Back for the Summer Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: Anal, rimming, cum eating, voyeurism, dirty talk. The dad does not get involved sexually.

Thank you kenjisato for the editing.


Zack was fifteen when his dad left him and his mom. Since then, he worked every summer at the supermarket. He also did some odd jobs here and there as a handyman. His mother, Claire, worked as a cashier in a hardware store. Fortunately, she was full-time. They scraped that plus the pension for three years to send Zack to college to get a business degree.

Just a month before he went to college, they left their small apartment to live with a man her mother met two months earlier. Zack thought it was a bit quick, but her mother vouched for her new boyfriend. The few times Zack met him, he did seem like a decent guy. As long as his mother was happy.

From what his mother told him, Oliver was recently divorced with a good job as a heavy-duty mechanic that takes him all over the place. They met using a dating app and hit it off immediately. His mother was ready to date again now that Zack will be off for college soon. He also had a daughter, Khloe. His mother had met her as much as Oliver met him, so Claire didn’t have much to say about her. She only knew that she was starting her senior year in high school as Zack was starting college.

Even after they moved in together, Zack didn’t interact with her much. Since he worked during the day and Khloe was gone, or in her bedroom most nights, they seldom talked. Which is a shame he thought since she was pretty.

The new house was a welcome change for Zack and his mom. Three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, one bathroom downstairs. His mom could, at last, grow a vegetable garden. Oliver insisted that Zack had to finish college before they helped him pay the mortgage. His mom refused, but she couldn’t convince Oliver otherwise.

The day he was officially moving out to college, Oliver helped him while his mom had red eyes all day. Her mom hugged him in front of his dorm, until people started commenting.

“C’mon, mom, you have to let me go. We’ll video chat every week.”

She let him go when she felt Oliver’s hand on her shoulder.

“I’m so proud of you.”


During his time in college, like most freshmen, Zack focused on his grades. He went back home a few times, mainly during important holidays. Against his mom’s wishes, he decided to come back home full time for the summer to work. She couldn’t deny the fact it would be useful, even if she didn’t want him to skip semesters, if possible. The earlier he would get his degree, the earlier he could start working a real job.

A week after he came back home, Zack had had a long Thursday at work, so he went to bed early. Oliver was staying in a motel overnight near his job-site. Since he had to move for his job, it wasn’t rare for him to sleep there for a couple of days during the week if needed, instead of doing a three-hours drive.

Zack woke up in the middle of the night. He looked at his clock, it was a little after midnight. He got up to go to the bathroom. He tried to be sneaky to not wake anybody. After doing his business, he walked back toward his bedroom. On his way, he heard strange noises coming from his stepsister’s bedroom.

Curious to identify the sound, he got closer. It started to sound like moans. When he was next to the door, he could confirm that it was indeed the sound of moaning, but it was mixed with clapping.

“Is she with her boyfriend?”

He had to admit that her moans matched her face. They were very erotic. His arousal started to grow. He looked furtively toward his mother’s bedroom. What are the odds she will wake up during the five minutes it will take for him to jerk off if he put his mind to it?

He imagined the worst-case scenario. His mother would probably scold him, but she would understand why a healthy young man would be jacking off to the sound of his stepsister getting fucked.

He took his dick out and started pumping. Their rhythm changed from time to time, but it was always the sound of moaning and clapping.

Then he heard a slap, followed by “You like that, don’t you? You big slut,” over the moans.

“Khloe?” Zack didn’t talk to her often, but he could still recognize his stepsister’s voice. He wouldn’t believe the moans he was hearing were not from a girl. “So she’s a lesbian… that’s too bad for the male species.”

Knowing she was with a girl didn’t diminish his arousal. If anything, it was the opposite. He pumped his cock faster.

When he was getting close, he realized he didn’t have any tissue. Just as he was about to leave, he heard something that blew his mind.

“You’re really quiet today. You usually scream like a bitch in heat. Is it because your son is sleeping in the other room?”

“She fucking my mom!?”

Zack then associated the erotic sound he was hearing with his mom. He imagined her naked, with her ass in the air, getting fucked by his beautiful stepsister. He instinctively began to jerk Beylikdüzü Escort his cock again, completely oblivious to what will happen when he would climax.

