Becoming The Dog Ch. 02

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Big Tits

***From chapter one.

**Then he groaned, “OOHHOO yes, YES, damn this is good, OOHHOOH, I’m going to cum, OH YEAH, I’m going to cum and give our dog a juicy treat!”


Then he fucked my mouth as cum shot out of his cock, he fucked in my mouth, shooting cum and spreading it all around in my mouth. I was again drooling, slobbering out cum and spit down my chin, and unto my chest and running down to my protruding cock. Then he rammed deep and was injecting cum right down my throat into me.

Again I was lost in a feeling of servitude, of serving strong black men by giving them pleasure, letting them use my mouth so their cock would feel good.

And by doing so my cock felt good, I grabbed it and stroked, jerked it with the mixture of cum and drool lubricating it. Then I moaned and groaned and my cock felt sooooo good, my whole body felt so good as I shot my load again.

I fell over unto the mossy grass and felt so good.

Both Roy and Cleo got a huge kick out of my post suck actions and obvious enjoyment.

And we all knew that I was hooked, hooked on sucking their cocks, so I could achieve such a wonderful feeling.

Cleo sat on a log grinning and Roy pulled up his pants and stuffed his cock into it’s home.

I laid there on the ground naked.

Roy undid the collar, and they headed to their ATV.

Then Roy and Cleo left, leaving me there on the ground, saying, “OK boy, you can stay, but tomorrow we’ll be back again for some more doggy play.”

I felt great, so relieved, so happy to have had this experience, but I was now aware of the chilly Earth and finally got up and dressed. Getting on my ATV and heading out, I was looking forward to tomorrow and playing dog again.

The next dayI rode out to the clearing about the same time.

I was disappointed to find no one there.

But I got off the ATV and walked into the clearing and sat down on one of the logs I took out a bottle of cheap Scotch, and started to get uninhibited.

After a little time, with a good load of Scotch and with the Sun beating down on me I started to take off my clothes.

Soon I was naked and walking around the clearing, thinking about yesterday. My cock got hard, I stroked my cock and then I went to my hands and knees. Then I heard a ATV approaching. My heart leaped and my cock twitched.

Then I thought “I sure hope that is Roy and Cleo!” But, fearing it was someone else; I got up and ran out of the clearing into some wooded cover. Then realized that wasn’t very smart, my clothes were still back on a log. I watched. It was Roy and Cleo, so, I was glad to be naked, I got on my hands and knees and crawled out into the clearing.

Roy and Cleo dismounted their ATVs and walked over towards me, grinning and rubbing their cocks. Roy spoke “Hey boy, good boy, all ready for some more doggy fun?” I figured I better not speak, to keep in the doggy play. I just wiggled my rear end and panted. “Good boy, now sit up and beg.” I sat up and put my arms out like a dog, and panted and whined. Whining for cock, and we all knew it. “Good boy,” he approached me, his hardening cock in his hands, pointed right for my face. Roy stopped just short of his cock being able to go into my waiting mouth.

He held it there, “Doggy want a bone? Beg doggy BEG!” I looked at his bone and whimpered and whined waving my paws in front of me. Then he stepped forward and my mouth opened and his cock invaded. He eased his cock in and then just held it still. I started to suckle on it as if for nourishment.

Then Roy said “Keep sucking.” and started to back up forcing me to follow on my knees keeping his cock in my mouth. Sucking on it like a good doggie. He backed around the clearing, and me following on my knees, he was telling me I was a good dog and to keep sucking. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, how really wonderful it felt to be the dog. To be naked on my knees, and a hard black cock in my mouth. Then he stopped. Now he started to fuck my face, fuck with long hard strokes, his cock now going into my throat. He fucked my face. My mouth was just a hole for his pleasure, just a hole to be used. He was ramming and driving, and me on my knees again, gagging and drooling, and snorting more like a pig than a dog. “Come on doggie, get down on that, get it deep in your throat and keep it there. Take it deep and hold, hold, hold, good boy, now work your throat muscles on that cock doggie!” “OH, YES that feels good now hold still; now here comes more fucking for you.” And he again fucked my face and throat.

