Becky’s First Time

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I reached over and shut the hot water running out of the faucet on the bathtub off. I stripped off my coffee shop uniform and threw it into the washing machine in my apartment. ?I walked around the apartment in my white bra and panties; I couldn’t believe I had lived here for a whole year already. ?I was nearing the end of my Freshman Year at UCLA. ?I couldn’t wait to see my friends back home in Minnesota and tell them about my year, about school, about working, and mostly about Ryan.

As made my way back into the bathroom stripping off my bra and panties, I stopped to look at myself in the mirror. ?I took my shoulder length black hair out of the ponytail it was in and looked with my bright blue eyes at my pale skin and features. ?I have perky B cupped breasts with puffy nipples; I was always self-conscious of them. ?I have a thin frame, but not too thin, not a lot of bones showing. Everyone tells me that my stomach is flat and that I look great, though I think I could stand to lose a few pounds. ?Looking down, the hair between my legs was shaved off clean, I just never liked the way it felt. ?My legs were long and fairly thin, then I turned, I hated the way by butt looked. ?Every guy I ever dated said I had a great ass, I never thought so, and it sticks out too much. ?No matter how much running, walking, or other exercises I did, nothing would get rid of it. ?I padded off to the bathroom thinking of Ryan again, I laughed at how we met that day I started at the coffee shop right after I moved here and how our relationship grew so quickly. ?As I stepped into the hot water and lowered myself down into it, my thoughts of Ryan made my urges surge and my pussy begged to be touched.

I remembered it was the summer after high school graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, my parents couldn’t afford to have me live on campus, so I decided to get an apartment very close by. ?After some searching online I found a girl, Sara, who was looking for a new roommate and it was right in the area I wanted to be in. ?We conversed via email and did talk via Skype. ?Once I felt comfortable I took a trip out to Los Angeles to meet Sara, and to find a job so I could afford my half of the rent and utilities. ?

I was amazed how quickly my job search ended, almost immediately after it had started. ?After my plane landed in Los Angeles I took a cab to the apartment Sara and I would share. ?We spent the remainder of the day talking and getting to know one another. ?Sara showed me around the area and II noted the places which had “Help Wanted” signs in their windows. ?

The next day, I remembered, I woke up in the morning and decided to head to the little coffee shop I had seen the day before to get some breakfast and to plan my job hunting attack. ?I walked the few blocks the shop was from the apartment building and opened the heavy glass and metal door. I remembered stepping into the coffee shop was like stepping back in time to the 1950’s, the decor of the place felt really authentic to the period. ?The coffee shop had a few customers, but wasn’t busy, so, I had a seat at the counter and perused the menu while I waited for someone to take my order, immediately after sitting down I heard shouting coming from somewhere in the kitchen.

I couldn’t remember all of the details of the conversation, but, basically the manager had found out that one of his waitresses was getting married and would be quitting her job. ?Something about how her soon to be husband didn’t want his new bride working. ?When the waitress came over to take my order, I asked her what was going on. ?The waitress, whose name tag read Donna, explained that it was just a little disagreement over her leaving and she showed me her shiny new diamond ring. ?I called the manager over and explained that I was looking for work starting in a couple of weeks when I moved out to Los Angeles, that I had no experience, but was a fast learner. ?The manager was still so upset about the situation he hired me on the spot and said that I could learn from Donna for the beginning of the week before she left. ?I could pick up any remaining knowledge from the other waitresses once Donna was gone. ??I couldn’t believe my luck; I was thrilled to start working and living on my own.

A few weeks later I had moved into the apartment and tried to settle in before school started. ?I couldn’t believe that I was 18 years old, living out of my parents’ house, and starting my first job, everything was exciting and new, little did I know how exciting things were about to get.

My first day was a Monday that was the day I met Ryan. After I arrived and met everyone Donna showed me around the front as well as the kitchen and food storage areas. ?She told me that later that day the coffee shop would be getting a meat delivery and it would be good experience for me to deal with that, mainly the delivery person did all of the work. ?She then proceeded to show me how to wait tables and what to wear that was in good taste, but would elicit good tips from customers.

“You’re lucky, you’re young, most of the morning crowd are businessmen Çankaya Escort and laborers, keep an extra button undone on your blouse and they’ll open their wallets for ya.” ?She told me. ?”Just remember, you don’t have to give them anything, just being really nice and showing just enough will do the trick and keep them coming back.” ?Donna continued.

