Back from College

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He heard her voice from his home office. Had he spent all morning grading papers? He took a quick look at his watch. 12:30. His daughter was as punctual as ever, and he had just spent 3 hours grading final papers.

“Daaaad! Are you home?”

Jessica had decided to drive home from College for the Holidays despite her father’s persistent offers to pick her up. It wasn’t that long of a drive—maybe 3 hours—but Daddy always wanted to make sure his little girl was safe even though she wasn’t that little anymore.

He remembered noticing the slight swell of her breasts under her too tight t-shirt the day he gave her a ride to her new dorm last September. He also remembered the shame he felt on noticing such a thing.

Later that night, he had jerked off to thoughts of pretty young things walking around in short skirts and tight cropped tops. Ever since the divorce his libido had taken an ascending curve. He had that Poker Face song stuck in his head—his daughter had played it over and over during the trip—and was fantasizing about the cute College girls he saw on campus.

He was pumping his rock hard rod, picturing the cute College students shaking their tight ass at him. Then all of a sudden his daughter’s barely blossomed breasts popped in his mind.

The inappropriate thought immediately was dismissed, and Seth kept on stroking his stiff cock, picturing an anonymous mouth pleasuring him. He couldn’t remember the last time his cock has been this hard. He had came in what seemed like buckets, his daughter’s pert breasts still somewhere in the back of his mind.

He of course never intentionally masturbated to the thought of his daughter slowly lifting her t-shirt and asking her Daddy why her nipples were so hard …but this very image did creep up on him from time to time, when he got very horny.

He once again chased this sexy image of his daughter out of his mind and hurried out of his office. When she saw him Jessica’s eyes lit up and she grinned at him with her plump lips.

Goodness she looked beautiful with her long, straight dark hair now streaked with red. Was that make up she was wearing?

“Welcome home sweetheart!”

She ran into his opened arms and hugged him, her perky little breasts crushed on his powerful chest. She was just as tiny as he remembered her—maybe a little curvier.

“I missed you Daddy!”

Her angelic voice went straight to his cock when it usually went straight to his heart. He couldn’t—wouldn’t—believe his daughter was getting him hot. He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead before gently pushing her off him.

“I missed you too sweetheart.”

She walked towards the kitchen and babbled on about her first semester of College. Something about a new friend (Alex), a cool drawing class and grades as perfect as usual. She was cutting vegetables for a salad and Seth felt like a complete pervert, leering over his daughter’s delicate hands stroking the cucumbers or testing the ripeness of the tomatoes.

Where did these highly inappropriate thoughts come from? He was a Professor; he was used to seeing young, sexy girls walk around in mid-thigh skirts and off the shoulder sweaters similar to the one his daughter was wearing now. But there was something different about his daughter. It was almost as if she was stroking those vegetables in an obscene way on purpose.

She kept on chattering about her new friend Alex —was that a he or a she? He hadn’t paid enough attention to remember— as she whisked a Dijon dressing. The quick back and forth movement of her arm got her firm tits to gently sway. He stared a little longer than necessary.

What was he doing, staring at his daughter’s breasts? He took a sip of beer and munched on a piece of bread. Jessica dipped a finger in the Dijon dressing and brought her dripping finger to her mouth. Her gesture seemed deliberately sexy and Seth felt his cock begin to grow hard as his daughter sucked and licked on her finger.

“Mmmmm Alex gave me this recipe. Here Daddy, taste it!”

She plunged her index finger back in the dressing and brought it—French manicured? Since when did Jess get manicures?—to her Daddy’s mouth. He opened, almost reluctantly, and she slowly slid her finger between his lips, brushing it on his tongue. Dear God! She could not be this obscene on purpose, could she?

The dressing was indeed good. Her daughter proudly smirked when he let out an impressed moan.

They ate and chatted without any more sexy displays from Jessica—thank goodness!

It was around three, and Seth was grading a rather poorly written paper when Jess peeked her head in his home office.


She looked adorably innocent when she called him Daddee and he couldn’t help but smile; of course he knew she’d ask for something—money probably—but he didn’t mind.

She walked over to him, still wearing her off the shoulder pink sweater. Her nipples were hard and poking through it. He repressed a gasp, the line Mersin Escort between shame and arousal blurring quickly.

“What is it, sweetheart?”