Gagging, Büyükesat Escort drooling like mad, my mouth provided a hot hole for his hard black cock. Then he pulled out and told me, “Doggy lay down on your back.” He grabbed his jacket and propped it under my neck tipping my head back. Then Roy came around and positioned himself over my head, facing towards my feet, he directed his cock towards my mouth. His cock went beyond my mouth and his balls hung above my mouth. He lowered his balls, tea bagging in my mouth. I sucked his balls. I tried to get both balls in my moth but they were too big to both go in together. Roy moved back, now aiming his cock at my waiting mouth. As his cock neared my mouth, I tipped my head back more, and I opened up for him. His cock slid in, deep and straight. Slid into my mouth, and then sliding deeper into my throat, a straight path for his cock, mouth to throat, sliding deep. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care, I wanted cock, I needed cock. I could feel cock down my gullet, sliding in, then, pausing, some small wiggling strokes as his balls bounced against my nose. I started to thrash around trying to get air, and then his cock came out enough for me to pull in air around his cock and into my lungs. I grabbed a breath, and his cock slid in again. Then Roy started long, deep strokes, fucking into my now so available hole. I learned to time my breathing to the stroking of his cock into my mouth and throat.

Then Cleo came over, he was now pants-less and got down between my legs. Cleo lifted my ankles up, rotating my ass towards him and he spit down onto his erect black cock. Cleo moved forward and I felt his cock pushed against my waiting asshole. Roy slowly stoked my mouth and now Cleo pushed strongly against my ass, some pain then his cock entered my rear passage. “I’m in him.” Cleo announced.

Cleo had his cock in to my ass and eased it forward. Roy shifted a little sideways so he could fuck my mouth and give Cleo room.

I wiggled a bit as they did this to get in better position for them and to ease some pain in my ass and Cleo took this as a sign I was getting really turned on. He wasn’t too far off, I was turned on, but kind of scared too. I felt I was getting in too deep. No way out now but to just relax and enjoy it.

Cleo fucked into me a little at a time then started some nice slow strokes as Roy’s cock fucked nicely into my mouth.

They fucked me at both ends as I laid there, I was their pleasure toy. I wiggled around some trying to stay comfortable and they upped the action of fucking their submissive doggie. Everything started to feel better now and I could feel some nice pleasure in my cock. I was leaking out of my cock, and little thrills were running along it. My cock felt strangely wonderful as I laid there with one black cock in my mouth, fucking it slowly and deeply. Cleo’s big cock in my ass was slipping in deeper and deeper and picking up it’s pace of fucking me. My cock was leaking and twitching. I laid there lost in a world of submissive servitude to these two studs. I laid there with one at each end, using me, making me feel like their boy who would follow these cocks and serve these cocks anywhere any time. I moaned around the cock in my mouth and moved my ass to more easily let Cleo fuck me. Cleo was moaning to and saying how wonderful he felt, how pleased he was with their little white bitch.

As they fucked me, we heard a dirt bike near by. We knew it could be headed our way as most trails crossed and recrossed near here.

We all felt a little apprehensive since this conservative area wouldn’t take kindly to guys, especially two black guys, fucking another guy.

Roy and Cleo pulled out of me and got their clothes. They scooped up mine too and went to their ATVs. “Come down to our cabin if you want more of this.” they said and rode off.

WHAT!!! Damn! What else could I do, what else would I want to do. But I would have to ride down there naked. HOLLY CRAP! How humiliating!!’ But what a delicious humiliation!! And I knew I better get going! I got on my ATV, feeling a Sun heated seat, and rode off towards their cabin naked. My guts were in a turmoil, churning from fear and excitement as I rode.

My cock still hard, thinking about 2 hard cocks waiting to use me, and my hot feelings about being used.

I pulled up behind their cabin and rushed to the door. I knocked waiting to be let in. No one could see me but I felt as if I was in the middle of town, naked, and everyone was looking at me. And they all would Elvankent Escort know I was about to offer myself to two hard, black cocks.

