Beach Fireworks

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The fireworks are hotter inside the condo!

I had watched her for several days at the beach resort we both were guests at in Ft. Walton Beach. Her name was Kate, a retired school teacher out for a week of sun and fun with her son and daughter’s small family. There appeared to be two children to each family who were a handful- that’s all I knew until tonight.

She was very pretty, wore great fitting bathing suits and carried herself like a lady. Her legs were slender and had that nice separation at the top that I love. I watched as she would drink one cocktail at each evenings luau and nurse it until walking to the three-room condo they had. My two-bed condo was on the floor above hers. I could hear them talking after the kids passed out and could tell she was lonely and possibly vulnerable to a good looking beach nut like myself. Tonight’s dance and feast were the high point of the week, complete with fireworks.

Sitting at the bar as I usually did, I surveyed the possibilities and watched as she finished her drink and walked to my side of the bar and waited for the busy bartender. She stopped with an empty chair between us and waited.

After several minutes of being ignored, she looked over at me and rolled her eyes. “I hope they still have margarita’s left.”

“Not a problem, she gets too busy sometimes to see us.” I smiled at her and waving to the bartender, I called out, “Lynn, you have a customer who requires a margarita, on second thought make that two. Mine with salt!”

Lynn looked up at us now and nodded, “coming up next Jack, both frozen?

I looked at the lady who nodded and turning again to Lynn said, “yes mam.”

“It’s going to take a couple minutes, I have to fill the machine.”

“Okay with you?” I asked the lady.

“I can make it a couple more minutes.” She replied.

“You are welcome to sit while you wait, I’m here by myself.” I offered.

“Thank you, are you a regular here?” she asked.

I could smell a light scent that was very sensual on her. I wonder if she realized the effect it had on men? She had to, up close she was hot! Her cleavage was full and deep. Looking at her face, gorgeous brown eyes were sexy.

“Yes I am, I live on the 7th floor, I’m a touring musician and this is where I unwind.”

“Oh! We’re just below you on 6, I hope you can’t hear the kids when they run wild down below.” She laughed so sweet.

“So that was you yelling and chasing them out to the patio? Just kidding, these walls are solid. Very little makes it to your neighbors.” I grinned that innocent grin that helped get me laid regularly.

Our drinks arrived, and I held my glass up and said, “here’s to the beach and beautiful friendships.”

She clinked her glass with mine and took a nice swallow. “Oh that’s so good!”

“What? The cocktail or the toast?” I asked.

Looking at me she laughed and said, “both!” I loved the way her breasts jiggled when she laughed. No bra underneath.

We both broke up over the silly quip and I asked, “What should I call you? And where are y’all from?

“Well Jack, my name is Kate, but friends call me… Kate!” She cracked up over the old joke and I realized this wasn’t her second cocktail tonight. Kate had a nice buzz going. So did her jiggly boobs.

I laughed a little bit and took a swig of my drink and savored it a moment.

Just Zonguldak Escort then the lights dimmed just a little. The music turned from reggae to a slow number, and I asked Kate, “would you like a dance with an accomplished dancer who never steps on feet? At least that’s what I tell everyone!”

Thinking for a moment Kate said, “I’d love to, but if my son asks, we met here last year. He’s very protective of me.”

“Works for me, as you know I’m Jack and I have a pedigree!” I smiled again.


“Yes, but I plan to have it surgically removed soon.” I laughed’

Gently slapping my shoulder, Kate giggled, “Oh you joker!”

We both took draining swallows from our glasses and walked to the large dance floor and I put my arm around her waist and with her right hand in my left, we began swaying to the bee gees ‘hits. We danced slowly to three songs in a row, each song finding Kate deeper in my arms with her head on my shoulder. Every time I inhaled her scent I felt an erection build that much more until I held her out in front of me and suggested a drink break, my treat.

“I’m having too much fun to stop, let’s get some fresh margaritas and stay out here dancing.”

I think I found her soft spot. I hope I get to find them all! “Okay with me lady!”