“It’s a shame, because I like to hear you wail.”

Both the clapping sound and the moans got louder.

“What would he think of you? Getting fucked like a whore while he sleeps in the other room.”

He heard another slap. “Ah!”

“I bet he would love to know his mother is a big slut. You are, aren’t you?”


“Answer me!”

Zack didn’t know what Khloe did to make her yell, but his mom answered.

“Yes, I’m a big slut.”

Zack blew his load on the door. Spurts of sperm splattered all over it. He could hear the lust in her mother’s voice. It’s a tone he had never heard from her before. His heart was about to explode. He had trouble breathing.

After a few seconds, he realized what he’d done. He silently ran to the bathroom and rolled out a big amount of toilet paper. He managed to calm down a bit.

He came back and started cleaning.

“Getting close? Are you going to cum all over your little girl’s cock?”

“Hmm mmm.”


“Say it!”

“I’m going to cum haaan… all over my little girl’s haaan… cock.”

“God damn, I fucking love to pound your ass.”

Zack’s erection was growing again. The door was now clean, and a wad of stained toilet paper was on the floor. He jerked off again. He wouldn’t have to worry about where to shoot this time.

A minute later, he heard his mom approaching her climax.

“Yes… yes… fuck…”

He was pumping furiously.


He blew another load in the tissues to the sound of his mother’s muffled orgasm. Still mind blown by what just happened, he quickly bundled the tissues and walked away. His stepsister’s voice was getting quieter.

“Must be frustrating to not yell as you usually do. I wonder if you’ll be able to keep it up all summer.”

After he came back into his room, Zack pushed the tissues into his garbage can. He pulled out the bag, tied a knot on it, and put it in his closet. He would throw out the only evidence of his voyeurism tomorrow before work.

He had a hard time falling asleep, but managed to do it while trying to listen if anything else was happening.


The following morning, Zack’s alarm buzzed in his ear. What happened last night immediately came to his mind. His eyes popped open. He got dressed and walked downstairs. His mother was sipping coffee at the counter and Khloe was eating cereal at the table.

“Good morning, sweety, want me to cook you breakfast?”

Zack looked at his mom in her nightgown. The sounds she made last night came back into his head, he imagined himself groping her breast. He felt his erection growing. “Stop!”

“Thanks, mom, but I’ll just eat cereal.”

“Not those ones,” said Khloe while moving the box in front of her away from him.

He wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. It was not the brand he wanted to eat anyway, so the point was moot. He took out a box from the cupboard and poured himself a bowl. He paid attention to the atmosphere to see if anything was different.

Once he was in his car on his way to work, after throwing out the bag full of tissues, he replayed the morning in his head. The conclusion was that he didn’t pick up anything different from usual. Either they were good actors or what happened last night was so common that it didn’t change their mood. Zack was pretty sure it was the latter.

If it happened in the past, it will most likely happen in the future, and Zack really wanted to witness that. He wasn’t proud of it, but it was just too exciting to pass up. He tried to think about different ways of doing that at work.

Piercing a hole in the wall. Going on the roof and watching through the window. Using a long camera he could slide under the door. He settled on using a spycam. That way, he wouldn’t have to leave his room. He just had to make sure to hide it well.

When he came back from work, Oliver was already there, grilling dinner on the barbecue with a beer in hand.

Jack spent most of his night on his computer researching spycams. Just as he was about to buy one, he clicked the arrow next to the item quantity, buying two instead, so he could have different angles.

He checked every day to track the package. It arrived in the middle of the week. He came home and a big box was on the kitchen table. He was relieved nobody tried to open it. His mother was watching television.

“It was on the porch when I arrived. What is it?”

“That’s a surprise.”

He wasn’t lying since he also bought a gift for his mother. Her birthday was coming up and he got her a bath kit. He went upstairs and put the box in his closet. He would open it tonight.

Time went by quickly, and it was now eleven o’clock. Everyone was in their bedroom. Zack opened his package and set up the camera with the application on his computer. Since Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan the camera wasn’t hooked into an everyday appliance like a phone charger, it needed to be charged before usage.

The battery life was six hours. Meaning he would have to find the opportunity to hide the camera after seven or eight o’clock. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem, since Khloe was hanging out with friends most nights, and when she stayed home, she at least left her room to take a shower.

