Batgirls – Falcones Fury Issue 2

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“Okay…” Barbara muttered to herself looking at the transmitter she had just pieced back together from the thousands of little pieces she had found it in. “Now… To see if it works…” She said aloud before connecting it to Oracle, her specialized computer that rivaled even Batman’s own Bat-computer.

Barbara watched in anticipation as the computer attempted to recover the data from the transmitter, fearful that the computer would give her some sort of error and she’d have to basically start from scratch in finding her friend and fellow vigilante, fellow Batgirl. Each minute that passed made Barbara a little bit more sick.


“Yes!” Barabara went to work sifting through all the data immediately. More specifically, Barbara was looking for the audio logs of the transmitter. The costly transmitter had 5TB worth of storage space on it, not because transmitting location data was data-costly but because it recorded everything.

‘If Steph ever found out about the recording feature of the transmitter, she’d lose her shit…’ Barbara thought to herself as she navigated through the audio-logs to the latest recording. ‘I lost my shit at Bruce when I foud out…’ She reminisced, ‘Though… I don’t think she’ll be that mad if I use this to save her life…’

“Gotcha.” Barbara said when she found the recording she was looking for. The seasoned vigilante detective listened to the recording intently.


“Holy shit.”

“Calm down”

“We fucking did it!”

“Calm down. We ain’t done shit yet.”

“Yeah we did Boss, we took one of them bitches out!”

“Yeah! Look at her! Uppity little bitch is out like a light!”

“Both of you shut up!”

The recording got quiet for a moment. Barbara could only make out on of the voices, the stern one, she recognized it as Markus Falcone. Her stomach turned as she listened to how these thugs talked about her friend. The recording picked up again.

“Okay… Grab the girl, tie her up, and bring her to the lake house.”

“…Uh…Which one?”

“The one on Gotham Lake”

“…Uh…yeah…Which one…”

“The one by the fucking marina you idiots.”

That was it. That was more than enough than what Barbara needed to find Stephanie. She could have stopped listening there. But she didn’t.

“Oh yeah! The one where we took that little detective?”


“Mmm! She was fun to break!”

“Blondie here looks like she might be a little more fun to break!”

“Whatever. Same set up as that girl playing detective.”

“Veronica or some shit?”

The name and situation sounded familiar to Barbara. She remembered reading about how a young female private investigator had gone missing a few months ago. She had always planned to look deeper into the matter, but not like this.

“Get to work. We don’t have all night. The actual Batgirl might show up soon and our traps were spent on this bitch.”

“Yeah. Of course boss, sir.”

Barbara, from the recording, heard Falcone walk away from the scene, all that was left were his goons at the scene. She should have stopped listening to the recording then.

“God damn, he’s in a mood today!”

“Yeah! What the fuck is up with that! He ain’t happy that we didn’t bag the red haired bitch? Blondes ain’t his style?”

“If he ain’t going to play with her, I’ll be more than happy to.”

Barbara’s stomach turned as she listened to the thugs begin to touch her unconscious friend. The recording was high quality and caught the sound of the hands of the thugs begin to grab and touch the fabric of Stephanie’s Spoiler costume.


Barbara’s heart sunk at the sound of hearing her friend whimper. Stephanie was unconscious, whimpering uncontrollably as the thugs touched her. Barbara cursed when she heard the cuffs click around her friend’s wrists.

“I can’t wait to fill this little slut up.”

“Yeah… Look at those pretty pink lips, just begging to wrap around a fat cock!”

“Hey, look at this thing I found on her belt. It’s blinking.”

“Shit. It’s a tracker thing.”

“Fuck! Shit! Hey! Ray get over here and stomp on this shit!”

The audio soon cut out.

Barbara wanted to cry, but she knew she had no time.

‘Keep it together Babs. Focus. Gotta find Steph.’ Barbara thought to herself and got to work.

Using the information gleaned from listening to that horrible audio-log and the Oracle computer, it didn’t take Barbara long to pinpoint where the Little Roman had taken Stephanie.

Meanwhile…At the Lake House…

Markus was also eager to continue his humiliation of the young vigilante girl and walked back up to the girl on her knees. His cock was throbbing again from watching the girl attempt to fight the men off while still bound with cum still dribbling out of her pussy.