Lynn watched us walking up to the bar and I raised two fingers as she nodded smiling.

“Things slowing down Lynn?” I asked.

“Yeah the fireworks are starting in 15 minutes and everyone’s rounding up kids to take them down to the water.”

Just then a rather large male type son walked up and spotting us said. “Hey mom we’re heading to the beach, are you coming?” He had some unmistaken police look about him as he sized me up. I of course looked like a quire boy on his first date.

“Oh hi Danny, this is Jack, you remember him from our .last vacation here, don’t you? We were thinking about watching them from here.” Kate’s voice had that unmistakable tone of mother to child. Hmm was she still buzzed or just having a good time?

Daniel looked at me as if checking me out. “Okay mom, if you get bored we’ll be close to where our chairs were all week.”

“Okay sweetie have fun. We might see you on the beach.”

He turned and walked rapidly down the path to the beach where the family waited.

Our cocktails were waiting on the bar and we again toasted again. “To fireworks!” I said.

Looking me in the eye, Kate said softly, “to fireworks…”


Lynn asked from behind the bar, “hey you two want more music before the fireworks? Won’t be able to hear it when they start the show, it lasts about twenty minutes then we just have slow stuff till last call.”

Looking at each other and said together, “that’s fine!” And laughing, walked back to the darkest part of dance floor, put our drinks down and she molded herself to me. “Ah! That’s what I’m talking about!”

“Yeah,” was all I could say as first her breasts, then her tummy pressed up against my front and I felt the biggest boner in months assemble itself in my shorts like a cobra searching for prey!

Kate leaned her head back and looking at my face said, “what condo number are you in?” Accenting the question with an unmistakable rubbing of her pussy against my erection. “We can dance more later.” She moved forward and kissed my neck. Her Zonguldak Escort Bayan scent was overwhelming my system.

Not one to hesitate in the face of a blunt sexual offer I said, “708, and the door is unlocked.”

I reached for our drinks and offered hers to her. I took the rest of mine down in a swallow.

“I’ll be there in 4 minutes, we have 26 minutes and I don’t want to waste one second Jack!” Kate smiled, drained her glass and walked to the elevators.

Taking my now empty glass to the bar, I set it down and took deep breath.

“Walked off on ya huh? Lynn smiled knowingly.

“Yeah, you know.” I muttered.

“Yeah right!” Rolling her eyes, “better get your ass up there quick!” Lynn was sharp.

The elevator doors opened on my floor and I quickly walked to my door. Trying the knob, it was locked!

“Who is it?” A sweet voice asked.

“Just a lonely guitar player.” Was my response.

The door slowly opened and standing there in one of my open white robes was Kate.

“Come in and kiss me then!”

I quickly closed the door and opening the robe fully, took her side boobs in my hands and pulled her to me. I kissed her soft warm lips and instantly was in such a deep state of heat I almost grabbed my dick, it was pulsing so pleasurably.

Kate beat me to it, her left hand on the back of my head, her right on my cock we stood kissing and fondling each other’s bodies for several minutes. She walked me slowly over to my bed.

“You are all I’ve thought about all week! I saw you in the lobby the day we checked in and wanted to meet you! I just got up the desperation tonight to talk to you Jack!”

Kate kissed me like there was no time left in the world. I returned her kissed with a building warmth that started in my crotch and exploded in my mouth. Her tongue was soft and warm as she explored my lips, my cheeks and my neck.

I picked her up and gently lay her down on the spread. I tore my clothing off and it settled to the floor as she reached for my penis and drew me to her waiting lips. She engulfed me.

Reaching down over her flat tummy; I touched her pussy and found her slick with wetness, I gently rubbed her soft vulva and felt it harden under my finger. Kate arched her back to draw my finger into her, I easily slipped into her warm wet womanhood and rubbed her ribbed G spot. She moaned softly and reaching down caressed my hand.

