Bachelor Party Entertainment

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Female Ejaculation

I’ve always enjoyed going to bachelor parties and watching the entertainment. I particularly like watching the girls strip down and the games they play with the audience like licking whip cream from their tits or playing “feed the kitty”. The girls are usually fun and nobody gets hurt with a little erotic entertainment.

Recently my close friend Jeff asked me to attend his bachelor party. Jeff is gay and he was finally having a formal ceremony with his long-time boyfriend and wanted to sow his wild oats one last time. Jeff and I have been good friends for years and I said I would come, but I was a little spooked hanging out with a bunch of gay males and I assumed, gay male dancers.

Having been a friend of Jeff for years, I considered myself comfortable around gay people, but I was a little unsure about what kind of entertainment they would have. With gay entertainers I wondered if they would get fully naked or just strip to their underwear. What kind of games would they play? As this ran through my mind, I remembered a long time ago when I confessed to Jeff that I wondered what it would be like to be with a man. “I’m not gay,” I said, “just curious.” I guess my curiosity stemmed from loving to receive a blow job so much from my girlfriend. “I just wandered what it was like for her,” I told Jeff. Jeff replied that there was only one way to find out for sure which ended that conversation.

When Jeff sent me his bachelor party invitation it said it was a toga party. Jeff told me to just wear underwear and a sheet. I protested at this, but Jeff said, “Don’t worry; nobody is going to take their clothes off! It’s just to make the party more fun.” I reluctantly agreed that I would come as requested and just figured I would stay in the background when the “entertainment” arrived.

The party was at a friend of Jeff’s that I hadn’t met. In fact, when I thought about it, I hadn’t really met many of Jeff’s friends. It was like he lived another life outside of what we shared as friends. When I arrived at the party I noticed that I didn’t know anybody there except Jeff. Jeff came over to me and said, “Hey Bill, “Come and meet some of the guys!” He took me around and I met several of his friends and was offered a beer. Everybody was cool and we had a good time drinking and playing cards for a couple hours. After everybody was loose and having fun, several male entertainers came. It seemed like there were at least five or six guys who definitely spent a lot of time at the gym. They weren’t body builders, but they were definitely muscular.

After a while, the music started and the male entertainers started dancing. Everybody gathered around and sat on the couches and chairs circling the room. Like bachelor parties with women, the men occasionally made people sit in the center of the room on a chair and danced for them. The dancers had cans of whip cream and sprayed some on their chests for the selected guest to lick off. This was not all that different from some of the straight bachelor parties I had been to in the past. I stayed in the back of the room and watched.

After a while I noticed that just about everybody had participated in the center of the room. By this time the dancers were naked except for a very small sack covering their balls and cock. Just when I thought the show was about done, the lead dancer Joey came over to me and said, “It’s your turn. You can’t hide forever!” Joey then brought me to the center of the room. He blind folded me and then restrained my hands and feet to the chair with rope. He did this to another couple guys, so I figured I was in for the same relatively tame treatment they received.

Joey then told the audience, “The show is heating up!”, and then he leaned down and told me to my ear, “Just relax and go with it, OK? You are going to have a good time.” One of the dancers then removed my toga and told me to relax and enjoy the fun. “It’s all part of the show,” he said.

I said, “Ok”. Several of the other guys who sat where I was now had their togas removed and they sat there in their underwear while the dancers gyrated in front of them. A few of them even reached out and grabbed the dancer’s crotch when they were close to the chair. I wouldn’t be doing that.

After a few minutes with several of the dancers rubbing their bodies up against me to the beat of the music, one Büyükesat Escort of them started to caress my chest and get my nipples hard. Since my nipples are directly connected to my cock, I started to harden immediately. This was noticed by the crowd and there was a lot of cheering and laughter. Next I felt a pair of scissors was cutting off my underwear! Joey told me to my ear, “It’s just part of the show, Bill. Just relax and enjoy it. It’ll be over before you know it.”

The show continued. More guys rubbed up against me as they danced and several of them ran their fingers over my chest as they got near me. My cock got harder and I mentally tried to make it shrink, but failed.

I was completely embarrassed now that my cock felt mostly hard. The music was loud, and with the blindfold, it was hard to know what was happening in the room. Just then, one of the dancers kneeled down beside me and started licking on my nipple. There was a lot of cheering and I think the audience was screaming “take it off! Take it off!” After a few moments the dancers apparently took off what was left of their “shorts” because the crowd got even louder.

I was thinking that this needed to end soon. My cock was aching hard now and I felt it standing straight up. I was completely embarrassed, but didn’t want to spoil the party for Jeff, so I kept quiet.

Joey then stood in front of me and rubbed some lubricant on my chest that smelled like strawberry. He stepped forward with both of his legs straddled over me and the chair and started rubbing his semi-hard cock up and down my chest with the beat of the music. I couldn’t believe it! I started to say something in protest but bit my tongue. They said it would be over soon, so I thought I could wait it out.