“Aaaaah! Aaanngh!” Stephanie groaned in frustration and tried to push Markus off her with her hands that were cuffed in front of her. “Aaah!” She whimpered as Markus grabbed the chain between the cuffs and easily held her hands still.

“I really appreciate that you still got so much fire in you blondie even though I just filled your tight little twat up with my cum.” Markus replied to the heroine’s insistent groaning and whining. Stephanie had tried her best to ignore the feeling of the cum inside of her pussy, but Markus’s comment made that hard to do along with a fresh wave of humiliation to wash over her.

Stephanie didn’t say anything but just glared up at the mafia don with daggers in her eyes. Markus stared right back down at the helpless vigilante girl, intent on stuffing his rock-hard throbbing cock into her pretty little mouth. The heroine knew that’s what the perverted criminal wanted to do and she hated that she was helpless to stop him. She also hated how hot the thought of it was making her. This was not lost on the mafia don.

“Look at you. Glaring at me like that while the rest of your face and body are just screaming for something else to stuff itself inside your wanton little pussy.” Markus taunted the girl while he grabbed the back of her head with his free hand and slowly pulled her head into her crotch.

“Aughh!” Stephanie grumbled in frustration and reluctance as the young Falcone’s cock slapped against her face. His cock was still covered in a mixture of his cum and her own pussy juices. “Ahh!” She squealed as the man continued to rub his cock all over her face. Stephanie closed her eyes, feeling them fill with tears again from being so indignant about what was happening.

“Mmm… You have such a pretty face girly…” Markus whispered down at the girl as he continued to rub and slap his cock against the girl’s cheeks. “Is that why you wear that hood and mask? To try to cover what a cute sexy face you have and what a fuckable little mouth you have?” He asked, taunting the once proud vigilante girl who could only whimper and cry now. The cum on his cock mixed with her tears, working to smear the black mascara and eyeliner she had on even more, giving her face even more defined “black Giresun Escort tears” that the men loved seeing her have.

“Holy shit…This is so fucking hot…” Ray muttered quietly from behind the camera he was manning, zoomed in on the defeated heroine’s face as she whimpers and pouts while Markus begins to rub his balls against her face.

Markus pulled the girl’s head back so she’s looking almost straight up. Markus looks down at her, “Now those are some nice dick-sucking lips… Of course, I know you’re still acting all heroic and shit so you’d probably bite my dick off without this nice lil ring-gag huh?”

Stephanie only glared back up at the man. Markus gave a grin back before spitting into the girl’s mouth, causing her to gag and cough. Markus then moved over the girl, so his balls hung right over her mouth. When Stephanie opened her eyes again it was to the sight of Markus’s balls and taint. He then proceeded to move his balls down into the girl’s forced open mouth, effectively teabagging his balls in and out of her mouth, making sure to get her tongue to lick the base of his sweaty balls. Because of the ring-gag tightly lodged in her mouth, Stephanie was helpless to stop the man from forcing her to take his balls into her mouth and on her tongue.

“Ah-argrhck!” Stephanie gagged from the taste of the potent ball sweat of the Falcone Mafia boss. Markus and his men chuckled at the sight and sound of it.

“You like that blondie?” Markus teased, “Get a good taste of that, that’s pure hard work and excellence right there.”

“Gaaaammpgrh…” Stephanie replied with angry grunts and gags with her mouth full with his balls. When Markus finally removed his balls from her mouth, satisfied with how covered his balls were in her saliva, Stephanie tried her best to spit her ball-soaked saliva out of her mouth and catch her breath. Unfortunately for the spunky teenaged vigilante girl, the mobster was intent of keeping her mouth stuffed.

“Mmm… Now that’s a good look for you.” Markus said, stepping back from hanging over her to be back standing in front of her. He had his cock sit on the girl’s tongue that was hanging out from her mouth due to the ring-gag. She could feel the cock throb in erotic excitement as it rested against her tongue

‘I’ll kill you.’ Stephanie thought to herself.

Spoiler didn’t reply with anything out loud to the mafia don, and only glared daggers at the man even from on her knees. The girl didn’t have to say anything, Markus could see the hate, frustration, and pure vitriol in the girl’s eyes. The don was thankful for the binds that were on her. Markus was impressed by how much spirit and fire the girl still had in her, despite being so utterly helpless and having been recently humiliatingly raped, his cum still dripping out of her pussy.