I nodded my head taking mental notes, there was a lot to remember, but Donna’s shortcuts really helped. Later that day, right on time, the meat truck pulled up in the back of the shop. ?Donna and I headed to the back of the shop to open the door for the driver.

“Always check first to make sure that it’s not some thief or creep. ?We don’t get many of those, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.” ?Donna told me.

I looked out of the peep hole in the rear door; I saw a white truck that looked like a converted UPS truck with the words “Smokehouse Meats” written in large letters on the side. ?I opened the heavy metal door and used the door stop to keep the door open. ?I heard the door open and then shut, then I saw him walking toward me. ?Ryan was older than I was, tall, about six feet with tanned skin, dirty blonde hair and green eyes. ?Ryan had the kindest eyes. ?He was medium build, with well-defined muscles; he must have worked out after he was done hauling meat around Los Angeles. ?He was busy reading his clipboard and opening the back of the truck. ?To me, he looked like a dream California boy.

Donna stepped in front of me as I was scanning Ryan’s body, taking him all in. ?She called out to him, “Hey Ryan.” ?

“Hey Donna, how are things?” ?Ryan asked in reply not taking his eyes away from the back of the truck, he pushed the back door of the truck up; it rolled up in a fluid movement.

“Just want to let you know, this is my last week here,” she told him.

Ryan turned around a little stunned “Oh no! ?You’re kidding right? ?Please tell me you’re kidding, where are you going?”

“Yeah, I’m getting married, so, I’ll be home for a while until I decide what I am going to do.” ?Donna told him and used that moment to introduce me. ?”So, this is my replacement, Becky, you make sure to be nice to her.”

I peeked out from behind Donna after she announced me; my cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. ?”Hi.” was about all I could muster.

“Hey there, no reason to be shy, I don’t bite, unless you ask nicely.” He smiled; he could see the redness on my cheeks deepen.

“Wow, Donna, I’m really going to miss you, you’ve been here since I started.” he adjusted his view to Donna who was taking the clipboard from him and checking things off.

“Yep, it’s been six years, I’m 25 now, time to move on and start my life.” ?She said to him with a bit of exhilaration in her voice. ?”But, you take care of my girl here, no funny stuff, you hear?” She continued, patting me on the back.

Donna turned to face me and handed me Ryan’s clipboard. ?”OK, I’ve checked the list to make sure that everything we ordered last night is here, all you have to do is check it off as Ryan brings it into the cooler. ?You can handle that right?” ?She said giving me my first big task.

“Absolutely, no problem,” I replied taking the clipboard from her hand.

“OK, if you have any problems, just holler, I’ll be waiting on customers.” ?She said walking back into the kitchen.

Ryan did exactly what Donna had said he would do, “no funny stuff either” I thought to myself, though I did catch him looking me up and down a few times.

When he was nearly through, Ryan looked around the corners to see if anyone was nearby and then got a little closer.

“Hey Becky,” he said taking the last of the meat off of the truck

“Yeah,” I replied, I was just the slightest bit curious what he was going to ask.

“I deliver every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I got a deal for ya,” he said putting the meat into the cooler.

“Oh really, what is it?” I smiled figuring it was some kind of joke.

“Well, I was thinking, after my deliveries are done, if you could give me free coffee when I deliver, I could give you free meat.” ?He said with a straight face.

“Really, what kind of meat are we talking about?” ?I asked, still thinking that he was joking.

“I could give you some good sausage,” he told me.

“Oh, so you want to give me your sausage huh?” I replied, my eyes rolling, I figured he was making a sexual joke to break the ice with the new girl.

“No, seriously, it’s a fair trade, coffee for meat,” he said innocently.

I looked at Ryan’s face; he was the cutest boy I’d seen around since moving to L.A. ?I knew we gave out free coffee to upset customers all of the time, so what was one more? ?Besides, he did stock our cooler really neatly for us.

“Well, let me think about it, I don’t want to get in trouble my first day on the job.” ?I flirted with him twisting my toe on the floor. ?I gave him my best innocent eyes. ?I could tell from his look that he was having fun flirting right back.

“OK, Keçiören Escort well don’t take too long thinking about it, the offer may not last forever.” he kidded right back with me.

