Ballroom Blitz

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Some of my husband’s friends just don’t get why he doesn’t spend all day on Sunday watching football. A couple of them know why…..

Kurt and I started dating in college. I was a liberated small town girl with healthy sexual appetite, 36 C chest and a fierce case of a “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!” attitude. Kurt was a liberated small town guy (different small town) with a rugged, lumberjack body, 90’s grunge hair and an adventurous spirit. We dated from our sophomore year until we graduated then got married 5 months after.

We’ve had a great life. Relatively fulfilling careers that have paid better than average. We raised one child, a son who lives in Austin, Texas and is a happy healthy contributing member of society, so we feel pretty lucky and successful on that front. Except for a few years when our son was young and our careers were too, we’ve had a great sex life.

We first had sex about 5 months into dating and it was great. We were not close to being each other’s firsts, we had both been a tad slutty for a while our freshman years, but when we first started having sex something just clicked. The chemistry was automatic and we both knew how to make each other reach epic heights of passion. Kurt’s dick was just perfect, 7.5″, veiny and thick and he had better than average stamina and amazing recovery powers. Our sex was hot and often and that has lasted throughout the majority of our marriage. Due in no small part to our openness and shared love of sexual adventure.

It was about a year and a half into having sex with each other that I made a big discovery. I was looking for my underwear at in Kurt’s room one morning and looked under the bed where I found some bi porn mags. (Yes, magazines. It was the 90’s.) I was shocked. I was not at all homophobic, but had no inkling that Kurt was attracted to men. I was not offended by porn and as a matter of fact, Kurt and I had watched some tapes (90’s) together prior. Kurt walked in and I was sitting on his floor with the magazine in my hands. He was mortified. After some very awkward apologizing by both of us (me for was seemed like snooping and him for having the magazines) we sat down and had an open, honest conversation. He admitted to some dalliances in bisexual fun. I admitted to the same with a girlfriend of mine. I admitted it turned me on and it became a matter of fact, no big deal part of our lives.

We have indulged in a few threesomes and foursomes over the years. A few swingers’ clubs visits, a couple of hot nights while on vacation and meeting others in bars and clubs, we even had a profile on a swingers site for a few years. Being parents we had to be very discreet, and our participation in the lifestyle was on and off again over the years.

But now, we are young empty nesters (54 and 53) and while we are still discreet, we have found one particularly fun weekend activity we do about every 6 weeks or so. It can go something like this-

Kurt put the dishes in the dishwasher, and I put leftovers in the fridge after our quiet Sunday dinner. Kurt turned to me as he pressed start on the dishwasher and smiled. “Shall we go get ready?”

He had a particularly wicked smile as this was no ordinary Sunday and we were not just going to a movie. I smiled and asked, “What time is Sterling meeting us?”

“7:30 At the front door” he replied.

“Then yes, we need to get ourselves ready for fun!” I said enthusiastically.

This gave us just enough time to shower, clean some other, ahem, areas out and trim up some areas and for kağıthane escort Kurt to do just a little manscaping. We were only a quick 10-minute drive from our destination, so thankfully we would not have long to wait after our hygiene was taken care of before our fun began.

We dressed very practically and not to impress as our clothes would not be on long once we got where we were going. Kurt pulled his jockstrap up, framing the ass I have loved cupping, smacking, fondling, digging my nails into and slipping toys into for almost 30 years. Tank top, running pants and a hoodie finish off his outfit and I put on my white thong, yoga pants and sweatshirt, no bra and we are ready to go. Kurt grabs our bag of supplies and we in the car and on our way.

“Where the FUCK are you going?” you’re probably asking.

A local bathhouse that is very popular with gay and bi men in our lovely little city has a special co-ed Sunday where ladies are allowed and encouraged. Ladies who like bi men especially. We discovered it a few months ago as we were researching places to indulge in some group play and then after visiting one Sunday and checking things out, Kurt had a wonderful idea he shared with me and we have made it a regular event.