“I’m going to enjoy making you choke on my cock bitch.” Markus stated coldly as he let go of the chain of the girl’s cuffs so he could grab onto the back of the girl’s head with both his hands. Each hand grabbed a good tuft of the girl’s hair as he slowly pulled her head into his crotch, allowing his cock to slowly slide into her mouth.

“Aaammmmmpgrphh-aamprggrck!” Stephanie gagged and wailed against Markus’s stomach with her cuffed hands after he had let go of the chain. The girl was much too exhausted and weak to do anything effective against the man, a minor nuisance to having his cock slowly and methodically push down her throat. No amount of protesting or weak flailing was going to stop the crime boss from face-fucking her or throat-fucking her, and Stephanie knew this. The cock filled her mouth and she could feel it throb as it pushed it’s way down her throat, choking her hard.

Stephanie had always heard the hushed horror stories the other girls in the vigilante or heroine community told each other. How some rookie or even some veteran super-heroine got caught off guard, captured, and just utterly used and abused. She just never actually thought that it would happen to her. No one told her that it would happen so fast, how rough the men might be, and what to do if she started to like it. Stephanie felt a little fear as she choked on Markus’s cock, not because was scared of what was going to happen next, but because her pussy was getting wetter and wetter the more she choked on the Markus’s cock. She blamed the drug she was injected with, but she knew it was deeper than that, and that scared her.

“Fuck girly… your mouth feels almost as good as your little cunt did!” Markus groans as he pulls the defeated heroine’s head in towards his crotch more, forcing more of his cock deep down her throat.

“Aaaaa-aa-aagrh-a-arghh!” Stephanie choked, struggling to breathe with Markus’s thick cock lodged so far down her throat that her nose was pressed against the thug’s crotch, her eyes closed as his pubes were rubbed up against her face.

“Fuck! This is your true calling blondie! Fuck your stupid super hero shit, you belong on your knees!” Markus roared, his cock throbbing deep down the girl’s throat. He loved the feeling of her throat tightening around his cock as she gagged and coughed for air, the noise she made and the sight it was. This fiery hot little blonde, dressed in black and purple tights, all tied up, on her knees, choking on his cock, her spittle dripping down all over her tits.

Ray did his best on the camera he manned to capture the sight, to capture the expression of the defeated vigilante girl as she’s forced to choke on his boss’s cock while still being so reluctant and fiery. Johnny, on the other camera, allowed his camera to explore the rest of the girl’s sexy lithe body, like capturing how the don’s cum was still dripping out of her pussy, but also how wet it was getting from her own juices too.

“Damn…” Ray said out loud at the sight of the girl’s dripping pussy. Markus did not like hearing Ray’s voice.

“The only thing I should be hearing right now is the sound of this little bitch choking and gagging on my cock.” The Little Roman stated.

“Shit…Sorry boss. It’s just that her pussy is getting real wet is all…” Ray stammered out, a little nervous from how stern his boss had just gotten.

“Aaaapgrm-gaaagh-aarrgchk!” Stephanie continued to just choke and gag on the don’s cock, slowly losing air. She couldn’t really hear what the men were saying to each other, nor did she really care to. She was trying to focus on not passing out, controlling her breathing how she was taught. Who knew that all the breathing training she had been subjected to by Bruce and Barbara was going to be helpful in having a thick cock shoved down her throat.

“Is that true slut?” Markus asked. He pulled the girl’s head up from the base of his cock, not yet pulling his entire cock out, only about half, just enough to let the girl breathe a little better. He tilted the girl’s head back so that her eyes met his while he waited for an answer.

Stephanie didn’t give the man an answer, instead, she met his eyes with the same intense glare as before, even though she had just been choking on the man’s cock just seconds before, she still had the same feisty fire in her that wouldn’t break so easily. Markus smirked and slowly pulled the rest of his cock out from her throat and mouth.

“Aaagrh-agrhck-ack-ahh..” Stephanie coughed as she tried to catch her breath while Markus cock slapped her with his saliva covered cock, rubbing her face in her own spittle.

Giresun Escort Bayan

“Now let’s see if Ray’s right, if you really are a wanton little slut.” Markus stated as he crouched down, gripping Stephanie’s inner thigh.

“Aaah…” Steph let out a whimpering moan as she felt a low erotic heat grow from the man’s grip onto her thigh. As if her body was craving to be touched, even though she was already getting used, and it hadn’t been too long since Markus had fucked and filled her, her body still craved more. “Aaaah..” the girl moaned more as Markus moved his hand up her thigh to her bare trembling pussy.