By midnight, he managed to properly set them up. He plugged them in to be charged and went to bed.

The next day, in the evening, he took the opportunity that his sister was out and his parents were downstairs to try the new camera. He did a few back-and-forths between bedrooms, making small adjustments, and then remembered their emplacement.

He was reading in bed when he heard his sister come home. Nothing special happened. She was briefly naked after her shower, but was in her nightclothes before long. Zack was a bit let down, but he was glad the camera worked. The sound too, which he couldn’t test by himself. He was able to hear the conversation Khloe had with her friend well enough. School, friends, gossip. Nothing interesting to him.

It wasn’t until Wednesday of the next week that his stepfather had to sleep two nights away. Oliver felt it was a shame because Thursday would be Claire’s birthday. She told him it wasn’t a big deal. They would celebrate this weekend with friends and family anyway.

That Wednesday night, Khloe had a friend over. They spent all their time in her room.

Zack was waiting for a chance to install the camera. He thought he would have to wait until her friend left and Khloe would escort her to the door or when she would shower. The opportunity presented itself when the girls went to get a snack. He quickly went into her bedroom, placed the cameras, and came back.

He sat in front of his computer, monitoring the video feed. A couple of minutes after they came back, he closed his screen once he made sure everything was working. He lay down in his bed and started to read, lifting his eyes to look at the time between chapters.

Eventually, he got so engrossed in the book that he stopped looking at the time. It wasn’t until a particularly boring passage that he remembered. It was 11:50pm. He closed his book and rushed to his computer. He put his headphones on his head and opened the screen.

He was instantly taken by what he saw. Because he didn’t hear any noise in his headphones, he thought they hadn’t started.

The two girls were in a sixty-nine position. After a few seconds, he realized it wasn’t his mother, but Khloe’s friend. He was glad he didn’t wait for her to leave. One camera showed Khloe, who was under, with her head lifted to meet her friend’s center. The other camera was on her friend on top eating Khloe, but her hair was in the way, there wasn’t much to see. So he focused his attention on Khloe and what she was doing.

He started to jerk his rock-hard erection with the tissues ready to be used. Sometime later, Khloe had difficulty staying on target. She couldn’t last ten seconds without jerking her head back with a moan, before going back to licking her friend.

He knew she was about to cum when she didn’t lift her head back. He saw her put her hands on her friend’s head. On the other camera, he saw Khloe rocking her pelvis. He augmented his pace, intent on cumming with her.

When he saw her lift her waist in the air, followed by muffled moans and heavy breathing, he ejaculated into his tissue. “You ridiculed mom for it, but you’re also trying not to make too much noise.”

He leaned back in his chair, satisfied, and kept watching.

In the other room, Khloe’s friend was smiling. Khlow slapped her butt.

“Fuck, El, one day I’m going to win.”

El got up and sat against the headboard. “You keep saying that.” She opened her legs and waited for Khloe to finish her off.

Contrary to her expectation, Khloe put on a plush robe and left the room. “I’ll be right back.”

“Hmpf, sore loser.”

The door opened sooner than she was expecting. She saw Khloe’s stepmom enter, also wearing a plush robe, but with a different color. She quickly tried to cover herself with the blanket.

Khloe followed right after and closed the door. “Don’t worry, she’s not here to bust us.”

El kept her body covered, still unsure of what was happening.

Khloe embraced her stepmom from behind and put her head on her shoulder. She locked eyes with El and slowly untied the fluffy belt holding the robe together. When she saw the trimmed bush, she knew Khloe wasn’t joking.

Khloe unlaced Claire and held the robe apart, showing her stepmom’s body to her friend.

“Not bad for a mom, right?”

El slowly lowered the blanket. “No, not bad at all.”

Zack nodded in the other room.

Khloe pulled out her tongue and wriggled it left and right while removing Claire’s robe.

El got Escort Beylikdüzü the message and spread her legs.

Khloe cupped Claire’s breast and lightly pinched her already-hard nipples. “Look, mom. I got you a teen’s pussy for your birthday. Aren’t I the best daughter?”

Claire was staring at El’s twat. Her breath was getting heavier.

Khloe recognized her stepmom’s state. She was approaching the peak of her excitement. She liked having that effect on her. She slid one hand from her breast to between her legs, caressing her smooth belly, and pressed her clit.