Her cheeks were flushed and her breath was shallow. He was losing his mind; he imagined her aroused.

“I am going shopping with Alex and was wondering if I could get like 100 bucks for a skirt I saw at Bebe…”

She sat on his lap. Goodness she hadn’t been on his lap in ages! His mind was playing tricks on him; he could have sworn her breath smelled of sweet pussy. His cock twitched in his slacks. Jess giggled and wriggled her tight little ass on her Daddy’s lap as if she wanted to grind against his hardening cock. ‘What is wrong with me, imagining my daughter is purposefully arousing me?’ he thought to himself.

“Of course babygirl. Here, take this and buy yourself something nice.”

He gently pushed her off his lap and handed her his Amex. He quickly sat back on his leather chair and put his legs—and his too rapidly growing erection—under his desk.

“Cool thanks Daddy!”

She gave him a slow kiss on the cheek and hugged him, her crotch brushing on his thigh.

“Love the new cologne Dad!” she complimented as she finally left his office.

Seth let out a long sigh and ran his fingers through his salt and pepper hair. He was too turned on to not do anything about it. He left the awful paper aside and turned on his laptop. He needed to see skin; tits, pussy, ass; anything that didn’t belong to his daughter.

He had come across a rather interesting website where people posted pictures of themselves in provocative poses. He had ended up posting some pictures of his 9-inch cock on which he was regularly complimented. It aroused him to know women—and men—he didn’t know were getting off looking at his erection.

There was one horny little minx who kept sending him nasty messages; what she’d do to him, how she’d suck him off, how her tight, wet hole would milk his fat cock. She had said she was 18 and had huge fantasies involving older men, which suited him just fine since he had huge fantasies involving younger girls.

As he suspected, when he logged in there was a message from her. He teased himself, not reading his horny little minx’s message and surfed the amateur pictures instead, rubbing his cock over his pants.

“Look at that…” he whispered to himself when he saw his little minx had posted pictures of herself. He clicked the link and saw a first picture. A shot from behind, where she wore her hair in pigtails, her short skirt hiked up her tight buns, her pristine white panties bearing a wet spot. Her hair was dark with red streaks, which reminded him of his daughter’s…once again, he chased the thought of his gorgeous daughter off his mind and opened another picture of his sexy online slut.

It was a close up of her young pussy—of her bald, wet, tight young pussy. She was spreading it open with French manicured hands, showing her delicate pink. The horny cunt was obscenely wet on that picture! He unzipped his slacks and pulled out his raging hard on.

He opened another picture; a chest shot, where she was unbuttoning her white blouse, her red-streaked hair cascading on her slim shoulders, her pink puffy nipples poking through the thin material of her blouse. “Holy fuck…” he whispered to himself, slowly stroking his cock up and down.

The little girl looked so much like his daughter it was frightening—and somehow incredibly arousing. His cock leaked pre-cum. He opened the last picture attached to her post. Her entire torso was in the shot, white blouse unbuttoned, her small tits displayed, puffy nipples erect, her tiny hand buried in her wet, white panties.

Enough teasing; he opened his inbox and clicked on his horny minx’s message. He leaned back, grabbed the baby oil bottle he kept in his desk drawer and started reading.

“Hello there handsome! I don’t have a lot of time today; I’m driving to my dad’s.”

She had mentioned having a thing about Daddy/daughter stories and despite his best denial, so did he.

“I get so horny when I think about my dad it’s unbearable! But I won’t bore you with this.”

If only you knew, sweetheart, how much I would love for you to write about your fantasies involving your father…

“I masturbated looking at your cock again. God you’re one sexy man Seth! You turn me on so much. So this morning just before I left to go to my dad’s I took my big dildo, you know the one I bought so I could pretend it was your cock, and slowly licked it up and down getting it wet. I looked at the pictures you sent me and felt my little clit swell.”

He heard the front door open. Was Jess back already?

“Daddy! Come see what I bought!”

She sounded excited. “Shit!” he muttered between his teeth. He ran to the bathroom, holding his pants up as best he could, his throbbing erection pointing the way.

“In a minute sweetheart!”

He stood over the bathroom sink and jerked off hard and fast. He couldn’t let Escort Mersin his daughter see him like this and there was no way he could lose that throbbing erection; he had to cum. She knocked on the bathroom door just as he let out a low and long moan. ‘Oh please Jess go away!’ he thought.