I waited and waited. I knocked again anxiously! Roy came to the door. “What do you want?” he asked. “I want to come in.” I replied. “What for?” he pressed. “I, I,,,, I want to come in and suck your cock.” He just looked at me. I melted inside, my cock felt even harder, and twitched wonderfully. “PLEASE, let me come in,, PLEASE!! PLEASE!, and let me suck your cock, PLEASE.”

“And what about Cleo?” he asked.

“OH YES,, YES,,, YES, PLEASE,PLEASE let me suck Cleo’s cock and, and, let either of you fuck me, or let me suck his cock too, PLEASE let me in so I can have your cocks!!!”

“Well I guess that would be OK.” he said. “But crawl in; like the dog you are.”

I went to my hands and knees and crawled in through the kitchen and into the living room. There Cleo sat, stroking his cock and grinning at me. “Come here boy, come here and get this nice bone.”

I crawled over to Cleo and opened my mouth for his bone.

“Wait, boy, you didn’t beg for the nice bone.” I sat up and waved my arms like a dog begging for a bone.

“Speak boy speak.”

I barked for the bone.

“Good boy, but you can talk for what you want this time.”

“PLEASE, SIR, Please, Please, give my your hard cock, please let me suck your cock.”

“OK boy, get on it!”

I moved forward taking his cock into my mouth. Then I tasted my own asshole. still on his cock. A little distasteful but tolerable, I sucked on, and kind of a turn on. Debasing my self totally, I dove down his cock taking it all into my throat.

I sucked and worked my throat muscles on his cock. My eyes closed I relaxed and lost myself in submissively serving his cock.

Roy watched and made remarks about how good I looked with black cock disappearing into my mouth, and how much more comfortable we all were here. Roy watched me, kneeling there, bent forward to get Cleo’s hard cock as deep into my mouth as I could. Pushing down gagging myself, serving my new master, serving and sucking cock. Cleo was feeling good , and moaned. Then he started thrusting up jamming his cock into my sucking mouth. Fucking my sucking mouth.

“Damn this is nice, mmmmm OH yes, Roy this is so nice, a white boy’s mouth on my cock, MMMMMM soooo nice.”

He fucked in harder, thrusting cock into my mouth, hard and deep as he he could.

“OH OH , Damn OH baby suck that cock dog boy. OH Roy this is great what a cocksucker, OH Baby I’m going to cum, I’m going to give you a treat cocksucker, Suck that cock boy. Suck that cock and get ready for your treat. OH YES, YES OOOHH SUCK IT BOY! SUCK THAT COCK EAT THIS CUM!!!”

Cleo grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, he fucked hard and deep ramming cock into me. I gagged; I was drooling, my eyes watered, and I sucked, sucked on that cock like it was giving me life. I wanted it! I wanted cock in my mouth! I wanted his cum shot into my mouth and my cock was twitching and leaking and felt like it would shoot off again.

Then Cleo’s cock started pulsing and shooting cum into my sucking mouth. I sucked, cum shot into my mouth, his cock stroked and spread the cum around in my mouth and into my throat. I swallowed as well as I could but a lot drooled out. Cleo held my head on his cock until the pulsing stopped and he was fully pleased. I knelt there, I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want that cock to leave my mouth. After a time Cleo finally let go of my head, but still I remained there lightly sucking on his softening cock. Finally he lifted my head off his cock. “That was good, now lick my balls clean and then you are dismissed.”

“Just hold on a minute, he’s not going anywhere. Our pet has another bone to take in one of his holes, I just have to decide which one I want to use.”

Cleo remarked, “Yes dog must take your cock too, and you know by then I’ll probably be ready for another round. As a matte of fact, we should keep him here all day and really have a good time. We’ve got all day now that we are here, warm and comfortable, with hard cock and a dog boy with holes to fill.”

Roy stood there in the middle of the room stroking his hard black cock, and grinning.

Roy said, “Here boy, here, doggie want a nice bone, come and get the bone boy”.

I crawled over to Roy and kneeled up, wagging my arms like a dog begging for the bone we both knew I craved. I knew that Roy would love my cocksucking mouth around his hard cock. Beşevler Escort And I knew I would love having his cock in my mouth, love sucking his cock and I knew I would love it when his cock shot it’s load into my mouth.