We drive down to the bathhouse and park a couple of blocks away. We park in a well lit lot, no trepidation at all about the short walk. We turn the corner and see our friend we enlisted to help us with our adventure, an older gay gentlemen named Sterling who really enjoys being our facilitator. “Betty!” Sterling exclaims and we approach and he leans in for a cheek peck and quick hug. “Hello Sterling, so good to see you. babe!” I say. “Delightful to see my favorite semi-hetero couple!” Sterling says as he gives Kurt a welcoming hug as well.

After walking in, providing our IDs and paying for a private room the three of us find our way to our room through hallways filled with men in towels or completely nude. We walk past as head turn (Well, heads not busy in other activities, lol) and close the door. Sterling and Kurt move the bed, well, bench, well, combination bed/bench to the center of our small room. Kurt and I undress, me completely and Kurt down to just his jockstrap. We open our supply bag and Kurt places our large amount of condoms on the bed-like bench. Kurt bends over and I grab our bottle of lube and get his ass nice and slick. Once he is good and lubed up I hand him the bottle and he returns the favor. His thick finger sliding into my ass make me even wetter than the anticipation of the coming depravity had made me. Now that we are all pre-lubed, Kurt and I get into position. We are facing each other, me on one end of the bench/bed and Jack on the other, our heads very close to one another. Sterling outs a bottle of lube next to each of us as well as dividing up the condoms to each of us then rubs his hands together and asks, “Are my little sluts ready?” My husband and I say “Yes” in unison. We smile at each other and Sterling then put on our blindfolds.

Our sexual maître d’ opens the door and we hear, “Hello Gentlemen and men not so gentle. The Buffett is now open. One vagina and two asses for your use! No blow jobs and Condoms must be worn but these sluts are otherwise here for your pleasure! You must ask me before you do anything to my sluts, but there are few limits on this naughty ride! Come one, come all, come on them if you wish!”

During our first visit to the bathhouse, we did not play. We watched a few sarıyer escort couples engage in some hot mfm action, some men sucking each other off and one dominatrix wear her whip out on a couple of subs and then left, turned on beyond belief. We got home, threw some porn on the big screen in the living room and began working each other over. It was one of the hottest sex sessions we had in quite some time.

As we lie there on the floor, leaning against the couch as Kurt fingered my clit to the group sex scene in full high def, Kurt whispered in my ear, spinning me a tale of us with blindfolds on, strangers we could not see having their way with us, their anonymous cocks fucking us. The scene he described as he rubbed my clit and fingered my cunt drove me to the height of desire.

The next day, post coitus, less sticky and fully clothed, I asked him if he was serious. He said yes and the planning began. We worked the how, put our rules in place, found our accomplice in Sterling during another visit to a co-ed Sunday and then we were set.

In the dark, blindfolded. The pulse of the music over the house speakers seems in sync with my heartbeat. The sounds of men entering the room. Hands groping my ass. Reaching under to fondle my hanging tits. Hearing my man moan, imagining what some strange naked man is doing to him. I hear the sound of the condom package being torn open. I feel the head of a cock at my pussy, rubbing up and down it. In it slips in and I moan like the cock hungry slut I am. Having no idea what to expect as to the size until he is in, I relieved and happy that he is large, but not ridiculously huge. I hear my husband moan and I know he is getting a cock slid into his ass, I wonder the size he is taking and it doubles my pleasure. My anonymous partner wastes no time. He is at full tilt fucking pace in no time, not worrying about getting me warmed up or what I want, just pumping into me for his own pleasure, his hips loudly smacking into my ass. I moan, my tits swaying. I hear Sterling say from behind me “Feel free to fuck her ass, just change condoms. One rubber for her snatch, a different for her ass but both are there for you.” I get a spark of pleasure at the words, but Sterling is not saying anything we had not agreed to.

I feel the cock leave my pussy, leaving it yearning and empty for a moment as the anonymous fucker complies with Sterling’s instructions and then places his cockhead at my sphincter. He is considerate and enter my ass slowly but steadily until he is in up to the base and I am gasping to adjust to the cock in my ass. Nowhere near a novice at anal sex, but it is always slightly painful upon first penetration and it takes a moment to adjust and to find the pleasure. My unknown ass fucker doesn’t wait long and he is pounding my ass. The pleasure does come but not before I whimper and moan and finally relax to accommodate his cock.

