you just like I know you would never judge me.”

Meg leaned in and hugged Jasmine. Then she gave her a peck on the lips.

“But tell me something. Before we got physical, you told me you were bisexual, but you had only ever been with one man. You said you preferred women.”

“It’s true Jasmine. I think it’s time I told you about the only man I ever gave myself to.”

“Ok. Tell me.” Jasmine said as she took hold of both of Meg’s hands.

“Growing up, I always knew I was different. Even though my sister and me are twins, we were very different inside. Maryssa always liked guys and she dated a few in highschool. When Maryssa and I started college, she met Anthony’s father, James, at a frat party and they started dating, James was in his senior year. My sister fell head over heels in love with him. I was always attracted more to women, than men. My sister knew this, but the rest of my family had know idea. They still don’t know, ’til this day!”

Jasmine squeezed Meg’s hands, showing her support. She knew Meg never came out openly about being bisexual.

“I would see how radiant my sister looked whenever she spent time with Anthony’s father and she would tell me everything. Then one day, she told me that they had finally had sex and she said it was the most amazing experience of her life. She had never felt the way she did with other boys she dated up to that point. She told me he was the man she was going to marry. I was so happy for her, but I was also depressed inside. I wanted to feel what she felt. I was still a virgin and I hadn’t been with anyone yet, not until that point. Maryssa felt bad for me and she always tried to make me feel better. Then one night, Maryssa came into our dorm room and made me a proposition. She asked me if I wanted to lose my virginity to James. I was in shock. She told me that James told her he had always wanted to be with two women and he asked me if I thought you would be interested in having sex with us. Maryssa and I were as close to each other as two sisters could possibly be. Many times, we felt like the same person. The idea of being with her and James sparked some excitement inside me. James was very handsome and I always found him attractive. I Gaziantep Escort had always wanted to know what it would be like to be with a man, even though most of my fantasies revolved around certain girls I saw at school. I asked Maryssa if she was ok with this and she said she was. If it were any other woman, she would have told him no, but with me, she was ok. We shared everything and she had no problem sharing her man with me. Eventually, I agreed and it was decided. The three of us went out one Saturday evening and James got us a hotel room. He also bought a few bottles of wine to help take the edge off. I was very nervous, but after a few glasses of wine, I was very relaxed, we all were. When the time came to get down to business, so to speak, we set some ground rules. My sister and I would not do anything sexual to each other, but we would take turns with James. James agreed, excitedly. We all got undressed and filled the hot tub in our room with water and got in. We drank some more and then Maryssa and James started kissing. James was sandwiched in between both of us. Maryssa pulled away from him and told him to kiss me. When his lips touched mine, I felt instant butterflies in my stomach. He was a great kisser. We made out while my sister kissed his chest and sucked on one of his nipples. Then we both started kissing his neck. She had the right side and I had the left. We both wound up giving him hickies. Maryssa took one of my hands and slid it down his chest, into the water, and onto his erect penis. I had never touched a penis before. He wasnt that long, but he was thick. It made me nervous because I was a virgin and I was concerned about the pain I would feel when he tried to enter my pussy. Maryssa had me grip his cock and she put her hand over mine and started moving my hand up and down so that I could stroke him. He turned to face me again and started kissing my neck. His kisses sent electricity throughout my entire body and my nipples harded instantly. I continued massaging his thick penis while my sister stood up and stepped over him. She put her leg on the side of the hot tub, next to his head and lowered her pussy over his face. He started eating her pussy while I watched and jerked him off. I was so turned on at seeing him eat out my sister. Hearing the sounds of pleasure that came out of her mouth made me anxious and I couldnt wait for my turn. I moved so that my sister could have more room. I sat in between James’ legs, which allowed me to stroke him and massage his balls. I also had a great view from behind my sister. I watched his tongue flutter over her pussy and lick her from asshole to slit. After several minutes, she announced she was going to cum. James grabbed her ass from behind with both his muscular arms and pushed her pelvis into his face. Maryssa moaned and screamed as her orgasm overcame her. I sat there, frozen, and watched her body spasm. When her orgasm subsided, she looked back at me with a blissful look in her face and told me it was my turn. I snapped out of my trance, stood up and got into the same position my sister was in. She got out of the hot tub and grabbed some more wine. James started kissing and licking my pussy gently. I had always fantasized about having my pussy licked and finally, my fantasy came true. James was a master at his craft. I orgasmed after just a few minutes. It was a powerful orgasm and my legs actually gave out. I fell ontop of James’ chest and he laughed.”

“Holy shit Meg! That sounds intense and incredible.” Jasmine said as she let go of Meg’s hands and licked her lips.

“I can see you are getting aroused.” She said to Jasmine with a smile.

“I’m so wet right now Meg. Tell me more.”

Meg continued with her story.