“It’s all ripe and juicy for you.”

Her chest was moving up and down from her shallow breathing. From the way Claire was looking between her legs, El was surprised she hadn’t already jumped on her.

“Go on, you can open your present.”

Claire made a step forward, but was held back by Khloe by the hand. “Where are your manners, mom. What do you say when someone gives you a gift?”

“Thank you.”

Khloe let go of her hand.

Claire walked toward El. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She stopped talking when her lips touched El’s moist flesh.

El took a deep breath. The fact that her pussy was offered as a gift to her best friend’s stepmom and her eagerness, was somehow multiplying her arousal.

Khloe smirked and let go of her robe. She put on the strap-on and smeared a generous amount of lube on it. She got behind Claire, whose ass was already in the air, and pushed the dildo inside her anus, burying it deep inside her bowels.

Claire’s body clenched, but she didn’t stop eating.

“Fucking hell, Khloe, don’t you feed her?”

“From time to time, when she deserves it.”

Khloe pulled out the full length and inserted it back in. After a few times, she began to properly fuck her ass. She looked at her friend twitching under Claire’s tongue.

“Fuck, this is so hot. I always wanted to fuck her ass with her face buried in a pussy.”

El spoke between moans, “Is it your birthday, or hers?”

Khloe chuckled. “Every time my father leaves is my birthday.”

In the other room, Zack was jerking off intensely. He had already cum a second time when he saw the strap-on slide into his mom’s ass. He stayed hard. He was now imagining his tight grip on his cock was his mother’s sphincter. He had the perfect angle on the blurry fingers of his mother on her clit, just below the rapidly moving dildo.

Claire was now at her peak. She would cum soon. She attacked El’s sensitive pleasure button with her tongue, intent on making her cum with her.

“Oh yes, oh yes, don’t stop.”

Khloe was murmuring to herself. “Fuck, yes. Make her cum with your slutty tongue.”

When El looked at her, she put a finger on her lips, indicating her to cum silently. El did quick nods while gripping Claire’s hair.

Zack came a third time when he saw El throw her head back while her stomach was contracting. At the same time, his mother’s legs were shaking, her hips were thrashing around.

Khloe pulled out and gave the girls a moment of respite while she was removing the strap-on.

Zack was leaning back in his chair, spent.

Eventually, Khloe lightly slapped her stepmom’s ass. “Time to go to bed.”

Claire’s head was resting on the bed, her ass still in the air. She reluctantly got up. Khloe wrapped her arms around her neck and gave her a languorous kiss, tasting her friend.

“Happy birthday, mom.”

“Thank you.”

Claire sneaked back into her room.

Now that the show was over, Zack opened his garbage can and threw all his cum and pre-cum tissues. He closed his computer and went to bed.


Zack woke up at the sound of his annoying alarm clock. He got dressed and took his mother’s gift with him downstairs, unwrapped. He knew his mother wouldn’t mind.

She was sipping coffee at the counter as usual. He put the bath kit in front of her.

“Happy birthday, mom.”

“Oh thank you, Zack, it’s wonderful.”

“Not as great as a ripe and juicy pussy, but what can you do.”

“Bath salt, body scrub, bath bomb, hand cream… I’ll put all that to good use.”

She walked around the counter and gave him a hug. “So thoughtful, thank you.”

Zack was sticking out his pelvis backward, hoping his mother wouldn’t notice his growing erection. “You’re welcome.”

He got ready and left for work without seeing his stepsister or her friend.

He had another hard time focusing at work. His mind was always drifting to the previous night. He also wondered if they’ll do something tonight, too.

During lunch, he went back home, hoping Khloe wouldn’t be there. He opened the door and yelled her name. No response. He made his way to her bedroom and knocked on the door. Still no response. He opened it and find it empty. He took back the spy cameras to charge them in his bedroom and went back to work.

After dinner, he couldn’t do anything. He tried to read, watch TV, play video games, browse the net. Nothing could retain his attention. He still remembered installing the cameras when his stepsister went to shower.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was finally close to midnight. Zack sat in his chair and watched Khloe in her bedroom. After a few minutes, she undressed and donned the strap-on. She opened the door, silently.

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