I slowly lifted my left leg over her head and straddled her mouth, my cock still being sucked on. Leaning my head down to her crotch, my lips replaced my fingers on her pussy and the effect on her was electrifying! She screamed around my dick and convulsed in a spasm of pleasure I seldom saw in a beautiful woman. Usually they are so reserved when they cum- so lady like! This was a tigress!

“Come up here and kiss me Jack! I need you so bad!” Kate was almost whining in her erotic state.

I swapped ends and again took her breasts in my hands and working my way up from the bottoms of her globes gently pinched her nipples. “Ooh! That’s so gooood!”

I felt her pubic bone searching for my dick and lifted slightly to tease her efforts. “Please take me now Jack! Please!”

I rubbed the length of my cock slowly up and down her slit, feeling every molecule of soft, warm and wet cunt sliding and cupping the bottom Escort Zonguldak of me. The effect was overwhelming both of us.

“Jack, please put it in, please… fuck me!” Kates soft plea was so sweet. I sensed she did not often talk dirty.

“What do you want beautiful? Where do you want it? I softly asked her back.” I began wetly kissing her left ear.

In a small vulnerable voice she whispered, “in my pussy… please fuck my pussy! Right Now Jack!”

Pressing my lips to hers and feeling her tongue sucking mine in her mouth was all I could take.

On the next downward stroke over her wet vulva my dick continued its search for her hole. My bulbous head felt the sensuous opening just as Kate did, thrusting up, her pussy engulfed the first third of my cock, We groaned together and with our arms wrapped tightly around each other, I slid my cock the rest of the way deep into her womanhood. I bottomed out on her pubic bone and we just ground together for a moment before moving together like we had done this together for years,

Kate began kissing my left ear and mumbling sweet little endearments while my lips kissed her neck like a man possessed. I felt my dick beginning to pulse ever so pleasurably while her pussy was contracting on my every outward move.

“Kate! I’m not going to last much longer baby! It’s too good!”

“I know baby, I’m so close and but i don’t want it to end!”

We both started breathing deeply and I felt and sensed her orgasm chasing mine. Pushing up on my hands I gazed down into her beautiful face to see her looking up at me.

“Jack, I’m ready to cum, will you cum with me!” Her face was contorted, and her mouth formed a large ‘O.

“You tell me when and I’ll cum with you Kate! I’m so close!”

Kate slowed fucking me and said, “slow down and just let it happen baby, it’s so delicious!”

My eyes wanted to close but I wanted so much to share cumming with her. Kate got a faraway look on her face and holding my ass to keep my dick buried within her pussy said, “Cum with me now Jack, cum deep into my pussy.”

That was it! I felt my first spurts erupt into her cunt just as her pussy spasmed into an enormous orgasm. We moaned together for what was a lifetime and she began fucking me harder than ever.” I’m cumming again Jack! Fuck me! Fuuuuck me!” She screamed on and on. I believe she came three more times.

She slowly subsided, holding me tightly within her depths while kissing me deeply. I continued fucking her softly as the pleasure was still pulsing all over my body. We looked at each other and I asked her with a smile, “Who seduced who baby!?” We both laughed and kissed, fucking deeply until we could hear the fireworks outside ending to the usual cheers.

Inside the cheers were better.

We were at the bar drinking when Kates family dragged up from the beach, sleepy kids being carried and mom’s and dad’s looking tired.

“Sorry you missed the fireworks mom.” Said a woman who looked like a young edition of Kate’

Oh! We didn’t miss anything!” Said Lynn from behind the bar, “Plenty of great fireworks from right here!”

“Oh, okay.” Said Dan, “Well come up when your ready mom.”

“Okay, be right up honey.”

I hated to see it end, especially after wasting four days when we could have been fucking.

I asked,” when are y’all coming back? I’d love to see you again Kate.”

Smiling she leaned forward and softly said, “we extended our stay this morning, Dan’s going back day after tomorrow with his family and Katie and I and the kids will be here another four days and they go to bed early.

Think we’ll see any more fireworks?

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