BabySitter Memory

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I’d been asked to sit by Norm Watson. He was a divorced father and his ex had custody of the children. I thought that it was odd that he’d require a sitter and queried him on it.

“I’ll explain when you get here,” he told me. “You may not have to do any sitting at all but you’ll still get paid.”

I had nothing on for the afternoon so I agreed. As soon as I turned up his explanation was forthcoming.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’ve been given a chance to do a six month tour of the Antarctic, stationed at the Amundsen-Scott base. I’ll be picked up in a couple of hours to go to the air-force base. They’re doing a supply run and the supplies include the new scientists, of which I’m one. Now Amanda is supposed to be here at three to pick-up the girls. As it’s now half past I’m just a little wary. If she doesn’t turn up in a timely manner, what am I supposed to do with the kids? I can’t leave them here on their own. That’s where you come in.

If Amanda is playing funny buggers and deliberately tries to screw me it won’t matter, because I can safely leave the children with you to look after until she collects them. I’ll pay you before I leave, as I suspect she won’t. She can’t even complain about you being chosen as you’re a practised baby-sitter, know the kids, and at eighteen you’re now officially an adult. I have all bases covered.”

I could see where he was coming from. I’d met Amanda and she could be a gold-plated bitch when she wanted to, and where Norm was concerned she always wanted to. He’d got out from under her thumb and it made her furious.

We spent a carefree half hour playing with the children. Now that I was there Norm didn’t give a damn if Amanda showed up or not. I suspected that he’d just as soon she didn’t so he could figuratively give her the finger by leaving in time with perfectly reasonable arrangements in place.

It wasn’t to be. Just after four, only an hour or so late, Amanda rolled up, immediately demanding to know why the children weren’t outside waiting.

“They were,” said Norm equably, “at three o’clock when you were supposed to pick them up. When you didn’t arrive we naturally went in out of the sun. We wouldn’t want them to get sunstroke waiting around, now would we?”

Amanda hmphed and scowled in my direction.

“What’s she doing here?”

“Oh, Melissa is just here to be available as a baby-sitter if you failed to turn up in a timely manner. You surely don’t think that I’d leave them unattended just because you’re a little late?”

Norm managed to sound shocked at the very idea, and received another blistering look from Amanda. She tucked the girls into the car and departed.

I followed Norm back into the house, ready to collect my things, my pay, and to head home.

“Before you go, Melissa, there is one other thing,” he said, smiling happily. “Spending the day with the children is one happy memory to take South with me. Another one I want to remember is undressing you, spreading your legs, and making love to you. You have a lovely body and I want to enjoy it right now. We have time before I’m picked up.”

I looked at him blankly. I understood every word that he said but the total meaning of his words seemed to evade me. I let them run through my mind, coming to the conclusion that he had said what I thought he’d said.

My immediate thought was the suggestion that this was where I politely said thank you, but no thank you, and beat feet out of the house just as fast as they would move. My second thought was that Norm was a big, strong, man, and quite handsome. Fit, too, as he’d apparently been in training. If I agreed to this it could be quite interesting.

My third thought was a beauty. It was why am I standing here watching Norm undo the buttons on my blouse? I didn’t really have an answer to that so I stood there, watching my buttons pop open one by one, trying to find an answer.

“Why are you undoing my blouse?” I finally asked him, and then felt like slapping myself. “Forget I asked that. I know why you’re doing it. I didn’t say I’d go along with your stupid idea.”

“It’s a brilliant idea and you didn’t say you wouldn’t,” Norm pointed out. With that he peeled the blouse Tekirdağ Escort off my shoulders and slid it down my arms, tossing it to one side.

I looked down at my bra, a rather skimpy bra that didn’t start to contain my breasts. Well, I guess it started to, but only enough to give me a bit of cleavage. I didn’t really need the support at my age, but squeezing them together for interesting cleavage is fun. Norm moved behind and I felt the bra loosen, and then it was descending, leaving me exposed to the waist.

Obviously if I was going to protest now was the time. Instead of doing so I looked down at where his hands were now cupping my breasts, his thumbs rolling my nipples about, teasing them erect. I was breathing hard, feeling my breasts swell slightly under his touch. I was also having some interesting reactions in other parts off my body.

His hands moved away from my breasts to my sides and moved downwards. Once he reached my yoga pants his hands slipped inside the waist and poised there, fingers inside my pants, thumbs outside. He looked at me, obviously waiting for a signal, and I was damned if I could give one. Part of me was saying yes and part no, and all of me was just frozen to the spot, waiting. Would he or wouldn’t he?

Silly question. If I didn’t say no when I had every opportunity to do so then of course he would. His hands started moving again, this time bringing my yoga pants with them. And my panties, I noticed, as he collected them along the way. When he reached my feet I just lifted them one at a time while he eased my shoes and things right off. Rising to his feet I was left standing there, naked.