After I came, Maryssa brought us more wine. I was in ecstacy. Maryssa got back in the hot tub and asked me how I felt. I told her I was in heaven. James stood up in front of us and Maryssa turned away from me and knelt in front of him. She took his thick, meaty cock in her hands and wrapped her lips around his girth. James let out a loud moan. Then he looked at me and asked me to join in. He stepped back from Maryssa and sat on the side of the hot tub. Maryssa and I crawled over to where he was, each of us on either side of him and we both started licking a side of his cock. He put his hand on top of both of our heads. My sister and me started passing his cock off to each other. I watched her suck him and then I mimicked what she did. It was my first time ever giving a man oral sex. James seemed to really enjoy it. When I sucked his cock, she went under him and lick his balls. This triggered his orgasm and he announced he was going to cum. I pulled away from his cock, afraid of him ejaculating in my mouth. My sister popped up from under him and wrapped her lips around his thick helmet. I didn’t want to feel left out so I started massaging his balls while Maryssa stroked and sucked him. He stood up, in front of Maryssa and howled. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and jerked off. His cum sprang out of him like a cannon and hit her in the mouth. Then he aimed it at me and a rope of hot, sticky fluid shot me on the side of my left cheek and upper lips. I watched my sister lick Gaziantep Escort Bayan her lips and pull his cock in her direction, as a couple of more ropes landed in her open mouth, on top of her tongue. When he was done ejaculating, she started licking the tip of his cock. Then she passed it to me and I licked it while she slid her tongue on the side of his shaft. When he went soft, Maryssa looked at me and wiped his cum off my face and put her finger in my mouth so I could taste it. It was warm and salty. I didn’t like it much, not the first time I tried it.

“So you tasted his cum other times?” Jasmine interrupted.

“Let’s just say I feasted on that man’s cum many times after that.

“Really?” She asked surprised.

“Can I finish my story?” Meg asked.

“Sorry. Go ahead.” Jasmine said as she slipped her hands in between her legs.

After our fun in the hot tub, we got out and wiped each other clean with some towels. We finished our glasses of wine and climbed into bed. James was in between us again. Maryssa and I started taking turns kissing him. It felt so wonderful to feel the passion the three of us experienced up until that point. After a long make out session, Maryssa asked James to eat my pussy again. She wanted to make sure I was not neglected and she wanted to make that night special for me. I laid down on my back and James got down in between my legs. He began kissing and licking my womanhood again. I felt myself get extremely wet inside my vagina, even though he had only licked me on the outside. Maryssa asked if it was ok for him to slip a finger inside me. I said it was. He slipped his fingers inside me, which took me to new heights of pleasure. I had masturbated with my fingers many times, so it was nothing new. However, I had never been fingered while my clit was being licked at the same time. After several minutes of James feasting on my muffin, I felt another powerful orgasm course through my body and I screamed in pleasure. I think I surprised Maryssa and James when I screamed. When I was done cumming, James got on his knees. His cock was hard again and he was ready to penetrate me. Maryssa stopped him. She made him put on a condom first. I was nervous. Maryssa laid down next to me and told me to relax. She held my hand and told me exactly what to expect. After James put on the condom, He licked my pussy some more to make sure I was nice and wet. Then he adjusted himself to enter me. I felt the tip of his penis press against the entrance to my vagina. He was very gentle. He told me to tell him if I felt any pain. Maryssa squeezed my hand. Then I felt a pop. The tip of his penis slipped inside me and I felt a sharp pain. I let out a slight scream and I bit my lip. He stopped and asked if I was ok. I winced in pain as my vagina strained to take in his thickness, but I told him to keep going. He slid in and out of me slowly, gradually getting deeper and deeper inside me. It took him several thrusts to get all the way in. Once he did. he just kept himself inside me so that my pussy could get used to his phallus. Once some of my pain subsided, I told him to fuck me slowly. He started thrusting. It was an odd sensation. I felt a mix of pleasure and discomfort. After a few minutes, I asked him to stop. He pulled out of me and then massaged my slit with his tongue. That felt really good and soothing. Maryssa watching intently and then asked me to get up. I did as she asked. Then she told James to lay down on his back. When he did, she stood up on the bed, stepped over him and lowered herself onto his stem. Then she told me to sit on James face. I straddled his face while Maryssa straddled his cock. The three of us were consumed with pleasure after that. Maryssa and James climaxed at the same time while they fucked. Once they were done, James continued to eat me until I orgasmed on his face. It was an awakening for me. That man made me cum 6 times that night. I let him fuck me a second time for a few minutes, but the rest of the time, Maryssa had her way with his cock while his mouth had it’s way with my pussy. After that night, I became infatuated with James. I confessed to Maryssa that I felt like I loved him. She told me the three of us were going to be very happy together. From that point on, we were inseparable. We always went places together and the three of us continued our sexual relationship. When we weren’t having threesomes, I would be alone with James and other times, Maryssa would have him to herself. This went on for the whole school year.

“What an incredible story Meg.” Jasmine said as she stood up. “That still doesn’t explain why you slept with Anthony.”

“Let’s go downstairs and I’ll show you.” Meg said.

She stood up from the bed, but did not tighten her sash. Her robe opened up a bit, allowing her pussy to become exposed. Jasmine took notice and reached her hand out. She slipped it in between Meg’s legs and extended her middle finger up and inside Meg’s outer lips.