I knelt there waiting, my cock twitching and drooling pre cum like the nozzle of a hose. I felt again like it might shoot off all on it’s own, the pleasure of being here on my knees ready to be used for sucking and fucking these hard black cocks was beyond anything I ever felt before. I knew I was meant to be a cocksucking dog for these two hard black men.

Roy pulled me forward by my ears, and then took his cock and slapped my face with it. Slapping my face and told me, “Bitch boy, come on beg me for my hard cock, BEG me you cum sucking dog.”


Roy held my ears and put his cock on my lips, I opened my mouth but he didn’t put it in. he just held it there, I was going nuts to get that cock in my mouth I stuck out my tongue and licked at it, licked trying to wrap my tongue around his cock and pull it into my mouth.

My cock was feeling so good, like little orgasms twitching down it, I was mad for cock!!

Roy stroked his cock over my mouth and up my face past my nose, his balls were now at my mouth opening and I licked and sucked at his balls. Roy hissed, “Yes suck and lick my balls, then one ball and then the other were in my mouth. Me sucking and bathing his balls.

Both Roy and Cleo were laughing at me and my desperate attempts to get a cock to suck. I realized how stupid I must look, naked, on my knees, licking and sucking another man’s balls, and my little hard cock sticking out, so excited, leaking pre cum. I was their dog, their boy, their cum pig, anything they wanted.

ROY pulled back again and said “OK, boy, now beg for the peg”.

Again I debased myself begging for the chance to suck his cock, begging for Roy to use my mouth and dump his cum into it. Begging for Roy to take all his pleasure on me, like the poor slut I had become. And of course Roy and Cleo knowing that no matter what, I was pleasing myself being the dog, pig, slut, and their “BOY”. Knowing that I would do anything just to get those cocks in me.

Then Roy turned and grabbed my hair and walked to the couch, pulling me along after him still on my knees. He knelt up on the couch with his ass towards me and said “OK, dog get in there and lick my ass.

I never even hesitated, my mouth moved forward and my tongue came out and I jammed my face into his ass and licked asshole. I stiffened my tongue and rimmed him around and in as deep as I was able.

“That’s it dog boy, lick that ass and earn that cock!!”

The nasty talk spurred me on even more, I wanted to please Roy, I wanted to be his ass-licker, I wanted his cock, the whole scene was driving me mad with a new desire I had never felt before.

I licked his ass and he moaned and pushed back, obviously loving his white dog boy servicing him in the most degrading way.

Finally Roy stood up putting his cock right into my mouth. “Grab my ass and pull me into your mouth deep. Try and swallow that cock”.

Then Roy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back hard, then letting go I ended up crashing forward pushing his cock back deep into my throat. He repeated this action, pulling me back then letting me fuck my face and throat with his cock.

“Suck that cock, suck it you cocksucker. Please me with your fuck-hole mouth: BOY”. “OH, OHHH, Yeah, OH you cocksucker, keep sucking, love that bone, OHH MMMMmmm. Yeah OHH, FUCK YES, Man what a cocksucker we have here.”

Now Roy held my head and rammed his hard black cock in and out, giving my face a real fucking.

I gagged, I drooled more, my eyes watered, my nose ran, I was a pig for black cock. My cock was hard again and thrills went up and down my cock as I sucked hard black cock.

Roy was fucking my face hard and deep, then he slowed down some, and started some short strokes and some easy wiggling strokes just in my mouth. I knew he was now working his timing to make his cock feel the best and any second his cock would squirt and fill my mouth with his hot cum.

Roy cried: “OH, OH, YES, OH DAMN, OH,, OH COCKSUCKER, OH OH”, and his cock pulsed and squirted in my mouth. Then Roy jammed forward and injected some cum right down my throat. Roy stroked a few more times, then held me still as his cock started to soften. Roy pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to lick him clean. I brought my mouth and tongue to his cock and licked and sucked it clean.

Then Roy collapsed into a chair. I just knelt there waiting and feeling so much like the used dog boy I was. It was wonderful.

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