He took a step back, his eyes sweeping over me. There was a pleased little smile twitching at his lips.

“You are really very lovely,” he said in a soft voice. “You do know what I’m going to do, don’t you?”

I looked down at myself, naked from head to toe, and then back at him. Blushing slightly, I nodded.

“You’re not going to say anything?”

“Um, why haven’t you started?”

Perhaps not quite the right thing to say but I couldn’t think of anything else. He looked startled for a moment and then his little smile grew a little larger. He reached for me, his hands closing around my waist. Quite effortlessly he picked me up and sat me on the table behind me. His hands moved to my breasts and he pressed against them, pushing me down until I was lying flat on the table, my legs dangling over the side. He moved a little closer, pushing my legs apart. That done he unbuckled his belt while I lay there watching him. His trousers and shorts dropped away and I was looking at his erection, my breathing seeming to stop.

Something I would always wonder about after this was did he buy this table because it was just the right height for what he wanted to do or was that just a happy coincidence? He simply adjusted the position of his cock slightly and just like that he was pushing against me and into me.

My breathing started again, and bloody quickly, too. Then I was going, “Ah, aah, aaah,” each little cry slightly longer than the previous as he sank slowly into me, pushing firmly home while still giving me time to adjust to what was happening. Then he was in me, all the way in, his groin pressed against mine, his hands on my breasts holding me flat on the table.

All I can say was that it was luv-er-ly. I lay there, his hands teasing and tantalizing on my breasts while his cock began a long slow dance, sliding in and out, with me giving a soft little moan each time he thrust into me. I was flexing my buttocks, the only way I was able to push to meet him, what with my legs spread wide and dangling off the table.

I watched him for a while, enjoying the look of pleasure on his face as he drove into me, liking the dominance he was showing, and even enjoying the willing subservience I was displaying. I’d never dreamed that I’d be in this sort of position, not only in it but relishing it.

My eyes sort of drifted shut and I just floated away, letting the pleasure carry me along. At this point I wasn’t caring about the eventual destination, the journey being my sole concern.

After a while I could feel all Tekirdağ Escort Bayan the little sensations he’d been stirring up and storing in me were starting to spill out of the pool of heat he’d ignited. The warmth was spreading through me, becoming hotter and more urgent as each second passed. My eyes popped open and I could hear myself urging him on. I hadn’t deliberately started doing that but I was damn certain I wasn’t going to stop.

I was crying out with some urgency, wanting this to finish, and I didn’t mean him to stop but to FINISH! He began to move more powerfully, driving in more forcefully, and I was right behind his efforts, cheering him on. Then I was climaxing with a little scream, shuddering under the force of it, feeling him climax at the same time.

He withdrew and I just lay there for a moment, too spent to even sit up. I was feeling absolutely wonderful.

Then all of a sudden I wasn’t too tired to sit up. In fact I sat up abruptly with a bit of a squeal, closing my legs and throwing an arm across my breasts. The cause of this? A very deep voice speaking to Norm.

“You about ready, Norm,” came the question from the doorway.

Turning my head to look I found a Sasquatch was standing in the doorway. A well-dressed Sasquatch, I was willing to admit, but definitely a Sasquatch. It was well over six foot tall and filled the doorway from side to side. The clothes it wore were straining to cover that physique.

“Sorry if I’ve interrupted,” he said, not sounding at all sorry. “A very attractive young friend you have there.”

“Ah, Ray. I won’t be long. This is Melissa, my baby-sitter. Melissa, that is Ray Stevenson, the climatologist for the expedition. He’s half way through a tour which explains all the hair. He doesn’t shave while there, or cut his hair, preferring to stay warm. I’ll probably look the same when I come back.”

I said something along the lines of, “Um, urg, ah,” but you have to remember, I was naked.

“Baby-sitter, uh?” rumbled Ray’s voice and I was amused to see Norm blush.

“Well, yes. I was explaining how I was going to be in Antarctica for six months and I really wanted a memory to take with me.”

“A brilliant idea,” said Ray. He strolled across to me, took hold of my wrist and pulled me down off the table, gently so I landed on my feet quite easily. Then he took hold of my other wrist and held my arms wide while he looked me over.

“Definitely a memory to be cherished,” he said.

He dropped one of my wrists and ran his hand across my breasts. My nipples promptly sat up and took notice, which he couldn’t fail to see. His eyes were running over me again as he nodded slowly.

“So am I allowed to have a nice memory?” he asked. “We’ll be there for many cold months, needing something to bring light into our drab lives. A memory of you would be just the thing.”

