Banging With Hammers

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Double Penetration

Penelope opened the door to her apartment. She lived in an apartment complex with her friend, Taryn. Her best friend, Rod, and his friend, Zane, lived across the hall. Penelope had a thing for Zane-and both Taryn and Zane knew about it.

As she shut the door behind her, Taryn called out from the bathroom. “So, Nelly, I guess you want the shower now, huh?”

“Yeah. It’s bad enough Zane sees me like this all day. I wouldn’t want him to see me like this at night, too.” Penelope said, pulling off her baseball cap and undoing her ponytail. She was sweaty and dirty after building all day. Rod, Zane and her all worked construction during the summer.

“So,” Taryn said with a sly smile, “you planning on seeing him this evening?”

“Not planning. Hoping,” Nelly giggled as she slipped into the bathroom and shut the door.

The cool shower felt good on her bare skin. After spending all day looking at Zane’s chiseled chest, she needed to cool off. It seemed that he wouldn’t be hers: she’s a total tomboy and Yalova Escort he only dates pink-laces-and-frills types.

There was something about a man with a hammer that turned Nelly on. Zane’s piercing blue eyes focused on the nail and with a few quick, forceful bangs, it was in. Nelly wanted to be banged just like the nail-with his eyes focused on her. Despite the cold shower, thinking about him turned her on so much that she fingered herself until she came.

Nelly turned off the shower and grabbed her towels. She wrapped one around her head and one around her body. Quickly, she scurried into her bedroom and began to dry off. As she finished, Taryn called, “Nelly! Someone’s here for you.”

“I’ll be dressed in a minute!”

Taryn opened her bedroom door and popped her head in. “I don’t think he wants you to be dressed.”

While Nelly tried to figure out what was going on, Zane walked into the room. He had a bathrobe on, which confused Nelly even more. Quickly she wrapped her towel Yalova Escort Bayan around her naked body.

Zane grabbed her hand. “No, don’t. I want to see your full beauty.”


“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this. I just was too afraid of rejection, but Taryn and Rod reassured me,” he kissed her and whispered into her ear. “You talk in your sleep. She said moans of pleasure usually accompany my name.”

Nelly let her towel drop and smiled, “Let’s see what’s under the robe.”

She pulled the tie and the robe fell to the ground. He was wearing only a tool belt full of tools.

“I’m here to give you a good banging.” He picked her up and carried her over to the bed. He stood at the foot and one by one took the tools out of his belt. When it was finally empty, Zane removed the belt and climbed on the bed.

Penelope moaned as she felt his lips meet her breasts. All she wanted was for him to fuck her until she was sore.

“Please . . . Zane . . . Escort Yalova bang me like a nail.”

“How’s . . . that?” he said between kisses.


Within minutes, he was inside her. Fast. Hard. Nelly watched Zane’s eyes. That same hammering look was in them. Loud moans escaped both of their lips. “Bang . . . me . . . Zane!”

With that, Zane made one more thrust as they both came. He collapsed on top of her.

After a few minutes, Zane said, “I think I need to nail that board again. I think I need a new angle.”

Nelly smiled. She straddled him. “Is this a good angle?”

Zane knelt behind her admiring her supple breasts. “Perfect angle.”

As she slowly slid onto his hard-again cock, Zane massaged her breasts. Slowly, she slid up and down on his cock as they both moaned. They kept at it for quite a while when their eyes met. Without words, she knew to pick up the pace.

Faster and faster, she her body into his. Her pussy was sloppy with his cum and her juices, so she slid up and down with ease. Zane grabbed her hips and pushed her onto his shaft.

“Whoa Nelly! Here I cum!”

She felt his cum filling her pussy and she came with him.

“We’ll have to bang more boards together,” Zane whispered her as she cuddled next to him.

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