The rest of the week went well, I learned a lot about the shop and the regulars who came in every day. ?Wednesday was Donna’s last day, Ryan came on schedule, this time Donna let me handle the process by myself after she handed me the list of what the manager had ordered the night before. ?Ryan and I continued to drive each other wild flirting as he put the meat into the cooler. ?Before he left he asked out the deal he had proposed on Monday. ?

“OK, I’m in.” I said giving him a free cup of coffee.

“Great.” he said taking the cup from my hand, as he did our hands touched and it was as if we were statically charged his hand felt rough, but yet so gentle on my skin. ?His touch raised goose bumps along my arm and I shivered a little.

“I’ll give you the meat on Friday after your shift, what time do you get off?” ?He asked.

“5:00 P.M.” I informed Ryan.

“Perfect, I’ll see you at 5:00 on Friday, meet me in the parking lot across the street” he said.

Friday came and I worked my morning shift as usual, and Ryan came and made his normal delivery accepting the free coffee I handed to him. ?As he left to continue his deliveries, I told him that I would see him at 5:00 in the parking lot across the street from the coffee shop.

Finally, it was 5:00 and time for me to leave. ?I took off my apron and put it in the break room beside the kitchen in the shop. ?I let everyone know I was off for the night and that I would see them in the morning for my first Saturday shift. ?I headed out of the door and there was Ryan’s truck, parked in the parking lot across the street from the shop, just as he said it would be.

I knocked on the door of the truck and he slid it open with a smile. ?

“Hey, you made it,” Ryan said to me, his teeth were perfectly white. ?

“Yes sir, right on time, as requested. ?Now, I’m here for my meat.” ?I smiled back at him

“Right down to business, I like it.” He said smiling at me “Right this way little lady.”

Ryan leaned past me and shut the door of the truck, then opened the door leading to the back of the truck and ducked in. ?I was only too happy to watch him from behind as he made his way down the corridor toward the back of the truck. ?There were a couple of lights that lit up the back of the truck so that it wasn’t dark at all. ?I looked around and saw metal deep freezers on either side of the truck, on each of the freezer sliding doors were neatly printed labels indicating what was inside. ?I spun around losing sight of Ryan as my eyes looked around at what was Ryan’s work space. ?

“Wow, it’s a little cramped in here with all of the freezers. ?Is it difficult for you to work back here?” ?I asked not yet making eye contact.

“Nah, it’s not bad, you get used to it,” he told me. ?”Your meat is right here,” I heard him say.

I turned around and there was Ryan, standing at the back of the truck with his pants unbuttoned and unzipped. ?He had pulled his boxers down just enough to allow his penis and his balls to hang over them. ?I had never seen a penis before, well, I had on T.V and on the internet, but not close up. ?Ryan’s cock seemed really big to me, the ones I had seen in movies and online porn were always good sized, but this seemed extraordinarily big. ?I wondered if he thought I was just some scared little college girl from the mid-west who would turn and run at the sight of his gigantic cock. ?So, I think I surprised him when I walked closer toward him and dropped to my knees.

“So, what am I supposed to do with this?” ?I asked him in a sultry voice.

Ryan smiled down at me and said “Give it a taste, you might like it.”

I hadn’t ever gone down on a guy before but, I knew plenty of my friends who had. ?I had seen plenty of videos online of girls sucking guys off, it seemed that they always started with licking, so I decided to follow suit to hide my inexperience.

I took him gently in my hand and I was a little surprised when it jumped at my touch. ?I used my soft hand to stroke him a little, I looked up and saw that Ryan had closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the truck, his stiffening cock was right in my face. ?I could see that he was long, maybe seven or eight inches; the skin of his cock was slightly lighter than of his body. ?The mushroom tip was dark and starting to swell from the increased blood flow. ?I was a little scared, but I wanted to try this. ?Ryan was so good looking; I was hoping he would treat me gently. ?I gave the head of his cock a kiss and then a lick with my tongue.

“Ryan, I haven’t ever,” my voice trailed off and I looked down.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked down at me, “Don’t worry about it, you’re doing wonderfully so far,” he assured me.

I looked back up, nodded my head and went back to licking the tip of his cock lightly. ?At that moment Etimesgut Escort I decided to go on instinct, to do what I had seen and if I felt him jump a bit or moan then I would keep going. ?I wrapped my small hand around his cock and put the head in my mouth, I could feel the heat of him against my tongue. ?It felt nice, so, I went further, alternating my hand and mouth movements so they were in rhythm.