“Hurry Daddy I need to pee badly!”

Her soft voice made his dick burst. He grunted as his cock spurted 4 thick ropes of hot cum in the sink.


“Holy mother of God!” he thought as her plea made his balls produce another 2 spurts somehow.

How could he look her in the eye after that? He felt so ashamed of his behavior. He quickly washed his hands and the sink and was barely out of the bathroom his daughter rushed past him, lifting her skirt and dropping her panties to her knees. Dropping her pristine white panties down to her knees.

Seth forced himself to look away and shut the bathroom door. The laptop screen was still displaying the provocative pictures and the half-read message. He shut down the thing and tucked away the oil bottle. “Awful, perverted man…” he thought.

Jessica came in his office, proudly showing off the two big bags she was holding.

“Oh good you’re here. Sit in your chair and I’ll model my new clothes ok?”

She was so playful he had to smile.

“Sit,” she demanded like the spoiled child she was. He complied and watched her walk out of his office, her round behind swaying perhaps a bit too much.

A minute or two passed, and a weird song blared from Jessica’s room. She loved making fun of actresses and models and her impersonation as she walked in his office was dead on: long strides, angry expression, hands on her hips, shoulders straight (tits proudly leading the way).

The singer in the song Jess had put on was moaning on a beat that belonged in a gentlemen’s club. How odd. Jess was wearing tight jeans and a brown leather jacket. High heel leather boots and a matching handbag completed the outfit. She paused and turned in front of him, giving him a fake wink. Her tight bum looked incredibly delicious in those jeans, and her little pussy lips were almost clearly visible the denim was so close to her skin.

He clapped his hand as if he were a fashion reporter, playing the game his daughter started. (Was that woman singing, “Do you think I’m a nasty girl”?)

She walked out of his office shaking her little ass and came back a minute or two later wearing a completely different outfit.

“I see you have bought a new winter wardrobe sweetheart…”

Jess winked at him again, and modeled her new black leather skirt and corset, that singer still moaning rather obscene lyrics (I need seven inches or more!).

“Just what is that song honey?”

She stroked her leather covered thighs.

“Oh a silly song from the 80’s: Vanity 6, Daddy. Is that corset too tight?”

She leaned forward her perky breasts trapped in the leather corset, which probably was too tight but the silhouette it was giving his daughter was so erotic he denied it.

“No sweetheart, it looks perfect!”

Noticing the quality of the leather Seth couldn’t help but ask, “So what’s the damage Jessica?”

A pout. Then she bit her plump bottom lip. He cleared his throat and shifted in his leather chair. He refused to be aroused by his daughter.

“Well, I didn’t really add…I mean I shopped at Bebe and then 2 or 3 other stores so I don’t really know Daddy.”

He sighed. She was his babygirl and she looked so happy with her new clothes it didn’t really matter how much it all cost. Besides, this short fashion show—his daughter moving to that lewd song—would keep him hot for a long time.

He brushed the thought away. What was wrong with him?

“You’re the best Daddy!”

She hugged him. The new leather scent mixed with his daughter’s aroma aroused him. He cupped a quick feel of her tight bum over the smooth leather and could have sworn his daughter grinded her pussy against his thigh.

Dinner and the rest of the evening was uneventful if one would leave aside how it ended; Jess wanted to watch a movie (Lolita, apparently at her English Lit Prof’s recommendation) but was tired from the driving she had done in the morning so she curled her slim legs under her and snuggled against her father.

She was wearing some sort of low-rise sweat pants and a t-shirt, her hair in pigtails just like his online slut. He felt the urge to masturbate again, especially when he happened to glance at his daughter’s chest and noticed her little nipples were hard again.

She moaned and slid her head down his chest and stomach. He held his breath when she laid her head on his lap; he hoped his cock wouldn’t grow hard. Another moan escaped her parted lips and she shifted her body so that her cheek was resting on his crotch. Jessica was either purposefully trying to arouse him or he was going crazy.

He carried his daughter to her room. He laid her on the bed and tucked her in. She opened her arms and he hugged Mersin Bayan Escort her good night before kissing her forehead.

“I love you Daddy.”

She was half asleep but he answered anyway.

“I love you too babygirl.”