The crowd then went wild as Joey poked me in the chin with his cock and then let it slide up to my cheek. Joey then asked the crowd, “Do you want him to have a little taste of the lubricant? It’s strawberry!” Of course it was a unanimous yes!

Joey then leaned down and told me, “Just relax Bill, it’s going to be Ok and it will be over soon. Everybody is having a great time!”

I said, “Ok, but this is a lot more than you did to the other guys.”

“Hey, it’s the last act,” Joey said, “so we have to do a little extra. Don’t worry. It will be over before you know it.”

My mind caught up and I then realized what was about to happen. He was going to make me taste the lubricant by licking his cock! Shit! My mind raced through several thoughts ranging from trying to flip myself over onto the floor, or to go with the moment and try it. I thought about that conversation with Jeff long ago about wondering what it would be like. Nobody here except for Jeff knew me.

Joey stood back up and moved his cock over to the front of my mouth and then mashed his cock into my face so that I felt his shaft up against my mouth and nose. The room was wildly loud and everyone was yelling, “Lick it! Lick it!” The music was also still blaring.

To go along with the act, I exposed my tongue between my lips and tasted his shaft as he moved it up and down. He wasn’t completely hard, but definitely big. The strawberry taste wasn’t very good and I was mostly surprised at how warm Joey’s cock was.

The crowd then started to yell, “Suck it! Suck it!” Joey then surprised me by placing the tip of his cock at my lips. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t have much time to think about it. It was Jeff’s party and I didn’t want to ruin it. Joey pushed his cock at my lips and before I realized what had happened the tip of it was inside my mouth.

Joey pushed further and I felt my mouth become completely full. The crowd was going crazy and cheering. I relaxed my mouth a little waiting for Joey to remove his cock, and he sort of removed it, but not all the way. Joey pulled out most of the way, but then came forward again. He then repeated, slowly pulling out and then pushing in. Joey was slowly fucking my mouth!

The crowd was going nuts. Soon the lubricant taste was gone, but I noticed a sweet tasting fluid in my mouth and realized it was Joey’s pre-cum! Surely he wasn’t going to continue this until he came! The taste wasn’t that bad, kind of like something sweet being smeared onto my tongue. With the strawberry flavor still Elvankent Escort on my tongue it was hard to really distinguish the taste that much. I figured it couldn’t be much longer before Joey was done with me.

I was right! Joey pulled out. Joey then asked the crowd, “Does anybody wants to lick Bill’s balls and shaft? It costs $20 to have a lick.” Several guys volunteered, and I was thinking, “Holy shit! I’ve got to get out of here!” But at the same time, my cock was aching so badly and my hormones were taking control of my brain.

As each guy came up to me, they were told not to suck me or take my cock in their mouth, just lick. “Each guy gets 30 seconds,” Joey says, as the first guy started licking. My cock was aching and leaking so much. It was strange having a man touch me there, but I was so horny I just wanted to cum.

I thought about what had just happened with Joey. He just fucked my mouth and I didn’t mind it. I felt myself getting harder.

While my cock was being licked, Joey said to me, “We need to get the other dancers involved before we end the show. It will just be a little bit longer.”

After the group of strangers finished licking me, a couple dancers came near me and placed their hands on my chest as they danced to the music. Then each dancer took a turn and straddled the chair and rubbed their cocks up and down my chest, pressing into me with a fair amount of pressure so that I could feel them harden.

As the song was nearing the end the second guy placed his hard cock at my lips and danced with the tip of his cock moving about the front of my mouth and face. Just before the song finished he pushed in at my lips. I wasn’t expecting it and the tip of his cock entered my mouth. He finished the song dancing with the tip of his cock in my mouth.

The other dancer leaned down and whispered into my ear. “Don’t worry man; just relax. It’s part of the show. Everybody is having a great time. You are doing great!” I nodded my head yes as the other dancer’s cock was still in my mouth.

When the song ended I heard Joey yell to the crowd, “For $30, you can have your cock expertly sucked by one of the dancers for 30 seconds, as long as you promise not to cum and you promise to keep your cock hard afterwards for another surprise activity. Are there any volunteers?”

I heard from the cheers that several guys volunteered. The remaining crowd was going nuts and chanting something that I couldn’t make out.

While the volunteers from the audience were receiving their blowjobs, one of the free dancers started licking my shaft and balls, but didn’t suck me. I was aching so much.

Joey then asked the crowd, “Who wants to finish him off?” There was a huge roar. Joey then said, “We start the bidding at $20.” And from that point, Joey started saying, “OK, $20 dollars to that man; $25 over there. We have $30!” Was he asking them to bid on sucking me off?!

The crowd was screaming, and the final winning bid was $50. The winner was told to wait until the end of the show. Joey then straddled my chair again and I felt two other two guys caressing my nipples.