“My my, you really are a wanton little slut!” Markus said as he traced two fingers up her bare slit, feeling how wet she was, how her pussy throbbed and ached for something. “Plaisir is good… But we both know you’re really this wet because you really are a wanton little slut. No wonder why Batman and Robin keep you around.”

“Ha! Good one boss! I can see it! The little slut probably lets the bat and boy wonder fuck her at the same time!” Johnny added to his boss’s insult. Johnny had startled both Markus and Ray a little. It had been a while since Johnny had said something. He had been too absorbed in watching the lithe vigilante girl get what he believed, what she deserved.

Stephanie didn’t try to say anything back, she knew anything she did try to say would just come out as unintelligible groans and grunts. Groans and grunts that always seemed to spur the perverted criminal on even more. Markus’s latest comment did have the girl reminisce on her memories of giving Tim a blowjob and how he had always liked them. She also shamefully thought to herself how Bruce would probably enjoy getting head from her as well.

‘Augh! Damn it Steph! Focus up!’ Stephanie admonished herself in her head. The girl attempted to recenter herself and focus on the dreadful situation at hand.

“Well don’t worry whore. I got just the perfect thing for your needy little pussy.” Markus stated after admiring how nice the girl’s bare tight pussy looked to him. It glistened in the light of the room they were in from how wet it was. He also enjoyed watching his cum dribble out of her.

Markus walked away for a moment, outside of the light that was focused on the girl. He walked to a table that was behind him. On the table was a duffle-bag full of his various perverted toys and items he had for moments like this one.

‘No…’ Stephanie thought to herself as she saw the shadow of the item Markus pulled out of the bag.

“Aah!” Stephanie protested as her eyes widened at the sight of what he had in his hand when he began to walk back from the table and back into the light. It was a thick 12-inch bad dragon dildo with a large suction cup to stick to the ground with. “Uhh uuh!” the girl muttered again as she turned away with her cuffed hands and frogtied legs. Stephanie feebly crawled away on her cuffed hands and tied legs.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Markus asked while trying to hold back a laugh at how pathetic the once proud vigilante girl looked trying to crawl away all bound as she was. “Johnny, go pick her up. Ray might have to edit some of this out. Folks might like the sight of her crawling away like that though…” Markus pondered while he took the dildo and pressed it hard against the wood flooring of the room they were in. He gave the dildo a little tug to ensure it was emplaced properly, that the suction would hold, and it did.

“Ahh! Auughhh! Uhh! Eh ooo o eee!!” Stephanie groaned as Johnny picked her up from the ground effortlessly. The petite blonde girl struggled weakly in the much larger man’s frame. Poor Stephanie was much too exhausted to do anything effective.

“Hell yeah Johnny! Now bring her over right here!” Markus ordered. Johnny eagerly obeyed and walked over to where his boss was.

“Auuugh!” Stephanie whined as Johnny slowly lowered the girl onto the colorful thick bad dragon dildo. “Aaaaahhhhh!” the trussed-up heroine cried out as the thick dildo pushed her bare wet pussy lips apart as it slowly pushed inside of her. The dildo was shaped after some mystical creature’s cock, an excuse for the company to make thick, weirdly shaped dildo.

‘No! This shouldn’t feel this good! Damn drug!’ Stephanie thought to herself. ‘This is so humiliating! I should be ashamed!’

“Oooh…” Stephanie had let out a small moan from the feeling of her pussy being filled by the bad dragon dildo. The more she struggled back on her knees, the more she felt it. She could feel her pussy tense, as if the slightest movement would push her over the edge. Stephanie didn’t want to cum, she wanted to focus on escaping.

“You should be thankful to Ray slut! It was his comment that brought my attention to your needy little pussy.” Markus taunted while he walked around the helpless vigilante girl, soaking in the sight of the bound petite blonde girl fighting the urge to moan. “Look at you. Fighting so hard not to let yourself cum… Batman train you to do that?”

‘Augh! You’ll pay for this…’ Stephanie thought with empty bravado while she glared at the young mafia don who was tormenting her.

Markus smiled at how much fight the vigilante girl still had then clicked a button on a remote control in his hand that sprung the dildo alive with a powerful vibration. Stephanie had no chance.