I can feel this stranger’s balls slapping against my labia and he drives his dick into me. I hear Kurt moaning in pleasure. Some other hands touch me, rubbing my ass, my back. I feel and hear something slapping against my side and I realize it is a man slapping his cock against me. The cock in my ass quickens his pace and I hear him grunt and I feel the final few thrusts as he comes. The cock slides out of my ass but it is only a flash and another cock enters my pussy and the ride continues.

Minutes melt away. Cock after cock fucks my husband and I. So much to process with my sigh taken sefaköy escort away. The sounds of the music, the grunts of these men, the grunts and groans of my husband, the feel of hot cum hitting my ass and back from the few men who decided to cum on me (a couple of them I don’t think took the time to fuck me, they just jerked off on me while watching),the smell of sex and sweat, Sterling’s words of encouragement, his instructions and stern admonishments to the men who try to sneak in with out donning a condom or try to force their cocks into our mouths, the words of these men taking their pleasure in using our bodies, all my senses overwhelmed. A couple men would start and finish in my pussy, some start in my pussy and finish in my ass, a couple just go straight for my ass. I’d lost count but I think it’s the 9th cock slipping out of me when I raise my hand, signaling to Sterling that I’m done. Sterling steps in and helps me to my unsteady feet. “Sorry boys, this ride is closed but her man is still taking reservations!” Sterling says with a laugh.

Sterling removes my blindfold and hands me my robe. I turn as I pull my robe over my shoulders and see one of the most erotic sights I’ve ever encountered. Kurt is sweaty, his hair matted, mouth agape, breathing heavily. I can see where some men have finished on him, the remains of copious loads on his back, shoulders and face. Behind him, his face stern and his jaw clenched, is a short but very muscular black man fucking my husband with abandon. The man fucking my husband is covered in sweat as well, obviously working very hard. (Wink wink)

Kurt’s jock strap was pulled aside and his cock was rock hard. The man fucking him was reaching around and stroking his cock, pumping his hand in unison with his hips thrusts into Kurt. I watch in amazement as this naked black man fucked my husband. It was so hot I was turned on still despite being worn out. I still had to reach down and rub my tender pussy. The excitement built in me as it built in the man pounding Kurt and in Kurt as well. Kurt grunted animalistically and raised his head up and yelled as he came. The man fucking him lasted about another 3 minutes until he came. Kurt, worn out and limp, his entire body not just his recently spent cock, shook with every thrust until the man pulled out, ripped off his condom and shot a big load all over Kurt, covering him from cheek (face) to cheek (ass). After the short black man began to shakily step back I saw the cock that been fucking Kurt and I literally gasped. This man had to be 10″ and was as thick as a small baseball bat. I was amazed at my husband’s ability to take such a huge cock. Another man with a hard cock in his hand began to step up and Jack raised his hand and Sterling announced that the fun was over. The man with the hard cock ready to fuck Kurt was disappointed but respectfully turned and Sterling ushered everyone out of the room. I climbed on next to Kurt and we lie there next to each other, our arms draped over each other as we caught our breath and recovered. Kurt came up as we lie there, kissed us both on the head. “That was flat out amazing kids! Kurt, I have to confess, some of that come on your back is mine! It was such a hot show I couldn’t help myself and I stroked myself off while you got fucked. My goodness I’m glad I met you two.”

Kurt put on his robe and we made our way to the showers. We let the hot water run over us, washing away all the cum and sweat and shared our emotions and feelings of what we experienced. Jack had came twice and me at least three times during the anonymous gang bang. We embraced after we dried off, Kurt looking deep into my eyes. “I love you Betty. I’m so glad we have each other. I’m so lucky to be able to trust you and have this much fun.”

“Me too Honey. Goddamn. We’re both going to be walking funny for a few days!” I say.

“But a GOOD kind of sore!” he says with a grin.

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