I could hear the dancers beside me stroking their cocks. I could also hear the juices in several other cocks nearby as they were being masturbated. Apparently this was because the volunteers who were just sucked were told to keep their cocks hard for some reason. “It’s got to be over soon,” I thought.

The music started again. As Joey rubbed his cock on my chest and got it hard again, he asked the crowd, “Who wants him to suck it one more time!?” There was a huge roar from the crowd and they started chanting, “Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” Joey then placed his cock at my lips and slowly pushed his way back into my mouth. Like before, he slowly fucked my face.

Joey seemed a little different though and I noticed how he moved in and out of my mouth was more deliberate and not necessarily in rhythm with the music. Again I think I tasted Joey’s pre-cum. It was sweet tasting and a little warm, but not that bad.

“It will soon be over,” I said to myself. I felt the cocks of two other dancers bump me on the side of my face as they stroked themselves. I told myself again, “It’s almost over, so just relax.”

Joey started fucking my mouth a little faster Beşevler Escort and placed his hand on the back of my neck. My mind started racing, wondering what to do if he accidentally came! “These guys are professionals,” I told myself, hoping his building “fake” orgasm would please the crowd. The crowd was certainly enjoying it.

I thought I heard Joey moaning something, and then I heard the guy to my left moaning a little as well. The crowd was still going nuts and yelling, “Suck it! Suck it!”

Just then one of the dancers to my side groaned loudly and I felt hot liquid hit the side of my face and another stream of hot liquid stretch across my forehead. It took me a second before I realized he just came on my face! Just after the guy finished, the dancer on the other side sprayed his cum across my nose and upper lip, and I felt cum starting to run down my forehead and nose toward my mouth.

I tried to protest with Joey’s cock in my mouth, but just then Joey let out a huge groan and filled my mouth with his cum! Stream after stream went into the back of my throat. It was hot and strangely sweet, and it completely filled my mouth. To keep from choking, I was forced to swallow but some of it dripped out onto my chest. Joey’s cock was still in my mouth, so I couldn’t say anything yet. I couldn’t believe he came in my mouth!

Joey then asked for the volunteers to come over and gather around and one guy, apparently the highest bidder, started sucking my cock. As Joey pulled out and backed away, I opened my mouth to complain. Before I could say anything though, I heard another groan and a rope of cum hit me on my front teeth and lips, and then another rope covered my nostrils. My head jerked back and as I opened my mouth to breath, another guy fired his cum into my mouth and on my face.

I was shocked. I couldn’t move my arms or feet, and another six or eight guys took turns pointing their cocks at my lips and open mouth and soaking me with cum. When they stopped, I was left with a sweet-tasting fluid bathing my tongue, the strongest smell of cum, and my face plastered and dripping onto my chest.

I then noticed the guy between my legs was still sucking my cock. I was rock hard and he was fingering my asshole as I apparently slid off the chair a little. For some reason I still wanted to cum and fill this guy’s mouth. After a few more strokes I tensed up and unloaded the biggest cum of my life into his mouth. I heard him choking it down as well as he probably didn’t expect the amount of cum I had built up.

When the guy sucking me finished cleaning me up, Joey said the show was over and thanked everybody for a good time. Joey then leaned down and thanked me and said that I was completely safe and that everyone is clean and free of disease. He also said he was glad he could fulfil my fantasy. My fantasy?!!!

I heard people leaving, and finally when the door shut for the last time, the guy between my legs came around and removed my bindings and blind fold and gave me a towel. It was Jeff!

Jeff had a big grin on his face. “Don’t kill me. I know you wanted to try this for a long time and this was the only way you would do it.”

I didn’t respond right away. I thought for a couple minutes reflecting on what just happened. First I had no idea I could cum that hard and the blowjob he gave me was incredible. Second, I had to admit that having a cock in my mouth was interesting. He was right that I would never have tried this. Just sucking a guy without the full experience of ejaculation would not have satisfied my curiosity either. I wasn’t sickened by it. In fact I thought the taste wasn’t that bad. I had tasted my own pre-cum several times when masturbating so I wasn’t that shocked by the flavor. However I was shocked by the amount of cum that I swallowed and the amount of cum all over my face and chest.

“You should have told me,” I said as my anger lessened. “Couldn’t it have been just one dancer?”

“I thought about that but Joey said it would be an incredible experience to do it the way we did.”

“Yeah, he made more money doing it that way!” I said.

We didn’t talk much more and I went to clean up and left soon after. After the party, I didn’t talk to Jeff for a long time. I couldn’t believe he did that to me, yet I still wondered what it would be like to suck a cock of my own free will. I also had to admit that I subconsciously liked being used.

At some point I called Jeff up and confessed my desire to suck his cock. We have since been together several times. I’m still not that interested in guys, but for some reason I have acquired a taste for cum and secretly desire to be face-fucked by a bunch of guys again.

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