Autumn and Dave Share the Candidate

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We had finished dinner, and I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher while my husband was checking a few emails in the other room. A knock came at the front door, which was not surprising since it was election season and different canvassers were stopping by frequently hoping to get our votes for one candidate or another.

“Babe, can you get the door?” Dave asked me. I was wearing a see-through orange shirt that I usually wear with my workout bra, but today I wore it without the bra. My breasts were on full display, and Dave knew it. My yoga pants with no panties on had similar results, hugging my curves, leaving little to the imagination.

I opened the door and the man smiled broadly. He stammered a bit and said, “Hi, I’m Tim and I’m running for village mayor.” He was an attractive man, about 50, with an athletic build and salt and pepper hair. He was clearly looking at my body and I enjoyed the effect I was having on him. “Would you like to hear about my vision for the village?” he asked awkwardly.

Dave came to the door. Tim said to him, “I was just telling your wife that I’m running for mayor. I’d love to have your vote!”

Dave said, “That depends.”

Tim wondered if Dave saw him admiring me, and he was unsure how he should respond. “Depends on what?”

Dave said, “Depends on what you can offer.” Dave put his arm around my waist. I smiled at Tim. “Why don’t we all go inside instead of chatting on the porch,” I said. I went first and Dave held the door for Tim to follow.

Tim placed himself in the middle of the couch and Dave and I sat on either side of him. Dave rested his hand on Tim’s leg. I moved my hand to Tim’s back. Tim was enjoying being touched by us and sank into the comfortable cushions. I rubbed his shoulder and arm. Dave moved his hand across Tim’s lap and bursa escort began feeling Tim’s erection through his jeans. Tim reached for my breast and caressed me over the sheer fabric of my shirt, making my nipples hard. I took off my shirt and positioned myself so he could suck my tits. Dave slid his hand under the back of my soft yoga pants and rubbed my ass. Dave got up, slid down my pants and started eating my ass. The feeling of my husband’s tongue in my asshole was so pleasurable, I moaned with delight.

Tim said to Dave, “She’s hot!”

“Yes, and quite the slut,” Dave said. I laughed and said to Dave, “So are you!”

Tim took off his shirt and I unzipped his jeans, freeing his erection. I took him in my mouth, savoring the small amount of precum at the tip. I sucked him for a while and Dave sat next to us, undressing and watching. “You like that?” I asked.

“Yeah,” they both said at the same time.

I sucked Tim’s cock a little more and then looked into Dave’s eyes. “Wanna try?” I asked Dave.

Dave took Tim’s cock in his mouth, and they both let out moans of pleasure. “That’s so sexy,” I told Dave.

Tim said, “It feels great.” Dave stroked Tim’s shaft and sucked the tip of his penis, licking the head in small circles. “Lick his balls,” I said. Dave tongued Tim’s balls, and Tim groaned approvingly. I took Tim’s dick in my hand and stroked him as Dave concentrated on his balls.

Dave’s own cock was rock hard and he pushed me back to lay on the couch. Tim got up to fully take off his jeans. Dave went down on me and luxuriated being buried in my juicy pussy. I moaned in ecstasy. I looked at Tim and smiled. Every exquisite sensation Dave’s magical tongue created between my legs showed on my face. The way Tim was looking at me, I knew he wanted bursa escort bayan my mouth some more.

“Fuck me, Babe,” I whispered. Dave moved up and entered my pussy forcefully and it felt so good to feel his stiffness fill my tight hole. Tim positioned himself at the end of the couch near my head.

Tim said to Dave, “I want to fuck your wife’s mouth.”

“Please do,” Dave replied.

Tim was stroking his cock close to me and I felt thrilled to have my husband fucking my pussy hard and a stranger’s dick about to fuck my mouth. I leaned my head back over the arm of the couch and got ready for Tim to throatfuck me.

Tim entered my mouth and pushed in deep to the back of my throat. I gagged as he glided in and out. I held the base of his cock with one hand and played with my nipples with the other. I orgasmed hard with Dave deep inside my pussy, and moaned and gagged with pleasure with Tim deep in my mouth. Dave pulled out and sat on the end of the couch enjoying the view and stroking himself. After a bit Tim pulled out too. I liked taking it from the both of them at the same time. I wanted more.

I got up and straddled Dave, facing him, and lowered my cunt onto his penis. I reached back with both hands to spread my ass cheeks for Tim. I told Dave, “Grab the lube,” and he reached for the side table drawer. Dave poured some lube on my asshole and smoothed some on Tim’s cock. My hole pulsed with anticipation.

Tim placed the tip of his dick up to my asshole and pushed in, slowly. I moaned “Oh, yes,” and relished being DP’ed. Dave deep in my cunt and Tim in my tight little asshole felt so good. The sensation of being filled by both men was amazing. Dave and Tim’s rhythmic pounding brought me quickly to an extraordinarily intense orgasm. I cried escort bursa out as the walls of my cunt contracted strongly around Dave’s cock and my sphincter quivered tightly around Tim’s shaft.

Dave’s throaty grunting told me he was about to come too. He held onto my hips and drained his load deep inside me. The warm spurting of his semen felt incredible and I kissed Dave, looking into his eyes and smiling contentedly.

We soon turned our attention to Tim. I moved off Dave, and Tim slid out of my ass. Tim wasn’t done with my ass yet though. I moved across Dave’s lap with my knees on the seat cushion next to him and my hands on the arm of the couch. In this position my tits were pressed against Dave’s belly. Dave reached around my hips and spread my ass with both hands, inviting Tim back in.

Tim thrust forcefully into my anus, stuffing his thick cock into my pretty hole. “Mmmm feels so good,” I cried. As Tim slid in and out of my anal canal, I thought about how lucky I was to have a loving husband who enjoyed seeing me get pleasure from another guy. It was exciting for me to see my husband get pleasure from him as well.

Tim’s rhythm picked up and I could tell he was close to coming. I had an idea.

“Dave, suck him off,” I said.

Tim pulled out of my ass and positioned himself in front of Dave. Tim stuck his cock into my husband’s mouth.

“You like the taste of my dirty ass on his big cock?” I asked.

“Mm hmm,” was Dave’s muffled reply, with Tim’s shaft stuffed in his mouth. Dave sucked Tim with delighted vigor, and it wasn’t much longer until Tim exploded in Dave’s mouth, filling it with a large load of hot jizz. Dave swallowed most of Tim’s cum, while small rivulets of semen dripped from the corners of his mouth.

“Babe, you are so hot,” I said to my debauched spouse. He smiled at me and said, “You are.” We kissed passionately, enjoying all the flavors of cum and ass mingling on our tongues and lips.

Tim said to the both of us, “You two were amazing. It’s been an incredible night… Now can I count on your votes?”

Based on a true story.

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