I was blushing furiously. Surely he didn’t think I’d agree. I was shocked that I’d even let Norm do it. I hadn’t really intended to. As for Mr Sasquatch – the size of the man.

I was trying to think of a way to say ‘fucking hell, no’ in a polite manner when he turned me around and pushed me so I was leaning forward over the table. That’s when I switched to ‘Oh my god he’s going to rape me’, and I was almost paralysed.

“If you’re going to say no, you’d better say it fairly soon,” he said. “If you look back here you’ll see I’m just about ready to start.”

I turned my head to lay my horrified eyes on his erection. He’d dropped his trousers and his erection was reaching out to me, and it looked as though it had a long reach. It was so fat that if he got into a fight he could use that thing to club people into submission.

That first look was enough for me to mentally scream just look at that thing. There’s no way in hell I’m going to let him. The problem was that another part of me said look at the size of that thing. What will that feel like?

I snapped my head to the front again, not wanting to look at it. That didn’t stop me being acutely aware that it was right behind me. He was moving closer to me, his hands on my bottom, running over my buttocks. A little closer and I could feel that Escort Tekirdağ hot hard rod pressing against my bottom. He moved away a fraction, and then his cock was between my legs, the length of it rubbing back and forth against my vulva, already starting to agitate my senses.

“So are you going to say yes or no?” came the question. “You can understand where I have a certain interest in your answer. If you can’t make a choice I’ll probably decide for you and I’m sure you can guess what my decision will be.”

I spluttered something incoherent, not knowing what I wanted to say. It’s hard to think straight when you’re somewhat aroused and a whacking great cock is making free with your body. I wanted to say no but I also wanted to say yes. I just didn’t want to make a decision.

If you don’t make a decision soon he’s going to just go ahead and fuck you, a little voice said, and that suddenly seemed like a reasonable idea. If I didn’t say yes and he went ahead and did it anyway then it wasn’t my fault. It’s his for rushing the decision.

I didn’t have to wait long. His hand slipped between my legs, his fingers easing my lips apart. Then I could feel the tip of his erection pressing against me. He spread my lips even further, giving him room to put the head of his cock into me, squeezing past my lips. He let my lips go and I could feel them close around him, and he was already feeling rather large inside me. He didn’t do anything else for a few moments, just holding the end of his cock inside me with my lips holding it in place.

He was waiting for me to object, I think, but I was too nervous to. That sounds strange, I know. You’d think I’d be too nervous to let him do it, not the other way around, but now that he’d started I just couldn’t say no.

After that pause he started pressing firmly into me. Thank god Norm had aroused me earlier as it meant I was still slightly aroused and ready and Ray didn’t have to stretch me anywhere near what I’d been afraid of. He came driving in quite swiftly, his hands going around me to close over my breasts.

His cock slid home with a slapping sound as his groin slapped against mine and then it was on. Norm had started off in what I considered a rather dreamy fashion, building slowly to a wonderful climax. A gentle lover, showing his adoration of my body.

That wasn’t Ray. He started banging away like no-bodies business, his cock a pile-driver that slapped home repeatedly. This was what I guess would be called wild monkey sex, jump the female, bang away, and then escape before she bites you. Ray certainly had the jump the female and bang away parts down pat. For my part I was squeaking and squealing and carrying on, my bottom bouncing about as I put my all into matching his driving need.

I kept gasping and yelling and carrying on and Ray kept sticking me with his rod of iron. He went on and on, not even slowing down to take a breath. Sasquatches had quite a bit of stamina it seemed, and Ray wasn’t about to let the side down. He banged, I squealed, and it was a totally exhilarating experience.

If asked to compare between Norm and Ray I’d have been at a total loss. Completely different styles, but both styles got the job done. At least, I hoped Ray’s style would get the job done. The way I was feeling it damn well better. I was absolutely on fire, and that outsize poker Ray owned was certainly stirring the flames.

It was funny in a way, as while I’d been able to tell Norm to finish things off I couldn’t do that with Ray, mainly because I’d been carrying on with screams and squeals right from the word go. A bit hard to squeeze an intelligent message into those squeals.

Maybe he could tell from the pitch of my squealing that I was ready to die on him. Whatever the reason his rhythm changed in a subtle way and then I was climaxing, firing off in a big way. So was Ray, for that matter. He apparently had balls the size of a bull’s and he was letting me have all the contents.

As soon as we separated I grabbed my clothes and vanished into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. Coming out afterwards Norm saw me and nodded towards the hall table. There was an envelope there, presumably my baby-sitter pay. He’s lucky I didn’t ask for a bonus for duties above and beyond, but no way was I doing that. I’d feel I’d sold myself and I wasn’t into that.

There again, I wasn’t into threesomes, or having sex with strangers, so what the hell had got into me. Ray and Norm, a little voice whispered.

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