“Aaahh-oohh-OOoo-AAAH!” the girl moaned as a powerful orgasm ripped through her petite frame, making her body shudder as she came hard.

“Holy shit…” Johnny muttered to himself as he zoomed his camera onto the vigilante girl’s pretty, mascara-tear-stained face, capturing how she melted from vengeful vigilante to pleasure-riddled slut in a matter of seconds. Ray, on the other camera, also zoomed in onto the girl’s face, but he followed how her saliva uncontrollably dripped down from her tongue sticking out from the ring-gag, down onto her perky little tits that were still tantalizingly hugged by the tight fabric of her costume. From her tits, Ray continued down to filming her pussy that was filled with the vibrating bad-dragon dildo, capturing how she was almost instinctively moving up and down (as much as she could, given her legs were still frog-tied) the dildo to make herself cum longer and harder.

The three men in that basement room, in the Falcone Family’s fourth lake house, were rock hard at the sight and sound of poor vigilante called Spoiler being forced to cum bound helpless as she was. The men posted outside the room were rock hard from the sound and their own imaginations of what they would do to the helpless crime-fighter.

“Aaaaaahhhh!AAAH-AAAH!” Stephanie moaned loudly from the dildo inside of her changing up its vibrating pattern. Markus, using the remote, had changed the pattern to something stronger and varied. “Aaaah…Aaaaah…” the girl whined as dildo calmed down, “AAAH!” She screamed in pleasure as the bad dragon dildo stirred alive, fast and hard.

It was pure torture. Torture fueled by endless pleasure. The vibration pattern the dildo was set to had the dildo buzz alive near the strongest setting, then going completely still for a brief 30 seconds before buzzing alive again. The 30 seconds was enough time for Stephanie’s mind to start to clear up, for a few cohesive thoughts to begin to form only for her mind to fill with pleasure and turn to velvet.

‘This is bad… I can’t Escort Giresun think straight at all.. Come on Steph…oh man…’ The vigilante tried to regain her composure and collect her thoughts, but it was fruitless as the dildo buzzed alive.

“Aaah….aaaaahh….Ah-OH-Aaaammgprha-arrg-ach-aaaaamgrph!” Stephanie gagged on a cock shoved deep down her throat. Markus had roughly grabbed her head, lined his cock up with her forced open mouth, then rammed his cock down passed the petite crimefighter’s pretty, pink lips and deep down her throat.

“Fuck you feel good!” Markus cried out, feeling the girl’s throat squeeze around his cock as she choked for air on his cock while being forced to cum.

“Aargh-aargh!” Stephanie choked while moaning. Her petite body was shaking hard. The poor girl was choking, exhausted and overstimulated. She could feel herself passing out, her mind a mush of pink velvet made of pleasure going darker and darker.

Markus smiled as he watched the girl’s eyes roll to the back of her head. Only then did he pull his cock out. He turned the dildo off as well.

“Aaahh…aargh-ack!” She coughed as life rushed back into her, allowing her to become conscious of the nightmare she was in. “Aaahhh…aaahhh…..” She breathed raggedly, trying to just catch her breath. “Ah!” She whimpered as the mob boss cock slapped her face with his saliva covered cock.

Markus gripped her face by her chin and forced the girl to look at him while he rubbed his cock against her face.

“Having fun bitch?” He asked rhetorically with his cock pressed against her right cheek.

The girl just glared at him. Even though she had just been made to cum over and over again by a dildo that was still deep inside of her pussy, she still had a fire inside of her.

Markus smiled because he could tell by the look in the poor girl’s eyes that the fire inside of her was growing weaker. The mafia don unclipped the ring-gag and let it fall out her mouth.

“Ah..blegh…owww…” Stephanie groaned from how sore her mouth was from being stretched open by the ring-gag. Her mouth being used like a fuck-hole didn’t help either. After a sufficient amount of stretching her mouth and jaw out, Steph gave the mafia don an answer to his earlier question. “How does a girl have fun with a limp dicked fuckhead like you?” She even gave a little chuckle too.

Markus frowned then turned the dildo back on. This time it was on a pattern that consistently buzzed but slowly ramped up and down in vibration strength.

“Oh! F-f-fuck! N-not fair! G-get t-this thing o-out-Oohh! Fuck! Ahh!” Steph moaned loudly against her will as the vibrations got stronger and stronger. “OOhhh-gaawd!” She screamed as she was forced to cum yet again. She could feel herself grinding against the dildo much to her own shame and humiliation.