He tidied up the kitchen and went to bed; the Holiday dinners and parties would start soon enough, he’ll need his rest.

He woke up at 2 in the morning for no apparent reason besides his cock being hard. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then he heard it—a long moan coming from his daughter’s bedroom.

“Please honey be dreaming,” he silently begged as Jessica moaned a little louder and his cock twitched as he imagined his little girl playing with her young cunt. He even caught himself wondering if she was still a virgin; with a body like hers, he painfully accepted she probably wasn’t.

“Ooohh yessss! Your cock feels so good!”

Was there some boy with her in there? Seth slipped on cotton pajama pants and walked to his daughter’s room.

“Sweetheart? Are you all right?”

He knocked on the door before opening it. She was alone (thank God!) and was asleep, her t-shirt lifted up to her rib cage and the covers down to her ankles. She was on her stomach, her sweat pants thrown at the foot of the bed, her naked, round behind exposed.

His dick jumped in his pajamas when she let out another low moan, her fine hips rolling on the mattress, her little pussy probably grinding on the soft sheet. He should have gotten out of her room right then but was hypnotized by her perfect, tight little ass.

“Get out, get out, get out!” his mind was screaming. His cock, on the other hand, was screaming, “Don’t you dare leave this room.”

“Mmmmm Daddy…”

Daddy? Did his daughter just moan his name? He stormed out of her room before he did anything he might regret. He rushed to his room and locked the door, grabbed the baby oil bottle he kept in his night table and got naked.

He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and the angle of his erect cock made him leak pre-cum. “So narcissistic.” He kept on staring at his long, thick cock, picturing against his will his daughter’s plump lips slowly swallowing it.

He poured baby oil in his hand and rubbed it on his hard cock. He sat on the edge of his bed and looked at himself masturbate. “I should make a video and send it to my little minx” he thought to himself, his hand slowly stroking up and down his long shaft.

He was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Daddee? Can I sleep with you? I am so used of Alex sleeping in the same room I keep waking up alone and I don’t like it!”

Goodness! She had interrupted him twice in the same day; was she doing this on purpose? And how could he be so excited at the thought of having his daughter in his bed? He couldn’t refuse her anything, though, and he quickly got his pajamas back on and unlocked the door, making sure his back was turned on his daughter as he climbed back into bed and got under the covers.

“Of course babygirl.”

His voice sounded husky, even to his own ears.

“Are you OK Daddy?”

Jessica—who apparently didn’t put her sweat pants back on but did put on impeccable white panties and kept her loose t-shirt on—carefully climbed in his king-sized bed. She curled on her right side, facing her Daddy. The way she bit her bottom lip was both cute and alluring.

“Daddy’s fine babygirl, just a bit tired. Now get some sleep ok?”

She nodded and closed her baby blue eyes. He stroked her cheek and suffered until his erection finally subsided—at least subsided enough to let him get some sleep.

He woke up again. The clock on his night table indicated 6:25. He was hard again, and his daughter was curled on her left side, her tight behind brushing on her Daddy’s stiff rod whenever she moved.

How could he be so sick? Getting horny at the sight of his daughter’s ass, at the thought of her hard little nipples, at the desire to feel her wet little girl’s pussy? “I am a sick pervert!” he thought to himself, his heart broken. Jessica’s tight behind brushed once more on his pre-cum leaking cock.

He stood still, his dick never deflating, torn between the desire to be a proper father and the desire to have his little girl suck his cock. He didn’t dare move, fearing he might molest his young daughter if he even moved a finger. He stood still, suffering his daughter’s firm ass brushing on his painfully erect cock whenever she moved.

She finally seemed to wake up and stretched. Seth closed his eyes, feigning sleep. She whispered, “thank you Daddy” and kissed his cheek before carefully getting out of bed.

The minute she closed his bedroom door he turned on his back, yanked his pajamas down to his thighs, grabbed his throbbing cock and jerked off. He was under the covers, his hand moving the sheet up every time he reached the head of his cock. He could hear the familiar “fap” and lost in lust wished his balls slapping on his sexy daughter’s clit were making that sound.

He wished he could spank that tight ass; give the little slut what she deserved for teasing her Daddy. He wished she would bluntly crawl under his desk and unzip his pants willingly so he could stop feeling guilty of wanting her so much.

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