“Look how wet you got from telling me that story. You are almost as wet as I am.” She said as she pulled her hand back and tasted her finger.

“I guess I will have to find out for myself.” Meg teased as she walked over to Escort Gaziantep the door.

Jasmine followed her. They walked downstairs in silence. Meg walked to her desk and opened one of the drawers. She pulled something out and then walked back to Jasmine. She took Jasmine’s hand led her to the couch to look down at Anthony.

“See this?” She asked Jasmine as she showed her an old picture.

Jasmine looked at the picture of two women who looked exactly alike and a handsome young man with dark hair. She took the picture from Meg’s hand and studied it. Then she looked down at Anthony.

“Do you see it?” Meg asked.

Jasmine looked down at Anthony.

“Holy shit!” He looks just like his father. “There are a few small differences, but it was very obvious.”

“Exactly! James will always have a special place in my heart. I never allowed myself to be with another man, even after what went down between Maryssa, James and me. But that’s a whole other story for another time.”

Both women looked down at Anthony. He was lying on his back, still sleeping. His robe was partially closed, but the tip of his penis poked out from below his sash.

“He has a nice cock.” Jasmine said to Meg.

“Yes, a very nice cock.

“Ah, it all makes sense now. The reason you started an incestuous relationship with your nephew.”

“Don’t call it that.” Meg said to Jasmine with a cringe.

“Sorry.” Jasmine said with a laugh.

“It’s funny though.”

“What is?” Jasmine asked.

“The first time I was with a man, I shared him with my sister. All these years later, the second man I’ve ever been with is my first lover’s son and I am here, looking at his cock with you.”

“What are you trying to say Meg?” Jasmine asked with a twinkle in her eye and a wide smile on her face.

“Do you want to relive my story with me and my nephew?”

“Are you serious?”

“I am, and I think Anthony would enjoy it.”

“Well, my panites are soaking wet. Let’s treat your nephew to a thressome of his own.”

Meg untied her sash and let her robe open up completely. Jasmine eyed her naked body and started to take off her yoga pants and panties. She stood in front of Meg with only her tight tee shirt on.

“Jasmine, why don’t you taste his cock?”

I woke up to a familiar sensation. My cock felt wet and pleasure coursed from my balls up to the tip of my stem. I opened my eyes expecting to see Aunt Meg giving me a blow job like she had at the motel room two nights before. To my surprise, I found Aunt Meg standing over me from behind the couch, with her robe open, so that I could see her hairy pussy and perky breasts.

“If Aunt Meg was behind me, who was making my cock feel so amazing.” I wondered to myself.

I lifted my head off the pillow and saw a beautiful face bobbing up and down on my rod. She had silky black hair and her skin was of a darker complexion. Her beautiful green eyes looked up at. She took her mouth off my stem and smiled at me. Then, she went back to pleasuring my cock.

“Anthony, this is Jasmine. I hope you don’t mind, but she wanted to taste your beautiful, hard cock. Call it a housewarming gift from me to you.”

Before I could say anything, Aunt Meg pushed my head back down on the pillow.

“Just lay down Sweety and let us make you feel really good.”

Aunt Meg took off her robe and walked to the side of the couch, next to me. She lifted her right leg and placed it between me and the back of the couch. Her back was facing me. She stood over me and lowered her asshole over my mouth. Her pubes tickled my chin when she squatted down, over me. I put my tongue on her anal pubes and started licking her rectum. I put my left hand on Jasmine’s head and felt her head bobbing up and down. I started spreading my saliva all over Aunt Meg’s anus and then worked down to the two puffy folds of her vulva. Aunt Meg bent over and I felt something I had never felt before. I felt two tongues licking my cock. I felt my cock go from one mouth to the other and whenever Aunt Meg had me in her mouth, I felt soft, wet lips kiss and suck on my scrotum. I couldn’t believe that Aunt Meg set this up for me. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I buried my nose into Aunt Meg’s rectum as I penetrated her slit with my tongue. After a few minutes, Aunt Meg sat up and then got off me.

“Let’s switch Jasmine. I want you to see what my nephew can do.”

I lifted my head again and saw Jasmine get to her feet. It was the first time I had gotten to see her body. Her pussy was completely bald and her tight, blue tee-shirt hugged her very large breasts. My mouth started salivating at the idea of tasting this woman. Aunt Meg walked over to Jasmine and pulled her tee-shirt over her head. Then she got behind her and unhooked her sexy black bra. It dropped to the floor, exposing the largest breasts I had ever seen in person. Her dark areolas were as big as half dollar coins and her nipples stood out a good half inch. Jasmine approached me and placed her left leg over my right shoulder. She lowered her body down and placed her smooth pussy on my mouth. She was facing me, looking down at my face in between her legs. She arched her back and moaned when I started licking the alphabet on her clit and inside her inner labia. I loved looking up at her and seeing the under part of her breasts while feasted on her soft pussy. She took both my hands and placed them on her dense melons. I was surprised at how dense and heavy they felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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