‘Some heroine I am… I can’t even control my own dumb horny body…’ She found herself thinking as the vibrations got weaker and weaker.

“Look at you. Talking all that big shit yet you crumble to being a pathetic little slut from the press of a button.” Markus taunted the girl while he continued to rub and slap his cock against the girl’s face.

“Listen here you little pipsqueak! I took down fucking Roman Sionis! Yeah! That’s right! Fucking Black Mask! You’re just a small-fry compared to him! So if you think-”

“No.” Markus said with a cold, stern voice. “You listen here bitch. Your favorite little toy inside you is about to come alive again, and when it does you’re going to scream in pleasure because we both know you’re just a little slut in tights. When your mouth opens to scream, I’m going to shove my cock back into your pretty little fuckhole, and you’re going to take it. You’re not going to bite and I will not feel any teeth, because if I do… This is going to get much much worse for you.” The Mafia Don ended his rant hissing his threat into the heroine’s ear.

Stephanie didn’t reply. She only stared at the mafia don with a little bit of fear that soon began to melt away as the dildo began to buzz inside of her stronger and stronger. Stephanie did her best to fight the pleasure. She bit her lips to prevent a moan escaping them.

Markus smiled at the sight of the girl trying her best to fight the pleasure, to fight the desire to succumb to the waves of pleasure crashing over her. Markus pressed a button on the remote to push the dildo to the next level.

“Ahh! Oooh-aaa-agrh-aamgrph!” Steph started to moan loudly only to gag and choke on Markus’s cock. Markus did as he said he was going to do, shove his cock into the girl’s mouth the moment she opened it.

“That’s right bitch! Choke on my cock! Choke on this ‘small’, ‘tiny’ cock!” Markus said as he held the girl’s head down so that her nose was pressed against his pubes and his cock far down her throat.

Despite the insults and the choking, the vigilante girl did not bite the criminal boss’s cock. Stephanie blamed the Plaisir once again, believing it to have made her more submissive. The darker thought being that she was naturally submissive, and that she feared the young Falcone’s threats.

“Aaargh-aagrh-aaaggrhh!” Stephanie moaned and gagged as Markus began to face fuck her. Ray and Johnny filmed intently as their boss facefucked the petite blonde girl once more, hoping to get their chance soon.

“So…Where should I cum? Are you hungry slut? Or should I just cum all over your pretty little face?” Markus asked rhetorically as his cock throbbed while it pumped down the girl’s throat.

“Aaaagrh-aagrh!” Is all the girl could reply

“You are hungry? I thought so! Being a bitch takes a lot of energy huh?” Markus teased, eliciting a chuckle out of the two thugs.

“Aaagrmph!” Stephanie gagged hard as the young Falcone’s cock explodes deep down her throat. She can fill her throat fill up fast as Markus slowly pulled his cock out from down her throat, shooting strings of thick cum as it was pulled out. It became too much at few points of Markus’s cock’s slow exit, forcing Stephanie to swallow a few times before it was fully pulled out.

“Aaagrh-aahh-blecgh! Argh-ew! G-gross!” The girl said, spitting out the rest of the cum that was in her mouth. Markus frowned.

“That’s very wasteful of you.” Markus commented.

“Tasted weird.” Stephanie jested, even giving the mafia don a little smirk despite how humiliated she should be with cum dripping down her chin. Markus grinned, and the vigilante had a feeling what that meant. That a new sadistic and perverted idea had just popped into his head.

“Johnny, Ray, our guest here is still hungry. Why don’t you get the boys outside the room to help?” Markus ordered his men. Their eyes lit up in anticipation and excitement.

Johnny went over to the door on the other side of the room to grab the Falcone men outside the room.

“W-what!?! No! Stop! This has to end!” Stephanie demanded despite the predicament she found herself in as Johnny came back with five other men. The five new men looked down Stephanie with hungry eyes.

“Sorry bitch, should have swallowed like a good slut!” Markus said from behind one of the cameras. He was focused on the girl’s face as she looked around between the seven men that surrounded her now. How the vigilante girl’s bravado could be seen fading as the slowly pulled their slacks down, revealing 7 rock hard cocks of varying sizes.

Stephanie gulped. She had hoped that she would have been saved by now…

To be continued

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