Ryan was moaning again, he moved so that his body could rest on the long freezer cabinet on the floor of the truck. ?His hands gripped the front of the freezer as I increased the speed of my head bobbing up and down on him. ?Each time I moved, I backed my hand off a bit and let more of him into my mouth. ?I let saliva build in my mouth which lubricated his cock; Ryan seemed to like that feeling against my lips. ??At one point Ryan lifted his right hand and was almost petting me while I sucked on him. ?I went a little too far down on him and I gagged a bit, I was afraid I’d choke or worse, but once I backed off I was OK and went back to sucking on him.

As I continued to take him into my mouth, I felt the heat growing between my legs. ?I had the urge to touch myself. ?I used my free hand to pull my skirt up around my legs. ?I reached down and touched my lips through my panties, instantly I got wet. ?I wanted more, I needed more, and as I touched myself I wanted him to take me. ?I was a little afraid of having such a big cock being my first, but my body ached to be taken, to be penetrated. ?I could taste the salty liquid dripping from the tip of his cock; I knew it was a preview of what was to come.

I pulled him out of my mouth and looked up at him as I continued to stroke him.

“Ryan,” I looked up at him keeping the rhythm of my hand going.

“Yes?” ?He said opening his eyes and thrusting his hips into my hand. ?He looked down and could see me pleasuring myself.

“I want you inside of me, but, you have to be slow, I’ve never done that before.” ?I explained to him.

Ryan nodded; he looked into my eyes and said, “I’ll be very gentle baby.”

Ryan stood up and pulled his pants and shirt off. ?He carefully guided my arm up and helped me to remove my shirt. ?I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor of the truck. ?I stood there in my bra and panties, Ryan turned me around so that I was facing the freezers. ?I heard him kneel down so that his face was in direct line with my ass. ?Ryan placed his fingertips into the white waistband and tugged my panties down slowly, revealing my pale cheeks. ?After he removed my soaked panties, he bent me slightly forward and then he put his fingertips on either side of the cleavage of my ass and spread it apart. ?I gasped as I felt Ryan pull me open; I felt the lips of my pussy part allowing my juices to run down my inner thigh. ?I felt my ass pucker a little bit as if giving a wink to Ryan. ?I had never felt so open before, it was exhilarating to feel so open to the air. I was excited and nervous all at the same time

“My God, you’re beautiful.” ?Ryan said to me

I flushed at his words. ?I would have chucked a little except that I felt the heat of his breath on my pussy as his head moved closer to me. I felt Ryan’s tongue meet the outer lips of my pussy and slowly lick upward, parting my pussy with his tongue. ?Ryan continued to lick all the way up until I felt his tongue run over my puckered ass. ?I gasped again and then bent forward more, pushing my ass into his face. ?Ryan made a few circles with his tongue around my asshole and proceeded back down to my pussy. ?He plunged his tongue in between my lips and darted in and out, fucking me with his mouth.

?My body responded immediately, I rocked back and forth slightly. ?He repositioned himself so that his tongue could find my clit. ?As soon as it did I felt a surge followed by a need for more. ?He rubbed my swollen clit with his tongue; my body moving in rhythm with his mouth. ?I really thought I was going to have my first real orgasm right into his hot mouth. ?

Suddenly, Ryan stopped licking me, and I felt him stand up. ?I knew in my mind this was it; I was going to feel him inside of me. ?I anticipated the feeling of being filled up. I turned my head around to look at him.

“Please be careful with me Ryan.” ?I said to him with a little anxiety in my voice. ?

He nodded and took his cock in one hand, he used the other hand to take the cleavage of my ass and spread it apart. ?Ryan took his cock and rubbed it up and down the length of my pussy mixing the saliva and the juice that was running from me like what felt like a leaking faucet. ?He placed the head of his swollen cock at my entrance and stopped.

“Are you ready?” ?Ryan asked in a sweet voice.

I nodded my head and moaned my acknowledgement, I don’t remember saying anything. ?Ryan eased his cock into my pussy slowly, my lips parted with a soft moan that escaped from my mouth. ?I felt my pussy open to allow for his width to enter me. ?He was so careful, so slow with me, so tender. ?He stopped periodically so that I could get used to the feeling, then he continued inching himself into me. ?It hurt a little, but each time he stopped I was able to recover and it started feeling really good again. ?I started to feel really full when I felt my ass cheeks start to feel his stomach. ?He pushed on until he was all the way in me. I cringed a little and pressed my teeth together tightly.

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